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Decca Years 1965-1967 - 2843701183

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Decca Years 1965-1967


1. What'cha Gonna Do About It 2. What's A Matter Baby 3. I've Got Mine 4. It's Too Late 5. Sha La La La Lee (Mono Version) 6. Grow Your Own 7. Hey Girl 8. Almost Grown (Instrumental) 9. All Or Nothing 10. Understanding 11. My Mind's Eye 12. I Can't Dance With You 13. I Can't Make It (Session Version / Mono) 14. Just Passing (Mono Version) 15. Patterns 16. E Too D 17. Don't Stop What You're Doing (Alternate Version) 18. Come On Children (French Ep Version) 19. Shake 20. One Night Stand 21. You Need Loving 101. Shake 102. Come On Children 103. You Better Believe It 104. It's Too Late 105. One Night Stand 106. What'cha Gonna Do About It 107. Sorry She's Mine 108. Own Up Time 109. You Need Loving 110. Don't Stop What You're Doing 111. E Too D 112. Sha La La La Lee (Mono Version) 201. Runaway (Mono Version) 202. My Mind's Eye 203. Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow (Mono Version) 204. That Man 205. My Way Of Giving (First Mono Version) 206. Hey Girl 207. (Tell Me) Have You Ever Seen Me (First Mono Versio 208. Take This Hurt Off Me 209. All Or Nothing 210. Baby Don't You Do It 211. Plum Nellie 212. Sha La La La Lee (Mono Version) 213. You've Really Got A Hold On Me 214. What'cha Gonna Do About It 301. Come On Children (Alternate Version) 302. Shake (Alternate Version) 303. You Better Believe It (Alternate Version) 304. Own Up Time (Alternate Version) 305. E Too D (Alternate Version) 306. Don't Stop What You're Doing (Alternate Version) 307. What's A Matter Baby (Alternate Mix) 308. What'cha Gonna Do About It (Alternate Version) 309. Sha La La La Lee (Stereo Version) 310. Runaway (Alternate Mix) 311. That Man (Alternate Mix) 312. Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow (Alternate Mix / Mon 313. Picanniny (Backing Track) 314. Hey Girl (Alternate Version) 315. Take This Hurt Off Me (Different Version) 316. Baby Don't You Do It (Different Version) 317. My Mind's Eye (Early Version) 318. Talk To You (Take 5 Backing Track) 319. All Our Yesterdays (Take 7 Backing Track / Mono Ve 320. (Tell Me) Have You Ever Seen Me (Alternate Take 2) 321. Show Me The Way (Take 3 Backing Track) 322. I Can't Make It (Take 11 Backing Track) 323. Things Are Going To Get Better (Take 14 Session Ve 401. Interview With Steve Marriott (Bbc Saturday Club S 402. What'cha Gonna Do About It (Bbc Saturday Club Sess 403. Jump Back (Bbc Saturday Club Session) 404. Baby Don't You Do It (Bbc Saturday Club Session) 405. Sha La La La Lee (Joe Loss Pop Show Session) 406. What'cha Gonna Do About It (Joe Loss Pop Show Sess 407. Comin' Home Baby (Joe Loss Pop Show Session) 408. You Need Lovin' (Joe Loss Pop Show Session) 409. Steve Marriot Pop Profile Interview (Joe Loss Pop 410. Shake (Bbc Saturday Club Session) 411. Interview With Steve Marriott (Bbc Saturday Club S 412. Sha La La La Lee (Bbc Saturday Club Session) 413. You Need Loving (Bbc Saturday Club Session) 414. Interview With Steve Marriott (Bbc Saturday Club S 415. Hey Girl (Bbc Saturday Club Session) 416. E To D (Bbc Saturday Club Session) 417. One Night Stand (Bbc Saturday Club Session) 418. You'd Better Believe It (Bbc Saturday Club Session 419. Understanding (Bbc Saturday Club Session) 420. Interview With Steve Marriott (Bbc Saturday Club S 421. All Or Nothing (Bbc Saturday Club Session)


Ballroom Dancehall =box= - 2839354020

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Ballroom Dancehall =box= Membran


1. Little Brown Jug (Arr. B. Finnegan) - 2:56 2. Sunrise Serenade (Lawrence - Carle) - 3:24 3. The Jumpin' Jive (Calloway - Palmer) - 2:32 4. Moonlight Serenade (G. Miller - M. Parish) - 3:25 5. Hallelujah! (Youmans - Robin - Grey) - 3:38 6. In The Mood (A. Razaf - J. Garland) - 3:34 7. Farewell Blues (Schoebel - Mares - Rappolo) - 3:10 8. Johnson Rag (H. Kleinauf - G. Hall) - 2:48 9. My Melancholy Baby (G.a. Norton - E. Burnett) - 3:11 10. Tuxedo Junction (W. Johnson - J. Dash - E. Hawkins) - 3:30 11. Pennsylvania 6-500 (C. Sigman - J. Gray) - 3:17 12. Anvil Chorus (G. Verdi) - 4:54 13. Under A Blanket Of Blue (Miller - Parish) - 1:46 14. Song Of The Volga Boatmen (Arr. B. Finnegan) - 3:27 15. Sun Valley Jump (J. Gray) - 2:29 16. Perfidia (M. Leeds - A. Dominguez) - 3:16 17. Chattanooga Choo Choo (M. Gordon - H. Warren) - 3:28 18. A String Of Pearls (J. Gray) - 3:19 19. American Patrol (F. W. Meacham) - 3:20 20. Serenade In Blue (Warren - Gordon) - 3:26 21. I've Got A Gal In Kalamazoo (M. Gordon - H. Warren) - 3:17 101. The Mermaid Song (Keller) - 2:46 102. Who Calls? (Hill - Marks) - 3:10 103. Nain Nain (No No) (Ram - Calloway) - 3:15 104. Tappin' Off (Harding) - 2:42 105. A Smo-o-o-oth One (Goodman) - 3:08 106. The Moment I Laid Eyes On You (Koehler - Arlen) - 3:16 107. Virginia, Georgia And Caroline (Little - Shay - Calloway) - 108. Lordy (Hammerstein II - Romberg) - 2:53 109. I Want To Rock (Clinton - Harding) - 2:51 110. I'll Be Around (Wilder) - 3:08 111. Tain't No Good (Jacobs -wood) - 3:12 112. Minnie The Moocher (Gaskill - Calloway - Mills) - 3:14 113. Let's Go Joe (Calloway - Smith - Palmer) - 3:07 114. Ogeechee River Lullaby (Calloway - Wood - Palmer) - 3:36 115. I Get The Neck Of The Chicken (Loesser - Mc Hugh) - 2:45 116. Honey Dripper (J. Liggins) - 2:56 117. Hey Now - Hey Now (E. Hill - C. Calloway) - 2:55 118. Hi De Ho Man (C. Calloway - J. Palmer - B. Harding) - 2:58 201. Flying Home No. 1 (L. Hampton - B. Goodman - S. Robbin) - 3: 202. In The Bag (R. Crowder - L. Hampton) - 3:25 203. Hamp's Boogie Woogie No. 1 (L. Hampton - M. Buckner) - 3 :16 204. Flying Home No. 2 (Goodman - Hampton) - 3:24 205. Loose Wig (F. Davenport - L. Hampton) - 3:04 206. Vibe Boogie (Hampton) - 5 :26 207. Screamin' Boogie (Hampton) - 5:47 208. Doublin' With Dublin (Hampton) - 3:08 209. Ribs And Hot Sauce (Hampton) - 2:30 210. Blow Top Blues (Feather) - 3:25 211. Two Finger Boogie (Hampton) - 3:16 212. Beulah's Boogie (Hampton) - 3 :14 213. Playboy (Hampton, Mockel) - 3:22 214. Punch And Judy (Hampton, Morris) - 3:16 215. Pinetop's Boogie Woogie (Perkins) - 3:18 216. Hey! Ba-ba-re-bop (L. Hampton - C. Hamner) - 3 :18 217. Slide Hamp Slide (L. Hampton) - 2:48 218. On The Sunny Side Of The Street (Mchugh - Fields) - 2:43 219. Rockin' In Rhythm - Part 1 (Ellington - Carney - Mills) - 220. Rockin' In Rhythm - Part 2 (Ellington - Carney - Mills) - 221. Empty Glass (L. Hampton - B. Kynard) - 3:07 222. Hamp's Walking Boogie (L. Hampton) - 2:57 301. All Of Me (S. Simons - G. Marks) 2:52 302. Sleepy Lagoon (E. Coates - J. Lawrence) 2:28 303. Slider (W. &. B. Raeburn - Temple) 2:44 304. Singing In The Rain (H. Brown - A. Freed) 2:55 305. My Reverie (C. Debussy - L. Clinton) 3:31 306. I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart (D. Ellington - H. Nemo - J. 307. Deep Purple (P. Derose - M . Parish) 3:34 308. Moonlight Saving Time (I. Kahl - H. Richman) 2:06 309. Stella By Starlight (V. Young - N. Washington) 3:2.1 310. Who's Sorry Now (T. Snyder - B. Kalmar - H. Ruby) 2:34 311. Solitude (D. Ellington - E. Delange) 3:42 312. My Blue Heaven (W. Donaldson - G. Whiting) 3:35 313. (Here Am I) Broken Hearted (R. Henderson - B. Desylva - L. B 314. Sleepy Time Gal (A. Lorenzo - R. Whiting) 2:55 315. Rollin' Home (R. Anthony - G. William) 3:16 316. Stormy Weather (Arlen - Koehler) 3:11 - 317. Randle's Island (R. Anthony - G. Williams) 2:32 318. Dinah (S. Lewis - J. Young - H. Akst) 3:49 401. Blee Blop Blues (Basie - Salim) - 3:02 402. Jive At Five (Edison - Basie) - 3:08 403. There's A Small Hotel (Rodgers - Hart) - 3:31 404. Hob Nail Boogie (Harding - Basie) - 2:33 405. Basie Talks (Wilkins) - 3:34 406. Paradiese Squat (Harding - Basie) - 3:09 407. Softly, With Feeling (Hefti) - 3:45 408. Rock-a-bye Basie (Collins - Young - Basie) - 5:37 409. Perdido (Tizol) - 6:11 410. Down For The Count (Foster) - 5:56 411. Sure Thing (Hefti) - 4:54 412. Blues Backstage (Foster) - 3:00 413. Peace Pipe (Wilkins) - 6:33 414. Plymouth Rock (Hefti) - 6:15 415. Boogie Woogie (Smith) - 3:37 501. Lazy Little Daisy (Ray Noble) 502. People Like You - Vocal, Snooky Lanson (Composers Unknown) 503. What Do You Hear From Your Heart? Vocal, Lynn, Lee And Lou ( 504. Intermezzo (A Love Story)(heinz Provost - Robert Henning) Fi 505. Hi There, Mr. Moon - Vocal, Snooky Lanson (Wahl- Stark) 1941 506. Wilshire Wobble (Ray Noble) 507. Georgia On My Mind - Vocal, Snooky Lanson (Hoagy Carmichael 508. Just A Little Bit South Of North Carolina Vocal, Lynn, Lee A 509. Isn't It Wonderful?(composers Unknown) 510. I'm Gonna Haunt Ya - Vocal, Lynn, Lee And Lou (Composers Unk 511. Dinner Music, Number One (Based On A Grecian Melody) (Ray No 512. Fraidy Cat - Vocal, Lynn, Lee And Lou (Composers Unknown) (U 513. Oakland To Burbank (Ray Noble) 514. Everything Happens To Me - Vocal, Don Bonnee (Matt Dennis - 515. Alouette - Vocal, Lynn, Lee And Lou (French Folk Song Arrang 516. You Will Always Be The One I Love (Composers Unknown) 517. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot Vocal, Snooky Lanson And Ensemble ( 518. G'bye Now - Vocal, Lynn, Lee And Lou (John Olsen, Harold Joh 519. A Little Bit Of Blarney(ray Noble) 1941 601. Four Brothers (Geuffre) - 3:13 602. Everywhere (Harris) - 3:07 603. Keen And Peachy (Burns - S. Rogers) - 2:51 604. Early Autumn (Burns - Herman) - 3:12 605. Keeper Of The Flame (S. Rogers) - 3:02 606. Lemon Drop (G. Wallington) - 2:51 607. More Moon (Rodgers) - 3:12 608. Not Really The Blues (Mandel) - 2:52 609. Rhapsody In Wood (Burns) - 3:10 610. Here Comes The Blues (W. Harris) - 3:09 611. Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries (K. Henderson - L. Brown) - 612. Cohn's Alley (Cohn) - 2:54 613. Mulligantawny (Pierce) - 3:56 614. Why Not? (Hefti) - 3:05 615. Would He? (Albam) - 2:31 616. Off Shore (Diamond) - 3:15 617. Hitting The Bottle (Pierce) - 4:08 618. It Happens To Me (Kent - Gallop) - 3:27 619. Strange (Fisher - Latouche) - 3:04 620. Moten Stomp (Basie - Durham) - 2:51 701. Introduction 0:52 Cherry (Redman) 2:35 702. Rumors Are Flyng (Benjamin - Weiss) 3:00 - 703. Glow Worm (Lincke - Robinson) 2:43 704. To Each His Own (Livingston - Evans) 3:45 705. Five Minutes More (Styne - Cahn) 2:13 706. Deep Purple (Derose - Parish) 3:57 - 707. Blue Skies (Berlin) 3:34 708. Oh! What It Seemed To Be (Carle Benjamin - Weiss) 4:06 709. Begin The Beguine (Porter) 3:54 710. Rosita (Heanschen) 2:08 711. You Stole My Heart (Sosnik) 2:37 712. Up At Eight (Jenzen) 2:16 713. Zigeuner (Coward) 3:10 714. Don't You Remember Me? 3:10 - 715. Surprise Party 3:04 716. Easy Pickin's 2:42 717. My Blue Heaven (Berlin) 2:48 718. Carle Boogie (Carle) 2:42 719. Penguin At The Waldorf (Carle) 2:35 801. Hindustan (Wallace - Weeks) 802. Absent-minded Moon (Burke - Van Heusen) 803. Carnival (Jordan) 804. Needlenose (Conniff - Mckimmey) 805. Two In One Blues (Jordan) 806. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child (Trad) 807. Accentuate The Positive (Mercer - Arlen) 808. Lady Day (Mundy) 809. Let-s Take The Long Way Home (Mercer - Arlen) 810. Jumpin- On The Merry-go-round (Conniff) 811. I-ll Never Be The Same (Kahn - Malneck - Signorelli) 812. Can-t Help Lovin- That Man (Hammerstein II - Kern) 813. S Wonderful (Gershwin - Gershwin) 814. Bedford Drive (Harding) 815. The Grafton Grapple (Shaw - Harding) 816. The Sad Sack (Shaw - Harding) 817. September Song (Anderson - Weill) 818. Little Jazz (Harding) 819. But Not For Me (Gershwin - Gershwin) 820. Tea For Two (Youmans - Caesar) 821. Summertime (Gershwin - Gershwin) 822. Easy To Love (Porter) 823. Time On My Hands (Adamson - Gordon - Youmans) 824. Tabu (Lecuona) 901. Commando Serenade (Second Thyme Song) (Hal Mclntyre & Dave M 902. One Dozen Roses (Dick Jumens & Waller Donovan -roger Lewis & 903. 3.i Remember You (Victor Shertzinger - Johnny Mercer) Film: 904. Margie (Con Conrad & Russell Robinson -benny Davis) 905. Tangerine(victor Shertzinger - Johnny Mercer) Film: The Flee 906. Skylark (Hoagy Carmichael - Johnny Mercer) 907. How Do I Know It's Real? (Don Shapiro, Lester Lee And Terry 908. Somebody Nobody Loves (Seymour Miller) 909. I'll Keep The Lovelight Burning (Harry Tobias - Kenny And Le 910. Sleepy Lagoon (Eric Coates - Jack Lawrence) 911. Mandy Is Two (David F. Mcgrath - Johnny Mercer) 912. I'll Never Forget (Leo M. Cherne) 913. If You Build A Better Mousetrap (Victor Shertzinger - Lohnny 914. I'll Pray For You (Arthur Altman - Kim Gannon) 915. Blue Skies (Irving Berlin) Musical: Betsy 916. Loretta (Fred Wise & Al Frisch - Kathleen Twomey) 917. We'll Meet Again (Albert R. Parker- Hugh Charles) 918. Farewell Blues ( Elmer Schoebel - Paul Mares - Leon Rappolo)


Shelbourne Ultimatum - 2869563050

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Shelbourne Ultimatum Penguin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

After his brush with death Ross O'Carroll-Kelly - schools rugby legend, award-winning author and lover of the ladeez - is back with a renewed lust for life - all thrillingly revealed in "The Shelbourne Ultimatum". Ross wakes up from his coma to find a country that has changed beyond recognition. Shrewsbury Road has become a ghost estate. Marks and Spencer are selling microwavable coddle. And a Euro discount store is about to open in the Powerscourt Townhouse Centre. And he was only unconscious for twenty-four hours. But never mind all that. The main thing is that whoever tried to kill him missed all his vital organs. All his vital organs. And having had such a lucky escape Ross vows not to waste another minute of his life. There are thousands of women out there and just one Ross to go around. He needs to focus. Of course, life gets in the way. He has a daughter who hates him, a son who is growing up way too fast and a soon-to-be-ex wife who is resorting to increasingly desperate measures to stop the bank from repossessing the house. Oh, and the Gords - get this! - think he's lying to them. Lying? Ross? "Ross' misadventures and on-the-nose observations never fail to provoke a laugh-out-loud reaction ...bursting at the seams with spot-on parody". ("Irish Times"). "Will leave you with pains in your cheeks from laughing". ("RTE Guide"). The "Shelbourne Ultimatum" is the twelfth novel in Paul Howard's "Ross O'Carroll-Kelly" series. Ross books have sold half a million copies, are annually nominated for the Popular Fiction prize at the Irish Book Awards - where they have twice won the prize - and are also critically acclaimed as satirical masterpieces. Titles include "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightdress", "Should have Got off at Sydney Parade", "This Champagne Mojito is the Last Thing I Own", "Rhino What You Did Last Summer", "NAMA Mia!" and "The Oh My God Delusion". The last of these was chosen as Ireland's favourite book in Eason's 125th birthday poll.


Sunday Morning Coffee / Various (Uk) - 2859809581

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Sunday Morning Coffee / Various (Uk)


1. Easy 1. Easy 2. Something 2. Something 3. Lovely Day 3. Lovely Day 4. Mad About The Boy 4. Mad About The Boy 5. I'm Going Down 5. I'm Going Down 6. Georgia On My Mind 6. Georgia On My Mind 7. Walk On By 7. Walk On By 8. Moonbeat 8. Moonbeat 9. And I Love Her 9. And I Love Her 10. Canteloupe Island 10. Canteloupe Island 11. California Dreamin' 11. California Dreamin' 12. You Showed Me 12. You Showed Me 13. Son Of A Preacher Man 13. Son Of A Preacher Man 14. Something's Got A Hold On Me 14. Something's Got A Hold On Me 15. That's A Pretty Good Love 15. That's A Pretty Good Love 16. What A Wonderful World 16. What A Wonderful World 17. When I Fall In Love 17. When I Fall In Love 18. Sunshine After The Rain 18. Sunshine After The Rain 101. Feeling Good 101. Feeling Good 102. Last Tango In Paris 102. Last Tango In Paris 103. Everybody Loves The Sunshine 103. Everybody Loves The Sunshine 104. Summer Breeze 104. Summer Breeze 105. Happy Together 105. Happy Together 106. Nights In White Satin 106. Nights In White Satin 107. Walking In Memphis 107. Walking In Memphis 108. I Can See Clearly Now 108. I Can See Clearly Now 109. Baby, Now That I Found You 109. Baby, Now That I Found You 110. To Be Young, Gifted And Black 110. To Be Young, Gifted And Black 111. Everything I Own 111. Everything I Own 112. Wonderful World, Beautiful People 112. Wonderful World, Beautiful People 113. In The Summertime 113. In The Summertime 114. Build Me Up, Buttercup 114. Build Me Up, Buttercup 115. You Don't Love Me (No No No) (Trojan Mix) 115. You Don't Love Me (No No No) (Trojan Mix) 116. You Can Get It If You Really Want 116. You Can Get It If You Really Want 117. Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime 117. Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime 118. Stay With Me Til Dawn 118. Stay With Me Til Dawn 201. I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun 201. I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun 202. On And On 202. On And On 203. Big Ole 203. Big Ole 204. Frogs 204. Frogs 205. Slip Into Something 205. Slip Into Something 206. Giving Up 206. Giving Up 207. Inside My Mind (Blue Skies) 207. Inside My Mind (Blue Skies) 208. Daydream In Blue 208. Daydream In Blue 209. Empty Streets 209. Empty Streets 210. Fooling Myself (Easy Access Orchestra Mix) 210. Fooling Myself (Easy Access Orchestra Mix) 211. Move Closer 211. Move Closer 212. Real Love 212. Real Love 213. Rock With You 213. Rock With You 214. Back Road 214. Back Road 215. Matumbana 215. Matumbana 216. It's You It's Me (Marques Wyatt Remix) 216. It's You It's Me (Marques Wyatt Remix)


The Real Billie Holiday - 2868708713

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The Real Billie Holiday Sony Music Entertainment


1. Easy Living 2. All Of Me 3. God Bless The Child 4. The Very Thought Of You 5. Pennies From Heaven 6. The Way You Look Tonight 7. When You're Smiling (The Whole World Smiles With Y 8. Until The Real Thing Comes Along 9. They Can't Take That Away From Me 10. Georgia On My Mind 11. Summertime 12. I Wished On The Moon 13. What A Night, What A Moon, What A Girl 14. Billie's Blues 15. My First Impression Of You 16. Everything Happens For The Best 17. Love Me Or Leave Me 18. I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me 19. Let's Dream In The Moonlight 20. That's Life I Guess 21. The Same Old Story 22. Gloomy Sunday 23. Wherever You Are 24. Mandy Is Two 25. C'est Un Peche De Dire Un Mentire 101. On The Sentimental Side 102. Jeepers Creepers 103. Mean To Me 104. Me, Myself & I 105. Without Your Love 106. If Dreams Come True 107. Now They Call It Swing 108. Back In Your Own Backyard 109. You Go To My Head 110. The Moon Looks Down & Laughs 111. If I Were You 112. Forget If You Can 113. Having Myself A Time 114. Says My Heart 115. I Wish I Had You 116. I'm Gonna Lock My Heart 117. I Can't Get Started 118. I've Got A Date With A Dream 119. April In My Heart 120. They Say 121. You're So Desirable 122. You're Gonna See A Lot Of Me 123. Hello, My Darling 124. Under A Blue Jungle Moon 125. Night & Day 126. Falling In Love Again 201. Let's Call The Whole Thing Off 202. Born To Love 203. Don't Know If I'm Comin' Or Goin' 204. Sun Showers 205. You Showed Me The Way 206. Sentimental & Melancholy 207. My Last Affair 208. Carelessly 209. How Could You? 210. Moanin' Low 211. Where Is The Sun? 212. You Let Me Down 213. Spreadin' Rhythm Around 214. Life Begins When You're In Love 215. It's Like Reaching For The Moon 216. These Foolish Things (Remind Me Of You) 217. I Cried For You 218. I'm Painting The Town Red 219. It's Too Hot For Words 220. Twenty-four Hours A Day 221. Yankee Doodle Never Went To Town 222. Eeny Meeny Meiny Mo 223. If You Were Mine 224. These 'N' That 'N' Those 225. Your Mother's Son-in-law 226. Riffin' The Scotch


Interview - 2862116282

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Interview Forgotten Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Excerpt from The Interview: Companion Volume to "Enquire Within" The father of the family states his reasons for understanding the journey. A few days ago my boy returned from school, not merely for the Christmas-holidays, but with the intention of going no more to the educational establishment in which he had been for the last four years. When I tell you that, although I have four daughters, this is my only boy, you will be able to judge from what you have experienced yourself or witnessed in others, the pride I feel in this lad, the joy that it gives me to watch his progress from the simplicity of childhood to the intelligence of youth; and how anxious I am that he may reach the maturity of manhood, and be an honour to the name he bears, long after my own history, with all its errors and sorrows, has terminated. The recent Christmas was to me and to my boy an era of great importance. I had arranged, in taking him from school, to place him under the tutorship of Dr. Renford, a gentleman of great educational acquirements, who devotes himself to the tutorship of two or three pupils, but never undertakes a larger number at the same tune. I rejoiced to think that, in his fellow-pupils, my boy would find that companionship with youth which is so essential to the preservation of the genial qualities of the young heart, while he would receive from his tutor a more direct attention, a more individual watchfulness, than I could hope to obtain for him in a large establishment. I had, therefore, arranged that, during the holidays, Dr. Renford should be a visitor at our house, chiefly for the purpose of reconciling my boy to the change, and to the person who was to be his future teacher; for, being a youth of warm attachment, he had become very fond of his old schoolmaster; and to part with some of his school-fellows had caused him indescribable pain. It is surprising how, in youth, the smallest incidents swell the tide of grief, and trifles, which a sterner acquaintance with the world enables us to completely forget, seem to plunge us into the depths of misery. I had considered and prepared for this, in the arrangements made at home, to cheer my pet boy during the holidays, and to wean him by degrees from old attachments. But, in thus providing for the happiness of my boy, I did not anticipate the delight which I myself should find in the society of the amiable and gifted Dr. Renford, who, during the short time that he stayed with us, had really put me through the very process which I had designed for my boy. By his conversations upon things that were new to me, and by pointing out sources of mental gratification which, though close at hand, were utterly unknown to me, he had completely weaned me from erroneous opinions to which I had long foolishly clung, and had tutored me to a new discipline of the heart and mind, in a way that cannot fail to influence the soul. I will tell you how this influence came to be felt by me, although the incident which I shall relate is only one of many that occurred during the time that my friend, Dr. Renford, remained with me. My young people, with their mamma, made up a party to go and see the Wizard - "the Great Wizard of the North" - as he was called. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at


3x Jazz - Reference - 2839301184

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3x Jazz - Reference Dreyfus


1. Love Me Or Leave Me 2. I'll Be Seeing You 3. You're My Thrill 4. You Go To My Head 5. Georgia On My Mind 6. Night & Day 7. When You're Smilin' 8. The Man I Love 9. If I Were You 10. Strange Fruit 11. I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm 12. Am I Blue 13. Let's Call The Whole Thing Off 14. Body & Soul 15. They Can't Take That Away From Me 16. I've Got A Date With A Dream 17. Jim 18. Crazy He Calls Me 19. Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me / I'll Get By 20. I Love My Man (Billie's Blues) 101. Blue Moon 102. Autumn In New York 103. I Only Have Eyes For You 104. These Foolish Things 105. East Of The Sun 106. My Man 107. Lover Come Back To Me 108. Solitude 109. Stormy Weather 110. Do Your Duty 111. He's Funny That Way 112. Moonglow 113. What Is This Thing Called Love 114. Love For Sale 115. You Better Go Now 116. Everything I Have Is Yours 117. You Turned The Tables On Me 118. T Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do 119. Yesterdays 120. If The Moon Turns Green 121. Easy To Love 201. Tenderly 202. That Old Devil Called Love 203. On The Sunny Side Of The Street 204. You Go To My Head 205. Please Tell Me Now 206. No More 207. Baby Get Lost 208. He's Funny That Way 209. The Blues Are Brewing 210. If Dreams Come True 211. Gloomy Sunday 212. Deep Song 213. Back In Your Own Back Yard 214. Somebody's On My Mind 215. Remember 216. There Is No Greater Love 217. I Can't Face The Music 218. Now Or Never 219. I Cover The Waterfront


Letters of John Minor Botts, of Virginia, on the Nebraska Question (Classic Reprint) - 2862227782

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Letters of John Minor Botts, of Virginia, on the Nebraska Question (Classic Reprint) Forgotten Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Excerpt from Letters of John Minor Botts, of Virginia, on the Nebraska Question To the Editors of the National Intelligencer: It is my misfortune once again to find myself in a situation which obliges me to take part against many of my best personal and political friends, and upon a subject, and under circumstances that, feeling and believing as I do, it would be criminal on my part to be silent; and, however much I may regret the occasion and the necessity, I must appeal to you, as national men, and conductors of a truly national paper, to allow me the privilege of addressing a few reflections to the people of the South through your columns on a subject of the gravest consequence to their interests. I mean the Nebraska bill, now pending before the Senate, which, from all we can now see, is likely to become a law without a word against it from the South, and by which it is proposed to repeal or declare inoperative the Missouri Compromise of thirty-four years' standing and acquiescence in by all parts and parties of the country. It is true I have little now to do with politics, and I am not in "position" to give influence and currency to what I may say. I have no Congressional seat from which I can speak "by authority," but my interest in the settlement of this question as a citizen, and my regard for the welfare of the country is none the less on that account. After the most careful examination of this portentous question, I am satisfied that it is the most mischievous and pernicious measure that has ever been introduced into the halls of Congress. With the institution of Slavery acknowledgedly in a sounder and better condition than it has ever been; with the public mind calmly subsiding and daily acquiescing in the peaceful and healing measures of 1850; in the absence of an- public necessity or demand from any part or section of the country; with an application from no human being outside of the political circles in Washington; without the question ever having been pi presented to the consideration of the people, who are the only proper parties to be consulted; with solemn pledges from both parties and both sections to resist all future efforts at agitation, it is proposed to throw wide open the whole question of Slavery, to unsettle all that has been done to produce harmony between the North and the South for the last thirty years, by those who were quite as wise and patriotic as the men of the present day, and to revive sectional animosities and feuds in the most aggravated and embittered form, the end whereof no man can foresee. Is it not legitimate then for any citizen, however humble, feeling an interest in his country's welfare, to ask emphatically why is this to be done? Is this last and hopeless chance for reconstructing the disordered and scattered fragments of a divided party with any intelligent mind held to be a sufficient reason for so much mischief? Are the grasping and reckless aspirations of ambitious men, who seek their own advancement by a spirit of turbulence and discord throughout the land, a sufficient justification for the wholesale scenes of riot and disorder that is to follow? If the Compromise which has stood the test of one-third of a century is no longer available or operative, how long can the Compromise of three years' duration be expected to last? And can it be possible that all the wisdom and patriotism that marked the struggles of 1820 and of 1850 are, within one short year after the decease of the illustrious men who then hushed the storm into silence and tranquilized the nation, to be forgotten and laid aside, without necessity, without notice, without cause, and without one justifying or palliating circumstance? As a Southern man, I raise my voice against it. I oppose it because it involves a breach of faith


Secrets to Beat the Markets Consistently - 2862423876

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Secrets to Beat the Markets Consistently Worldwide Funding Corp

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

By some estimates, quantitative or algorithmic trading now accounts for over one-third of the trading volume in the United States. There are, of course, innumerable books on the advanced mathematics and strategies utilized by institutional traders in this arena. However, can an independent, retail trader benefit from these algorithms? Can an individual with limited resources and computing power backtest and execute their strategies over thousands of stocks, and come to challenge the powerful industry participants in their own game? I will show you how this can, in fact, be achieved. WHO IS THIS BOOK FOR? I wrote this book with two types of readers in mind: 1. Aspiring independent ("retail") traders who are looking to start a quantitative trading business. 2. Students of finance or other technical disciplines (at the undergraduate or MBA level) who aspire to become quantitative traders and portfolio managers at major institutions. Can these two very different groups of readers benefit from the same set of knowledge and skills? Is there anything common between managing a $100 million portfolio and managing a $100,000 portfolio? My contention is that it is much more logical and sensible for someone to become a profitable $100,000 trader before becoming a profitable $100 million trader. This can be shown to be true on many fronts. Many legendary quantitative hedge fund managers such as Dr. Edward Thorp of the former Princeton-Newport Partners (Poundstone, 2005) and Dr. Jim Simons of Renaissance Technologies Corp. (Lux, 2000) started their careers trading their own money. They did not begin as portfolio managers for investment banks and hedge funds before starting their own fund management business. Of course, there are also plenty of counterexamples, but clearly this is a possible route to riches as well as intellectual accomplishment, and for someone with an entrepreneurial bent, a preferred route. Even if your goal is to become an institutional trader, it is still worthwhile to start your own trading business as a first step. Physicists and mathematicians are now swarming Wall Street. Few people on the Street are impressed by a mere PhD from a prestigious university anymore. What is the surest way to get through the door of the top banks and funds? To show that you have a systematic way to profits-in other words, a track record. Quite apart from serving as a stepping stone to a lucrative career in big institutions, having a profitable track record as an independent trader is an invaluable experience in itself. The experience forces you to focus on simple but profitable strategies, and not get sidetracked by overly theoretical or sophisticated theories. It also forces you to focus on the nitty-gritty of quantitative trading that you won't learn from most books: things such as how to build an order entry system that doesn't cost $10,000 of programming resource. Most importantly, it forces you to focus on risk management-after all, your own personal bankruptcy is a possibility here. Finally, having been an institutional as well as a retail quantitative trader and strategist at different times, I only wish that I had read a similar book before I started my career at a bank-I would have achieved profitability many years sooner. Given these preambles, I won't make any further apologies in the rest of the book in focusing on the entrepreneurial, independent traders and how they can build a quantitative trading business on their own, while hoping that many of the lessons would be useful on their way to institutional money management as well.


Live & In The Studio - 2868709541

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Live & In The Studio Golden Stars

Muzyka>GospelMuzyka>Rhythm & Blues / Soul

1. Last 2. Something's Got A Hold On Me 3. Dance With Me Henry (The Wallflower) 4. Trust In Me 5. Pushover 6. All I Could Do Was Cry 7. I'll Fly Away 8. Storms Of Troubled Times 9. Down By The Riverside 10. Blowin' In The Wind 11. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot 12. To My Father's House 13. He's Got The Whole World In His Hands 14. Oh Happy Day 15. I Saw The Light 16. Amen : This Little Light Of Mine 101. The Wallflower (Dance With Me Henry) 102. Hey! Henry 103. Be Mine 104. Good Rockin' Daddy 105. Crazy Feeling (Doin' Somethin' Crazy) 106. W-o-m-a-n 107. That's All 108. Number One (My One & Only) 109. Tears Of Joy 110. Tough Lover 111. Good Lookin' 112. The Pick-up 113. Market Place 114. Come What May 115. Strange Things Happening 116. Every Night (Baby, Baby, Every Night) 201. Intro: Respect Yourself (Live) 202. I'd Rather Go Blind (Live) 203. Woman (Live) (Shake Your Booty) 204. Dust My Broom (Live) 205. All The Way Down (Summer Heat) (Live) 206. Drown In My Own Tears (Live) 207. I Can't Turn You Loose (Live) 208. Rock Me Baby (Live) 209. Stormy Monday (Live) 210. Something's Got A Hold On Me (Live) (With B.b. Kin 211. Ain't Nobody's Business (Live) (With Gladys Knight 212. I'd Rather Go Blind (Live) (With Dr. John) 213. Take My Hand, Precious Lord (Live) (With Gladys Kn Etta James To Prawdziwa Legenda Bluesa, Soulu I Jazzu. Naprawdę Nazywała Się Jamesetta Hawkins, Urodziła Się W Los Angeles W 1938 Roku I W Ciągu Długiej Kariery, Nagle Przerwanej 20 Stycznia 2012 Roku Zachwycała Swoją Witalnością I Wokalna Maestrią. Zmarła W Stanach Zjednoczonych W Wieku 73 Lat Pozostawiając Po Sobie Wiele Wspaniałych Nagrań. Trzypłytowy Album "Live & In The Studio" To Udane Wydawnictwo Ukazujące Różne Strony Talentu Etty James. Do Największych Przebojów Etty James Należą At Last, I'd Rather Go Blind, The Wallflower I Good Rockin' Daddy. Wszystkie Je Usłyszymy Na Tym Wydawnictwie. Przez środowisko Muzyczne Została Doceniona Dopiero W Latach 90. Stała Się Pionierką Bluesa I Soulu. "Sama Wybieram Piosenki. Wszystko O Czym śpiewam Sama Przeżyłam. Nie śpiewam O Rzeczach O Których Nic Nie Wiem - Mówiła Etta James. Jej Twórczością I Sposobem śpiewania Inspirowały Się Janis Joplin I Bonnie Raitt, Z Uznaniem O James Wypowiadały Się Christina Aguilera, Tina Turner, Adele I Amy Winehouse. Trzeci Dysk To Prawdziwe Rarytasy, Koncertowe Nagrania Z 10. Something's Got A Hold On Me (with B.B.Kingiem, Gladys Knight & Chaką Khan I Dr. Johnem. utwory: CD1:In The Studio: Etta Revisits Her Hits (alternate Versions) 1. At Last 2. Something's Got A Hold On Me 3. Dance With Me, Henry (The Wallflower) 4. Trust In Me 5. Pushover 6. All I Could Do Was Cry 7. I'll Fly Away 8. Storms Of Troubled Times 9. Down By The Riverside 10. Blowin' In The Wind 11. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot 12. To My Father's House 13. He's Got The Whole World In His Hands 14. Oh Happy Day 15. I Saw The Light 16. Amen : This Little Light Of Mine CD2: In The Studio: Etta In The Beginning - Early Recordings 1. The Wallfower (Dance With Me Henry) 2. Hey! Henry 3. Be Mine 4. Good Rockin' Daddy 5. Crazy Feeling (Doin' Somethin' Crazy) 6. W-O-M-A-N 7. That's All 8. Number One (My One And Only) 9. Tears Of Joy 10. Tough Lover 11. Good Lookin' 12. The Pick-Up 13. Market Place 14. Come What May 15. Strange Things Happening 16. Every Night (Baby, Baby, Every Night) CD3: Live: Live In New York, 1980 1. Respect Yourself [Intro] 2. I'd Rather Go Blind 3. Woman (Shake Your Booty) 4. Dust My Broom 5. All The Way Down (Summer Heat) 6. Drown In My Own Tears 7. I Can't Turn You Loose 8. Rock Me Baby 9. Stormy Monday Live In Los Angeles, 1987 10. Something's Got A Hold On Me (with B. B. King) 11. Ain't Nobody's Business (with Gladys Knight & Chaka Khan) 12. I'd Rather Go Blind (with Dr. John) 13. Take My Hand, Precious Lord (with Gladys Knight & Chaka Khan)


From Nashville To Memphis - Essential 60s Masters - 2839270555

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From Nashville To Memphis - Essential 60s Masters Sony Music Entertainment

Muzyka>Rock>Rock & Roll

1. Make Me Know It 2. Soldier Boy - Digitally Remastered 3. Stuck On You 4. Fame & Fortune 5. A Mess Of Blues 6. It Feels So Right 7. Fever 8. Like A Baby 9. It's Now Or Never 10. The Girl Of My Best Friend 11. Dirty, Dirty Feeling 12. The Thrill Of Your Love 13. I Gotta Know 14. Such A Night 15. Are You Lonesome Tonight? 16. Girl Next Door Went A 'Walking 17. I Will Be Home Again 18. Reconsider Baby 19. Surrender 20. I'm Coming Home - Digitally Remastered 21. Gently 22. In Your Arms 23. Give Me The Right 24. I Feel So Bad 25. It's A Sin 26. I Want You With Me 27. There's Always Me 101. Starting Today 102. Sentimental Me 103. Judy 104. Put The Blame On Me 105. Kiss Me Quick 106. That's Someone You Never Forget 107. I'm Yours 108. (Marie's The Name Of) His Latest Flame 109. Little Sister 110. For The Millionth & The Last Time 111. Good Luck Charm 112. Anything That's Part Of You 113. I Met Her Today 114. Night Rider 115. Something Blue 116. Gonna Get Back Home Somehow 117. (Such An) Easy Question 118. Fountain Of Love 119. Just For Old Time Sake 120. You'll Be Gone 121. I Feel That I've Known You Forever 122. Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello 123. Suspicion 124. She's Not You 125. Echoes Of Love - Digitally Remastered 126. Please Don't Drag That String Around 127. (You're The) Devil In Disguise 128. Never Ending 129. What Now, What Next, Where To 130. Witchcraft 131. Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers 132. Love Me Tonight 201. (It's A) Long Lonely Highway - Digitally Remastere 202. Western Union - Digitally Remastered 203. Slowly But Surely - Digitally Remastered 204. Blue River - Digitally Remastered 205. Memphis Tennessee 206. Ask Me 207. It Hurts Me 208. Down In The Alley 209. Tomorrow Is A Long Time 210. Love Letters 211. Beyond The Reef (Original Undubbed Master) - Digit 212. Come What May 213. Fools Fall In Love 214. Indescribably Blue 215. I'll Remember You 216. If Every Day Was Like Christmas 217. Suppose - Digitally Remastered 218. Guitar Man 219. Big Boss Man 220. Mine 221. Just Call Me Lonesome 222. Hi-heel Sneakers - Original Unedited Master- Digit 223. You Don't Know Me 224. Singing Tree 225. Too Much Monkey Business 226. U.s. Male 301. Long Black Limousine 302. This Is The Story 303. Wearin' That Loved On Look 304. You'll Think Of Me 305. A Little Bit Of Green 306. Gentle On My Mind 307. I'm Movin' On 308. Don't Cry Daddy 309. Inherit The Wind 310. Mama Liked The Roses 311. My Little Friend 312. In The Ghetto 313. Rubberneckin' 314. From A Jack To A King 315. Hey Jude 316. Without Love (There Is Nothing) 317. I'll Hold You In My Heart (Till I Can Hold You In 318. I'll Be There 319. Suspicious Minds 320. True Love Travels On A Gravel Road 321. Stranger In My Own Home Town 322. And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind 323. Power Of My Love 401. After Loving You 402. Do You Know Who I Am 403. Kentucky Rain 404. Only The Strong Survive 405. It Keeps Right On A-hurtin' 406. Any Day Now 407. If I'm A Fool (For Loving You) 408. The Fair's Moving On 409. Who Am I? 410. This Time / I Can't Stop Loving You 411. This Time 412. I Can't Stop Loving You 413. In The Ghetto (Alternate Take 4) - Digitally Remas 414. Suspicious Minds (Alternate Take 6) - Digitally Re 415. Kentucky Rain (Alternate Take 9) - Digitally Remas 416. Big Boss Man (Alternate Take 2) - Digitally Remast 417. Down In The Alley (Alternate Take 1) - Digitally R 418. Memphis Tennessee (Alternate Take 1) - Digitally R 419. I'm Yours (Alternate Take 1 Undubbed Version) - Di 420. (Marie's The Name Of) His Latest Flame (Alternate 421. That's Someone You Never Forget (Alternate Take 1) 422. Surrender (Alternate Take 1) 423. It's Now Or Never - Digitally Remastered 424. Witchcraft/love Me Tender - Digitally Remastered 425. Witchcraft 426. Love Me Tender


Miles Davis: Just Squeeze Me - 2839382853

97,49 zł

Miles Davis: Just Squeeze Me Intense Media


1. C.t.a. 1. Compulsion 1. Bemsha Swing 1. Salt Peanuts 1. Bag's Groove 2 1. Dear Old Stockholm 1. When I Fall In Love 1. I Could Write A Book 1. It's Only A Papermoon 1. You Don't Know What Love Is 2. Denial 2. Tune Up 2. Green Haze 2. Swing Spring 2. Trane's Blues 2. Tadd's Delight 2. 'Round Midnight 2. Love Me Or Leave Me 2. The Serpent's Tooth 1 2. Surrey With The Fringe On Top 3. Bluing 3. Smooch 3. Walkin' 3. Ah-leu-cha 3. Easy Living 3. Ahamd's Blues 3. The Man I Love 3. Sweet Sue, Just You 3. The Serpent's Tooth 2 3. It Never Entered My Mind 4. Four 4. Donna 4. No Line 4. All Of You 4. Nature Boy 4. Half Nelson 4. Blue'n'boogie 4. Tasty Pudding 4. Well You Needn't 4. My Funny Valentine 5. Oleo 5. Isreal 5. Floppy 5. Take Off 5. Dr Jackle 5. Yesterdays 5. Vierd Blues 5. But Not For Me 5. Bye Bye Blackbird 5. In Your Own Sweet Way 6. Rouge 6. Weirdo 6. Airegin 6. Chance It 6. Just Squeeze It 6. If I Were A Bell 6. Well, You Needn't 6. Willie The Wailer 6. In Your Own Sweet Way 6. It Could Happen To You 7. Oleo 7. Diane 7. Lazy Susan 7. Woody'n You 7. For Adults Only 7. Darn That Dream 7. You're My Everything 7. How Deep Is The Ocean 7. There Is No Greater Love 7. Something I Dreamed Last Night 8. Doxy 8. Odjenar 8. Ray's Idea 8. Dear Old Stockholm 8. It Never Endtered My Mind 9. Kelo 9. Hibeck 9. Teh Leap 9. Woody'n You 10. Enigma 10. Yesterdays 10. Old Devil Moon 11. Tempus 11. Ezz-thetic 11. I'll Remember April 12. Solar 12. Morpheus 12. I Waited For You 13. Down


Calling Back Your Power - 2862390485

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Calling Back Your Power Balboa Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Where Healing is Possible This is a life-changing guide for emotional and physical health by Suzette Faith Foster. She rebounded from a deadly injury, paralysis and other life challenges using these mind, body, spirit approaches. Experience a new perspective that aligns you with the power of your thoughts, intentions, and the divine perfection that is at your core. Discover your innate power and how you can heal using mind, body, spirit awareness. Read real-life stories about astonishing healings from these integrative techniques. Learn how to calm your monkey mind, rid negative thoughts and receive inner peace. "Suzette Faith Foster's healing experience leads us to ask, 'What are the limits of healing, and are there any limits at all?' Healing-related to holy and wholeness-is is our birthright, and Suzette explores how it can manifest in anyone's life." ~ Larry Dossey, MD Author: One Mind: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters "Calling Back Your Power has the momentum to move you beyond the challenges at hand to your best life." ~Jack Canfield, Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Unsinkable Soul


Complete Us Hits 1948-62 - 2859384188

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Complete Us Hits 1948-62


1. Confess 2. Say Something Sweet To Your Sweetheart 3. So In Love 4. Money, Marbles And Chalk 5. I'll Keep The Love Light Burning (In My Heart) 6. With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming 7. I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine 8. All My Love (Bolero) 9. Back In Your Own Backyard 10. The Tennessee Waltz 11. Would I Love You (Love You, Love You) 12. Down The Trail Of Achin' Hearts 13. Ever True, Evermore 14. Mockin' Bird Hill 15. Mister And Mississippi 16. These Things I Offer You 17. Detour 18. And So To Sleep Again 19. Retreat (Cries My Heart) 20. Come What May 21. Whispering Winds 22. Once In A While 23. I Went To Your Wedding 24. You Belong To Me 25. Why Don't You Believe Me 26. Conquest 101. (How Much Is) That Doggie In The Window? 102. My Jealous Eyes 103. Now That I'm In Love 104. Oo What You Do To Me 105. Butterflies 106. This Is My Song 107. Father, Father 108. Milwaukee Polka 109. Changing Partners 110. Cross Over The Bridge 111. My Restless Lover 112. Steam Heat 113. Lonely Days 114. What A Dream 115. I Cried 116. The Mama Doll Song 117. I Can't Tell A Waltz From A Tango 118. Let Me Go, Lover! 119. Everlovin' 120. Keep Me In Mind 121. Near To You 122. I Love To Dance With You 123. Piddilly Pitter Patter 124. Every Day 125. Croce Di Oro 126. Go On With The Wedding 127. My First Formal Gown 128. Too Young To Go Steady 201. Allegheny Moon 202. The Strangest Romance 203. Mama From The Train 204. Every Time I Feel His Spirit 205. Repeat After Me 206. Poor Man's Roses (Or A Rich Man's Gold) 207. The Wall 208. Old Cape Cod 209. Wondering 210. I'll Remember Today 211. Belonging To Someone 212. Another Time, Another Place 213. Left Right Out Of Your Heart (Hi Lee Hi Lo Hi Lup Up Up) 214. Fibbin' 215. Trust In Me 216. Under The Sun Valley Moon 217. The Walls Have Ears 218. With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming 219. Goodbye Charlie 220. The Sound Of Music 221. Two Thousand, Two Hundred, Twenty-three Miles 222. One Of Us (Will Weep Tonight) 223. I Wish I'd Never Been Born 224. Don't Read The Letter 225. A City Girl Stole My Country Boy 226. Mom And Dad's Waltz 227. You'll Answer To Me 228. A Broken Heart (And A Pillow Filled With Tears) 229. Go On Home 230. Most People Get Married 231. The Boys' Night Out


R&b / Soul Top-15 Albums / Various (Spa) - 2840226342

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R&b / Soul Top-15 Albums / Various (Spa)


1. Cooke, Sam - (What A) Wonderful World 2. Cooke, Sam - Desire Me 3. Cooke, Sam - Summertime 4. Cooke, Sam - Almost In Your Arms 5. Cooke, Sam - That's Heaven To Me 6. Cooke, Sam - No One (Can Ever Take Your Place) 7. Cooke, Sam - With You 8. Cooke, Sam - Blue Moon 9. Cooke, Sam - Stealing Kisses 10. Cooke, Sam - You Were Made For Me 11. Cooke, Sam - There I've Said It Again 12. Cooke, Sam - I Thank God 13. Cooke, Sam - Twistin' The Night Away 14. Cooke, Sam - Sugar Dumpling 15. Cooke, Sam - Twistin' In The Kitchen (With Dinah) 16. Cooke, Sam - Somebody's Gonna Miss Me 17. Cooke, Sam - A Whole Lotte Woman 18. Cooke, Sam - The Twist 19. Cooke, Sam - Twsitin' In The Old Town Tonight 20. Cooke, Sam - Movin' & A' Groovin' 21. Cooke, Sam - Camptown Twist 22. Cooke, Sam - Somebody Have Mercy 23. Cooke, Sam - Soothe Me 24. Cooke, Sam - That's It, I Quit, I'm Movin' On 101. Franklin, Aretha - You Made Me Love You 102. Franklin, Aretha - I Told You So 103. Franklin, Aretha - Rock-a-bye Your Baby With A Dix 104. Franklin, Aretha - Nobody Like You 105. Franklin, Aretha - Exactly Like You 106. Franklin, Aretha - It's So Heartbreakin' 107. Franklin, Aretha - Rough Lover 108. Franklin, Aretha - Blue Monday 109. Franklin, Aretha - Just For You 110. Franklin, Aretha - That Lucky Old Sun 111. Franklin, Aretha - I Surrender, Dear 112. Franklin, Aretha - Ac-cent-tchua-ate The Positive 113. Turner, Ike & Turner, Tina - I'm Jealous 114. Turner, Ike & Turner, Tina - I Idolize You 115. Turner, Ike & Turner, Tina - If 116. Turner, Ike & Turner, Tina - Letter From Tina 117. Turner, Ike & Turner, Tina - You Can't Love Two 118. Turner, Ike & Turner, Tina - I Had A Notion 119. Turner, Ike & Turner, Tina - A Fool In Love 120. Turner, Ike & Turner, Tina - Sleepless 121. Turner, Ike & Turner, Tina - Chances Are 122. Turner, Ike & Turner, Tina - You Can't Blame Me 123. Turner, Ike & Turner, Tina - You're My Baby 124. Turner, Ike & Turner, Tina - The Way You Love Me 201. Brown, James - Just You & Me, Darling 202. Brown, James - I Love You, Yes I Do 203. Brown, James - I Don't Mind 204. Brown, James - Come Over Here 205. Brown, James - The Bells 206. Brown, James - Love Don't Love Nobody 207. Brown, James - Dancin' Little Thing 208. Brown, James - Lost Someone 209. Brown, James - & I Do Just What I Want 210. Brown, James - So Long 211. Brown, James - You Don't Have To Go 212. Brown, James - Tell Me Wht You're Gonna Do 213. Brown, James - Think 214. Brown, James - Good Good Lovin' 215. Brown, James - Wonder When You're Coming Home 216. Brown, James - I'll Go Crazy 217. Brown, James - This Old Heart 218. Brown, James - I Know It's True 219. Brown, James - Bewildered 220. Brown, James - I'll Never Never Let You Go 221. Brown, James - You've Got The Power 222. Brown, James - If You Want Me 223. Brown, James - Baby, You're Right 224. Brown, James - So Long 301. Diddley, Bo - Bo Diddley 302. Diddley, Bo - I'm A Man 303. Diddley, Bo - Bring It To Jerome 304. Diddley, Bo - Before You Accuse Me 305. Diddley, Bo - Hey! Bo Diddley 306. Diddley, Bo - Dearest Darling 307. Diddley, Bo - Hush Your Mouth 308. Diddley, Bo - Say Boss Man 309. Diddley, Bo - Diddley Daddy 310. Diddley, Bo - Diddy Wah Diddy 311. Diddley, Bo - Who Do You Love? 312. Diddley, Bo - Pretty Thing 313. Diddley, Bo - She's Alright 314. Diddley, Bo - Cops & Robbers 315. Diddley, Bo - Run Diddley Daddy 316. Diddley, Bo - Mumblin' Guitar 317. Diddley, Bo - I Need You Baby 318. Diddley, Bo - Say Man, Back Again 319. Diddley, Bo - Nursery Rhyme 320. Diddley, Bo - I Love You So 321. Diddley, Bo - Spanish Guitar 322. Diddley, Bo - Dancing Girl 323. Diddley, Bo - Come On Baby 401. Isley Brothers, The - When The Saints Go Marching 402. Isley Brothers, The - St. Louis Blues 403. Isley Brothers, The - Yes, Indeed 404. Isley Brothers, The - How Deep Is The Ocean 405. Isley Brothers, The - Ring-a-ling-a-ling (Let The 406. Isley Brothers, The - Rock Around The Clock 407. Isley Brothers, The - He's Got The Whole World In 408. Isley Brothers, The - That Lucky Old Sun 409. Isley Brothers, The - Respectable 410. Isley Brothers, The - Without A Song 411. Isley Brothers, The - Shout (Part 1 & 2) 412. Wells, Mary - Come To Me 413. Wells, Mary - I Don't Want To Take A Chance 414. Wells, Mary - Bye, Bye Baby 415. Wells, Mary - Shop Around 416. Wells, Mary - I Love The Way You Love 417. Wells, Mary - I'm Gonna Stay 418. Wells, Mary - Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide 419. Wells, Mary - Bad Boy 420. Wells, Mary - I'm So Sorry 421. Wells, Mary - Please Forgive 501. Gaye, Marvin - (I'm Afraid) The Masquerade Is Over 502. Gaye, Marvin - My Funny Valentine 503. Gaye, Marvin - Witchcraft 504. Gaye, Marvin - Easy Living 505. Gaye, Marvin - How Deep Is The Ocean 506. Gaye, Marvin - Love For Sale 507. Gaye, Marvin - Always 508. Gaye, Marvin - How High The Moon 509. Gaye, Marvin - Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide 510. Gaye, Marvin - Never Let You Go 511. Gaye, Marvin - You Don't Know What Love Is 512. King, Ben E. - Amor 513. King, Ben E. - Sway 514. King, Ben E. - Come Closer To Me 515. King, Ben E. - Perfidia 516. King, Ben E. - Granada 517. King, Ben E. - Sweet & Gentle 518. King, Ben E. - Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps 519. King, Ben E. - Frenesi 520. King, Ben E. - Souvenir Of Mexico 521. King, Ben E. - Besame Mucho 522. King, Ben E. - Love Me, Love Me 523. King, Ben E. - Spanish Harlem 601. Charles, Ray - Ain't That Love 602. Charles, Ray - Drown In My Own Tears 603. Charles, Ray - Come Back Baby 604. Charles, Ray - Sinner's Prayer 605. Charles, Ray - Funny (But I Still Love You) 606. Charles, Ray - Losing Hand 607. Charles, Ray - A Fool For You 608. Charles, Ray - Hallelujah I Love Her So 609. Charles, Ray - Mess Around 610. Charles, Ray - This Little Girl Of Mine 611. Charles, Ray - Mary Ann 612. Charles, Ray - Greenbacks 613. Charles, Ray - Don't You Know 614. Charles, Ray - I Got A Woman 615. Charles, Ray - What'd I Say (Part 1 & 2) 616. Charles, Ray - Jumpin' In The Mornin' 617. Charles, Ray - You Be My Baby 618. Charles, Ray - Tell Me How Do You Feel 619. Charles, Ray - What Kind Of A Man Are You 620. Charles, Ray - Rockhouse (Part 1 & 2) 621. Charles, Ray - Roll With My Baby 622. Charles, Ray - Tell All The World About You 623. Charles, Ray - My Bonnie 624. Charles, Ray - That's Enough 701. Burke, Solomon - Keep The Magic Working 702. Burke, Solomon - You Are My One Love 703. Burke, Solomon - Why Do Me That Way 704. Burke, Solomon - How Many Times 705. Burke, Solomon - Cry To Me 706. Burke, Solomon - A Picture Of You 707. Burke, Solomon - Walking In A Dream 708. Burke, Solomon - For You & You Alone 709. Burke, Solomon - They Always Say 710. Burke, Solomon - I'm In Love 711. Burke, Solomon - Don't Cry 712. Burke, Solomon - Leave My Kitten Alone 713. Burke, Solomon - To Thee 714. Burke, Solomon - This Is It 715. Burke, Solomon - Christmas Presents From Heaven 716. Burke, Solomon - I'm All Alone 717. Burke, Solomon - Mama, Mama Dear 718. Burke, Solomon - No Man Walks Alone 719. Burke, Solomon - Be Bop Grandma 720. Burke, Solomon - Friendship Ring


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