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Wydawnictwo teNeues



ISBN: 9783832797133 Autor: teNeus     Rok wydania: 2013-09-09 Ilość stron: 240 Oprawa: twarda Format: 285 x 350 mm There is nothing on earth that matches the freedom of a yacht. Travelling to the furthest corners of the world, all in the utmost luxury and comfort, is a reality that most of us can only dream of. With SILVERYACHTS , that dream is brought to life. Slipping effortlessly through the water, the vessels in the Silver fleet are distinctive in their timeless, yet modern elegance and striking profiles. Able to cruise clear warm waters, or cross oceans in record time, SILVERYACHTS are the ultimate go-anywhere Superyachts. Suitable for every type of exploration, they allow guests the freedom to see the world from a spacious yet intimate base. Explore an untouched beach; haggle in exotic markets; sample fresh local foods; swim with whales; watch the sun set; or sit under a sky full of stars, all in privacy and comfort. When the idea of a large and fast long-range world cruiser was born, critics said it could not be done. On the launch of SILVER in 2007, followed by SILVER ZWEI in 2009, the naysayers had to eat their words, and the world sat up and took notice. SILVERYACHTS presence as a trendsetting market leader was affirmed. No other yachts afloat marry style and performance like the SILVERYACHTS . Blending beauty with the highest levels of operational excellence, each Individual yacht is a masterpiece of design and technology. Easily recognizable by their striking lines and design, they prove that it is possible to achieve unrivalled performance and speed without any compromise in appearance and comfort. The work of an expert design team, led by Espen Øino together with SILVERYACTS' naval architects, engineers and designers, no aspect of build-process is ever compromised upon. And imagine all created by skilled craftsmen as a one off piece with their hands. SILVERYACHTS is a world leader in the design and manufacture of lightweight, high-speed and fuel-efficient yachts. It was founded in 2003 by German Industrialist Guido Krass with top yacht designer Espen Øino. Since then, it has garnered a host of press coverage and awards for its elegant lines and premium technical specifications. In our in-depth insider’s look at this deluxe artisanal brand, readers gain a keen understanding of the care, exacting precision, and sophisticated knowledge behind every luxury vessel. Respected and admired worldwide for their meticulous design, construction, and finish, these craft feature only the highest quality materials, with excellence apparent in every single detail—whether it be its engineering, performance, or fine features.

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Silver Yachts: Brands by Hands

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