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ÔÇ×Kr├│lowe rywalkiÔÇŁ to porywaj─ůca i autentyczna opowie┼Ť─ç o przebieg┼éej, ┼╝─ůdnej w┼éadzy Katarzynie Medycejskiej i wytwornej, nami─Ötnej kr├│lowej Margot ÔÇô matce i c├│rce ÔÇô kt├│rych konflikt ukszta┼étowa┼é histori─Ö XVI-wiecznej Europy. Pochodz─ůca z mo┼╝nego florenty┼äskiego rodu Medyceuszy Katarzyna s┼éyn─Ö┼éa z makiawelicznej polityki i bezwzgl─Ödnych ambicji. Dominowa┼éa na tronie Francji przez trzydzie┼Ťci lat, podczas kt├│rych kr├│lestwo by┼éo rozdzierane przez starcia polityczne i religijne. Jej najm┼éodsza c├│rka Ma┼égorzata, powszechnie podziwiana jako jedna z najpi─Ökniejszych kobiet Europy, by┼éa upartym, wolnym duchem i jedyn─ů przeciwniczk─ů, kt├│rej matce nie uda┼éo si─Ö zastraszy─ç ani ujarzmi─ç. Pod pretekstem pojednania Katarzyna zaaran┼╝owa┼éa ma┼é┼╝e┼ästwo ┼╝arliwej katoliczki Ma┼égorzaty i jej kuzyna Henryka z Nawarry, przyw├│dcy stronnictwa protestant├│w. Zaledwie pi─Ö─ç dni po ceremonii zainicjowa┼éa brutaln─ů rze┼║, podczas kt├│rej stracili ┼╝ycie wszyscy ┼Ťlubni go┼Ťcie pana m┼éodego oraz przesz┼éo pi─Ö─ç tysi─Öcy protestant├│w w ca┼éej Francji. Ma┼égorzata ÔÇô zniewalaj─ůca, inteligentna i wielkoduszna ÔÇô stan─Ö┼éa w obliczu przejmuj─ůcej decyzji, od kt├│rej zale┼╝a┼é los ca┼éego kr├│lestwa. Ksi─ů┼╝ka ÔÇ×Kr├│lowe rywalkiÔÇŁ to pe┼éna szczeg├│┼é├│w i napisana ze swad─ů, ┼╝ywa opowie┼Ť─ç o w┼éadzy i mi┼éo┼Ťci, wielkiej polityce, dworskich intrygach, zdradach, zbrodniach i wielkich skandalach renesansowej Francji. Nancy Goldstone studiowa┼éa histori─Ö na Cornell University. Jest r├│wnie┼╝ absolwentk─ů Columbia University. Jej zainteresowania skupiaj─ů si─Ö g┼é├│wnie wok├│┼é wybitnych kobiecych postaci ┼Ťredniowiecznej Europy. W┼Ťr├│d napisanych przez ni─ů biografii znajduj─ů si─Ö ÔÇ×Four Queens: The Proven├žal Sisters Who Ruled EuropeÔÇŁ, ÔÇ×The Lady Queen: The Notorious Reign of Joanna I, Queen of Naples, Jerusalem, and SicilyÔÇŁ oraz ÔÇ×The Maid and the Queen: The Secret History of Joan of ArcÔÇŁ.


Elizabethan Society - 2872963821

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Elizabethan Society Constable and Company

Ksi▒┐ki / Literatura obcojŕzyczna

The reign of Queen Elizabeth I (1558-1603) marked a golden age in English history. There was a musical and literary renaissance, most famously and enduringly in the form of the plays of Shakespeare (2014 marks the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare's birth), and it was a period of international expansion and naval triumph over the Spanish. It was also a period of internal peace following the violent upheaval of the Protestant reformation. Wilson skilfully interweaves the personal histories of a representative selection of twenty or so figures - including Nicholas Bacon, the Statesman; Bess of Hardwick, the Landowner; Thomas Gresham, 'the Financier'; John Caius, 'the Doctor'; John Norreys, 'the Soldier'; and Nicholas Jennings, 'the Professional Criminal' - with the major themes of the period to create a vivid and compelling account of life in England in the late sixteenth century. This is emphatically not yet another book about what everyday life was like during the Elizabethan Age. There are already plenty of studies about what the Elizabethans wore, what they ate, what houses they lived in, and so on. This is a book about Elizabethan society - people, rather than things. How did the subjects of Queen Elizabeth I cope with the world in which they had been placed? What did they believe? What did they think? What did they feel? How did they react towards one another? What, indeed, did they understand by the word 'society'? What did they expect from it? What were they prepared to contribute towards it? Some were intent on preserving it as it was; others were eager to change it. For the majority, life was a daily struggle for survival against poverty, hunger, disease and injustice. Patronage was the glue that held a strictly hierarchical society together. Parliament represented only the interests of the landed class and the urban rich, which was why the government's greatest fear was a popular rebellion. Laws were harsh, largely to deter people getting together to discuss their grievances. Laws kept people in one place, and enforced attendance in parish churches. In getting to grips with this strange world - simultaneously drab and colourful, static and expansive, traditionalist and 'modern' - Wilson explores the lives of individual men and women from all levels of sixteenth-century life to give us a vivid feel for what Elizabethan society really was. Praise for the author: "Masterly. [Wilson] has a deep understanding of characters reaching out across the centuries". (Sunday Times). "Scores highly in thoroughness, clarity and human sympathy". (Sunday Telegraph). "This masterly biography breaks new ground". (Choice Magazine). "His book is stimulating and authoritative". (Sunday Times). "Brilliant, endlessly readable ...vivid, immediate history, accurate, complex and tinged with personality". (Sunday Herald).


Goodnight Sweet Prince - 2878387681

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Goodnight Sweet Prince Constable and Company

Ksi▒┐ki / Literatura obcojŕzyczna

Mystery surrounds the death of Queen Victoria's grandson England, 1892. Victoria, Queen and Empress, is in the 54th year of her reign, when her grandson Prince Eddy, eldest son of the Prince of Wales, is found slaughtered in his bed at Sandringham. Terrified of more royal scandal, the Prince of Wales and his spindoctors decide to cover up the facts and the murder is disguised as death by influenza. Lord Francis Powerscourt, an Irish investigator, is privately asked to find the killer. His quest takes him on a journey through the prince's debauched and dissolute past, across Europe to the misty waterways of Venice where, amidst scandal and suicide, Powerscourt finally unravels the mystery of the sweet prince's last goodnight. Praise for the book - 'In this excellent novel, Dickinson weaves a tale of blackmail and murder among the royals late in Victoria's reign& [his] knowledge of the arts, history and literature is nothing if not exhaustive, and adds enormously to the overall background& One hopes to see more of Lord Powerscourt and his friends in the near future' - "Publishers Weekly". 'This is detective fiction in the grand style; the characters and the plot soar upwards and carry us in their wake. Powerscourt's debut in this intoxicating book is the start of a gilded life in the archives of crime' - James Naughtie.


Lonely Planet Seattle - Celeste Brash - 2850903381

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Lonely Planet Seattle - Celeste Brash

Ksi▒┐ki & Multimedia > Ksi▒┐ki

Opis - Lonely Planet: The world"s leading travel guide publisher Lonely Planet Seattle is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Make your pilgrimage to the top of the iconic Space Needle, add your gum to the wall at Pike Place Market and pay homage to Jimi Hendrix at the EMP Museum; all with your trusted travel companion. Get to the heart of Seattle and begin your journey now! Inside Lonely Planet Seattle Travel Guide: Color maps and images throughout Highlights and itineraries help you tailor your trip to your personal needs and interests Insider tips to save time and money and get around like a local, avoiding crowds and trouble spots Essential info at your fingertips - hours of operation, phone numbers, websites, transit tips, prices Honest reviews for all budgets - eating, sleeping, sight-seeing, going out, shopping, hidden gems that most guidebooks miss Cultural insights give you a richer, more rewarding travel experience - history, music, cuisine, lifestyle, nightlife Free, convenient pull-out Seattle map (included in print version), plus over 30 color maps Covers downtown, Pike Place Market, Pioneer Square, Belltown, Seattle Center, Queen Anne, Lake Union, Capitol Hill, the U District, Green Lake, Fremont, Ballard, Discovery Park, and more The Perfect Choice: Lonely Planet Seattle, our most comprehensive guide to Seattle, is perfect for both exploring top sights and taking roads less traveled. Looking for just the highlights of Seattle" Check out Pocket Seattle, a handy-sized guide focused on the can"t-miss sights for a quick trip. Looking for more extensive coverage" Check out Lonely Planet Washington, Oregon & the Pacific Northwest guide for a comprehensive look at all the region has to offer. About Lonely Planet: Since 1973, Lonely Planet has become the world?s leading travel media company with guidebooks to every Seattle, an award-winning website, mobile and digital travel products, and a dedicated traveler community. Lonely Planet covers must-see spots but also enables curious travelers to get off beaten paths to understand more of the culture of the places in which they find themselves Nazwa - Lonely Planet Seattle Autor - Celeste Brash Oprawa - Miŕkka Wydawca - Lonely Planet Kod ISBN - 9781786573322 Kod EAN - 9781786573322 Rok wydania - 2017 Jŕzyk - angielski Format - 13.0x20.0cm IloŠ stron - 256 Podatek VAT - 5%


Fires of Faith - 2848130015

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Ksi▒┐ki / Literatura obcojŕzyczna

The reign of Mary Tudor has been remembered as an era of sterile repression, when a reactionary monarch launched a doomed attempt to reimpose Catholicism on an unwilling nation. Above all, the burning alive of more than 280 men and women for their religious beliefs seared the rule of 'Bloody Mary' into the protestant imagination as an alien aberration in the onward and upward march of the English-speaking people. In this controversial reassessment, the renowned reformation historian Eamon Duffy argues that Mary's regime was neither inept nor backward looking. Led by the queen's cousin, Cardinal Reginald Pole, Mary's church dramatically reversed the religious revolution imposed under the child king Edward VI. Inspired by the values of the European Counter-Reformation, the cardinal and the queen reinstated the papacy and launched an effective propaganda campaign through pulpit and press. Even the most notorious aspect of the regime, the burnings, proved devastatingly effective. Only the death of the childless queen and her cardinal on the same day in November 1558 brought the protestant Elizabeth to the throne, thereby changing the course of English history.


Winston Churchill - 2869346658

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Ksi▒┐ki / Literatura obcojŕzyczna

?Sir Winston Churchill was one of Britain's greatest leaders and an iconic figure. Prime Minister twice (1940-5 and 1951-5), his political career - with its many ups, downs, controversies and achievements - spanned over sixty years, from the reign of Queen Victoria to that of Queen Elizabeth II, reaching its zenith with his heroic and indomitable leadership during the Second World War. Churchill had also, as a young army officer, taken part in the last great cavalry charge in British history, written a novel, a great deal of journalism and many works of history (winning the Nobel Prize for Literature), and shown great promise as an amateur painter and bricklayer. This book provides an illustrated introduction to the story of this unique, flawed and brilliant individual.


Kaisers - 2869357979

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Kaisers Lightning Source UK Ltd

Ksi▒┐ki / Literatura obcojŕzyczna

There were but three Kaisers, and the span of their reigns lasted for less than fifty years; yet for sheer drama, for turbulence, for bloody impact upon the lives of millions, the short-lived Second Reich of the Hohenzollern dynasty, born out of the Franco-Prussian War of 1870, nurtured in militarism, and self- immolated in the slaughter of the Western Front of 1914-18, is without parallel. Theo Aronson's The Kaisers is the story of six people whose bitter differences were a microcosm of, and greatly influenced, a national conflict which echoed all round the world. Kaiser Wilhelm I, born 1797, King of Prussia 1861, proclaimed Emperor of all Germany 1871, died only in 1888 an autocratic, militaristic man of the eighteenth century completely opposed to the liberalizing ideas which swept Europe in his lifetime. In contrast his Empress, Augusta, was progressive in thought, open-minded in outlook, yet with all had a taste for the theatrical and pageantry of her royal status. The best of her was seen in their son, Kaiser Frederick III, who was Crown Prince for all but the last few cancer-torn weeks of his life. He personified the best of European liberalism of the nineteenth century. In this he was supported-many said unduly influenced by his energetic and vivacious English wife Victoria, Queen Victoria's eldest and 'Dearest Child', who brought to the marriage the enlightened ideals and hopes of her shrewd, practical mother and her far-seeing father, the Prince Consort. The tragedy, the tempting speculation of Germany's history, is that this couple reigned for only three months before Frederick III's death brought their son to the throne. Kaiser Wilhelm II, 'Kaiser Bill' of the first World War, was again the antithesis of everything his parents stood for. Queen Victoria's hopes that her grandson might be 'wise, sensible, courageous - liberal-minded - good and pure', could hardly have been more misplaced. The sixth, the dominating figure in the Hohenzollern story, is Prince Otto von Bismarck, the ruthless 'Iron Chancellor', virtual dictator of Germany for nearly thirty years. He served all three Kaisers, claiming with justification that on his shoulders he had carried the first to the Imperial throne-where he manipulated him to his will despite the hatred and manoeuvrings of the Empress Augusta. He feared the reign of the short-lived second Kaiser and feared more perhaps (and never missed an opportunity to disparage) the Empress Victoria and the constant, commonsense influence from England of her mother. (`That', he said ruefully after their one meeting, 'was a woman ! One could do business with her ! ') Their son he flattered, siding with him against his parents, and in so doing brought about his own downfall, when the vainglorious young man he had schooled as Crown Prince came as Kaiser to believe that he could do without his mentor. But for Europe it was too late, and the policies of one and the vanities of the other were already leading Europe helter-skelter into the holocaust of 'the Kaiser's War'. Theo Aronson's gifts as a writer have deservedly brought him high regard as a chronicler of the complex histories of Europe's great ruling Houses. Rarely have his talents been better employed than in this study of the comet-like rise and fall of the House of Hohenzollern, the House of the Kaisers of Germany. It is a story of bitter, almost continual conflict, yet even in what can now be seen as a path to inevitable destruction Mr. Aronson finds passages of light and shade that show the Hohenzollerns not simply as Wagnerian puppets posturing on a vast European stage, but people deserving of our understanding and compassion.


Jonathan Swift - 2854319754

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Jonathan Swift Faber & Faber Poetry

Ksi▒┐ki / Literatura obcojŕzyczna

In this series, a contemporary poet selects and introduces a poet of the past. By their choice of poems and by the personal and critical reactions they express in their prefaces, the editors offer insights into their own work as well as providing an accessible and passionate introduction to the most important poets in our literature. Jonathan Swift (1667-1745) was born in Dublin, of English parents, and educated at Trinity College, Dublin. London-based for many years, and a noted satirist during the reign of Queen Anne, he returned to Dublin in 1713 as Dean of St. Patrick's Cathedral. Gulliver's Travels appeared in 1726. Derek Mahon was born in Belfast in 1941, studied at Trinity College, Dublin, and has held journalistic and academic appointments in London and New York. He has received numerous awards including a Lannan Award and the Scot Moncrieff Translation Prize. His Collected Poems was published in 1999.


Swift's Politics - 2826646727

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Swift's Politics Cambridge University Press

Ksi▒┐ki / Literatura obcojŕzyczna

Modern scholarship has represented Jonathan Swift as both an Old Whig and a non-Jacobite Tory. Ian Higgins' contextual reassessment of Swift's political writing and recorded opinion considers the interpretative problems they present. It explores the consonance of Swift's political writing with militant Jacobite Tory writing on affairs of Church and State, and demonstrates Swift's dissimilarity from the Old Whig writers with whom modern criticism has misleadingly identified him. Swift's writings of the 1690s, during the last four years of Queen Anne's reign, and after the Hanoverian succession are shown to contain Jacobitical political implications when examined in their context in the 'paper wars' of the period. Higgins concentrates on the partisan meanings of the great satires A Tale of a Tub and Gulliver's Travels, and represents Swift (as he was read by his contemporaries) as a disaffected High Church Anglican extremist with Jacobite inclinations.


1711 Expedition to Quebec - 2854210444

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1711 Expedition to Quebec Bloomsbury Academic

Ksi▒┐ki / Literatura obcojŕzyczna

In 1711, the newly formed Great Britain launched its first attempt to conquer French North America. The largest military force ever assembled to fight on the continent was dispatched and combined with colonial American units in Boston before proceeding up the St Lawrence River for Quebec. An additional colonial force set out from Albany to march on Montreal - but neither Briton nor colonist reached their respective targets. Adam Lyons looks at the expedition as a product of the turbulent political environment at the end of Queen Anne's reign and as a symbol of a shift in politics and strategy. Its failure proved to be detrimental to the reputation of the expedition's naval commander, Rear-Admiral Sir Hovenden Walker, but Lyons shows how true blame should lie with his political master, Secretary of State Henry St John, who ensured the expedition's failure by maintaining absolute control and secrecy. The 1711 Expedition to Quebec demonstrates how the expedition helped to alter British policy by renewing an interest in 'blue water', or maritime, operations that would gain dominance for Britain in commerce and at sea. This strategy would later see huge success, ultimately resulting in the fall of Quebec to Wolfe and the eventual conquest of French North America in the Seven Years War.


Scotland - 2869494001

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Scotland Harper Collins Publishers

Ksi▒┐ki / Literatura obcojŕzyczna

A timely and vivid look at Scotland's long and difficult road to nationhood, re-exploring some cherished myths and unearthing a wealth of fascinating new detail. Magnus Magnusson's starting point is Sir Walter Scott's classic version of Scotland's history, 'Tales of a Grandfather' (1827-29), which has moulded the views of generations of Scottish schoolchildren. Like Scott, Magnus Magnusson is a master story teller. In investigating the many questions raised by the nation's turbulent and often poignant past, he gives full weight to the living treasure of local legends and tradition which he believes has as much resonance as academic analysis. Where did the 'Scots' come from? What is the truth about such historical figures as Macbeth, William Wallace and Robert Bruce? What was the significance of the tragic reign of Mary Queen of Scots? What was the impact of Bonnie Prince Charlie and his brutal defeat at Culloden? Incorporating the findings of many leading modern historians, 'Scotland: The Story of a Nation' casts the nation's history in a fascinating new light. It is essential reading for anyone with an interest in Scotland at this pivotal moment in its history.


The Strangest Family - 2854355690

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The Strangest Family William Collins

Ksi▒┐ki / Literatura obcojŕzyczna

An intensely moving account of George III's doomed attempt to create a happy, harmonious family, written with astonishing emotional force by a stunning new history writer. George III came to the throne in 1760 as a man with a mission. He was determined to break with the extraordinarily dysfunctional home lives of his Hanoverian predecessors. He was sure that as a faithful husband and a loving father, he would be not just a happier man but a better ruler as well. During the early part of his reign it seemed as if, against all the odds, his great family project was succeeding. His wife, Queen Charlotte, shared his sense of moral purpose, and together they raised their fifteen children in a climate of loving attention. But as the children grew older, and their wishes and desires developed away from those of their father, it became harder to maintain the illusion of domestic harmony. 'The Strangest Family' is an epic, sprawling family drama, filled with intensely realised characters who leap off the page as we are led deep inside the private lives of the Hanoverians. Written with astonishing emotional force by a stunning new voice in history writing, it is both a window on another world and a universal story that will resonate powerfully with modern readers.


Tuckers Hall, Exeter - 2874898693

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Ksi▒┐ki / Literatura obcojŕzyczna

Gilds and Companies of Craftsmen were a great feature of late medieval and early modern urban life. At Exeter, the Company of Weavers, Fullers (Tuckers) and Shearmen numbered nearly five hundred freemen during the reign of Queen Anne. Much reduced in size and changed, the Company still survives today and its Hall, built in 1471, is among the city's architectural treasures. The Company's records, together with those of the city of Exeter, have made it possible to tell the story of the progress of this body of men, and to place them in their social, economic and political context.


Watchers - 2854186828

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Watchers Penguin

Ksi▒┐ki / Literatura obcojŕzyczna

The acclaimed and enthralling story of the dark side of Elizabethan rule, from Stephen Alford Elizabeth I's reign is known as a golden age, yet to much of Europe she was a 'Jezebel' and heretic who had to be destroyed. The Watchers is a thrilling portrayal of the secret state that sought to protect the Queen; a shadow world of spies, codebreakers, agent provocateurs and confidence-men who would stop at nothing to defend the realm. Reviews: "Forget Le Carre, Deighton and the rest - this is more enthralling than any modern spy fiction". (Daily Telegraph). "Absorbing and closely documented...Alford vividly evokes this murky world of codes, ciphers, invisible ink, intercepted letters, aliases, disguises, forgeries and instructions to burn after reading ...flowing narrative [and] crisp judments ...engrossing". (Guardian). "[Alford] has brought a dash of le Carre to the 16th century". (The Times (Book of the Week)). "A vivid and staggeringly well-researched portrait of the sinister side of Elizabethan England...This is a spectacular book. It sheds new light on plots that most historians have ceased to explore and brings less famous conspiracies to the attention of the general reading public". (Herald). "Fascinating...If you want to know the inside story of this struggle, the dark heart of calculation and the fight for survival, then this is the book to read. I know no better". (Spectator). About the author: Stephen Alford is the author of the acclaimed biography Burghley: William Cecil at the Court of Elizabeth I and a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. He taught for fifteen years at Cambridge University, where he was a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of History and a Fellow of King's College. He is now Professor of Early Modern British History in the University of Leeds.


Catherine of Aragon - 2854187129

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Catherine of Aragon Faber & Faber

Ksi▒┐ki / Literatura obcojŕzyczna

The image of Catherine of Aragon has always suffered in comparison to the vivacious eroticism of Anne Boleyn. But when Henry VIII married Catherine, she was an auburn-haired beauty in her 20s with a passion she had inherited from her parents, Isabella and Ferdinand, the joint-rulers of Spain who had driven the Moors from their country. This daughter of conquistadors showed the same steel and sense of command when organising the defeat of the Scots at the Battle of Flodden and Henry was to learn, to his cost, that he had not met a tougher opponent on or off the battlefield when he tried to divorce her. Henry introduced 4 remarkable women into the tumultuous flow of England's history; Catherine of Aragon and her daughter 'Bloody' Queen Mary; and Anne Boleyn and her daughter, the Virgin Queen Elizabeth. 'From this contest, between 2 mothers and 2 daughters, was born the religious passion and violence that inflamed England for centuries' says David Starkey. Reformation, revolution and Tudor history would all have been vastly different without Catherine of Aragon. Giles Tremlett's new biography is the first in more than four decades to be dedicated entirely and uniquely to the tenacious woman whose marriage lasted twice as long as those of Henry's five other wives put together. It draws on fresh material from Spain to trace the dramatic events of her life through Catherine of Aragon's own eyes.


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