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Fundamentals of Nursing Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

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Comprehensive fundamentals textbook for beginning nursing students. A unique feature of this text is the author€™s emphasis on what she terms: €œblended skills€. The €œblended skills€ approach to nursing care emphasises that nursing care is holistic and thus nursing skills are more than just procedures; rather, nursing skills fall into four distinct categories: technical, cognitive, ethical/legal, and interpersonal.A back-of-book CD-ROM includes NCLEX-style critical thinking and recall questions and an interactive tutorial on the aging adult.FEATURES:The most student-friendly, eye-catching, consistent, comprehensive text and related suite of products on the market! Immediately following the Case Scenarios at each chapter opener is a section called "Focusing on Blended Skills," which asks the students to apply the four blended skills of nursing to each of the three presented scenarios, allowing students to think critically about the above scenarios. Possible responses are provided on the next page.Promoting Health boxes highlight assessment checkpoints for various healthand wellness issues and include suggestions for patient and self-care.Nursing Process Format provides organisational framework for learning.Through the Eyes of a Student, Through the Eyes of a Patient, and Through the Eyes of a Family Caregiver are popular features that provide personal vignettes that present typical points of view and encourage empathy.Nursing Care Plans with Patient Care Studies found in clinical chapters outline appropriate diagnoses, outcomes, interventions and rationales to help students visualise the overall treatment plan.Nursing Diagnoses and Nursing Interventions are highlighted within NANDA & NIC boxes for quick and easy reference.Nursing skills show both actions and rationales, and highlight special considerations, (e.g. older adult, infant/child, homecare, etc.).Research in Nursing Boxes highlight recent findings in nursing careUses across-the-lifespan approach by including Unit 2 (Promoting Health Across the Lifespan), developmental considerations where appropriate in the chapters, and developmental considerations within the skills., e.g. geriatric, paediatricGuidelines for Nursing Care Boxes outline important points to remember in practice, displaying appropriate actions and rationalesEnd of Chapter Pedagogy includes: Developing Critical Thinking Skills questions; as well as multiple-choice study questions entitled €œPractice for NCLEX€ (answers, with rationale are on the next page).Glossary of key terms at the end of the book. NEW TO THIS EDITION:Case Scenarios at chapter openers. These real-world scenarios have a unique design: three medical "charts" are shown with patient photos on them, and a short description of their cases. These three "patients" are mentioned (in colour) throughout the text of the chapter, wherever appropriate, as examples to support the text (e.g. "you may remember Linda had a history of high blood pressure€Ś)Learning Outcomes and Key Terms with definitions are now found in the beginning of each chapter.Reflective Practice Boxes, written by actual students of Carol Taylor, describe realistic situations that challenge one of the blended skills of nursing. The reflective boxes ask the student to "think outside the box" to find successful outcomes. Finally, the student is asked to evaluate his/her choice, and define his/her success. These recurring characters are found throughout the text.Coverage of Concept Mapping is now provided in the Nursing Process unit.New Chapter: Complementary and Alternative ModalitiesNursing Theory chapter now called Theory, Research and Evidence Based-Practice, with new emphasis on Evidence-Based Practice.Focused Assessment Guides provide checklists to foster independent learning in the assessment processFocused Critical Thinking Guides challenge students think through various scenarios and determine correct procedures/responsesTeaching to Promote Health at home provides patient teaching tips for nurse-patient communicationFocusing on the Older Adult emphasises geriatric care.Nutrition information has been updated to reflect current changes in FDA regulations.Nursing Process Unit is now earlier in the text to present this information in a more relevant order.New Content on First Aid and Bioterrorism in Safety chapter.Extensive Photos provide accurate, relevant pictures that tie into the text and all of the Taylor productsLecturers - Click here to order a FREE Review Copy of this title !

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