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Journey of the Universe - 2826703905

47,22 zł

Journey of the Universe YALE UNIVERSITY PRESS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Today we know what no previous generation knew: the history of the universe and of the unfolding of life on Earth. Through the astonishing combined achievements of natural scientists worldwide, we now have a detailed account of how galaxies and stars, planets and living organisms, human beings and human consciousness came to be. And yet we thirst for answers to questions that have haunted humanity from the very beginning. What is our place in the 14-billion-year history of the universe? What roles do we play in Earth's history? How do we connect with the intricate web of life on Earth? In Journey of the Universe Brian Thomas Swimme and Mary Evelyn Tucker tell the epic story of the universe from an inspired new perspective, weaving the findings of modern science together with enduring wisdom found in the humanistic traditions of the West, China, India, and indigenous peoples. The authors explore cosmic evolution as a profoundly wondrous process based on creativity, connection and interdependence, and they envision an unprecedented opportunity for the world's people to address the daunting ecological and social challenges of our times. Journey of the Universe transforms how we understand our origins and envision our future. Though a little book, it tells a big story - one that inspires hope for a way in which Earth and its human civilizations could flourish together. This book is part of a larger project that includes a documentary film, an educational DVD series, and a website. The film and the DVD series were released in 2011.


Banking for a Better World: Nanno Kleiterp in Conversation with Marijn Wiersma - 2853160894

88,10 zł

Banking for a Better World: Nanno Kleiterp in Conversation with Marijn Wiersma Amsterdam Univ Pr

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In a world racing to meet the daunting challenges of climate change, economic inequality, population growth, and human migration, Nanno Kleiterp and Marijn Wiersma's Banking for a Better World provides an illuminating case for hope and prosperity from an unlikely source. We only need to flick through the news to find public outrage at tales of short-sighted greed in the financial world. But what happens when banks invest in long-term sustainability? In a timely and inspirational breath of fresh air, Kleiterp and Wiersma draw from over 45 years of collective development banking experience to now shine a light on the industry and its growing role while turning an eye toward an exciting future. Readers will find a fascinating example in FMO's journey laid bare. At times global in perspective, at other moments intimately personal, Kleiterp and Wiersma weave candid anecdotes with development history, banking lessons with client interviews, to deliver a powerful argument for a business model that generates profit through impact, and impact through profit. This is an important and accessible must-read for bankers, business, policy makers and civil society. Banking for a Better World will challenge readers to start finding the overlaps in their own lives and bridging the sometimes daunting distances between our personal benefits and those of our planet.


The Stories of the Old Testament: A Catholic's Guide - 2844566986

72,30 zł

The Stories of the Old Testament: A Catholic's Guide Loyola Pr

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

To read and understand the Bible, specifically the Old Testament, is a daunting challenge for most Catholics. Jim Campbell's "The Stories of the Old Testament" turns this otherwise intimidating task into an eminently achievable and highly enjoyable journey.Campbell gently leads readers through the central texts, essential stories, and major figures of the Old Testament in 100 carefully selected readings, each designed to be completed in just one sitting. He provides a guide for each reading, and, throughout the book, dozens of short supplemental essays supply the background and commentary needed to properly understand the Bible from Genesis to Malachi.


Becoming a Counsellor - 2826646904

126,20 zł

Becoming a Counsellor Sage Publications

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Becoming a Counsellor" is a one-stop reference book for all new counselling trainees. Whether starting out on an introductory course or tackling a postgraduate diploma, this book will make the journey to professional qualification that little bit easier. It addresses the complexities and challenges of counselling training by confronting and unpicking the many potentially daunting issues and questions faced by students throughout their training. This book covers a comprehensive range of topics, including: choosing a course and theoretical orientation; clarifying roles; who's who on the course? explaining common pedagogical activities and expectations; including the personal development journal; assessment, supervision and support; and, ethical and legal issues. While earlier chapters introduce methods of learning and developing for those new to the field, later sections addressing research, supervision and placements will be of interest to students who are studying at a higher level. This engaging, straightforward introduction to counselling will be an essential companion for students new to counselling throughout their training, whether on basic introductory or postgraduate diploma courses.


Serpent's Song - 2850778571

101,29 zł

Serpent's Song CCB Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In the previous book, The Celtic Serpent, after a diagnosis of cancer and the death of her grandmother, Angi Talismann found herself on an incredible journey. Shackled to an unstable piece of ancient technology in the form of a medallion, she and her colleagues were forced to locate lost medallion gemstones which had been scattered to different countries in the seventeenth century. Close on their heels was a resolute killer bent on acquiring the medallion. Tracking down the descendants of old Irish and Scottish families assigned to protect this ancient treasure proved a daunting task. Eventually, locating the gemstones, the initial stage of their venture ended with twelve individuals stepping through a golden, serpent gate on the Hill of Tara in Ireland propelling them into another world. While stating they would return in three months, its assurance was uncertain. The journey continues in this book. Angi and her companions quickly adapt to their new environment on Tir na nOg, the land of the Tuatha de Danann, deemed to be the ancient gods of the Irish. Here they learn that their escort, Sirona, is a distinguished member of the kingdom and her ancestor, Myttrwn, is a gifted scientist and magician, supposedly centuries old in Earth terms. Under Myttrwn's guidance the twelve discover a different perspective of the universe, learn the healing and destructive powers of light and sound, and gain some insight into their future role while Angi takes her first steps in mastering the complexities of her medallion. Yet, with all the goodwill, a powerful individual, Zolar, is displeased with their presence in Tir na nOg and Angi's possession of such advanced technology. He sets out to rectify this matter in his own treacherous way. The journey to Tir na nOg for the twelve travellers would create an indelible imprint on their lives. About the Author: Sally Robertson, born in Prince Edward Island, obtained her Bachelor and Master's degrees in Canada, and her PhD from Curtin University of Technology in Australia. She is a Usui Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki Master, author of The Pebble and The Celtic Serpent, co-author of Mission to India and Invitation to Canada, and lives on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.


Every Second Counts - 2212825078

69,90 zł

Every Second Counts Knopf


Continuing the inspiring story begun in his first book, Every Second Counts captures the mind-set of a man who has beaten incredible odds and considers each day an opportunity for excellence.Armstrong's previous book recounted his journey from a grim diagnosis of testicular cancer, which had spread to his lungs and brain, to a stunning recovery that culminated in his winning the 1999 Tour de France - the ultimate evidence that he had also won a daunting battle with death.His new book addresses the equally daunting challenge of living in the aftermath of this experience and making the most of every breath of life. Armstrong candidly discusses his prickly relationship with the French and the ultimately disproved accusations of doping within his Tour de France team, and he writes about his recent achievements, including celebrating five years of cancer survival and how he restored a magnificent chapel in his beloved Spain.


Camp 4 Friends - 2853158151

185,64 zł

Camp 4 Friends Bookforces Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Join Butch, Bill, Brian and Joe on a summer vacation at Camp Abenaki. Four boys that meet on the first day of summer camp and in the days that follow, they become friends. Together, they will discover strength, encoun-ter challenges, endure loss, build trust, and open their hearts. In this moving novel, author Jack Hall traces their unforgettable journey-full of tests and trials-as four boys discover the important bond that will last a lifetime. In a journey of friendship, the four friends grow closer and become an inseparable group known at camp as the 4 Friends. Jack Hall tells this story that spans the summer vaca-tion, 4 Friends stick together as a vibrant group of characters and learn to manage the challenges we face in life. Sometimes we get that lucky and have friends forever by our side going through live. This book uses a fictive location called Camp Abenaki. The Summer Camp Abenaki is a charming place where kids can make friends for life, realize new desires and learn to be self-determining. At Abenaki, children learn the values of collaboration and teamwork - all while bounded by a majestic landscape with natural forest, lakes, mountains, and wide-open spaces that are so often missing in today's big congested cities. At Abenaki, kids discover who they are and what drives them. Camp Abenaki is one of the finest summer camps there is located on picturesque Lake Abenaki. The camp is nestled among magnificent trees and was established in 1908, and today it assures "beliefs built on timeless values." Camp Abenaki places the highest significance in shaping new, lifelong friendships, clarifying that its campers "achieving confidence from guiding new cir-cumstances


William Atkins - Moor - 2826827803

49,50 zł

William Atkins - Moor Faber & Faber Non-Fiction

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In this deeply personal journey across our nation's most forbidding and most mysterious terrain, William Atkins takes the reader from south to north, in search of the heart of this elusive landscape. His account is both travelogue and natural history, and an exploration of moorland's uniquely captivating position in our literature, history and psyche. Atkins may be a solitary wanderer across these vast expanses, but his journey is full of encounters, busy with the voices of the moors, past and present: murderers and monks, smugglers and priests, gamekeepers and ramblers, miners and poets, developers and environmentalists. As he travels, he shows us that the fierce landscapes we associate with Wuthering Heights and The Hound of the Baskervilles are far from being untouched wildernesses. Daunting and defiant, the moors echo with tales of a country and the people who live in it - a mighty, age-old landscape standing steadfast against the passage of time.


Awakening - 2826751254

83,70 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Bringing one's personal life into alignment with the natural laws and universal principles is the great challenge for today's seekers. Information overload, a lack of time, and an inability to connect with essential spiritual teachings conspire to make the journey to consciousness a daunting one. In "Awakening: A Daily Guide to Conscious Living, preeminent teacher Shakti Gawain offers gentle daily guidance for that journey. A classic book of days, "Awakening is organized around the calendar year and the seasons. Each of the 365 entries is clear and simple, consisting of a heading, a short message, and an affirmation or question. The author shows readers how to recognize and release old patterns and beliefs, and to open to new and nurturing ways in all areas of their lives. Equal parts affirmation and stimulation, these daily doses of wisdom put readers on the path to greater awareness of their own sense of spiritual truth.


The Blood of Flowers - 2853632178

51,90 zł

The Blood of Flowers Headline

Powieść historyczna, WojennaPowieść zagranicznaLiteratura kobieca

In 17th-century Persia, a 14-year-old woman believes she will be married within the year. But when her beloved father dies, she and her mother find themselves alone and without a dowry. With nowhere else to go, they are forced to sell the brilliant turquoise rug the young woman has woven to pay for their journey to Isfahan, where they will work as servants for her uncle, a rich rug designer in the court of the legendary Shah Abbas the Great.Despite her lowly station, the young woman blossoms as a brilliant designer of carpets, a rarity in a craft dominated by men. But while her talent flourishes, her prospects for a happy marriage grow dim. Forced into a secret marriage to a wealthy man, the young woman finds herself faced with a daunting decision: forsake her own dignity, or risk everything she has in an effort to create a new life.


Top Jobs - 2827078192

78,49 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

What are the best jobs? More importantly, how do you get one? Choosing and starting a career can be a daunting task, especially as 80 graduates are fighting for every graduate role. Top Jobs reveals the best jobs out there - in terms of both pay and job satisfaction - and shows graduates how they can make it onto graduate recruitment schemes and take the first step on the path to a top career. Sectors include: Accountancy, Banking, Civil Service, Engineering, IT, Law, Media, Medicine, Retail and Sales. Each chapter in Top Jobs opens with a job profile revealing: The typical starting salary and how much you could be earning in five years How the career rates in terms of job satisfaction What lifestyle, work/life balance and perks you can expect A typical route for career progression Top Jobs provides a directory of the best jobs available, including examples of top employers, and reveals insider's advice from recruiters on what it takes to land those great jobs - including the qualifications and experience employers are looking for, and job hunting advice. It also outlines the skills needed to succeed, and includes first-hand case studies revealing a typical day in the life of a junior and senior role in the industry - giving you a comprehensive view of what working in the profession is really like. If you want to know what the best jobs are, how to get one and where that job will take you, Top Jobs is your guide to starting your journey to the top of the career ladder.


Cloud Computing - 2843287475

483,31 zł

Cloud Computing John Wiley & Sons Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Being a good parent is one of the most difficult, yet most rewarding, jobs a person can have in his or her lifetime. Being the parent of a teen is an especially daunting phase of the journey. As parents begin to notice the significant changes that come with adolescence (physical changes brought about by puberty, the constant angst and moodiness, and of course the classic eye-rolling and the I-know-it-all attitude), they wonder just what happened to their happy, sweet, and affectionate young boy or girl. Parents sit by amazed--and often lost and unprepared--as they witness their child morph and mutate into a full-blown pubescent display of emotions. The Angst of Adolescence: How to Parent Your Teen and Live to Laugh About It, written in a conversational, informative, humorous and relatable style, promises to deliver trustworthy resource for parents of teens who are searching for answers and guidance about how to maneuver their way through this tricky developmental period. Dr. Sara Villanueva, a prominent psychologist specializing in the adolescent years, shares relevant research findings so that parents can be informed of the facts as opposed to making assumptions based on ubiquitous but questionable sources. Most of all it will provide parents of teenagers with prospective in the midst of angst so they can come away with the sense that: * They are not alone in their experience of raising teens; many, many people have gone through it and we can all relate to and learn from one another. * Most of what your teen is feeling and expressing is normal and falls within the expected range of behavior for adolescent development. * Despite the challenges involved in parenting teens, we should take time to focus on the positive things in life and live with our child through the tough adolescent years so that we emerge on the other side with friendship and a deeper bond. As a psychologist and mother of four, the author shares both research-based and first-hand advice on how to navigate the teen years and live to laugh about it.


Spiritual Alchemy - 2826709505

62,86 zł

Spiritual Alchemy C W Daniel Co Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

We are living in a time of great change, explains Dr Christine Page. And this time presents a wonderful opportunity to reclaim our strength, adjust our focus and become spiritual alchemists, transforming ourselves and our world. In order to survive on Earth, we must reconnect with the divine side of existence. This task is not as daunting as it may seem, for we simply need to honour the wisdom inherent in traditions past and present - wisdom that is offered in this ground-breaking work. '...positively inspirational as she describes the untapped potential of the human spirit. Her book is an invitation to explore the alchemist within and I highly encourage all to read this book who have an appetite for electric transformation' Caroline Myss, author of Anatomy of the Spirit '...a modern map of the journey we must all ultimately take to fulfil our cosmic yearning. This will become required reading by our students' C Norman Shealy, MD, PhD, Founding President, American Holistic Medical Association 'Dr Page combines ancient insights and modern science in a way that will help readers reach new depths of understanding and fulfilment' Larry Dossey, MD, author of Healing Beyond the Body 'Christine Page is a master teacher with worlds of knowledge, a spiritual healer of blessed gifts, and a brilliant intuitive with critically important insights to share with us all' Belleruth Naperstek, author of Your Sixth Sense


Fair Maid of Bohemia - 2834143865

69,37 zł

Fair Maid of Bohemia Poisoned Pen Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Praise for The Fair Maid of Bohemia... "Provide[s] humor and suspense along with a richly colorful history lesson." -Kirkus Reviews When plague strikes London, Lord Westfield's Men count themselves fortunate they've been invited to perform as part of the wedding celebrations for Sophia Magdalena, the fair maid of Bohemia. The long journey across Europe is a daunting prospect, but stage manager Nicholas Bracewell is confident they will arrive safely. He is also confident that they will successfully deliver secret documents to Imperial Court alchemist Talbot Roydon as Lord Westfield requested. But en route, murder strikes one of the actors. It's the first of many setbacks. Once in Prague, Holy Roman Emperor Rudolph II proves a madcap host. Worse, not only do attacks on the players continue as the royal wedding day approaches, but someone kidnaps Nicholas' sweetheart Anne Henrik.... Edward Marston, under his real name, Keith Miles, was raised in Wales and went on to study modern history at Oxford. He has been a university lecturer; radio, television, and theatre dramatist; and has worked as an actor and director. His Elizabethan novel, The Roaring Boy, was a 1996 Edgar Allan Poe Award nominee for best novel. He lives in Kent.


Clojure for the Brave and True - 2826730473

162,19 zł

Clojure for the Brave and True No Starch Press,US

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A dialect of Lisp, Clojure is a functional programming language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine. That means it can take advantage of the vast Java ecosystem while also offering the elegant and expressive syntax of a Lisp-style language. However, like other functional languages, Clojure's paradigm can be daunting to learn. Clojure for the Brave and True makes this language approachable and exciting by peppering straightforward instructions with jokes and pop culture references. Readers will enjoy the book s adventurous spirit as they journey through a world of hobbits, vampires, and zombies. The book assumes no prior experience with functional programming, Lisp, or the Java Virtual Machine and covers all of these topics in detail. Clojure for the Brave and True teaches all of the tools and techniques that readers need to boldly start writing real programs in Clojure.


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