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Term at the Fed - 2826760040

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Term at the Fed HarperPaperbacks

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

As a governor of the Federal Reserve Board from 1996 to 2002, Laurence H. Meyer helped make the economic policies that steered the United States through some of the wildest and most tumultuous times in its recent history. Now, in A Term at the Fed, Governor Meyer provides an insider's view of the Fed, the decisions that affected both the U.S. and world economies, and the challenges inherent in using monetary policy to guide the economy. When Governor Meyer was appointed by President Clinton to serve on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in 1996, the United States was entering one of the most prosperous periods in its history. It was the time of "irrational exuberance" and the fabled New Economy. Soon, however, the economy was tested by the Asian financial crisis, the Russian default and devaluation, the collapse of Long-Term Capital Management, the bursting of America's stock bubble, and the terrorist attacks of 9/11. In what amounts to a definitive playbook of monetary policy, Meyer now relives the Fed's closed-door debates -- debates that questioned how monetary policy should adapt to the possibility of a New Economy, how the Fed should respond to soaring equity prices, and whether the Fed should broker the controversial private sector bailout of LTCM, among other issues. Meyer deftly weaves these issues with firsthand stories about the personalities involved, from Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan to the various staffers, governors, politicians, and reporters that populate the world of the Fed. Since the end of his term, Meyer has continued to watch the Fed and the world economy. He believes that we are witnessing a repetition of some of the events of the remarkable 1990s -- including a further acceleration in productivity and perhaps another bull market. History does not repeat itself, yet Meyer shows us how the lessons learned yesterday may help the Fed shape policy today.


Case Against the Fed - 2835282009

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Case Against the Fed Stellar Editions

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The Case Against the Fed takes a critical look at the United States Federal Reserve and central banks in general. It details the history of reserve banking and the influence that bankers have had on monetary policy over the last few centuries. The claim that the U.S. Federal Reserve is designed to fight inflation is proven false in this book,--in fact, it is price inflation which is caused only by an increase in the money supply, and since only banks increase the money supply, then banks, including the Federal Reserve, are the only source of inflation. First published in 1994, this book is more vital and relevant today than ever.


International Monetary System, the IMF and the G20 - 2826841718

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International Monetary System, the IMF and the G20 PALGRAVE MACMILLAN

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

[FRONT FLAP] The establishment in 1944 of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank remains one of the most important achievements of international economic cooperation. Over the past six decades, the world has witnessed fundamental political and economic changes which have radically altered the environment in which the world's leading international financial institutions have had to operate. The wave of financial crises during the past decade has contributed to an emerging consensus that the international financial system, and the institutions underpinning it, are in need of reform. The International Monetary Convention Project has sought to contribute to the debate on the key elements of such reforms by creating a platform for dialogue and deliberation, involving G-20 policy-makers as well as leading members of the private sector and the academic community. The book offers a representative sampling of some of the thinking surrounding the fundamental questions being explored in this series of roundtables, held in seven countries over two years. What new or improved arrangements are needed to ensure the smooth functioning of the international financial system in the 21st century, given the emergence of a wider range of important national actors and the increased role of private capital flows? It is hoped that the papers in this volume, written by leading participants in this critical international debate, will stimulate further creative thinking in the field of global monetary and economic governance. [BACK FLAP] The World Economic Forum is an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging leaders in partnerships to shape global, regional and industry agendas Richard Samans is Managing Director of the World Economic Forum, responsible for its public-private partnership initiatives and its relations with governments, international organizations, NGOs, and other non-business constituencies. Before joining the Forum, he served as Special Assistant to the President for International Economic Policy in the US White House. Marc Uzan is the Executive Director of the Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee, an organization which he founded in 1994. The Committee is a think-tank focusing on issues related to international financial architecture through a regular dialogue between markets and governments. He is the author of several academic papers on the new architecture for the international financial system. Augusto Lopez- Claros has been Chief Economist at the World Economic Forum since 2003, and Director of its Global Competitiveness Program, a research project whose aim is to determine the impediments to economic growth in more than 120 countries. He has an abiding interest in the growth and development of global interdependence and cooperation and the importance of international institutions in their principal role of promoting and safeguarding human prosperity.


Monetary History of the United States, 1867-1960 - 2826817988

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Monetary History of the United States, 1867-1960 UNIVERSITY PRESSES

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Writing in the June 1965 issue of the "Economic Journal", Harry G. Johnson begins with a sentence seemingly calibrated to the scale of the book he set himself to review: 'The long-awaited "Monetary History of the United States" by Friedman and Schwartz is in every sense of the term a monumental scholarly achievement - monumental in its sheer bulk, monumental in the definitiveness of its treatment of innumerable issues, large and small ...monumental, above all, in the theoretical and statistical effort and ingenuity that have been brought to bear on the solution of complex and subtle economic issues'.Friedman and Schwartz marshaled massive historical data and sharp analytics to support the claim that monetary policy - steady control of the money supply - matters profoundly in the management of the nation's economy, especially in navigating serious economic fluctuations. In their influential chapter 7, "The Great Contraction" - which Princeton published in 1965 as a separate paperback - they address the central economic event of the century, the Depression. According to Hugh Rockoff, writing in January 1965: 'If Great Depressions could be prevented through timely actions by the monetary authority (or by a monetary rule), as Friedman and Schwartz had contended, then the case for market economies was measurably stronger.' Milton Friedman won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2000 for work related to "A Monetary History " as well as to his other Princeton University Press book, "A Theory of the Consumption Function" (1957).


Globalization & its Discontents - 2212824606

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Globalization & its Discontents Penguin


Our world is changing. Globalization is not working. It is hurting those it was meant to help. And now, the tide is turning


Principles of Macroeconomics - 2212830077

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Principles of Macroeconomics McGraw-Hill


Avoiding excessive reliance on formal mathematical derivations, Frank and Bernanke presents concepts intuitively through examples drawn from familiar contexts. The authors introduce a well-articulated short list of core principles and reinforce them by illustrating and applying each in numerous contexts. Students are periodically asked to apply these principles to answer related questions and exercises. The text also encourages students to become "Economic Naturalists," people who employ basic economic principles to understand and explain what they observe in the world around them. An economic naturalist understands, for example, that infant safety seats are required in cars but not in airplanes because the marginal cost of space to accommodate these seats is typically zero in cars but often hundreds of dollars in airplanes. Such examples engage student interest while teaching them to see each feature of their economic landscape as the reflection of an implicit or explicit cost-benefit calculation.Expanded Discussion of Macroeconomic Policy: The revised monetary policy reaction function we introduce in Chapter 27 is a more realistic description of how the Fed actually conducts monetary policy and clarifies the Taylor rule. In Chapter 28 we use this policy reaction function to help students distinguish between a move along the aggregate demand curve and a shift in the aggregate demand curve resulting from a change in monetary policy. In a new Chapter 29, we provide a more complete analysis of the interaction between fiscal and monetary policy, illustrating the crucial role of the central bank in any long-run inflation. We also discuss how enhanced credibility can help to anchor inflationary expectations and explain the contributions of central bank independence, inflation targeting, and central bank reputation. In the last section of Chapter 29 we expand our discussion of the real-world difficulties in conducting macroeconomic policy. Expanded Discussion of Supply-Side Economics: Most economists agree that changes in marginal tax rates can affect both aggregate demand and aggregate supply, but they disagree on the size of the effects. In Chapter 28 we describe this controversy in greater detail and present both the theoretical and empirical evidence of the effects of changes in marginal tax rates on aggregate supply. Greater Attention to Asset Prices: In Chapter 21 we provide a clearer explanation of the inverse relationship between bond prices and interest rates. We also discuss the effects of changes in asset prices (especially stocks and houses) on aggregate demand. Additional Material on China: At its current rate of growth the Chinese economy may become the largest economy in the world within the next generation. In this edition we expand our discussion of China in the world economy. We discuss the determinants of its success and its management of its exchange rate. New Material on the Acceleration of Productivity Growth: The productivity slowdown of 1973-1995 has been followed by surprisingly strong productivity growth. We present and discuss the reasons for this acceleration. Updated Discussion of Saving and Investment: In addition to emphasizing the importance of public and private saving and the relationship between the budget deficit, national saving, and capital flows, we discuss the recently divergent trends in business and household saving. An Emphasis on Core Principles: A few core principles do most of the work in economics. By focusing on these principles, the text assures that students leave the course with a deep mastery of them. In contrast, traditional encyclopedic texts so overwhelm students with detail that they often leave the course with little useful working knowledge at all. Economic Naturalism Introduced: The authorsĹź ultimate goal is to produce Ĺźeconomic naturalistsĹź--people who see each human action as the result of an implicit or explicit cost-benefit calculation. The economic naturalist sees mundane details of ordinary existence in a new light and becomes actively engaged in the attempt to understand them. o Why donĹźt auto manufacturers make cars without heaters? o Why are whales, but not chickens, threatened with extinction? o Why do movie theaters give student discounts on the price of admission but not on the price of popcorn?


A European Central Bank? - 2826953583

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A European Central Bank? Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This volume, based on a conference held by the Italian Macroeconomic Policy Group and the centre for Economic Policy Research, examines the issues raised by European monetary unification. An introduction describes recent monetary developments and identifies the motivations for creating a European central bank. Theoretical papers analyse the interactions of capital controls, financial intermediation and seigniorage in open economies; the optimal design of centralized banks of issue by sovereign countries; and some new aspects of the 'optimal currency area' question. The empirical papers provide new evidence and interpretation of inflation experience across Europe and the attitudes of European central bankers about inflation and unemployment. The historical papers describe the experience of currency unification in Germany and Italy in the 19th century and the creation of the US Federal Reserve System. The volume concludes with a panel discussion on the feasibility of European monetary unification, featuring leading academics and central bankers.


Leaning Against the Wind in the Housing Market - 2834702494

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Leaning Against the Wind in the Housing Market AV Akademikerverlag

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Conducting monetary policy in a rules-based, rather than discretionary framework is central to much of the success central banks have had in stabilizing the economy in the last decades. Taylor rules offer a simple, straight-forward way of describing such a rules-based approach. This paper estimates and interprets different versions of the Taylor rule for the Unites States over the period from 2000 to 2013 using a GMM approach. Overall the Fed seems to have followed its dual mandate of stabilizing inflation and unemployment reasonably well prior to the crisis, even though the Fed s reaction to changes in the inflation rate is relatively muted. A model is then constructed to test alternative hypotheses and counter-factual scenarios, specifically the effects of a Taylor rule that includes a housing price index as an additional target variable. The model indicates that a symmetric target would not, on average, slow down economic growth yet help stabilize both more general economic indicators as well as the housing market. Particularly if causality runs from developments in the housing market to economic growth it would seem prudent to pay explicit attention to the former when conducting monetary policy as standard flexible inflation targeting would be insufficient to ensure overall economic stability in the presence of bubbles in this market.


Great Contraction 1929-1933 - 2826886304

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Great Contraction 1929-1933 UNIVERSITY PRESSES

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Friedman and Schwartz's "A Monetary History of the United States, 1867-1960", published in 1963, stands as one of the most influential economics books of the twentieth century. A landmark achievement, the book marshalled massive historical data and sharp analytics to support the claim that monetary policy - steady control of the money supply - matters profoundly in the management of the nation's economy, especially in navigating serious economic fluctuations. The chapter, entitled "The Great Contraction, 1929-33," addressed the central economic event of the century, the Great Depression. Published as a stand-alone paperback in 1965, "The Great Contraction, 1929-1933" argued that the Federal Reserve could have stemmed the severity of the Depression, but failed to exercise its role of managing the monetary system and ameliorating banking panics.The book served as a clarion call to the monetarist school of thought by emphasizing the importance of the money supply in the functioning of the economy - a concept that has come to inform the actions of central banks worldwide. This edition of the original text includes a new preface by Anna Jacobson Schwartz, as well as a new introduction by the economist Peter Bernstein. It also reprints comments from the current Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke, originally made on the occasion of Milton Friedman's 90th birthday, on the enduring influence of Friedman and Schwartz's work and vision.


Fixed Ideas of Money - 2835035378

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Fixed Ideas of Money Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Most European countries are rather small, yet we know little about their monetary history. This 2010 book analyses for the first time the experience of seven small states (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland) during the last hundred years, starting with the restoration of the gold standard after World War I and ending with Sweden's rejection of the Euro in 2003. The comparative analysis shows that for the most part of the twentieth century the options of policy makers were seriously constrained by a distinct fear of floating exchange rates. Only with the crisis of the European Monetary System (EMS) in 1992


America's Great Depression - 2826910334

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America's Great Depression BERTRAMS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Rothbard opens with a theoretical treatment of business cycle theory, showing how an expansive monetary policy generates imbalances between investment and consumption. He proceeds to examine the Fed's policies of the 1920s, demonstrating that it was quite inflationary even if the effects did not show up in the price of goods and services. He showed that the stock market correction was merely one symptom of the investment boom that led inevitably to a bust. The Great Depression was not a crisis for capitalism but merely an example of the downturn part of the business cycle, which in turn was generated by government intervention in the economy. Had the book appeared in the 1940s, it might have spared the world much grief. Even so, its appearance in 1963 meant that free-market advocates had their first full-scale treatment of this crucial subject. The damage to the intellectual world inflicted by Keynesian- and socialist-style treatments would be limited from that day forward.


Roaring Nineties - 2212835695

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Roaring Nineties Penguin


His previous book revealed the shocking truth about globalization. Now, Joseph Stiglitz blows the whistle on the devastation wrought by the free market mantra in the nineties


National Intellectual Capital and the Financial Crisis in Brazil, Russia, India, China, Korea, and South Africa - 2827036298

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National Intellectual Capital and the Financial Crisis in Brazil, Russia, India, China, Korea, and South Africa Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In the first decade of the twenty-first century, the biggest event of worldwide proportion was the 2008 global financial crisis, which was caused primarily by ineffective governance, failed surveillance systems, and implementation flaws. While fiscal and monetary policies succeeded in pulling many countries out of a financial freefall, most economies have performed beneath pre-recession levels as governments continued to struggle with their finances.§Examining the financial crisis from the viewpoint of intangible assets provides a different perspective from traditional economic approaches. National Intellectual Capital (NIC), comprised mainly of human capital, market capital, process capital, renewal capital, and financial capital, is a valuable intangible asset and a key source of national competitive advantage in today s knowledge economy. The authors pioneers in the field present extensive data and a rigorous conceptual framework to analyze the connections between the global financial crisis and NIC development. Covering the period from 2005 to 2010 across 48 countries, the authors establish a positive correlation between NIC and GDP per capita and consider the impact of NIC investment for short-term recovery and long-term risk control and strategy formulation.§Each volume in a series of SpringerBriefs on NIC and the financial crisis provides in-depth coverage of the impact of the crisis, the aftermath, future prospects, and policy implications for a regional cluster. This volume focuses on the BRICKS Brazil, Russia, India, China, Korea, and South Africa.


The economic transformation in the GDR with focus on the privatization by the "Treuhandanstalt" - 2826758902

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The economic transformation in the GDR with focus on the privatization by the "Treuhandanstalt" GRIN Verlag

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Seminar paper from the year 2013 in the subject Economics - Other, grade: 1,0, University of Wroc aw (Master of Managerial Economics), course: Economic Policy, language: English, abstract: For an appropriate comprehension and consequently treatise of the German Treuhandanstalt (THA) or shortened Treuhand , trust agency as literal translation and privatization agency as analogous translation, it is absolutely necessary to keep in mind the history and context. It would be hard to devise a better controlled experiment for comparing different economic systems than the experience provided by East Germany and West Germany: two nations that formerly were one, occupied by people of the same background, the same culture, and the same genetic inheritance, torn apart by the accident of war. On one side of the Berlin Wall is a relatively free economic system; on the other side, a collectivist society (Milton Friedman 1986, cited in Collier/Siebert 1991: 196).§§Milton Friedman was assuredly surprised when his ideal field for experimentation of comparing ran in another direction three years later. As commonly known, the mentioned Berlin Wall fell on 9 November 1989 and became the starting point of a never seen before transformation of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) according to his geographical and geostrategic position also known as East Germany. Nevertheless the statement of the recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences and in general one of the most famous economists of the 20th century remains unaffected. The origin of the so-called German reunification or the turning point is unique; the still special circumstances liberated by the fall of the Berlin Wall, which only formed part of a series of the demolishing Iron Curtain, led to incomparable possibilities regarding transformations in many countries in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). The formal political accession, occurred on the 3rd October 1990, is a quite famous date and its anniversary is nowadays the national day, the day of German unity . The Federal Republic of Germany (FRG), previously known as West Germany, from this day forth consisted of sixteen federal states, eleven old and five new ones. But another, earlier aspect of the reunification is not so well known: the bilateral state treaty about the creation of a monetary, economic and social union (MESU) of 18 May 1990, that came into effect on 1 July 1990. This was the comprehensive economic integration of the command economy GDR in the capitalistic, more precisely social market economy, FRG.


Dollar Crisis - 2826635776

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Dollar Crisis Wiley

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In this updated, second edition of the highly acclaimed international best seller, "The Dollar Crisis: Causes, Consequences, Cures", Richard Duncan describes the flaws in the international monetary system that have destabilized the global economy and that may soon culminate in a deflation-induced worldwide economic slump. "The Dollar Crisis" is divided into five parts. Part One describes how the US trade deficits, which now exceed US$1 million a minute, have destabilized the global economy by creating a worldwide credit bubble. Part Two explains why these giant deficits cannot persist and why a US recession and a collapse in the value of the Dollar are unavoidable. Part Three analyzes the extraordinarily harmful impact that the US recession and the collapse of the Dollar will have on the rest of the world.Part Four offers original recommendations that, if implemented, would help mitigate the damage of the coming worldwide downturn and put in place the foundations for balanced and sustainable economic growth in the decades ahead. Part Five, which has been newly added to the second edition, describes the extraordinary evolution of this crisis since the first edition was completed in September 2002. It also considers how the Dollar Crisis is likely to unfold over the years immediately ahead, the likely policy response to the crisis, and why that response cannot succeed. The Dollar Standard is inherently flawed and increasingly unstable. Its collapse will be the most important economic event of the 21st Century.


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