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Story of the World - 2826736682

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Story of the World Peace Hill Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Now more than ever, other cultures are affecting our everyday lives and our children need to learn about the other countries of the world and their history. Susan Wise Bauer has provided a captivating guide to the history of other lands. Written in an engaging, straightforward manner, this revised edition of The Story of the World: History for the Classical Child, Volume 2: The Middle Ages weaves world history into a story book format. Who discovered chocolate? What happened to the giant Fovor of the Mighty Blows? Why did the Ottoman Turks drag their war ships across dry land? The Story of the World covers the sweep of human history from ancient times until the present. Africa, China, Europe, the Americas find out what happened all around the world in long-ago times. Designed as a read-aloud project for parents and children to share together, The Story of the World includes each continent and major people group. Volume 2: The Middle Ages, is the second of a four-volume series and covers the major historical events in the years 400 to 1600 CE, as well as including maps, illustrations, and tales from each culture. Each Story of the World volume provides a full year of history study when combined with the Activity Book, Audiobook, and Tests each available separately to accompany each volume of TheStory of the World Text Book. Volume 2 Grade Recommendation: Grades 1-6."


Discovering World Cultures - 2854318489

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Discovering World Cultures Greenwood Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

At a time when the turmoil and conflict in the Middle East dominates world news, students need to develop an understanding of the people and culture of this region. This five-volume set, part of the Discovering World Cultures series, examines geographical, historical, economic, and cultural issues in 16 Middle Eastern countries. For each nation, information about people groups, natural resources and geography, economy, and religion is included. A section on everyday life considers education, leisure activities, dress, holidays, the arts, and food, including sample recipes. Tables, charts, illustrations, timelines, and fact sheets provide visual references to support the written material. Volume 1: Bahrain, Cyprus, Egypt Volume 2: Iran, Iraq, Israel Volume 3: Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman Volume 4: Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria Volume 5: Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Yemen Grades 6-8


World Trade Law - 2854287500

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World Trade Law Hart Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This newly updated version of one of the leading textbooks on world trade law offers what is in a number of ways a unique perspective on this important subject. Combining the best aspects of both casebook and treatise, this comprehensive textbook provides both detailed explanations and analysis of the law to help understand the issues as well as case extracts to offer a flavour of the judicial reasoning of trade adjudicators. Moreover, the book is truly global in outlook, being equally useful for students of international trade law in the UK, Europe, the US, Asia and elsewhere in the world. This updated edition includes in-depth discussions of the most recent developments in international trade jurisprudence, setting out important precedents that help establish the boundaries between global trade rules and domestic national autonomy. The implications of these rulings will be of great interest to traders, investors, government negotiators and even critics of globalisation. "As the WTO takes on an increasingly important and visible role, we are fortunate to have World Trade Law as a resource. The book is executed with intelligence and the research and discussion are rich and detailed, and it will no doubt prove to be an invaluable tool for students and practitioners who have an interest in the WTO. Since it is written specifically for students, the book's straightforward style and manner of presentation would make it an excellent book for teaching purposes". Bashar Hikmet Malkawi Web Journal of Current Legal Issues, 2009 "Because of its wide coverage, this book may not only be limited to students; it is equally relevant to professors, practitioners, researchers, government officials and politicians who need to comprehend the principles and practices of World Trade Law. The book is not only comprehensive in its coverage but it is also scholarly, informative, challenging and innovative. It should certainly belong on the shelf of anybody who is seriously interested in World Trade Law. Its real value, distinguishing it from similar texts, lies not only in its comprehensive coverage of the principles of WTO law and policy but also in the wide range of materials, including excerpts from a broad range of writers and commentators, and cases". Mosleh Ahmad At'tarawneh Journal of International Trade Law and Policy Vol 7, No 2, 2008 "Simon Lester and Bryan Mercurio's new international trade law textbook is likely to find favor with instructors in many of the law faculties in the United States and Europe where a basic international trade law course is being taught on a regular basis...includes extensive and generally well thought out questions for students at the end of each chapter...The comparative approach evident in various chapters is welcome. Also, Simon Lester's extensive experience in preparing clear, concise summaries of WTO panel and Appellate Body reports is reflected throughout the book. Coverage of the subject matter appears more than adequate for an introductory course; it is well-organized and clearly written". David A. Gantz International Trade Law and Regulation, 5 (1), 2009 "This paperback ...notably benefits from the author's diverse expertise based upon their academic writing, private practice and experience with the World Trade Organisation. The book is written clearly and logically structured. This is a textbook and casebook in one, which saves the reader from spending time looking up the relevant case-law as the most important excerpts of the jurisprudence are included in the volume. Written by both lecturers and practitioners, the volume is comprehensive and at the same time comprehensible due to the skills of the authors. This is undoubtedly an important new book in the available instructional literature and an indispensible addition for the bookshelf of a trade law student, but it will surely also be well received by the non-specialist and practitioners." Tatiana Anpilogova The Singapore Year Book of International Law Volume XII 2008 "A comprehensive and factual treatise covering all aspects of the law of the WTO. The book is structured in a logical and concise manner...the clear and lucid. Lester and Mercurio's book is a welcome addition to the market of textbooks on world trade law." Markus Krajewski European Yearbook of International Economic Law, 2011


The World Is Too Big For - 2839319494

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The World Is Too Big For DR2 Records


1. Figurine 2. Mercury 3. Storm 4. The World Is Too Big For One Lifetime 5. Hearts Are Hollow 6. Raven 7. Themis 8. How Vampires Kiss 9. If Wishes Were Bullets 10. What A Heart Is For 11. Sound In Colour


New World Orders - 2854292509

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New World Orders Marston Book DMARSTO Orphans

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

New World Orders Violence, Sanction, and Authority in the Colonial Americas Edited by John Smolenski and Thomas J. Humphrey "Fascinating case studies of how authority was both brutal yet precarious and malleable in the French, Spanish, English, and Dutch empires of the New World."--American Historical Review "This is an almost ideal anthology for graduate students and scholars still weighing the value of Atlantic-world scholarship. The essays are consistently strong and jargon-free. Editors and authors have produced a crisp, coherent, and readable volume whose case studies and arguments should stimulate discussion on the merits of the connecting themes rather than suffer cannibalization by specialists perusing only contributions from a particular geographic region."--Hispanic American Historical Review "This wide-ranging collection ...offers [a] compelling framework to connect the small triumphs and tragedies of daily life in colonial outposts with the grand plans of distant empire builders."--Journal of the Early Republic As the geographic boundaries of early American history have expanded, so too have historians' attempts to explore the comparative dimensions of this history. At the same time, historians have struggled to find a conceptual framework flexible enough to incorporate the sweeping narratives of imperial history and the hidden narratives of social history into a broader, synthetic whole. No such paradigm that captures the two perspectives has yet emerged. New World Orders addresses these broad conceptual issues by reexamining the relationships among violence, sanction, and authority in the early modern Americas. More specifically, the essays in this volume explore the wide variety of legal and extralegal means--from state-sponsored executions to unsanctioned crowd actions--by which social order was maintained, with a particular emphasis on how extralegal sanctions were defined and used; how such sanctions related to legal forms of maintaining order; and how these patterns of sanction, embedded within other forms of colonialism and culture, created cultural, legal, social, or imperial spaces in the early Americas. With essays written by senior and junior scholars on the British, Spanish, Dutch, and French colonies, New World Orders presents one of the most comprehensive looks at the sweep of colonization in the Atlantic world. By juxtaposing case studies from Brazil, Venezuela, New York, California, Saint Domingue, and Louisiana with treatments of broader trends in Anglo-America or Spanish America more generally, the volume demonstrates the need to examine the questions of violence, sanction, and authority in hemispheric perspective. John Smolenski teaches history at the University of California, Davis. Thomas J. Humphrey is Associate Professor of History at Cleveland State University and author of Land and Liberty: Hudson Valley Riots in the Age of Revolution. Early American Studies 2005 | 376 pages | 6 x 9 | 6 illus. ISBN 978-0-8122-3895-2 | Cloth | $59.95s | GBP39.00 ISBN 978-0-8122-1922-7 | Paper | $26.50s | GBP17.50 ISBN 978-0-8122-9000-4 | Ebook | $26.50s | GBP17.50 World Rights | American History Short copy: New World Orders juxtaposes case studies from Brazil to California to New York to explore the wide variety of legal and extralegal means by which social order was maintained in the early Americas.


Haunted Second World War Airfields - 2854297747

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Haunted Second World War Airfields Fonthill Media Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In the previous volume, covering the airfields in the south and south west, the emphasis largely concentrated upon the fighter airfields of Nos 11 and 12 groups, with a few coastal command, Fleet air Arm, training airfields, and a minute amount of Bomber airfields just to the north of London. Volume 2 shifts to less fighter airfields, more training airfields, and in East Anglia at least, a greater number of Bomber airfields; especially those allocated for the USAAF forces in Britain The wartime airfields of the RAF/RCAF & USAAF Bomber Commands have a feeling of what can only be described as sad, of waiting, a loneliness that pervades and leaves the witness somewhat melancholy and is something that many have commented upon. This volume as in the previous one gives the history, the accounts of the known hauntings at these airfields and provides a 1940s plan of the airfield. In addition it acknowledges the appalling losses that the Bomber commands suffered. And then there are the Training airfields where losses were high due to pilot inexperience, overcrowding in the skies and clapped out aircraft that had been withdrawn from operational use No wonder our airfields are so haunted


Macroeconomics and the Real World - 2854330217

880,65 zł

Macroeconomics and the Real World Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Since the middle of the twentieth century, economists have invested great resources into using statistical evidence to relate macroeconomic theories to the real world, and many new econometric techniques have been employed. In these two volumes, a distinguished group of economic theorists, econometricians, and economic methodologists examine how evidence has been used and how it should be used to understand the real world. Volume 1 focuses on the contribution of econometric techniques to understanding the macroeconomic world. It covers the use of evidence to understand the business cycle, the operation of monetary policy, and economic growth. A further section offers assessments of the overall impact of recent econometric techniques such as cointegration and unit roots. Volume 2 focuses on the labour market and economic policy, with sections covering the IS-LM model, the labour market, new Keynesian macroeconomics, and the use of macroeconomics in official documents (in both the USA and the EU). These volumes will be valuable to advanced undergraduates, graduate students, and practitioners for their clear presentation of opposing perspectives on macroeconomics and how evidence should be used. The chapters are complemented by discussion sections revealing the perspectives of other contributors on the methodological issues raised.


The Cambridge History of the Second World War - 2854352480

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The Cambridge History of the Second World War Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

War is often described as an extension of politics by violent means. With contributions from twenty-five eminent historians, Volume 2 of The Cambridge History of the Second World War examines the relationship between ideology and politics in the war's origins, dynamics and consequences. Part I examines the ideologies of the combatants and shows how the war can be understood as a struggle of words, ideas and values with the rival powers expressing divergent claims to justice and controlling news from the front in order to sustain moral and influence international opinion. Part II looks at politics from the perspective of pre-war and wartime diplomacy as well as examining the way in which neutrals were treated and behaved. The volume concludes by assessing the impact of states, politics and ideology on the fate of individuals as occupied and liberated peoples, collaborators and resistors, and as British and French colonial subjects.


The World is an Apple - 2854307605

182,66 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

There is a real lack of published material on Paul Cezanne's still lifes; this groundbreaking new volume offers a complete, thematic reappraisal of Cezanne's still life paintings, looking at them both within the broader context of his complex artistic and psychological development and within the wider history of the development of still life in France and early twentieth-century modernism. Cezanne set still life painting on a new course, one that completely altered its traditionally low position within the hierarchy of French academic painting. For Cezanne, still life became the means by which he processed his perception of things, in which he viewed shapes and objects as units that might "interpenetrate one another". Presenting twenty-two key still lifes by Cezanne, this is a major contribution to our understanding of Cezanne's life and work. Contents: Director's Foreword; Introduction/Acknowledgement by Curator Benedict Leca; Foreword by Philippe Cezanne "Cezanne/Still Life"; Introduction: Denis Coutagne, "The Apple: Motif & cosmogram"; Essay 1: Benedict Leca, Ph.D., "The Painter of Apples: Cezanne, Still Life and Self-Fashioning"; Essay 2: Paul Smith, "Cezanne's Colour Lab"; Essay 3: Richard Shiff, " Morality, Materiality, Apples"; Essay 5: Nina Athanassoglou-Kallmyer, "Cezanne in the studio". Contributors to the volume include professor Richard Shiff; Effie Marie Cain, Regents Chair in Art at the University of Texas at Austin; Benedict Leca, director of curatorial affairs at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, the book's editor and exhibit's curator; Denis Coutagne, president of Societe Paul Cezanne; Nina Kallmyer, professor and chair, Department of Art History, University of Delaware; and Paul Smith, professor in History of Art at the University of Warwick.


The Cambridge World History - 2854351939

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The Cambridge World History Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The development of agriculture has often been described as the most important change in all of human history. Volume 2 of the Cambridge World History series explores the origins and impact of agriculture and agricultural communities, and also discusses issues associated with pastoralism and hunter-fisher-gatherer economies. To capture the patterns of this key change across the globe, the volume uses an expanded timeframe from 12,000 BCE


The Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century World Architecture - 2826628112

721,89 zł

The Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century World Architecture Phaidon

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

V dalším svazku z edice Phaidon Atlas najdete nejobsáhlejší prezentaci současné světové architektury. Na více než 800 stranách velkoformátové knihy (45 x 31 cm) je představeno více než tisíc architektonických projektů postavených po roce 2000 ze 75 zemí. 2500 barevných obrázků a 2 500 plánků vám přiblíží práce nejznámějších architektů a ateliérů. Zastoupeno je i 11 staveb z České republiky (A69, E. Jiřičná, Kohn Pedersen Fox, I. Kroupa Architects, DRNH, Fránek architects, KWK PROMES, Medusa Group, John Pawson, Znamení čtyř, HSK, Chalupa architekti) Velkoformátová kniha v atraktivním ochranném plastovém boxu. Text v angličtině. The only resource of its kind, The Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century World Architecture contains, in a single volume, over 1,000 of the most outstanding works of architecture built since 2000 Features the work of internationally acclaimed architects alongside that of the next generation of emerging architectural stars and those currently unknown outside their own countries Includes every imaginable building type, from the smallest single houses, cafes and wineries to the largest museums, airports and embassies Each project has been selected by an expert panel with input from specialist advisors in every geographical region Contains specially commissioned maps and graphic data (researched by a team from the London School of Economics) that interpret and explore architecture


Sea Painter's World - 2852492260

198,65 zł

Sea Painter's World ANOVA Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This timely follow-up to Conway's highly successful Marine Art of Geoff Hunt (2004) presents the considerable artistic output of Britain's leading marine painter since 2003. This new volume is heavily illustrated with images ranging from large paintings to sketchbook drawings with text written by the artist himself. The new book reflects the artist's developing career during a time in which Geoff served a five-year term as President of the Royal Society of Marine Artists, worked on large-scale paintings such as the definitive Mary Rose, and also completed numerous outdoor sketches and paintings. The book is divided into six sections: 1. The Sea Painter's World, an introduction to the artist's studio work at Merton Place, London and his plein air work on the River Thames; 2. Home Waters; 3. The Mediterranean; 4. In the Wake of Nelson; 5. North America and 6. The West Indies and Beyond. This concept sets Geoff's work in a broadly geographical context, showcasing the artist's freer plein air style alongside the exhaustively researched maritime history paintings to which he owes his standing as Britain's leading marine artist.


Belgian Army in World War I - 2853790882

52,26 zł

Belgian Army in World War I Osprey Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

While small in numbers, the Belgian Army played a vital role in World War 2 that is often overlooked. Germany's invasion of neutral Belgium, which led Britain to declare war in August 1914, should have been swift and fierce yet the unexpected heroic defence, against great odds, of Belgian fortresses, frustrated the German Schlieffen Plan for a thrust to Paris and a lightning victory. The plucky Belgian resistance proved successful in buying time for French and British troops to mobilize and report to the front, where the Belgians would then go on to fight, stubbornly defending the northern end of the Allied trench line for the rest of the war. In this work, discover the story of this determined Army, from their organization and commanders, to their uniforms and equipment. The only main combatant army of World War I not previously covered by Osprey, this volume will be an important addition to any enthusiast's collection, accompanied by detailed artwork and archive photographs.


SE 5/5a Aces of World War 1 - 2845098669

109,13 zł

SE 5/5a Aces of World War 1 Osprey Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The Royal Aircraft Factory SE 5/5a was, along with the Sopwith Camel, the major British fighting scout of the last 18 months of the war in France. It equipped several major squadrons, the first being, No 56 Sqn in April 1917. This unit became famous for the number of aces it had among its pilots, including Albert Ball, James McCudden, Geoffrey Bowman, Richard Maybery, Leonard Barlow, Hank Burden and Cyril Crowe. In all, 26 aces flew the aircraft with No 56 Sqn alone. Other well-known units were Nos 1, 24, 29, 32, 40, 41, 60, 64, 2 AFC, 74, 84, 85 and 92 Sqns. A number of Victoria Cross winners also flew SE 5/5as, namely Ball, Mannock, McCudden, Beauchamp Proctor and Bishop. Among the aces, no fewer than 20 scored more than 20 victories. In all, there were almost 100 SE 5/5a aces, and a large number of them are profiled in this volume. Supporting the text are more than 110 photographs, 37 brand new colour artworks and detailed appendices listing every pilot who 'made ace' on the SE 5/5a.


World Literature & Its Times v 1 - 2212839143

454,80 zł

World Literature & Its Times v 1 Gale Group

Powieści i opowiadania

World Literature and Its Times helps students and researchers make connections between political/social climate during which books were written and the works themselves. Each volume focuses on major fiction, poetry and nonfiction from a particular country and region, representing approximately 50 works. The detailed essays are approximately 10 pages in length and offer the following features:* Introductory profile -- an overview that discuss genre, time, place and other important elements with a synopsis and introduction that places the work in the context of the authors' life * Events in history -- a report on the social, political and cultural climate relevant to the work, including primary source documents, charts, timelines and other illustrative materials * Literary work in focus -- three sections that place the work in context with an in-depth summary, related history and historical sources * Sources for more information -- full citations offering additional sources of information. * Additional features include illustrations; maps; author and title tables of contents; sidebars; timelines; advisor information; and an alphabetical index of authors, titles, events and personalities. The series, planned to contain 12 volumes, is being released at six-month intervals. The volumes cover: * Latin American literature * African literature * British and Irish literature * Russian literature * Jewish literature * Spanish literature * Asian literature * French literature * Middle Eastern literature * Italian literature * India's literature * German literature.


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