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DELVE BOOK 2 - 2854575323

39,56 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

pIn emDelve Book 2/em, we enter the world of Vampires, Light Witches and the evil Dark Witches, who are determined to seek vengeance for a wrongdoing many years ago. The story is narrated by Ashleigh, a born vampire, and Emma, a light witch whose mission it is to protect her friend and defend the good against evil. Amidst the potions, spells, and bloodthirsty incidents, we have the love of eternals and the loyalty of friendship. We are introduced to The Father, an omnipotent, manipulative half-Vampire, half-Witch, who offers punishment or protection to those he controls - is he good or evil - only time will tell./pbr/pLet the battle


Hurst's the Heart 2 vols - 2212824407

391,30 zł

Hurst's the Heart 2 vols McGraw-Hill

Zdrowie, medycyna

Enhance your clinical decision-making todayĹźwith the landmark volume that continues to define cardiology! Setting an even higher standardĹź*This description refers to the two-volume set of HurstĹźs THE HEART, 11/e. ThereĹźs no mistaking the commanding coverage of HurstĹźs THE HEART. Turn to any page, and youĹźll see the solid focus on patient care, up-to-the-minute perspectives on therapeutic and technological advances, and expert authorship acclaimed by cardiology residents, fellows, and physicians. Now, the 11th Edition of HurstĹźs THE HEART takes this tradition of excellence to a whole new level. World-renowned cardiologist Valentin Fuster has spearheaded an ambitious revision of HurstĹźs THE HEART, making this not-to-be-missed resource even more timely and complete, more visually appealing, and more essential to your daily practice than ever before. Whether the topic is coronary bypass surgery, angina, or advances in minimally invasive treatment, youĹźll find the latest therapeutic strategies and supporting evidence-based dataĹźall presented by a preeminent international group of thought leaders. Review some of the strengths of this legendary reference: A-to-Z coverage of diagnosis and treatment procedures; an overview of current ACC/AHA guidelines; unmatched interpretation of clinical trials and cardiology data found in the Human Genome Project; first-rate color images of the normal and diseased heartĹźall supported by abundant pedagogy that includes chapter outlines, practice guidelines, algorithms, and more. If you thought this kind of resource could benefit you and your patients before, youĹźll be amazed by what awaits you in the 11th edition Ĺź one look is all youĹźll need to see why the new edition of HurstĹźs THE HEART will prove indispensable to the way you practice cardiology. New to the 11th Edition! *Approximately 1/3 of the chapters revised or rewritten to reflect new cardiology trends in such fast-moving areas as hypertension, congenital heart disease in adults, and infectious endocarditis *Important ACC/AHA guidelines for conditions such as hypertension and heart failure integrated into appropriate chapters*More prominent and clearly defined sections on treatment *Updated coverage of electrophysiology *Expanded interventional cardiology chapters that include the most recent informationĹźincluding procedures related to stent implants*More in-depth coverage of clinical trials*A more compact, streamlined organization, aided by the addition of summary material*Dramatically increased use of tables, charts, and figures that provide at-a-glance access to key information *Enhanced art program, with sharper, more precise images featured throughout*And much more!Greatly expanded use of tables, charts and figures so that reader can grasp information by simply looking at the summarized information|Improved quality of images|Integrate important ACC/AHA treatment guidelines for condition such as hypertension and heart failure into appropriate chapters |ACC.AHA guide lines will be identified with an icon for easy location |Cut page count by 10% by using more summary material|Prominently feature clearly defined sections on treatment|Improve quality of paper/use of 2nd color|Revise and improve sections on electrophysiology with new, younger section editor and contributors|Expand interventional cardiology chapters to include the most recent cutting-edge information including procedures related to stent implants.|Expand information on clinical trials |Revise approximately 1/3 of the chapters


The Art of Folding Vol. 2: New Trends, Techniques and Materials - 2854488468

137,49 zł

The Art of Folding Vol. 2: New Trends, Techniques and Materials PROMPTDOC INC

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Volume 1 of the Art of Folding presented a great panorama of creators who are inspired by origami and whose work with various materials draws on this traditional technique. The vast and fertile world of folding plays host to so many exciting innovations in various fields that their multiple variations naturally demanded a follow up. Drawing on examples from nature, this second volume focuses on folders' know how. Through the many reference points that it touches on and a comparative approach, it sheds light on original techniques and their applications in design, decoration and architecture. This new study of the art of folding is a source of inspiration for inquisitive minds and those who explore or create in all artistic genres. It gives readers the opportunity to discover and put into practice an art form that is both traditional and forward looking.


Idea of Communism 2 - 2846572851

73,52 zł

Idea of Communism 2 VERSO

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The very successful first volume followed the 2009 conference called in response to Alain Badiou's "communist hypothesis," where an all-star cast of radical intellectuals put the idea of communism back on the map. This volume brings together papers from the subsequent 2011 New York conference organized by Verso and continues this critical discussion, highlighting the continuing philosophical and political importance of the communist idea, and discussing how to take these essential ideas forward in a world of financial and social turmoil. Contributors include Alain Badiou, Etienne Balibar, Bruno Bosteels, Susan Buck-Morss, Jodi Dean, Adrian Johnston, Francois Nicolas, Frank Ruda, Emmanuel Terray and Slavoj A iA ek.


Artists. Vol.2 - 2854296616

208,37 zł

Artists. Vol.2 Steidl

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Artists II is the second volume of Jason Schmidt s ongoing photographic documentation of today s most significant artists. From young to old, emerging to career peaking, world famous or as-of-yet-known, the creative forces that the New York-based photographer has managed to capture over a period of 12 years has come to serve as perhaps the most incisive look into the art world as it stands today. Artists II captures 166 artists, including John Baldessari, Ai Weiwei, Glenn Ligon and Cindy Sherman, in their studios or work environments and the resultant images reveal the context in which the art was made or conceived and the artists in their most intimate moment in the process of creation. A text by each artist in their own words accompanies each photograph: some are literal descriptions of the encounter, others are poetic or enigmatic; each is a window into their artistic methods and perspectives. The strength of this artists series lies not solely in its individual compositions but in its value as a comprehensive archive of contemporary artistic practice. Situated between portraiture and landscape, Schmidt s photographs show art and artist in a constant moment of transformation.


Photoshop Darkroom 2 - 2826884780

168,81 zł

Photoshop Darkroom 2 Elsevier Science & Technology

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Selling over 10,000 copies, the first volume of The Photoshop Darkroom left readers wanting more. This second volume picks up where the first left off, offering photographers even more creative ways to use Photoshop. Rather than taking a feature-by-feature approach to the software, award-winning photographer Harold Davis shares his knowledge and personal workflow, which have garnered some of the most interesting images in the digital art world today. Complex topics such as compositing, stitching, and HDR are covered in detail while the book maintains a coffee-table caliber design at the same time. Packed with full-color images, troubleshooting tips, sidebars, case studies, and precise step-by-step guidance, this book is the next best thing to sitting in on one of Harolds extremely popular photographic workshops.


Japanese Secret Projects: Experimental Aircraft of the IJA a - 2826746451

124,13 zł

Japanese Secret Projects: Experimental Aircraft of the IJA a IAN ALLAN

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This is the second volume in the Japanese Secret Project series, compiled by popular demand after the great success of the first volume. This popularity reveals that Secret and X-Plane aircraft projects remain highly popular with historians, enthusiasts, modellers and the flight sim community. Surprisingly, secret Japanese planes of World War 2 remain an area which has not been extensively covered due to scarcity of information. They do, however, have a large base of interest as unlike the majority of secret Luftwaffe programs that were resigned to the drawing board, the vast number of aircraft featured within this book actually flew or were in development. As with the first volume, the book is divided into two sections dedicated to the two air forces of the IJA and IJN, with over 40 aircraft examined, each with its history, variants, performance, and any combat records laid out in an easy to read fashion. This is beautifully complimented by stunning colour renditions of the aircraft in combat and colour profiles of genuine markings and camouflage. The majority of the book is dedicated to aircraft that were under development or in service during the war years, but there are examples of pre-war experimental aircraft, and a selection of missile projects. Sample aircraft projects include: Imperial Japanese Army Air Force Tachikawa Ki-104 fighter Kawasaki Ki-48-II Kai and Ki-174 suicide light bomber Nakajima Ki-117 high altitude fighter Kawasaki Ki-119 light bomber Imperial Japanese Navy Air Force Hitachi 'He-Type' heavy bomber Aichi S1A Denko night fighter Mitsubishi Q2M1 ASW bomber Kawanishi K-60 flying boat Yokosuka D5Y1 Myojo Kai suicide aircraft


Princes Tales vol. 2 - 2212824311

20,00 zł

Princes Tales vol. 2 Harper Collins

Inne 1

In a land far, far away . . . A boy with magical powers to win Princess Charming's heart. A fairy who likes turning humans into toads. A true love forbidden by the King. A world of fairies and magic -- what could be more perfect than that? But is it perfect enough to help a simple farm boy marry a beautiful princess? And if an unruly fairy turns a maiden into a toad, how does she turn herself back? And can a fairy -- even a helpful one -- change a stubborn king's law? Welcome to a land where Princess Charming saves the day, the prince must kiss the toads, and nothing is as it seems! Now in one volume, three hilarious chances at happily-ever-after from the Newbery Honor author of Ella Enchanted: Cinderellis and the Glass Hill For Biddle's Sake The Fairy's Return


Mitsubishi A6M-1/2/-2N Zero-Sen of the Japanese Naval Air Service - 2852176961

75,83 zł

Mitsubishi A6M-1/2/-2N Zero-Sen of the Japanese Naval Air Service Schiffer Publishing Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Reknowned Japanese aircraft historian Richard Bueschel revises and updates his classic series of books on Japanese Naval and Army Air Force aircraft of World War II. The A6M-1/2/-2N ZERO-SEN is the first volume. All variations and markings are covered in this the first of a projected multi-volume series.


Anna and Froga 2 - 2854336306

49,62 zł

Anna and Froga 2 Drawn and Quarterly

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Get lost in the vibrantly colorful, hysterically funny world of Anna and her animal pals Embark on a fresh set of adventures with the hilariously snarky and mischievous heroes of "Anna and Froga." In each short episode, Anouk Ricard's deceptively simple illustrations harmonize perfectly with the characters' petty, silly, and downright slapstick pranks. Bright colors, astutely observed details, and minimalist line work combine to present a world that is shockingly lively and joyous. Anna, Froga, Ron, Bubu, and Christopher have adventures that rival the best in classic comics. Ricard hits her stride in this second volume of the Anna and Froga books, which have found a loving home among classic comics connoisseurs, alternative comics fans, and children in North America and Europe alike.


Stosunki Międzynarodowe 52 2/2016 - 2844126828

21,00 zł

Stosunki Międzynarodowe 52 2/2016 scholar


W numerze [Contents]STUDIA [STUDIES]Irena Popiuk-Rysińska: Od orędzia Roosevelta do Celów Zrównoważonego Rozwoju 2030. Kwestia rozwoju na forum Narodów Zjednoczonych [From Roosevelt


Stosunki Międzynarodowe 52 2/2016 - 2854167579

17,90 zł

Stosunki Międzynarodowe 52 2/2016 SCHOLAR

Polityka i politologiaKsiążki

W numerze [Contents]STUDIA [STUDIES]Irena Popiuk-Rysińska: Od orędzia Roosevelta do Celów Zrównoważonego Rozwoju 2030. Kwestia rozwoju na forum Narodów Zjednoczonych [From Roosevelt


English Folk Songs, 1-2 Singstimmen und Klavier, m. Audio-CD - 2854216533

77,65 zł

English Folk Songs, 1-2 Singstimmen und Klavier, m. Audio-CD Schott Music, Mainz

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

30 arrangements for 1 or 2 voices §Well- and lesser-known tunes §Includes recordings of all tunes§English Folk Songs is a collection of 30 arrangements for 1 or 2 voices and piano, of traditional tunes. Put together by the highly regarded singer and arranger Philip Lawson, the volume contains well known songs such as Ash Grove and Scarborough Fair, as well as many lesser known pieces.§The volume is accompanied by a CD with a recording of all tunes performed by Philip and Sophie Lawson. Suitable for singers of grades 3-8 (UK).§Also available in the Schott World Music series:§ED 13758 English Fiddle Tunes§ED 13491 English Folk Tunes for Guitar§Instrumentation:§1-2 voices and piano


Jagdgeschwader 2 "Richthofen" - 2826685549

123,64 zł

Jagdgeschwader 2 "Richthofen" Osprey Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Tracing its roots to Manfred, Freiherr von Richthofen and his famous "Flying Circus" of World War I, the Jagdgeschwader "Richthofen" is arguably the most famous fighter unit of all time. Designated JG 1 during World War I, and then disbanded following Germany's defeat, the Jagdgeschwader reformed as the JG 132 in 1935 with Arado and Heinkel biplanes. By September 1939 the unit had become JG 2, and it went on to see much action during the Blitzkrieg in Western Europe and the Battle of Britain which followed. This volume, the first in a series which focuses on the elite fighter and bomber units in action, charts the wartime career of JG 2 from its first aerial kills on the Franco-German border in November 1939 through to the destruction of its own Fw 190s in the face of Allied advance at Prague-Ruzyne airfield in late April 1945.


Stephens Plays: 2 - 2854252840

93,97 zł

Stephens Plays: 2 METHUEN DRAMA

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This second collection of plays by Simon Stephens, winner of the 2005 Olivier Award for Best New Play for On the Shore of the Wide World, perfectly showcases the development of one of the most exciting and impressive theatre talents of recent years. The range of plays in this volume displays a tough sensibility and a courage to confront the more unsettling challenges of our times. One Minute, first produced in 2003 and revived in London in 2008, has an uncomfortable resonance as it follows five characters variously affected by the disappearance of Daisy, an 11-year-old girl, from Seven Dials, Covent Garden. Country Music spotlights four fateful moments in the life of Jamie Carris during and after the prison sentences he has served for glassing one man and for killing another. Motortown, written in response to the War on Terror, is a blistering account of a young soldier's return home from Basra to an England he no longer recognises or connects with. Pornography captures Britain as it crashes from the euphoria and promise of the 2012 Olympics announcement into the devastation of the London bombings of 7/7. The final play, Sea Wall, is a one-act monologue about grief, following the drowning of a young child.


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