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My Little Pony: My Little Pony Big Book Of Activity Fun - 2874025701

39,99 zł

My Little Pony: My Little Pony Big Book Of Activity Fun

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Children

Join Your Favourite My Little Pony Friends In A Jam-packed Bumper Book Of Fun!


Creative Haven Dreamscapes Coloring Book - 2826656447

38,78 zł

Creative Haven Dreamscapes Coloring Book Dover Publications

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Make your dreams come true with 31 original and surreal designs. Offering hours of challenging and creative colouring fun, these abstract and figurative illustrations include landscapes of densely wooded forests of pop-art vegetation, sailboats and butterflies floating on psychedelic seas, vibrant fantasy gardens, and more.


Two Years Eight Months And Twenty-eight Nights - 2872290308

79,99 zł

Two Years Eight Months And Twenty-eight Nights

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Niemieckie>Belletristik>Erzählende Literatur>Hauptwerk vor 1945

[Salman] Rushdie Is Our Scheherazade, Inexhaustibly Enfolding Story Within Story And Unfolding Tale After Tale With Such Irrepressible Delight That It Comes As A Shock To Remember That, Like Her, He Has Lived The Life Of A Storyteller In Immediate Peril. . . . This Book Is A Fantasy, A Fairytale-and A Brilliant Reflection Of And Serious Meditation On The Choices And Agonies Of Our Life In This World. . . . I Like To Think How Many Readers Are Going To Admire The Courage Of This Book, Revel In Its Fierce Colors, Its Boisterousness, Humor And Tremendous Pizzazz, And Take Delight In Its Generosity Of Spirit.-Ursula K. Le Guin, The Guardian Incandescent . . . Brilliant, Ambitious . . . Before The Arrival Of His Latest Novel, Two Years Eight Months And Twenty-Eight Nights, Rushdie's Stature As One Of The Major Literary Voices Of Our Time Was Already Secure. And Yet, In Reading This New Book, One Cannot Escape The Feeling That All Those Years Of Writing And Success Have Perhaps Been Preparation For This Moment, For The Creation Of This Tremendously Inventive And Timely Novel.-San Francisco Chronicle A Wicked Bit Of Satire . . . [Rushdie] Riffs And Expands On The Tales Of Scheherazade, Another Storyteller Whose Spinning Of Yarns Was A Matter Of Life And Death.-USA Today In These Nested, Swirling Tales, Rushdie Conjures Up A Whole Universe Of Jinn Slithering Across Time And Space, Meddling In Human Affairs And Copulating Like They've Just Been Released From Twenty Years In A Lamp. . . . Two Years Eight Months And Twenty-Eight Nights Translates The Bloody Upheavals Of Our Last Few Decades Into The Comic-book Antics Of Warring Jinn Wielding Bolts Of Fire, Mystical Transmutations And Rhyming Battle Spells.-The Washington Post Great Fun . . . The Novel Shines Brightest In The Panache Of Its Unfolding, The Electric Grace And Nimble Eloquence And Extraordinary Range And Layering Of His Voice.-The Boston Globe Courageous And Liberating . . . A Breathless Mash-up Of Wormholes, Mythical Creatures, Current Affairs And Disquisitions On Philosophy And Theology.-The New York Times Book Review This Is Rushdie's First [novel] For Adults Since 2008, And He Seems To Be Having Fun With The Adult Content. He Works In Jokes About The Sexual Appetites Of His Jinn, Brings Alive Dark Corners Of Manhattan, Explores Misplaced Love, And Creates A Good-versus-evil Battle That's Firmly Grounded In Philosophy. . . . Two Years Eight Months And Twenty-Eight Nights Is Erudite Without Flaunting It, An Amusement Park Of A Pulpy Disaster Novel That Resists Flying Out Of Control By Being Grounded By Religion, History, Culture And Love.-Los Angeles Times [A] Rambunctious, Satirical, And Bewitching Metaphysical Fable, Perhaps His Most Thoroughly Enjoyable To Date. At Once A Scholar, Rigorous Observer, And Lavishly Imaginative Novelist, Rushdie Channels His Well-informed Despair Over The Brutality And Absurdity Of Human Life Into Works Of Fantasy. . . . Rushdie Is Having Wickedly Wise Fun Here. Every Character Has A Keenly Hilarious Backstory, And The Action (flying Carpets And Urns, Gigantic Attacking Serpents, Lightning Strikes, To-the-death Combat, Sex) Surges From Drastic And Pulse-raising To Exuberantly Madcap, Magical, And Genuinely Emotional. . . . [A] Fantastically Inventive, Spirited, Astute, And Delectable Update Of One Thousand And One Nights.-Booklist (starred Review) A Boisterous Novel Of Ideas, A Spirited Manifesto For Reason Disguised As A Tale Of A Jinn War Lasting Exactly Two Years, Eight Months And Twenty-eight Nights, Or 1,001 Nights . . . What Results Is Hallmark Rushdie: A Composite Of Magic Realism, Mythology, Science Fiction And Straight-up Fantasy. . . . Like The Best Rushdie Novels, Two Years Is Playful And Inventive, And Also Intellectually Bracing.-The Globe And Mail One Of His Very Best Books, One Whose Governing Metaphor Can Be About Many Terrible Truths Indeed . . . A Sometimes Archly Elegant, Some


At Home with Spanish (7-9) - 2843905947

21,82 zł

At Home with Spanish (7-9) Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

At Home With Spanish is a fun activity workbook for children, aged 7-9 years, to do at home. Using different themes and a variety of tasks such as colouring, drawing, copying, and writing, children learn the Spanish words for greeting people, meeting friends, animals and birds, family members, parts of the body, and much more. The fun illustrations encourage development of language skills in an engaging and easy way. The 2-colour illustrated step-by-step activities are simple enough for children to work through on their own, or equally perfect to do together with an adult giving encouragement. Useful tips support adults so that they can encourage learning gently - plus there are more than enough funky stickers to reward your child as they complete each activity! This book is ideal to build early confidence in Spanish.


Fantastic Planet - 2836098156

62,11 zł

Fantastic Planet CHRONICLE BOOKS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Here are inspiring, fun-to-colour images of lush jungles, teeming reefs, desert landscapes, fruitful orchards, sun-dappled forests, spectacular waterfalls, majestic trees, tulip fields, animal migrations and much more. A selection of imaginative natural mandala illustrations rounds out this gorgeous, high-quality adult colouring book.


Kids Draw Anime - 2874892087

71,01 zł

Kids Draw Anime Watson-Guptill Publications Inc.,U.S.

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Interst in anime and manga - the arts of Japanese animation and comics - is exploding in the US children's market. Pokemon, Digimon, Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon are just a few of the anime phenomena delighting kids ages 4-12. "Kids Draw Anime", the 8th book in the popular "Kids Draw" series, is the first book specifically designed to teach kids 6-12 how to draw the popular anime style themselves. Focusing on "shojo", and "shonen"-style anime, the book teaches the familiar "big eye" look, in which characters are drawn cute and young as opposed to the angular, dramatic characters of adult-oriented styles. Young artists should find a complete introduction to anime style taught with engaging text, and full-colour art. Dozens of fun, hands on lessons demonstrate how to draw heads, eyes, expressions, hairstyles, the basic body, hands and shoes, good guys and bad guys, goofy characters, fantasy characters, robots, and much more. As in all "Kids Draw" books, each dazzling spread is easy to follow, fun to look at, and guaranteed to charm a new generation of artists!


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