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King Hokum - 2845985905

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1. Way Out In The World 2. Don't Go Dancin Down The Darktown Stutter's Ball 3. She's A Bread Baker 4. Dodo Blues 5. On A Christmas Day 6. Charley Bostocks Blues 7. Goin The Country 8. Bad Luck Everywhere You Go 9. Rich Man's Blues 10. You Took My Thing And Put It In Your Place 11. Handyman Blues


Have Mic Will Travel - 2854207276

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Have Mic Will Travel Pitch Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A Scottish newspaper once tagged Ian Crocker a 'Have Mic Will Travel' commentator when he started covering Scottish football. Hard to argue, Ian admits - but it's been a great trip! Ian's adventures range from FA Cup dreams with hometown club Weymouth and supporting West Ham through thin and thin, to landing a job at Upton Park as a Tannoy announcer. From ushering studio audiences for Del Boy and Rodney, and working behind the scenes at BBC Radio 2, to commentating on football here, there and everywhere. From Arbroath to Amsterdam, Derby to Donetsk, Middlesbrough to Macedonia, Newcastle to New York, Southend to South Africa. From Football League to Premier League, Champions League to European Championships and World Cups. From 0-0 to a 6-6, and even an 8-4. From great players, characters, managers, matches and goals, to hopefully shouting all the names out correctly! The life of a football fan-come-commentator.


Rooftop Revolution: Join the Fight to Save Our Economy - and - 2854393526

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Rooftop Revolution: Join the Fight to Save Our Economy - and Berrett-Koehler

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In the wake of the Solyndra collapse, solar power's detractors - particularly the fans of fossil fuel have been proclaiming that solar is just a hippie pipe dream. But as Danny Kennedy points out, Solyndra failed precisely because it was unable to compete in a red hot industry. The signs are everywhere: the United States and China have for the first time invested more money in clean, renewable energy than in dirty fossil fuels. Germany already gets 25% of its power from the sun and created 250,000 clean energy jobs in the process. Warren Buffet just bought a $2 billion solar project in the Southwestern desert. But these are facts the mainstream media has largely failed to report.In this hard-hitting book Kennedy shows that solar can save money, create jobs, and restore the environment - it's only politics and perception that are preventing it. For consumers, he describes the technological advances that have now made solar so cost-efficient and practical it's now competitive with gas and coal electricity. He breaks down the 100,000 jobs solar has already created in America and explains how it could create far more. Decrying the lack of leadership in this area on the part of both political parties, he outlines how we can take advantage of this historic opportunity to free ourselves from dependence on destructive and declining forms of energy and unleash the unlimited power of the sun.


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