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Ginger You're Barmy Vintage

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

When it isn't prison, it's hell. Or at least that's the heartfelt belief of conscripts Jonathan Browne and Mike 'Ginger' Brady. For this is the British Army in the days of National Service, a grimy deposit of post-war gloom. An endless round of kit layout, square-bashing, shepherd's pie 'made with real shepherds' and drills is relieved only by the occasional lecture on firearms or V.D. The reckless, impulsive Mike and the more pragmatic Jonathan adopt radically different attitudes to survive this two-year confiscation of their freedom, with dramatic consequences


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Ginger You're Barmy Penguin

Powieści i opowiadania

When it isn't prison, it's hell - or at least that's the belief of conscripts Jonathan Browne and Mike "Ginger" Brady. For this is the British Army in the days of National Service. 'This novel has the ring of complete authenticity ... the mingling of horror and farce are all brilliantly evoked' A N wilson in the Spectator 'Vivid, funny and with a compassion made all the more moving by the harshness of its military setting' Selina Hastings in the Daily Telegraph p>Frowning, Mark went into the kitchen for his customary cup of cocoa. It was late, but Mrs Mallory was still ironing, the line of her mouth grim and purposeful in a face that was unusually tired and unhappy. Mr Mallory was smoking behind a newspaper, sunk in the depths of his armchair. Patricia was at the table in her dressing-gown, eating cornflakes - her favourite food. The creaking of the ironing board, the crackle of cornflakes and the occasional rustle of the newspaper were the only sounds. Mark sensed a tension that was like static electricity in the air. 'Hallo, Pat,' he said. 'Been working late?' Patricia pulled a face behind her mother's back. 'No she hasn't, the more's the pity,' rapped out Mrs Mallory. 'She's been roaming the streets, worrying the life out of her mother and father.' 'I told you I went to the pictures,' said Patricia into her cornflakes. 'I suppose you think that your father and I have scrimped and saved to give you children a good education so that you can waste your time and money down at the pictures,' said Mrs Mallory, pressing down fiercely on a handkerchief. Patricia's spoon dropped into her bowel with a clang, and she left the room. Mr Mallory flipped down the top half of his newspaper. 'You shouldn't have said that.' His wife put down her iron with a thump. 'Now don't you start. I've had quite enough.' She stopped abruptly, remembering Mark's presence. He shuffled awkwardly towards the door. 'Well, it's getting late. I'll be pushing off to bed I think,' he said, glancing at the clock and his watch. 'Clare's gone already. She was feeling tired I think. Good night, Mrs Mallory. Good night, Mr Mallory.' 'Wait till I get you a cup of cocoa, Mark,' said Mrs Mallory. 'No thank you, really.' 'But you always have a cup of cocoa.' 'Thanks, but I don't really feel like one tonight. Thanks very much.' And he managed to make his escape He climbed the dark, tortuous stairs heavily. A roar of falling water as a door opened and closed indicated that someone had just emerged from the lavatory. He hung back in case it was Clare. But it was one of the twins, in fluffy pyjamas, who flitted across the landing like a moth, eyes half-shut under the electric light. He had scarcely closed the door of his room when there was a tap on it. 'Come in,' he called in a low voice, expecting Clare and steeling himself for a long and exhausting reconciliation. But to his surprise, Patricia slipped into the room.


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Ginger You're Barmy

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Fiction & related items>Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)

When It Isn't Prison, It's Hell. Or At Least That's The Heartfelt Belief Of Conscripts Jonathan Browne And Mike 'Ginger' Brady. For This Is The British Army In The Days Of National Service, A Grimy Deposit Of Post-war Gloom.


A Night At The Music - 99tr - 2839356560

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A Night At The Music - 99tr JSP


1. Never Let Your Braces Dangle 2. Joshua 3. Captain Gingah O T 4. The Grandfather's Clock 5. A Little Bit Of Cucumber 6. Revue 7. Foolish Question 8. Other Department Please 9. Old Bull And Bush 10. Now I Have To Call Him Father 11. It's A Great Big Shame 12. If It Wasn't For The 'Ouses In Between 13. That's How This Little Girl Got On 14. 'Arry 'Arry 'Arry 15. Up I Came With My Little Lot 16. The Bird On Nellie's Hat 17. We All Marching Home Again 18. You Don't Want To Keep On Showing It 19. Oh, Oh, Antonio 20. The Coster Girl In Paris 21. Ginger You're Barmy! 22. Bang Went The Chance Of A Lifetime 23. Bread And Marmalade 24. The Green Eye Of The Little Yellow God 101. I'm Henry The Eighth 102. Cover It Over Quick Jemima 103. The Girls I Left Behind Me 104. I'll Show You Round Paree 105. I Wanted A Wife 106. One Of The Bhoys 107. I May Be A Millionaire 108. Send For John Willie 109. Playing The Game In The West 110. They're All Single At The Seaside 111. Molly Molloy 112. We All Go The Same Way Home 113. Play Us Another Before You Go 114. The Golden Dustman 115. Mrs Carter 116. The First Cigar 117. When I Marry Amelia 118. Anona 119. Riding On Top A Car 120. Me Riah 121. 'Arf A Pint Of Ale 122. The Pavement Artist 123. Twice Nightly 124. Looking For Mugs In A Strand 125. All Of A Sudden It Struck Me 201. The Publican 202. The Coster's Pony 203. On The Margate Boat 204. No Show Tonight 205. Riding On A Motor Car 206. Dick Whittington 207. Nature's Made A Big Mistake 208. I've Got To Get Back To Work 209. Oh Blow The Scenery On The Railway 210. It Ain't All Honey And It Ain't All Jam 211. Don't Stop My 'Alf A Pint O'beer 212. I'm Going To Settle Down 213. Pretty Little Villa Down At Barking 214. John Willie's Ragtime Band 215. John Willie's Jazz Band 216. Sleuthy Dread Of The Heads 217. Billy 218. Woman's Opinion Of Man 219. Molly O'morgan 220. Beside The Seaside 221. In The Good Old Summer Time 222. Silver Bell 223. 224. The Trumpet Song 301. Wait Till The Work Comes Round 302. You Can't Help Laughin' Can Yer? 303. Little Dolly Daydream 304. Never Introduce Your Donah To A Pal 305. Wotcher My Old Brown Son 306. Who Were You With Last Night 307. Down At The Old Bull And Bush 308. Hello Hello Who's Your Lady Friend 309. A Little Of What You Fancy 310. Jolly Good Luck To The Girl Who Loves A Soldier 311. Burlington Bertie From Bow 312. Nellie Dean 313. Every Little Movement 314. Lily Of Laguna 315. The Whistling Bowery Boy 316. Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly? 317. When I Took My Morning Promenade 318. Archibald Certainly Not 319. When Father Papered The Parlour 320. Hold Your Hand Out You Naughty Boy 321. Any Old Iron? 322. I'm Getting Ready For My Mother-in-law 323. Down The Road 324. Boiled Beef And Carrots 325. The Honeysuckle And The Bee 326. I'll Be Your Sweetheart


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