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Journey of Anders Sparrman - 2826764938

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Journey of Anders Sparrman GRANTA BOOKS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

'I have spent too long on plants and animals. Now it is time for human beings.' This haunting novel is based on the life of Anders Sparrman, the Swedish naturalist, who in the second half of the eighteenth century, became the last and youngest disciple of the scientist Carl Linnaeus. In his quest for new animal and plant specimens, Sparrman sailed to China at seventeen, joined Captain Cook on his second voyage to Antarctica and Tahiti, and made a pioneering journey on foot into the South African interior. In South Africa Sparrman witnessed the terrible cruelties of slavery, which made him a staunch abolitionist for the rest of his life. Wastberg uses his own extensive knowledge of South Africa and Sweden to create a strange, almost mystical narrative, that weaves passages from Sparrman's letters and journals into his own spare prose. As he follows Sparrman from innocent student to sceptical adventurer to dedicated botanist to militant abolitionist, he evokes the beauty of the Swedish countryside, the squalid conditions on board ship, the dangers and geographical wonders of Africa and, finally, the late flowering passion that overtakes Sparrman's life. In this magical, poetic novel, set between the end of the Enlightenment and the dawn of Romanticism, Wastberg's narrative combines intellectual precision with emotional power.


Autobiography of a Sadhu - 2826979441

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Autobiography of a Sadhu Inner Traditions Bear & Comp

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

After traveling at age 18 from his native California to India in 1969, Rampuri was drawn to the Naga Babas, an ancient and wild order of naked yogis whom he calls the "Hell's Angels of Indian Spirituality." Organized into a sect by Adi Shankara in the 5th century BC, the Naga Babas see themselves as the ultimate protectors of the Sanatan Dharma, or what we call the Hindu religion. Rampuri became a disciple of a Naga Baba--a master shaman sadhu--from Rajasthan and, as foretold by astrological prophecy, soon found himself the first foreigner to become an initiate of the Juna Akhara, the oldest and largest grouping of Naga Babas with more than 50,000 sadhu members. From drinking the "Nectar of Immortality" at the source of the Ganges River to allegations of tantric murder, this autobiography is filled with true accounts of magic, miracles, ghosts, and austerities, with lessons on Hindu gods, ayurveda, mantra, and Indian culture woven throughout. Through his journey of extremes, Rampuri takes us into the mystic heart of India.


Britten The Performer - 2839378561

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Britten The Performer Universal Music


1. St. John Passion, Bwv 245 (Ed. Britten, Trans. Pea 2. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 1 Sire, Lord & Master Cho 3. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 2 Jesus Went With His Dis 4. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 7 O Generous Love! Choral 5. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 8 So That The Word Might 6. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 9 Thy Will Be Done, O God 7. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 10 The Band Then, Togethe 8. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 11 To Release Me From The 9. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 12 Simon Peter Also Follo 10. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 13 I'll Follow Thee Also 11. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 14 Now That Same Disciple 12. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 15 Ah, Who Would Dare To 13. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 16 Now Annas Sent Him Bou 14. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 19 Ah! Take Flight Tenor 15. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 20 Peter, Who Denied His 16. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 21 Christ, Who Gave Us Li 17. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 22 Then Led They Jesus Fr 18. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 27 Ah, King Of Heaven Cho 19. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 28 & Pilate Said Unto Him 20. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 31 Look Yonder, O My Soul 21. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 32 Consider, How His Body 101. St. John Passion, Bwv 245 (Ed. Britten, Trans. Pea 102. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 33 & When The Soldiers Ha 103. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 40 Thy Bonds, O Christ, H 104. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 41 But The Jews Cried Out 105. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 48 Haste, Ye Souls Forlor 106. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 49 & There Crucified They 107. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 52 Within My Heart, O Sav 108. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 53 & Then Did The Soldier 109. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 56 When His Life Had Reac 110. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 57 & From That Hour He To 111. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 58 The End Is Nigh Contra 112. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 60 My Dearest Saviour, Wi 113. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 61 & Then Behold, The Vei 114. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 62 My Heart, Behold How A 115. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 63 With Torrents Of Weepi 116. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 64 The Jews Therefore, Be 117. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 65 Help Us, Son Of God Mo 118. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 66 & After This, Joseph O 119. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 67 Farewell, O Weary, Bro 120. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 68 Lord Jesus, When We Co 201. Suesser Trost, Mein Jesus Kommt Cantata, Bwv 151 202. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 1. Aria: Suesser Trost, M 203. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 2. Recitativo: Erfreue Di 204. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 3. Aria: In Jesu Demut Ka 205. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 4. Recitativo: Du Teurer 206. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 5. Choral: Heut' Schleuss 207. Cantata No.102 Herr, Deine Augen Sehen Nach Dem G 208. Bach, Johann Sebastian - Chor: Herr, Deine Augen S 209. Bach, Johann Sebastian - Rec.: Wo Ist Das Ebenbild 210. Bach, Johann Sebastian - Aria: Weh, Der Seele (Ers 211. Bach, Johann Sebastian - Arioso: Verachtest Du Den 212. Bach, Johann Sebastian - Aria: Erschrekke Doch (Zw 213. Bach, Johann Sebastian - Rec.: Beim Warten Ist Gef 214. Bach, Johann Sebastian - Choral: Heut' Lebst Du, H 215. Die Brandenburgischen Konzerte 216. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 1. Allegro (Nr. 1 F-dur B 217. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 2. Adagio (Nr. 1 F-dur Bw 218. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 3. Allegro (Nr. 1 F-dur B 219. Die Brandenburgischen Konzerte (Nr. 1 F-dur Bwv 10 220. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 4. Menuetto: Trio I (Orig 221. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 5. Polacca; Trio II (Orig 222. Die Brandenburgischen Konzerte 223. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 1. Allegro (Brandenburg C 224. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 2. Andante (Brandenburg C 225. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 3. Allegro Assai (Branden 301. Die Brandenburgischen Konzerte 302. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 1. Allegro (Nr. 3 G-dur B 303. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 3. Allegro (Nr. 3 G-dur B 304. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 1. Allegro (Brandenburg C 305. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 2. Andante (Brandenburg C 306. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 3. Presto (Brandenburg Co 307. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 1. Allegro (Nr. 5 In D-du 308. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 2. Affetuoso (Nr. 5 In D- 309. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 3. Allegro (Nr. 5 In D-du 310. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 1. -- (Brandenburg Concer 311. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 2. Adagio Ma Non Tanto (B 312. Bach, Johann Sebastian - 3. Allegro (Brandenburg C 401. The Fairy Queen (Ed. Benjamin Britten, Imogen Hols 402. Henry Purcell - Symphony (Act 1) 403. Henry Purcell - Now The Night Is Chas'd Away (Act 404. Henry Purcell - Let The Fifes & The Clarions....da 405. Henry Purcell - When A Cruel Long Winter (Act 1) 406. Henry Purcell - Hail! Great Parent Of Us All (Act 407. Henry Purcell - Thus The Ever Grateful Spring (Act 408. Henry Purcell - Here's The Summer, Sprightly Gay ( 409. Henry Purcell - See, My Many-coloured Fields (Act 410. Henry Purcell - Next, Winter Comes Slowly, Pale (A 411. Henry Purcell - Hail! Great Parent Of Us All (Act 412. Henry Purcell - Prelude...come, All Ye Songsters O 413. Henry Purcell - The Songsters...may The God Of Wit 414. Henry Purcell - Join Your Warbling Voic 415. Henry Purcell - Fill Up The Bowl (Act 2) 416. Henry Purcell - See, Even Night Herself Is Here (A 417. Henry Purcell - I Am Come To Lock All Fast (Act 418. Henry Purcell - One Charming Night (Act 2) 419. Henry Purcell - No.17 Hush, No More (Act 2) 420. Henry Purcell - No.18 Dance For The Followers Of N 501. The Fairy Queen (Ed. Benjamin Britten, Imogen Hols 502. Henry Purcell - Overture (Part 3: The Sweet Passio 503. Henry Purcell - If Love's A Sweet Passion...i Pres 504. Henry Purcell - O Let Me Weep, For Ever Weep (Part 505. Shakespeare, William - Now The Maids & The Men Are 506. Elkanah Settle - A Dance Of Haymakers (Part 3: The 507. Henry Purcell - A Thousand, Thousand Ways (Part 3: 508. Henry Purcell - Hornpipe & Rondeau (Part 3: The Sw 509. Henry Purcell - Symphony (Act 4) 510. Henry Purcell - Hark! Hark The Echoing Air (Act 4) 511. Elkanah Settle - Sure The Dull God Of Marriage (Ac 512. Henry Purcell - See, I Obey (Act 4) 513. Henry Purcell - Turn Then Thine Eyes (Act 4) 514. Henry Purcell - My Torch Indeed...they Shall Be As 515. Henry Purcell - Chaconne (Act 4) 516. Henry Purcell - They Shall Be As Happy (Act 4) 517. Celebrate This Festival, Z.321 - Birthday Ode For 518. Henry Purcell - Symphony - Canzona (Original Versi 519. Henry Purcell - Celebrate This Festival (Original 520. Henry Purcell - Britain Now Thy Cares Beguile (Ori 521. Henry Purcell - Celebrate This Festival (Original 522. Henry Purcell - 'Tis Sacred, Bid The Trumpet Cease 523. Henry Purcell - Let Sullen Discord Smile (Original 524. Henry Purcell - Crown The Altar, Deck The Shrine ( 525. Henry Purcell - Expected Spring At Last Is Come (O 526. Henry Purcell - April Who Till Now Has Mourn'd (Or 527. Henry Purcell - Departing Thus You'll Hear Him Say 528. Henry Purcell - Happy Realm Beyond Expressing (Ori 529. Henry Purcell - While For A Righteous Cause He Arm 530. Henry Purcell - Return Fond Muse, The Thoughts Of 531. Henry Purcell - Kindly Treat Maria's Day (Original 532. Ciacona In G Minor 533. Henry Purcell - Arr. Benjamin Britten 601. Symphony In F Sharp Minor, H.i No.45 -farewell 602. Haydn, Joseph - 1. Allegro Assai (Original Version 603. Haydn, Joseph - 2. Adagio (Original Version) 604. Haydn, Joseph - 3. Menuet Allegretto (Original Ver 605. Haydn, Joseph - 4. Finale Presto - Adagio (Origina 606. Symphony In E Flat, H.i No.55 - The Schoolmaster 607. Haydn, Joseph - 1. Allegro Di Molto (Original Vers 608. Haydn, Joseph - 2. Adagio, Ma Semplicemente (Origi 609. Haydn, Joseph - 3. Menuetto - Trio (Original Versi 610. Haydn, Joseph - 4. Finale Presto (Original Version 611. Konzert Fuer Violoncello Und Orchester Nr. 1 C-dur 612. Haydn, Joseph - 1. Moderato 613. Haydn, Joseph - 2. Adagio 614. Haydn, Joseph - 3. Finale Allegro Molto 701. Symphony No.25 In G Minor, K.183 702. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 1. Allegro Con Brio (Or 703. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 2. Andante (Original Ve 704. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 3. Menuetto (Original V 705. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 4. Allegro (Original Ve 706. Serenade Nr. 6 D-dur Kv 239 Serenata Notturna 707. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 1. Marcia Maestoso 708. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 2. Menuetto - Trio 709. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 3. Rondeau Allegretto - 710. Sinfonie Nr. 29 A-dur Kv 201 711. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 1. Allegro Moderato 712. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 2. Andante 713. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 3. Menuetto 714. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 4. Allegro Con Spirito 801. Sinfonie Nr. 40 G-moll Kv 550 802. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 1. Molto Allegro 803. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 2. Andante 804. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 3. Menuetto Allegretto 805. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 4. Finale Allegro Assai 806. Sinfonie Nr. 38 D-dur Kv 504 Prager 807. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 1. Adagio - Allegro 808. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 2. Andante 809. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 3. Finale Presto 901. Sinfonie Nr. 41 C-dur Kv 551 Jupiter 902. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 1. Allegro Vivace 903. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 2. Andante Cantabile 904. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 3. Menuetto Allegretto 905. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 4. Molto Allegro 906. Sinfonie Nr. 39 Es-dur Kv 543 907. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 1. Adagio - Allegro 908. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 2. Andante Con Moto 909. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 3. Menuetto Allegretto 910. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 4. Finale Allegro 911. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Si Mostra La Sorte, K 912. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Per Pieta, Non Ricerca 1001. Konzert Fuer Klavier Und Orchester Nr. 12 A-dur Kv 1002. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 1. Allegro (Original Ve 1003. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 2. Andante 1004. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 3. Rondeau Allegretto ( 1005. Sonata For Piano Duet In C, K.521 1006. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 1. Allegro (Original Ve 1007. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 2. Andante (Original Ve 1008. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 3. Allegretto (Original 1009. Sonate Fuer Zwei Klaviere D-dur Kv 448 1010. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 1. Allegro Con Spirito 1011. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 2. Andante 1012. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 3. Allegro Molto 1101. Piano Concerto No.20 In D Minor, K.466 1102. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 1. Allegro 1103. Konzert Fuer Klavier Und Orchester Nr. 20 D-moll K 1104. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 2. Romance 1105. Piano Concerto No.20 In D Minor, K.466 1106. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 3. Rondo Allegro Assai 1107. Konzert Fuer Klavier Und Orchester Nr. 27 B-dur Kv 1108. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 1. Allegro 1109. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 2. Larghetto 1110. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 3. Allegro (Original Ve 1201. Sinfonie Nr. 8 H-moll D 759 Die Unvollendete 1202. Schubert, Franz - 1. Allegro Moderato 1203. Schubert, Franz - 2. Andante Con Moto 1204. Sonate Fuer Violine Und Klavier A-moll D 821arpeg 1205. Schubert, Franz - 1. Allegro Moderato 1206. Schubert, Franz - 2. Adagio 1207. Schubert, Franz - 3. Allegretto 1208. Divertissement Sur Des Motifs Originaux Francais 1209. Schubert, Franz - Thema (Andantino Varie) 1210. Schubert, Franz - Variation 1 (Andantino Varie) 1211. Schubert, Franz - Variation 2 (Andantino Varie) 1212. Schubert, Franz - Variation 3 (Andantino Varie) 1213. Schubert, Franz - Variation 4 (Andantino Varie) 1214. En Blanc Et Noir 1215. Debussy, Claude - 1. Avec Emportement (For 2 Piano 1216. Debussy, Claude - 2. Lent. Sombre (For 2 Pianos) 1217. Debussy, Claude - 3. Scherzando (For 2 Pianos) 1301. Fantasy In F Minor, D. 940 Op.103 For Piano Duet 1302. Schubert, Franz - Allegro Molto Moderato - (Origin 1303. Schubert, Franz - 2. Largo (Original Version) 1304. Schubert, Franz - 3. Allegro Vivace (Original Vers 1305. Schubert, Franz - 4. Tempo I (Original Version) 1306. Variations On A Original Theme, In A Flat, D.813 1307. Schubert, Franz - Tema (Original Version) 1308. Schubert, Franz - Variation 1 (Original Version) 1309. Schubert, Franz - Variation 2 (Original Version) 1310. Schubert, Franz - Variation 3 (Original Version) 1311. Schubert, Franz - Variation 4 (Original Version) 1312. Schubert, Franz - Variation 5 (Original Version) 1313. Schubert, Franz - Variation 6 (Original Version) 1314. Schubert, Franz - Variation 7 (Original Version) 1315. Schubert, Franz - Variation 8 (Original Version) 1316. Grand Duo Sonata In C Major, D.812 Op. Posth.140 1317. Schubert, Franz - 1. Allegro Moderato (Original Ve 1318. Schubert, Franz - 2. Andante (Original Version) 1319. Schubert, Franz - 3. Scherzo & Trio - Allegro Viva 1320. Schubert, Franz - 4. Allegro Vivace (Original Vers 1401. Winterreise D 911 1402. Schubert, Franz - 1. Gute Nacht 1403. Schubert, Franz - 2. Die Wetterfahne 1404. Schubert, Franz - 3. Gefrorne Traenen 1405. Schubert, Franz - 4. Erstarrung 1406. Schubert, Franz - 5. Der Lindenbaum 1407. Schubert, Franz - 6. Wasserflut 1408. Schubert, Franz - 7. Auf Dem Flusse 1409. Schubert, Franz - 8. Rueckblick 1410. Schubert, Franz - 9. Irrlicht 1411. Schubert, Franz - 10. Rast 1412. Schubert, Franz - 11. Fruehlingstraum 1413. Schubert, Franz - 12. Einsamkeit 1414. Schubert, Franz - 13. Die Post 1415. Schubert, Franz - 14. Der Greise Kopf 1416. Schubert, Franz - 15. Die Kraehe 1417. Schubert, Franz - 16. Letzte Hoffnung 1418. Schubert, Franz - 17. Im Dorfe 1419. Schubert, Franz - 18. Der Stuermische Morgen 1420. Schubert, Franz - 19. Taeuschung 1421. Schubert, Franz - 20. Der Wegweiser 1422. Schubert, Franz - 21. Das Wirtshaus 1423. Schubert, Franz - 22. Mut 1424. Schubert, Franz - 23. Die Nebensonnen 1425. Schubert, Franz - 24. Der Leiermann 1501. Die Schone Muellerin D 795 1502. Schubert, Franz - 1. Das Wandern 1503. Schubert, Franz - 2. Wohin? 1504. Schubert, Franz - 3. Halt! 1505. Schubert, Franz - 4. Danksagung An Den Bach 1506. Schubert, Franz - 5. Am Feierabend 1507. Schubert, Franz - 6. Der Neugierige 1508. Schubert, Franz - 7. Ungeduld 1509. Schubert, Franz - 8. Morgengruss 1510. Schubert, Franz - 9. Der Muellers Blumen 1511. Schubert, Franz - 10. Traenenregen 1512. Schubert, Franz - 11. Mein! 1513. Schubert, Franz - 12. Pause 1514. Schubert, Franz - 13. Mit Dem Gruenen Lautenbande 1515. Schubert, Franz - 14. Der Jaeger 1516. Schubert, Franz - 15. Eifersucht Und Stolz 1517. Schubert, Franz - 16. Die Liebe Farbe 1518. Schubert, Franz - 17. Die Bose Farbe 1519. Schubert, Franz - 18. Trockne Blumen 1520. Schubert, Franz - 19. Der Mueller Und Der Bach 1521. Schubert, Franz - 20. Des Baches Wiegenlied 1522. Schwanengesang D 957 1523. Schubert, Franz - Die Taubenpost, D. 965a 1524. Schubert, Franz - Der Einsame, D.800 1525. Schubert, Franz - An Die Laute, D. 905 (Op.81/2) 1601. Dichterliebe Op. 48 1602. Schumann, Robert - 1. Im Wunderschonen Monat Mai 1603. Schumann, Robert - 2. Aus Meinen Traenen Spriessen 1604. Schumann, Robert - 3. Die Rose, Die Lilie, Die Tau 1605. Schumann, Robert - 4. Wenn Ich In Deine Augen Seh' 1606. Schumann, Robert - 5. Ich Will Meine Seele Tauchen 1607. Schumann, Robert - 6. Im Rhein, Im Heiligen Strome 1608. Schumann, Robert - 7. Ich Grolle Nicht (Original V 1609. Schumann, Robert - 8. Und Wuessten's Die Blumen, D 1610. Schumann, Robert - 9. Das Ist Ein Floten Und Geige 1611. Heine, Heinrich - 10. Hor' Ich Das Liedchen Klinge 1612. Schumann, Robert - 11. Ein Juengling Liebt Ein Mae 1613. Schumann, Robert - 12. Am Leuchtenden Sommermorgen 1614. Schumann, Robert - 13. Ich Hab' Im Traum Geweinet 1615. Schumann, Robert - 14. Allnaechtlich Im Traume Seh 1616. Schumann, Robert - 15. Aus Alten Maerchen Winkt Es 1617. Schumann, Robert - 16 Die Alten, Bosen Lieder (Ori 1618. Im Fruehling, D.882 1619. Schubert, Franz - Original Version 1620. Auf Dem Wasser Zu Singen D 774 1621. Schubert, Franz - Original Version 1622. Johann Mayrhofer - Nachtstueck, D.672 1623. Schubert, Franz - An Die Entfernte, D.765 1624. Rueckert, Friedrich - Lachen Und Weinen, D.777, Op 1625. Schubert, Franz - Abendstern, D806 1626. Schwanengesang D 957 1627. Heine, Heinrich - Das Fischermaedchen (Original Ve 1628. Schubert, Franz - Sprache Der Liebe, D. 410 1629. Schubert, Franz - Der Einsame, D.800 1630. Schubert, Franz - Der Geistertanz, D. 116 1631. Schubert, Franz - Atys, D585 1632. Schubert, Franz - Auflosung, D.807 1633. Nacht Und Traeume, D.827 1634. Matthaus Casimir Von Collin - Original Version 1701. Schumann, Robert - Szenen Aus Goethes 'Faust' Fuer 1702. Ouvertuere (Original Version) 1703. Szenen Aus Goethes 'Faust' Fuer Solostimmen, Chor 1704. Schumann, Robert - Du Kanntest Mich, O Kleiner Eng 1705. Schumann, Robert - Ach Neige, Du Schmerzenreiche ( 1706. Schumann, Robert - Wie Anders, Gretchen, War Dir's 1707. Schumann, Robert - Die Ihr Dies Haupt Umschwebt Im 1708. Schumann, Robert - Des Lebens Pulse Schlagen Frisc 1709. Schumann, Robert - Ich Heisse Der Mangel (Zweite A 1710. Schumann, Robert - Vier Sah Ich Kommen (Zweite Abt 1711. Schumann, Robert - Die Nacht Scheint Tiefer Tief H 1712. Schumann, Robert - Herbei! Herbei! Herein! Herein 1713. Schumann, Robert - Ein Sumpf Zieht Am Gebirge Hin 1714. Schumann, Robert - Ihn Saettigt Keine Lust (Zweite 1801. Szenen Aus Goethes 'Faust' Fuer Solostimmen, Chor 1802. Schumann, Robert - Waldung, Sie Schwankt Heran (Dr 1803. Schumann, Robert - Ewiger Wonnebrand (Dritte Abtei 1804. Schumann, Robert - Wie Felsenabgrund Mir Zu Fuesse 1805. Schumann, Robert - Gerettet Ist Das Edle Glied (Dr 1806. Schumann, Robert - Hier Ist Die Aussicht Frei (Dri 1807. Schumann, Robert - Dir, Der Unberuehrbaren (Dritte 1808. Schumann, Robert - Alles Vergaengliche Ist Nur Ein 1809. Fuenf Stuecke Im Volkston Op. 102 1810. Schumann, Robert - 1. Vanitas Vanitatum Mit Humor 1811. Schumann, Robert - 2. Langsam 1812. Schumann, Robert - 3. Nicht Schnell, Mit Viel Ton 1813. Schumann, Robert - 4. Nicht Zu Rasch 1814. Schumann, Robert - 5. Stark Und Markiert 1901. Frederick Delius - Summer Night On The River 1902. Two Aquarelles 1903. Frederick Delius - Lento, Ma Non Troppo (Orch. Eri 1904. Frederick Delius - Gaily, But Not Too Quick (Orch. 1905. Bridge, Frank - Christmas Dance Sir Roger De Cove 1906. Introduction & Allegro For Strings, Op.47 1907. Elgar, Edward - Original Version 1908. The Dream Of Gerontius, Op.38 (Original Version) 1909. Elgar, Edward - Prelude (Part 1) 1910. Elgar, Edward - Jesu, Maria, I Am Near To Death (P 1911. Elgar, Edward - Rouse Thee, My Fainting Soul (Part 1912. Elgar, Edward - Sanctus Fortis, Sanctus Deus (Part 1913. Elgar, Edward - Proficiscere, Anima Christiana (Pa 2001. The Dream Of Gerontius, Op.38 (Original Version) 2002. Elgar, Edward - I Went To Sleep (Part 2) 2003. Elgar, Edward - It Is A Member Of That Family Of W 2004. Elgar, Edward - But Hark! Upon My Senses Comes A F 2005. Elgar, Edward - I See Not Those False Spirits (Par 2006. Elgar, Edward - But Hark! A Grand Mysterious Harmo 2007. Elgar, Edward - Thy Judgement Now Is Near (Part 2) 2008. Elgar, Edward - I Go Before My Judge (Part 2) 2009. Elgar, Edward - Softly & Gently (Part 2) 2101. Sonata For Cello & Piano, Op.40 2102. Dmitri Shostakovich - 1. Allegro Non Troppo (Origi 2103. Dmitri Shostakovich - 2. Allegro (Original Version 2104. Dmitri Shostakovich - 3. Largo (Original Version) 2105. Dmitri Shostakovich - 4. Allegro (Original Version 2106. Seven Poems Of Alexander Blok, Op.127 2107. Dmitri Shostakovich - 1. Ophelia's Song (Original 2108. Dmitri Shostakovich - 2. Hamayun, The Prophetic Bi 2109. Dmitri Shostakovich - 3. We Were Together (Origina 2110. Dmitri Shostakovich - 4. The City Is Asleep (Origi 2111. Dmitri Shostakovich - 5. The Storm (Original Versi 2112. Dmitri Shostakovich - 6. Secret Signs (Original Ve 2113. Dmitri Shostakovich - 7. Music (Original Version) 2114. Pohadka For Cello & Piano 2115. Janacek, Leos - 1. Con Moto (Original Version) 2116. Janacek, Leos - 2. Con Moto (Original Version) 2117. Janacek, Leos - 3. Allegro (Original Version) 2201. On Wenlock Edge 2202. Williams, Ralph Vaughan - On Wenlock Edge (Origina 2203. Williams, Ralph Vaughan - From Far, From Eve & Mor 2204. Williams, Ralph Vaughan - Is My Team Ploughing? (O 2205. Williams, Ralph Vaughan - Oh, When I Was In Love W 2206. Williams, Ralph Vaughan - Bredon Hill (Original Ve 2207. Williams, Ralph Vaughan - Clun (Original Version) 2208. Bridge, Frank - Phantasie In F Sharp Minor, For Pi 2209. Sonata For Cello & Piano 2210. Bridge, Frank - 1. Allegro Ben Moderato (Original 2211. Bridge, Frank - 2. Allegro Ma Non Troppo - Molto A 2212. Sonata For Cello & Piano In D Minor 2213. Debussy, Claude - 1. Prologue Lent (Original Versi 2214. Debussy, Claude - 2. Serenade Moderement Anime (Or 2215. Debussy, Claude - 3. Finale Anime (Original Versio 2301. Shepherd's Hey 2302. Percy Grainger - Original Version 2303. Percy Grainger - Willow Willow 2304. I'm Seventeen Come Sunday 2305. Percy Grainger - Original Version 2306. Percy Grainger - Bold William Taylor 2307. Percy Grainger - There Was A Pig Went Out To Dig 2308. Percy Grainger - My Robin Is To The Greenwood Gone 2309. Percy Grainger - Lord Maxwell's Goodnight 2310. Percy Grainger - The Duke Of Marlborough - Fanfare 2311. Percy Grainger - Let's Dance Gay In Green Meadow 2312. Scotch Strathspey & Reel 2313. Percy Grainger - Original Version 2314. Percy Grainger - The Pretty Maid Milkin' Her Cow.. 2315. Percy Grainger - Lisbon 2316. The Lost Lady Found 2317. Percy Grainger - Original Version 2318. Shallow Brown 2319. Percy Grainger - Original Version 2320. Sweeter Than Roses 2321. Henry Purcell - Realised Benjamin Britten 2322. Haydn, Joseph - Sailor's Song - Hob.xxvia:31 (1794 2323. Haydn, Joseph - The Wanderer 2324. Haydn, Joseph - Sympathy, H.xxvia:33 2325. Haydn, Joseph - She Never Told Her Love - Hob.xxvi 2326. Haydn, Joseph - Piercing Eyes, H.xxvia:35 2327. Haydn, Joseph - Content, H.xxvia:36 2401. Humbert Wolfe Songs 2402. Holst, Gustav - Persephone (Original Version) 2403. Holst, Gustav - Things Lovelier (Original Version) 2404. Holst, Gustav - Now In These Fairylands (Original 2405. Holst, Gustav - A Little Music (Original Version) 2406. Holst, Gustav - The Thought (Original Version) 2407. Holst, Gustav - The Floral Bandit (Original Versio 2408. Holst, Gustav - Envoi (Original Version) 2409. Holst, Gustav - The Dream City (Original Version) 2410. Holst, Gustav - Journey End (Original Version) 2411. Holst, Gustav - In The Street Of Lost Time (Origin 2412. Holst, Gustav - Rhyme (Original Version) 2413. Holst, Gustav - Betelgeuse (Original Version) 2414. 'Tis But A Week 2415. Bridge, Frank - Original Version 2416. Goldenhair 2417. Bridge, Frank - Original Version 2418. When You Are Old 2419. Bridge, Frank - Original Version 2420. So Perverse 2421. Bridge, Frank - Original Version 2422. Journey's End 2423. Bridge, Frank - Original Version 2424. Go Not Happy Day 2425. Bridge, Frank - Original Version 2426. Love Went A-riding 2427. Bridge, Frank - Original Version 2428. A Shropshire Lad 2429. George Butterworth - Is My Team Ploughing? (Origin 2430. Ernest Moeran - In Youth Is Pleasure 2431. Yarmouth Fair 2432. Warlock, Peter - Original Version 2433. The Land Of Lost Content 2434. John Ireland - The Lent Lily (Original Version) 2435. John Ireland - Ladslove (Original Version) 2436. John Ireland - Goal & Wicket (Original Version) 2437. John Ireland - The Vain Desire (Original Version) 2438. John Ireland - The Encounter (Original Version) 2439. John Ireland - Epilogue (Original Version) 2440. The Trellis 2441. John Ireland - Original Version 2442. Love & Friendship 2443. John Ireland - Original Version 2444. Friendship In Misfortune 2445. John Ireland - Original Version 2446. The One Hope 2447. John Ireland - Original Version 2448. I Have Twelve Oxen 2449. John Ireland - Original Version 2450. Lennox Berkeley - How Love Came In 2451. Three Chinese Lyrics 2452. Oldham, Arthur - Herd Boy's Song (Original Version 2453. Oldham, Arthur - Fishing (Original Version) 2454. Oldham, Arthur - Pedlar Of Spells (Original Versio 2455. Songs For Ariel 2456. Tippett, Michael - Come Unto These Yellow Sands 2457. Tippett, Michael - Full Fathom Five 2458. Tippett, Michael - Where The Bee Sucks 2501. Ganymed, D. 544 Op.19/3 2502. Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von - Original Version 2503. Schubert, Franz - Du Liebst Mich Nicht, D.756 2504. Rueckert, Friedrich - Lachen Und Weinen, D.777, Op 2505. Schubert, Franz - Der Einsame, D.800 2506. Schubert, Franz - Du Bist Die Ruh, Op.59 No.3 - 2507. Schubert, Franz - Der Musensohn, D.764 2508. Johann Mayrhofer - Der Zuernenden Diana, D 707 2509. Schubert, Franz - Sprache Der Liebe, D. 410 2510. Schubert, Franz - Wer Sich Der Einsamkeit Ergibt 2511. Schubert, Franz - Der Musensohn, Op.92 No.1 - D.76 2512. Schubert, Franz - Du Bist Die Ruh, Op.59 No.3 - D7 2513. Geheimes, D719 Goethe 2514. Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von - Original Version 2515. Schwanengesang D 957 2516. Schubert, Franz - Die Stadt 2517. Harfenspieler Iii, D. 480 2518. Schubert, Franz - Wer Nie Sein Brot Mit Traenen As 2519. Rueckert, Friedrich - Dass Sie Hier Gewesen, D 775 2520. Johann Mayrhofer - Der Zuernenden Diana, D 707 2521. Schubert, Franz - Ganymed, D. 544 (Op.19/3) 2522. Sellinger's Round - Variations For Keyboard 2523. William Byrd - Theme Byrd (Variations On An Elizab 2524. William Byrd - Variation 1 - Allegro Non Troppo (V 2525. William Byrd - Variation 2 - Lament (Variations On 2526. William Byrd - Variation 3 - Andante (Variations O 2527. William Byrd - Variation 4 - Quick & Gay (Variatio 2528. William Byrd - Variation 5 - Nocturne (Variations 2529. William Byrd - Variation 6 - Finale - Presto Gioco 2530. Gloriana, Op.53 (Original Version) 2531. Britten, Benjamin - Fanfare (Act 1 Scene 1) 2532. God Save The Queen 2533. Anonymous - Arr. Benjamin Britten 2601. Ode For Saint Cecilia's Day Hwv76 2602. Haendel, Georg Friedrich - Overture (Original Vers 2603. Haendel, Georg Friedrich - From Harmony, From Hea 2604. Haendel, Georg Friedrich - Chorus: From Harmony, F 2605. Haendel, Georg Friedrich - What Passion Cannot Mus 2606. Haendel, Georg Friedrich - The Trumpet's Loud Clan 2607. Haendel, Georg Friedrich - March (Original Version 2608. Haendel, Georg Friedrich - But Bright Cecilia (Ori 2609. Haendel, Georg Friedrich - As From Pow'r Of Sacred 2610. Cosi Fan Tutte 2611. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Overture (Die Schule De 2612. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Si Mostra La Sorte, K 2613. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Per Pieta, Non Ricerca 2614. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Maurerische Trauermusik 2615. Sinfonie Nr. 40 G-moll Kv 550 2616. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 1. Molto Allegro 2617. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 2. Andante 2618. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 3. Menuetto Allegretto 2619. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 4. Finale Allegro Assai


My Other Self - 2826931031

63,04 zł

My Other Self Christian Classics Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Modeled on the fifteenth-century classic The Imitation of Christ, this new edition of a little-known Enzler masterwork is revived for modern Christians. This new edition includes an introduction from the authors son, Msgr. John Enzler, pastor of the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Washington, D.C. In this intimate guide to the spiritual life, Christ speaks directly to the reader, whom Christ admonishes to be his presence of love and service in the world. Through this creative mode of dialogue, Enzler leads the reader through the journey of the Christian life, beginning with the call to live in friendship with Christ and fulfill Christs desire. He then examines the means of the Christian life: detachment, virtue, prayer, avoidance of sin, and the Eucharist. Finally he explores the goal of the journey: a life of union with Christ as his disciple and complete joy with him in eternity. Each chapter is divided into short, eloquent sections based on scripture and with beautiful prayers for meditation. These convenient divisions make the book ideal for use as a daily devotional, or a guide to prayer.


Isherwood - 2827110528

81,82 zł

Isherwood Picador

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Born into the English landed gentry, the heir to a substantial country estate, Christopher Isherwood ended up in California, an American citizen and the disciple of a Hindu swami. En route, he became a leading writer of the 1930's generation, an unmatched chronicler of pre-Hitler Berlin, an experimental dramatist, a war reporter, a travel writer, a pacifist, a Hollywood screenwriter, a monk, and a grand old man of the emerging gay liberation movement. In this biography, the first to be written since Isherwood's death, and the only one with access to all Isherwood's papers, Peter Parker traces the long journey of a man who never felt at home wherever he lived. Isherwood's travels were a means of escape: from his family, his class, his country, and the dead weight of the past. Parker reveals the truth about Isherwood's relationship with his war-hero father, his strong-willed mother, and his disturbed younger brother, Richard, who was also homosexual. He also draws upon a vast number of letters to describe Isherwood's complicated relationships with such lifelong friends as W. H. Auden, Stephen Spender, Edward Upward and John Lehmann. The result is a frank portrait of contradictions, a man searching for meaning in life, and one of the twentieth century's most significant writers.


Radical Spirituality - 2826915620

117,32 zł

Radical Spirituality Orbis Books (USA)

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A unique blend of autobiography, scriptural exegesis, political critique, and religious manifesto, this book is aimed at Christians who seek a deeper, more authentic spirituality. The author, a Mennonite minister and the director of an interfaith intentional community in New York, interprets the message of Jesus in the Bible to mean we are each called to a more radical form of discipleship, and to be a counter-witness to our prevailing culture in our spirituality and way of life. In addition to telling his own long journey to his current faith, Storbakken also offers a strong critique of contemporary American culture and religious expression. This is the story of my pursuit of God and the cloud of witnesses who have shaped me, writes Storbakken. I have had many failings in my life, and expect more struggles before this life is over, yet through these obstacles I have encountered a God who provides redemption and liberation, light and love to all who humbly, earnestly call upon the Holy Name. While this book is my personal story, that is, my testimony of Christ s work in my life, it is also a description of the theology and praxis that I have encountered as a disciple on the margins of the church as well as the margins of society. "


The Schools of Athens by Raphael - 2837896465

143,58 zł

The Schools of Athens by Raphael Academia Verlag GmbH

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In his Journey to Italy Goethe writes that one can not look at great paintings like the School of Athens only as a whole, since 'the pleasure derived from the first impression is incomplete; only when one has seen and studied every detail, slowly and part by part, the enjoyment is complete'. In this book Giovanni Reale aims at achieving exactly this, namely studying and describing Rafael's fresco slowly and part by part, with the full reproduction of the cartone. This is the only way to achieve Goethe's complete enjoyment. Reale shows how Rafael proceeds according to a perfectly Platonic scheme, and follows it with the utmost precision. The general scheme (as pointed out by Winner) is the one presented by Plato in book VII of the Republic, where he states that it is necessary to start from those disciplines that 'bring the soul from becoming to being', that is from the mathematical sciences, and through them reach the highest level of knowledge, that brings to the perception of the Absolute. In the lower side of the School of Athens are represented the mathematical sciences: on the left music and arithmetic with the Pythagoreans, on the right geometry and astronomy. The steps painted at the centre of the fresco express the higher degrees of knowledge successively reached with these sciences. With the first group of characters on the lower left side, around the base where a large column should be built, Raphael represents the rituals of an Orphic ceremony. Indeed Orphism had been one of the fundations of Greek thought (as confirmed by Plato in Phaedon). The great Pre-Socratics of the nearby group are those inspired by Orphism: Pythagoras, Empedocles and Heraclitus. In the upper side are represented the most significant philosophers. The first group represents the Sophists being expelled by a Socratic philosopher. Then we find the Socratics, followed by the Platonists, with the majestic figure of Plato with his finger pointed to the sky, that is to the Transcendent. The beautiful group of Aristotle and his followers is represented as being in harmony with Plato. At the centre of the right end side, after a master guiding a disciple of his, there is the great Plotinus, never recognised in the past, whom Reale succeeds in identifying using rigorous arguments. The last three philosophers on the right represent Cynics of a later period. Below Aristotle there is the wonderful figure of Diogenes the Cynic sitting on the second step: the only philosopher of the Hellenistic period represented by Raphael, since he summarises to a certain extent also the message of the Stoics. Missing are Epicurus, the Epicureans and the Skeptics. These philosophers do not fit the Platonic scheme that guides and inspires Raphael, because they do not help in any way to move up, through the mathematical sciences, to the knowledge of the Being. The fresco is indeed an extraordinary history of philosophical thought, from a Platonic point of view, from its origins to the late Hellenistic period, covering almost a thousand years, symbolically contracted in an eternal present.


Commandments - 2826677699

31,36 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Pilgrim is a major new teaching and discipleship resource from the Church of England. It will help enquirers and new Christians explore what it means to travel through life with Jesus Christ. A Christian course for the twenty-first century, Pilgrim offers an approach of participation, not persuasion. Enquirers are encouraged to practice the ancient disciplines of biblical reflection and prayer, exploring key texts that have helped people since the earliest days of the Christian faith. Believing that the Christian faith is primarily about relationship, Pilgrim aims to lay a foundation for a lifetime of learning more about God's love revealed in Jesus Christ and what it means to be his disciple. Assuming little or no knowledge of the Christian faith, Pilgrim can be used at any point on the journey of discipleship and by every tradition in the Church of England. Pilgrim is made up of two parts: Follow and Grow. Each consists of four short courses and a leaders' guide. Follow introduces the Christian faith for complete beginners, while Grow aims to develop a deeper level of discipleship in those who have turned to Christ. Each short course contains six-sessions, supported by online audio-visual resources. All sessions combine a simple framework prayer, reflection on the Bible in the lectio divina style, an article by a modern writer, and time for questions and reflection. This third book in the Follow Stage, The Commandments, explores priorities, reverence, rest, respect, rectitude and reliability. Contributors include Andrew Watson, Victoria Matthews, J.John, Lucy Winkett, Alan Smith and Rachel Treweek.


Licking the Spoon - 2827178743

74,98 zł

Licking the Spoon Avalon Publishing Group

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Recipes and cookbooks, meals and mouthfuls have framed the way Candace Walsh sees the world for as long as she can remember, from her frosting-spackled childhood to her meat-eschewing college years to her post-college phase as a devoted Martha Stewart's "Entertaining" disciple. In "Licking the Spoon, " Walsh tells how, lacking role models in her early life, she turned to cookbook authors real and fictitious (Betty Crocker, Martha Stewart, Mollie Katzen, Daniel Boulud, and more) to learn, unlearn, and redefine her own womanhood. Through the lens of food, Walsh recounts her life's journey--from unhappy adolescent to straight-identified wife and mother to divorcee in a same-sex relationship--and she throws in some dishy revelations, a-ha moments, take-home tidbits, and mouth-watering recipes for good measure. A surprising and rambunctiously liberating tale of cooking and eating, loving and being loved, "Licking the Spoon" is the story of how--accompanied by pivotal recipes, cookbooks, culinary movements, and guides--one woman learned that you can not only recover but blossom after a comically horrible childhood if you just have the right recipes, a little luck, and an appetite for life's next meal.


Secret Art of Derobio Escrima - 2826623537

112,54 zł

Secret Art of Derobio Escrima Tambuli Media

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In The Secret Art of Derobio Escrima Grandmaster Dan Medina will take you on a journey into the lives and history of two of Leyte's Legendary Men. One was considered to be one of the Philippines most dangerous rebels, a leader of the Pulahan Movement and later a patriot. General Faustino Ablen (aka Papa Ablen). The other was his disciple, Grandmaster Braulio Tomada Pedo, who is not only be remembered for his kindness, physical and spiritual healing, but also for his great ability in Filipino martial arts. In this book Dan Medina sheds light into the deadliness of this bone and joint crushing art. The Secret Art of Derobio Escrima is the first look into this amazing battle tested art of Derobio Escrima. Not only does it take you through the basics of Derobio Escrima, it also gives you a glimpse into inner workings of countering. This book is written with the student in mind and will take you beyond the basics. It's designed to walk you through the principles and theories behind striking, blocking, counter attacks and locks. Of great interest is the counter to counter movement of Derobio Escrima, which sets this art apart from other arts. It's like the standup grappling of the Filipino martial arts with weapons. It teaches you how to move with the opponent's force, taking and using their energy and flow against them. The stick locks which have made this system famous will make you want to jump out of your skin.


Death Instinct - 2826918464

79,59 zł

Death Instinct Hachette

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Ten years on from THE INTERPRETATION OF MURDER, Stratham Younger and James Littlemore embark on a thrilling new adventure in the aftermath of a terrorist attack in New York; it is a story that will lead Stratham to the heart of war-ravaged Europe, where he will once again encounter Sigmund Freud. 12.01pm, September 16, 1920. A quarter ton of explosives is detonated on New York's Wall Street, the deadliest attack in the United States' 150 year history. Stratham Younger, recently returned from the battlefields of Europe, witnesses the explosion alongside Captain James Littlemore of the NYPD and Veronique Bourg, a brilliant and beautiful young disciple of Marie Curie. Littlemore's investigation will lead him into conflict with the FBI, and to the centre of a dangerous web of corruption that links Wall Street and Washington. Meanwhile Stratham and Veronique embark on a perilous journey that will take them to Vienna, where Freud will shed light on his theory of the human desire for destruction, even self-destruction, which he terms 'the death instinct'.


Purpose Driven Life - 2826800174

54,60 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

You are not an accident. Even before the universe was created, God had you in mind, and he planned you for his purposes. These purposes will extend far beyond the few years you will spend on earth. You were made to last forever! Self-help books often suggest that you try to discover the meaning and purpose of your life by looking within yourself, but Rick Warren says that is the wrong place to start. You must begin with God, your Creator, and his reasons for creating you. You were made by God and for God, and until you understand that, life will never make sense. This book will help you understand why you are alive and God's amazing plan for you - both here and now, and for eternity. Rick Warren will guide you through a personal 40-day spiritual journey that will transform your answer to life's most important question: What on earth am I here for? Knowing God's purpose for creating you will reduce your stress, focus your energy, simplify your decisions, give meaning to your life, and, most importantly, prepare you for eternity. The Purpose Driven Life is a blueprint for Christian living in the 21st century - a lifestyle based on God's eternal purposes, not cultural values. Using over 1,200 scriptural quotes and references, it challenges the conventional definitions of worship, fellowship, disciple.


Radical Discipleship - 2826934344

110,32 zł

Radical Discipleship Books on Demand

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

update.j is a discipleship training course created for Young Adults of the United Methodist church who want to grow more into the image of God. The module "Radical Discipleship" is taking the participants along an exciting journey of exploring what it practically means to be a Disciple of Jesus Christ. The module contains 5 weeks to work through. Daily the participant is studying a lesson for about 20 minutes and has then the opportunity to meet up with a group on a weekly base to reflect and to dig deeper into the topic.


Ramana Maharshi and the Path of Self Knowledge - 2826928057

52,21 zł

Ramana Maharshi and the Path of Self Knowledge Rider & Co

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Introduced to the West by Paul Brunton, Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi (1879-1950) is widely hailed as the greatest Indian saint and sage in modern times, whose teachings continue to influence thousands around the world today. This intimate biography by his disciple Arthur Osborne interweaves the story of Ramana's life with his spiritual journey, from his awakening as a teenager to his later teachings and writings, offering a detailed account of a unique life. Osborne shares many of Ramana's lessons, including his emphasis on the importance of self-enquiry - that self-knowledge cannot be gained externally, but only through becoming aware of our own state of pure being. With his emphasis on the qualities of insight, simplicity and kindness, Ramana has much to offer us today.


Sun Wu - Kong - 2839406613

104,99 zł



1. Vision 1 2. Birth Of The Jade Monkey 3. Float Away 4. Spirit Tower 5. Heart Mountain 6. Return To Flower Fruit Mountain 7. Sun Wu-kong's Dream Heaven 8. War Against Heaven 9. Capture & Punishment 10. Vision 2 11. The Ballad Of Kuang-jui 12. Dark Waters 13. Float Away 14. Riverfloat 15. Becomes A Monk 16. Lady Yin's Dream 17. Riverfloat Becomes Tripitaka 18. The Journey Begins 19. Boqin & His Mother's Dream 20. Boqin Accompanies Tripitaka 21. Master & Disciple 22. Fire Monastery 101. Pa-chieh 102. Sha Monk 103. Kuan Yin's Theme 104. Float Away 105. Mountain Of Infinite Longevity 106. The Ginseng Tree 107. Islands Of The Immortals 108. Kuan Yin's Theme 109. Flashes 110. Wu-kong Is Sent Away 111. Return Of The King 112. Yellow Robe 113. Battle 114. Unlikely Transformations 115. Kuan Yin's Theme 116. Float Away 117. Seasons 118. Nights Of Song 119. Vulture Peak & Enlightenment


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