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Dictionary of Economic Terms Polish-English. Polsko-angielski słownik terminologii gospodarczej. Tom II - 2829795786

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Dictionary of Economic Terms Polish-English. Polsko-angielski słownik terminologii gospodarczej. Tom II C.H. Beck

Książki ogólne / biznes i ekonomia

SŁOWNIK TERMINOLOGII GOSPODARCZEJ. BANKOWOŚĆ. FINANSE. PRAWO zawiera ok. 20 000 haseł z dziedziny: - prawa karnego, administracyjnego i międzynarodowego, - ekonomii, - finansów, - bankowości i obrotu giełdowego, - ubezpieczeń, - transportu morskiego i lotniczego. Znajdują się w nim także hasła i słownictwo ściśle związane z Unią Europejską, nazwy oraz skróty instytucji Wspólnoty, programów pomocowych i strukturalnych, zestawienia wyrazów i zwrotów frazeologicznych w brzmieniu występującym w ustawach lub innych dokumentach unijnych. DICTIONARY OF ECONOMIC TERMS BANKING. FINANCES. LAW covers approx. 20 000 terms from: penal, administrative and international law, economics, finances, banking and stock exchange, insurance, seaborne and airborne transport. It also includes lexical items and expressions strictly related to the European Union, names and abbreviations of its institutions, aid and structural programmes, word arrangements and phrases typical for the wordings used in EU acts and documents.

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Introduction to Global Fianancial Markets - 2212824962

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Introduction to Global Fianancial Markets Palgrave Macmillan

Inne 1

An Introduction to Global Financial Markets provides an accessible introduction to the world's principal financial markets and institutions. This new edition has been extensively updated to include the latest developments in the field:* Latest European Union developments* Deregulation, and its affects, on the banking systems in USA, Japan etc.* Changes in Europe's Futures and Options exchanges* The aftermath of the collapse of the 'tiger economies'Providing comprehensive coverage of commercial and investment banking, foreign exchange, money and bond markets, trade finance, stock markets, and options, futures and other derivatives, this book is the ideal primer for those who require a basic understanding or are new to the world of finance. This book does not aim to provide coverage of the theory of the subject, but rather draws on the author's teaching and training experience in explaining these topics to those new to the field.


Global Economics Past, Present & Future - 1897910610

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Global Economics Past, Present & Future difin

Książki naukowe>Ekonomia

The book provides an overview of the different concepts and scenarios of events resulting from the globalized world, technological revolutions, changes in management paradigms and ways of managing companies and organizations.Chapters of current book are connected with mentioned problems from the theoretical and practical point of view, and especially describe the following areas: Globalization and Challenges Civilizations Face in the Post-Global Approach; Global Powers: Theory, History and Prospects; the Relationship Between Financial Participation and Economic Results . the Mechanism; Integrated Model of Sustainable Enterprise . the Role of Organizational Trust; Sustainable Business Models in Contemporary Organization; Technological Banking Innovation; Institutional Analysis of Corporate Governance; European Integration in the Field of Industrial Relation. Discrepancy or Convergence; State Aid as an Instrument of Supporting Enterprises in the European Union; Role of the European Parliament in the EU Budget; the Dissimilarity of Fiscal Policy in the EU and Poland; the Importance of Employment Structure for the Competitiveness of the Polish Economy; Local Public Services´ Demand Side Factors´ Structure in Estonian Municipalities; the Economic Crisis in Estonia: Labour Costs and Productivity Aspect; Competencies of Innovative Polish Enterprises; Waste Management System - Lublin Case Study of Innovative Company; Waste Management as a Sustainable Business; and Learning Styles of Polish Managers in Multidimensional Context.You are invited to read all these articles witch are included in present publication. Authors, from many countries with different academic background, hope that it could be interesting for future research and discussion....


Market Evolution - 2862072208

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Market Evolution Springer Netherlands

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Market Evolution: Competition and Cooperation is a selection of papers presented at the recent meeting of the European Association of Research in Industrial Economics (EARIE). The volume brings together twenty high-quality papers reflecting frontier research in modern industrial organization. The contributions cover a broad spectrum of increasing theoretical, empirical and policy issues, including analyses of the nature of the firm, product differentiation, research and development, strategic alliances, information sharing in the banking sector, exchange rate pass-through in international competition, labor unionization and product rivalry, buyer-supplier bargaining, multimarket competition and related entry, entry and exit processes, multinational enterprises in the Third World, European integration and the restructuring of Eastern Europe. From a theoretical perspective, many chapters apply game theory to the analysis of firm behaviors and market competition. Moreover, a large number of the studies contain a significant empirical part, mainly by employing econometric techniques, to test the hypotheses derived from modern industrial organization theories. Data from Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, the United Kingdom and the European Union are presented and analyzed.


Equilibrium 2(5)2010 - 2857615259

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Equilibrium 2(5)2010 Wydawnictwo Naukowe UMK

Biznes, EkonomiaEkonomiaCzasopisma

Introducti on / Wstęp Economy in CrisisAgata Osińska, Grzegorz Tchorek - Financial Crisis and Changes in the International Monetary System Implications for Euro Kristaps Lešinskis - Analysis of Economic Adjustments as a Result of a Deep Crisis: the Case of Latvia Alina Manta, Roxana Nanu - The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on the Management of Banking Risks Rafał Kasperowicz - Identification of Industrial Cycle Leading Indicators Using Causality Test Financial Markets of Central EuropeMarija Lindemane - Re-export of Financial Services Tomáš Meluzín, Michal Pavlíček - Analysis of the Current Situation in the Area of IPO on the Czech Capital MarketFrantišek Bartes, Jitka Studeníková - Payment System Competitiveness Magdalena Schweda - NewConnect as an Alternative Trading System Stanisław Kaszuba - Prospects for the Future Growth of the NewConnect Stock Market Economics of EnvironmentMichał Ptak - Directions of Changes in the Functioning of Economic Instruments for Environmental Policy in Poland Bartosz Bartniczak - The Role of the European Union Support in Implementing the of Provisions of the National Environmental Policy in the Years 2004-2006 Małgorzata Szymańska-Brałkowska - Environmental Management in Germany Ewa Malinowska - Using the Concept of the Weighted Ishikawa Diagram for Defining the Impact of Catering Enterprises on the Environment Varia


Bank Management in a Changing Domestic and International Environment: The Challenges of the Eighties - 2862246290

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Bank Management in a Changing Domestic and International Environment: The Challenges of the Eighties Springer Netherlands

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The Papers collected in this volume are those presented at the ninth Colloquium arranged by the Societe Universitaire Europeenne de Recherches Financi{~res (SUERF), which took place at Helsing Ct. r, Denmark, in October 1980. The Society is supported by a large number of central banks, commercial banks,


Regulating Banks in Central and Eastern Europe - 2862438348

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Regulating Banks in Central and Eastern Europe Springer Palgrave Macmillan

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

How do bank supervisors strike a balance between market self-regulation and pro-active regulatory intervention? This book investigates the choice of banking supervision approach in four European Union member states from Central and Eastern Europe - Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, and Slovenia - after their transition to democracy and market economy.


Capitalism With Comrades - 2212831395

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Capitalism With Comrades Central European University Press

Inne 1

Analyses the turbulent transitions that have taken place in the post-communist world since 1989 -- 91. Each chapter dissects institutional upheaval in transition central banking, the trade union movement, capital markets, or corporate governance.


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