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Contesting the Nation - 2854323147

99,28 zł

Contesting the Nation University of Pennsylvania Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Today, powerful political forces seek to make the Indian state Hindu. Their rising influence since 1980 has occurred during a period of radical change in Indian society and politics, and has been accomplished by electoral means as well as by organized violence. The 1996 elections will be a major test of their power and of the influence of Hindu majoritarianism among the Indian electorate. Animated by a sense of urgency that was heightened by the massive violence following the destruction of the Babri mosque in Ayodhya on December 6, 1992, Contesting the Nation explores Hindu majoritarian politics over the last century and its dramatic reformulation during the decline of the Congress Party in the 1980s. Twelve prominent scholars from India, Europe, and the United States provide perspectives from the fields of political science, religious studies, ethnomusicology, history, art history, and anthropology, comparing trends in India with ethnic, religious, and cultural movements in other parts of the world.


Anglo-Saxon World - 2854365992

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The Anglo-Saxon period, stretching from the fifth to the late eleventh century, begins with the Roman retreat from the Western world and ends with the Norman takeover of England. Between these epochal events, many of the contours and patterns of English life that would endure for the next millennium were shaped. In this authoritative work, N. J. Higham and M. J. Ryan reexamine Anglo-Saxon England in the light of new research in disciplines as wide ranging as historical genetics, paleobotany, archaeology, literary studies, art history, and numismatics. The result is the definitive introduction to the Anglo-Saxon world, enhanced with a rich array of photographs, maps, genealogies, and other illustrations. The Anglo-Saxon period witnessed the birth of the English people, the establishment of Christianity, and the development of the English language. With an extraordinary cast of characters (Alfred the Great, the Venerable Bede, King Cnut), a long list of artistic and cultural achievements (Beowulf, the Sutton Hoo ship-burial finds, the Bayeux Tapestry), and multiple dramatic events (the Viking invasions, the Battle of Hastings), the Anglo-Saxon era lays legitimate claim to having been one of the most important in Western history.


Interwoven Globe - 2854291943

163,88 zł

Interwoven Globe Thames & Hudson

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Beginning in the 16th century, the golden age of European navigation brought about the flowering of an abundant textile trade, spurred by Western tastes for Eastern spices. While previous studies have focused on this story from the viewpoint of trade, Interwoven Globe is the first book to explore it as a history of design and to approach it with from a truly universal perspective. Fascinating and richly illustrated texts explore the inter-relationship of textiles, commerce and taste from the Age of Discovery to the 19th century, and 120 works from around the globe are discussed in detail. From India and its renowned, ancient mastery of dyed-and-painted cotton goods to the sumptuous silks of Japan and China, Turkey and Iran, the paths of influence are traced westward to Europe and the Americas. Essential to this exchange was the trade in highly valued natural dyes and dye products, underscoring the impact of global exploration on the aesthetics and techniques used to produce textiles. Shaped by an emerging worldwide visual culture, the resulting fashion for the exotic in textiles, as well as other goods and art forms, gave rise to what can be called the first global style.


Gunnar Birkerts, National Library of Latvia - 2854215526

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Gunnar Birkerts, National Library of Latvia Edition Axel Menges

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The building of the National Library of Latvia is a landmark of the capital city of Riga, a spatial symbol and architectural icon, created by one of the 20th-century-renowned modernists the Latvian-born American architect Gunnar Birkerts. His metaphorically saturated and expressionist architecture has established its permanent place in the history of contemporary architecture. The unique creative style of Birkerts stems from his deep cultural roots in Latvia, his architectural studies in Germany after World War II and the first years of architectural practice in the USA learning from the Finnish architect Eero Saarinen and the Japanese architect Minoru Yamasaki.§Birkerts was invited to Latvia to design the National Library as early as in 1988. Three years later, Latvia restored its independence and the formation of a new state delayed accomplishment of Bir-kerts ambitious idea for 25 years. The idea, the design and technology changed as changed the times becoming a symbol of a new and free state. Thanks to its content and concurrent processes for reestablishment of the national state the building acquired a symbolic and meaningful name: the "Castle of Light". In 1999, the idea for construction of the National Library of Latvia received the official UNESCO patronage and support, the design and construction of the building have been evaluated by a panel of prominent UNESCO experts.§The pyramidal structure, which rises 68 meters high, is a place of cognition equipped with state-of-the-art technology where up to 8 million units of national printed materials can be stored. It has been the most significant investment in cultural infrastructure since the establishment of the Latvian state and is one of the largest cultural buildings in Northern Europe in the 21st century. The library can serve simultaneously 1,000 visitors. A 400-seat concert hall /§auditorium and transformable meeting rooms of various sizes are suitable venues for conferences, congresses and concerts. Taking advantage of modern technology, the National Library of Latvia and nearly 900 other libraries in Latvia are interlinked within the Network of Light a single network of digital resources available on the internet throughout the country which was set up with the support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.§


Cetacean Societies - 2854317224

323,67 zł

Cetacean Societies University of Chicago Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Long-lived, slow to reproduce, and often hidden beneath the water's surface, whales and dolphins (cetaceans) have remained elusive subjects for scientific study even though they have fascinated humans for centuries. Until recently, much of what we knew about cetaceans came from commercial sources such as whalers and trainers for dolphin acts. Innovative research methods and persistent efforts, however, have begun to penetrate the depths to reveal tantalizing glimpses of the lives of these mammals in their natural habitats. This book presents a comprehensive synthesis and review of these studies. Groups of chapters focus on the history of cetacean behavioural research and methodology; state-of-the-art reviews of information on four of the most-studied species: bottlenose dolphins, killer whales, sperm whales and humpback whales; and summaries of major topics, including group living, male and female reproductive strategies, communication, and conservation drawn from comparative research on a wide range of species. Written by cetacean scientists, this volume should be of benefit to students of cetology and researchers in other areas of behavioral and conservation ecology, as well as anyone with a serious interest in the world of whales and dolphins.


Genus Cyclamen - 2845907647

381,62 zł

Genus Cyclamen Royal Botanic Gardens

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book is a celebration of cyclamen, a genus of only 23 species popular amongst gardeners, growers, botanists and enthusiasts alike. Native to parts of Europe, western Asia and parts of North Africa; cyclamen are also highly cultivated plants. Genus Cyclamen covers the botany of all taxa, including taxonomic description, flowering period, distribution and habitat based on scientific studies and fieldwork by cyclamen experts. Information is provided on cyclamen cultivation and propagation, with dedicated sections on cultivation in North America, Japan and Australasia. Other chapters cover the history of cyclamen, including a review of its use in botanical art from 1st Century AD to present, cyclamen in literature, and the use of cyclamen in ceramics, pottery, glassware, stamps, jewellery and postcards.


Persuasive Games - 2826926476

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Persuasive Games University Press Group Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Videogames are an expressive medium, and a persuasive medium; they represent how real and imagined systems work, and they invite players to interact with those systems and form judgments about them. In this innovative analysis, Ian Bogost examines the way videogames mount arguments and influence players. Drawing on the 2,500-year history of rhetoric, the study of persuasive expression, Bogost analyzes rhetoric's unique function in software in general and videogames in particular. The field of media studies already analyzes visual rhetoric, the art of using imagery and visual representation persuasively. Bogost argues that videogames, thanks to their basic representational mode of procedurality (rule-based representations and interactions), open a new domain for persuasion; they realize a new form of rhetoric.Bogost calls this new form "procedural rhetoric," a type of rhetoric tied to the core affordances of computers: running processes and executing rule-based symbolic manipulation. He argues further that videogames have a unique persuasive power that goes beyond other forms of computational persuasion. Not only can videogames support existing social and cultural positions, but they can also disrupt and change these positions themselves, leading to potentially significant long-term social change. Bogost looks at three areas in which videogame persuasion has already taken form and shows considerable potential: politics, advertising, and learning. Bogost is both an academic researcher and videogame designer, and Persuasive Games reflects both theoretical and a game design goals.


Writing and Holiness - 2854489660

117,54 zł

Writing and Holiness University of Pennsylvania Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Drawing on comparative literature, ritual and performance studies, and the history of asceticism, Derek Krueger explores how early Christian writers came to view writing as salvific, as worship through the production of art. Exploring the emergence of new and distinctly Christian ideas about authorship in late antiquity, Writing and Holiness probes saints' lives and hymns produced in the Greek East to reveal how the ascetic call to imitate Christ's humility rendered artistic and literary creativity problematic. In claiming authority and power, hagiographers appeared to violate the saintly practices that they sought to promote. Christian writers meditated within their texts on these tensions and ultimately developed a new set of answers to the question "What is an author?" Each of the texts examined here used writing as a technique for the representation of holiness. Some are narrative representations of saints that facilitate veneration; others are collections of accounts of miracles, composed to publicize a shrine. Rather than viewing an author's piety as a barrier to historical inquiry, Krueger argues that consideration of writing as a form of piety opens windows onto new modes of practice. He interprets Christian authors as participants in the religious system they described, as devotees, monastics, and faithful emulators of the saints, and he shows how their literary practice integrated authorship into other Christian practices, such as asceticism, devotion, pilgrimage, liturgy, and sacrifice. In considering the distinctly literary contributions to the formation of Christian piety in late antiquity, Writing and Holiness uncovers Christian literary theories with implications for both Eastern and Western medieval literatures.


100 Books on Islam in English - 2854205800

16,73 zł

100 Books on Islam in English The Islamic Texts Society

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

100 Books on Islam in English is a companion guide for anyone who is interested in reading about the different aspects of Islam. The author, HRH Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad, has created three main lists to help readers find their way to titles that give a true explanation of Islam. In 100 Books on Islam in English, the reader will find three main lists: 25 Essential Books on Islam in English, 50 Excellent Books on Islam in English and 25 Recommended books on Islam in English. These three lists cover: general introductions to Islam, Qur'anic studies, the life of the Prophet, doctrine, theology, philosophy, law, sufism, history, culture, art, science and politics. Finally, there is an additional list of 40 general titles that Muslim - and many other - readers would find beneficial.


Armenian Legends and Festivals (Classic Reprint) - 2859235731

56,32 zł

Armenian Legends and Festivals (Classic Reprint) Forgotten Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Excerpt from Armenian Legends and Festivals The author of the study which follows responded to the lure of his task for both theoretical and practical reasons. He seemed, because of his intimate personal relationship to Armenian life, to be peculiarly qualified to study and interpret a cross-section of that country's life. It is particularly urgent that we as Americans have authentic studies of Armenia and Armenian social life. Heretofore there has been a striking lack of such materials readily accessible in English. Because of the not inconsiderable immigration which reaches us from Armenia, and because also there has been a call for the United States to act as mandatory for this country under the peace treaty, we should penetrate more deeply into the Armenian heart than we have been able to do so far, if we are to carry through successfully our job either as assimilator or as friendly guardian. Moreover there is incumbent upon the United States in particular the duty of understanding a country like Armenia, since we have been foremost in proclaiming the doctrine of the rights of small nationalities. Those are the practical purposes from the standpoint of social politics which have given rise to and confer full warrant upon this study. Of no less importance, however, is the contribution which Mr. Boettiger's study makes to theoretical sociology. He has sketched out for us the picture of a refractory culture which refuses to amalgamate with or yield to or be permeated by rival cultures. The social history of this sturdy people offers us a very clear-cut example of what really makes a society or a nation. Not mountains, not dynasties, not blood, but common interests, common traditions, common beliefs; in short, mental community. The theoretical joins with the practical service of this study if it can strengthen our understanding that only as our own blood and that of our Armenian friends reach the place where they boil at the same temperature, or are cooled by the same application of reason, can we minister to each other or carry out the new partnership which may lie immediately ahead of us in the reestablishment of peace and reorganization of world comity. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at This book is a reproduction of an important historical work. Forgotten Books uses state-of-the-art technology to digitally reconstruct the work, preserving the original format whilst repairing imperfections present in the aged copy. In rare cases, an imperfection in the original, such as a blemish or missing page, may be replicated in our edition. We do, however, repair the vast majority of imperfections successfully; any imperfections that remain are intentionally left to preserve the state of such historical works.


Chess Secrets: The Giants of Power Play - 2854337716

69,04 zł

Chess Secrets: The Giants of Power Play EVERYMAN

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Chess Secrets" is a series of books which uncover the mysteries of the most important aspects of chess: strategy, attack, opening play and gambits, classical play, endgames and preparation. In each book the author studies a number of great players from chess history who have excelled in a particular field of the game and who have undeniably influenced those who have followed. In "The Giants of Power Play", Neil McDonald selects five players who have excelled in the field of 'power play' - the art of putting opponents under constant pressure. The methods of doing so are numerous, including gaining rapid development in return for material to build up an initiative, preparing powerful opening ideas in advance, or even developing completely new opening systems. McDonald examines the contributions made by each player, their differences in approach and style, and from Morphy to Topalov, how they followed in each other's footsteps. A study of this book will help you to enhance your skills in one of the most crucial elements of the game. Features include: an entertaining and instructive guide to power play; learn from the greats of the game; and, discover how famous chess minds work. English Grandmaster Neil McDonald is an experienced and successful player on the international chess circuit. He is a respected chess coach, who has trained many of the UK's strongest junior players. McDonald is also a talented chess writer and has many outstanding works to his name.


Spirit of the Place - 2854335091

154,88 zł

Spirit of the Place Central European University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A fascinating journey into the often unsettling and shadowy worlds of public memory and memorializing in Europe and the United States of America. Inspired and insightful readings of museums, monuments, libraries and other memory-spaces that help to rethink many contemporary orthodoxies about recollective practices, cultural heritage and the very relationship between past, present and future. Expresses the complex relationship between history, media, arts, politics and culture. Gyorgy gives first hand account, analysis and criticism about places of memory, with photos accompanying the text. The presented museums range wide in space and genre: Holocaust sites, museums dedicated to Sigmund Freud all over Europe, as well as leading collections of contemporary art. Published by the Center for Media and Communications Studies of the Central European University, distributed by CEU Press.


Collected Writings of Walt Whitman - 2854458211

225,95 zł

Collected Writings of Walt Whitman Peter Lang Publishing Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The Journalism, Volume II: 1846-1848, the definitive scholarly edition, is a volume in


Islamic Architecture on the Move: Motion and Modernity - 2854488207

303,93 zł

Islamic Architecture on the Move: Motion and Modernity INTELLECT LTD

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Even a casual observer can spy traces of Islamic architecture and design on buildings all over the world, a reminder that artistic traditions and visual culture have never been limited to their region or country of origin, but rather are highly diffusible.             This book brings together scholars from architectural studies, design, art history, and other fields to challenge and expand concepts of Islamic architecture. Ranging from eighteenth-century Ottoman tents to manifestations of Islamic motifs in 1960s Hawaii, this richly illustrated volume raises key questions about Islamic architecture, and, more broadly, about how we can rethink our understanding of material, artistic, and cultural mobility in the modern world.


Interiors of Chester Jones - 2854214857

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Interiors of Chester Jones Merrell Publishers Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Regardless of style, age or size, a home should be a place of refuge, a private space in which we can feel truly comfortable, whether spending time on our own or entertaining friends. Above all, it should be a place of our own making, filled with the books, furniture and other cherished objects that say so much about who we are. Nowhere is this philosophy more apparent than in the work of Chester Jones, one of the UK's most celebrated interior designers and decorators. Lavishly illustrated throughout, The Interiors of Chester Jones provides a unique and fascinating insight into both Jones himself - a former architect and managing director of Colefax and Fowler - and the thinking behind the many rich and nuanced interiors he has created since establishing his own firm in 1989. The book covers every aspect of his work, from his distinctive use of art and artefacts to his sympathetic treatment of a building's architectural history, and includes a series of in-depth case studies on past projects. At the heart of this beautiful book is Jones's own belief that to be happy in one's own surroundings, to live contentedly in a space of our own design, is to feel genuinely at home.


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