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A Forbidden Temptation - 2840404571

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A Forbidden Temptation

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Fiction & related items>Romance>Adult & contemporary romance

An Unwanted Desire... With The Death Of His Wife Still Raw, Jack Connolly's Mood Is Dark And Dangerous. He's Not Looking For A Woman - Until He Meets Buttonedup But Beautiful Grace Spencer, Who Stirs His Senses Back To Life. Yet Jack Cannot Act On His Feelings Because Grace Belongs To Another!


Temptation - 2845972414

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Temptation MG Music

Muzyka>Muzyka świata>New Age

1. The Magic Lamp 2. Forbidden Fruit 3. A Single Wish 4. Temptation 5. Entranced 6. Falling


Beautiful Temptation - 2853024319

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Beautiful Temptation

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Nieprzypisane

They Say Forbidden Fruit Always Tastes The Sweetest. But That


Horror movies as a part of American Popculture - 2826787190

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Horror movies as a part of American Popculture GRIN Verlag

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Seminar paper from the year 2004 in the subject American Studies - Culture and Applied Geography, grade: 2,0, Ernst Moritz Arndt University of Greifswald (Institut für Angelistik und Amerikanistik), course: American Beliefs and Popular Culture, 11 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: Fear is the most powerful emotion in the human race and fear of theunknown is probably the most ancient. You are dealing with stuffeverybody has felt If you are making a horror film, you get to playwith the audiences feelings. John CarpenterHorror movies originate from fictional work that portrays the dark side of life with the primary aim of frightening and terrifying its audience. By presenting horrifying images, of several incorporating sub-genres and repeated themes, such as vampires and werewolves, demonic possessions, evil children, cannibals and zombies, alien invasion and mindcontrol, film makers like John Carpenter create a world where the worst nightmares become true. According to the adolescents who are providing the genre s target group, monster movies always deal with the irresistible temptation of the unknown and forbidden, and therefore shock with a horrific impact of terrifying elements. (...)Since horror and monster movies stand for an important part of the American film industry and with it of its popular culture throughout the last eight decades, it is useful to look at the development of the horror genre in its historical and cultural context, and thus to focus again on the question of interpretive perspective. As horror movies, despite all obscurity, still deal with real fears of a society or the urge to break with social conventions, concentrating on the change of themes, styles and characters of the genre, means to learn more about the American collective consciousness and what was bothering a whole society during the 20th century.


Jack Turner - Spice - 2848953411

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Jack Turner - Spice Vintage Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A brilliant, original history of the spice trade--and the appetites that fueled it. It was in search of the fabled Spice Islands and their cloves that Magellan charted the first circumnavigation of the globe. Vasco da Gama sailed the dangerous waters around Africa to India on a quest for Christians--and spices. Columbus sought gold and pepper but found the New World. By the time these fifteenth- and sixteenth-century explorers set sail, the aromas of these savory, seductive seeds and powders had tempted the palates and imaginations of Europe for centuries. "Spice: The History of a Temptation is a history of the spice trade told not in the conventional narrative of politics and economics, nor of conquest and colonization, but through the intimate human impulses that inspired and drove it. Here is an exploration of the centuries-old desire for spice in food, in medicine, in magic, in religion, and in sex--and of the allure of forbidden fruit lingering in the scents of cinnamon, pepper, ginger, nutmeg, mace, and clove. We follow spices back through time, through history, myth, archaeology, and literature. We see spices in all their diversity, lauded as love potions and aphrodisiacs, as panaceas and defenses against the plague. We journey from religious rituals in which spices were employed to dispel demons and summon gods to prodigies of gluttony both fantastical and real. We see spices as a luxury for a medieval king's ostentation, as a mummy's deodorant, as the last word in haute cuisine. Through examining the temptations of spice we follow in the trails of the spice seekers leading from the deserts of ancient Syria to thrill-seekers on the Internet. We discover howspice became one of the first and most enduring links between Asia and Europe. We see in the pepper we use so casually the relic of a tradition linking us to the appetites of Rome, Elizabethan England, and the pharaohs. And we capture the pleasure of spice not only at the tab


O Pioneers! - 2826907748

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Willa Cather said that O Pioneers! was her first authentic novel, "the first time I walked off on my own feet - everything before was half real and half an imitation of writers whom I admired." Cather's novel of life on the Nebraska frontier established her reputation as a writer of great note and marked a significant turning point in her artistic development. No longer would she let literary convention guide the form of her writing; the materials themselves would dictate the structure. Cather's O Pioneers! is the sentimental and somewhat controversial story of the Bergsons, a family of Swedish pioneers that settles for life on the American prairie. While Alexandra, the family matriarch, is able to turn the family farm into a financial success, her brother Emil must grapple with the solace and tragedy of forbidden love. A novel surprisingly ahead of its time, this proto-feminist work touches on a wide range of enduring themes, including love, marriage, temptation, and isolation.


Damsel in Distress - 2844858980

44,95 zł

Damsel in Distress CONSTABLE & ROBINSON

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Simply mad about the girl...In spring a young man's fancy will turn to love and the Honourable Phillip Petrie is no exception. Daisy's chum is totally smitten with Miss Gloria Arbuckle, daughter of a millionaire Yank. But before the enthusiastic suitor can pop the question, his beloved is abducted by kidnappers. As a distraught Mr Arbuckle begins assembling the ransom, Phillip enlists Daisy to help him recover his missing sweetheart. Strictly forbidden to contact Scotland Yard, Daisy must resist the temptation to bring dashing Detective Inspector Alec Fletcher onto the case. But as she closes in on the abductors' rural hideway, she begins to suspect that Gloria isn't the only fair damsel whose life hangs in the balance...Praise for the "Daisy Dalrymple" series: 'Cunning...appropriate historical detail and witty dialogue are the finishing touches on this engaging 1920s period piece' - "Publishers Weekly". 'As always, Dunn evokes the life and times of 1920s England while providing a plot that is a cut above the average British cosy. This will delight readers who love country-house mysteries' - "Booklist". 'For fans of Dorothy L. Sayers' novels' - "Library Journal".


On the World and Ourselves - 2844570204

111,25 zł

On the World and Ourselves Wiley-Blackwell

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Unde malum from where does evil come? That is the question that has plagued humankind ever since Eve, seduced by the serpent, tempted Adam to taste the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Throughout history the awareness of good and evil has always been linked to the awareness of choice and to the freedom and responsibility to choose this is what makes us human. But the responsibility to choose is a burden that weighs heavily on our shoulders, and the temptation to hand this over to someone else be they a demagogue or a scientist who claims to trace everything back to our genes is a tempting illusion, like the paradise in which humans have at last been relieved of the moral responsibility for their actions.§§In the second series of their conversations Zygmunt Bauman and Stanislaw Obirek reflect on the life challenges confronted by the denizens of the fragmented, individualized society of consumers and the form taken in such a society by the fundamental aspects of the human condition - such as human responsibility for the choice between good and evil, self-formation and self-assertion, the need for recognition or the call to empathy, mutual respect, human dignity and tolerance.


The Complete Albums Collection - 2849951249

399,99 zł

The Complete Albums Collection Sony Music Entertainment


1. Into The Pit - Demo 2. Nailed To The Gun - Demo 3. Now You Die - Demo 4. Life In Black - Demo 5. Kill It - Demo 6. Contortion - Demo 7. Forbidden - Demo 8. War Of Words - Demo 9. Psycho Suicide - Demo 10. Down - Demo 11. Vicious - Demo 12. Beast Denies - Demo 13. Laid To Rest - Demo 14. Jesus Saves - Demo 15. Dead Men Talk - Demo 16. For All Eternity - Demo 101. Into The Pit 102. Nailed To The Gun 103. Life In Black 104. Immortal Sin 105. War Of Words 106. Laid To Rest 107. For All Eternity 108. Little Crazy 109. Contortion 110. Kill It 111. Vicious 112. Reality, A New Beginning 201. Into The Pit - Live 202. Nailed To The Gun - Live 203. Freewheel Burning - Live 204. Little Crazy - Live 205. War Of Words - Bloody Tongue Mix 206. Kill It - Dutch Death Mix 207. Vicious - Middle Finger Mix 208. Immortal Sin - Tolerance Mix 209. Little Crazy - Straight Jacket Mix 301. I Am Alive 302. Mouthpiece 303. Legacy Of Hate 304. Blowout In The Radio Room 305. Never Again 306. Small Deadly Space 307. Gretna Greene 308. Beneath The Violence 309. Human Crate 310. In A World Of My Own Making 401. I Am A Pig 402. Stutter Kiss 403. Water's Leaking 404. My Ceiling's Low 405. Leave Me Alone 406. If 407. Deep In The Ground 408. Hey, Sha La La 409. Wake Up 410. Gimp 411. Bed Of Rust 501. Resurrection 502. Made In Hell 503. Locked & Loaded 504. Night Fall 505. Silent Screams 506. The One You Love To Hate 507. Cyber World 508. Slow Down 509. Twist 510. Temptation 511. Drive 512. Savior 601. Resurrection - Live Insurrection 602. Made In Hell - Live Insurrection 603. Into The Pit - Live Insurrection 604. Nailed To The Gun - Live Insurrection 605. Light Comes Out Of Black - Live Insurrection 606. Stained Class - Live Insurrection 607. Jawbreaker - Live Insurrection 608. Running Wild - Live Insurrection 609. Slow Down - Live Insurrection 610. The One You Love To Hate - Live Insurrection 611. Life In Black - Live Insurrection 612. Hell's Last Survivor - Live Insurrection 613. Sad Wings - Live Insurrection 614. Saviour - Live Insurrection 615. Silent Screams - Live Insurrection 701. Cyberworld - Live Insurrection 702. The Hellion - Live Insurrection 703. Electric Eye - Live Insurrection 704. Riding On The Wind - Live Insurrection 705. Genocide (1st Encore) - Live Insurrection 706. Beyond The Realms Of Death - Live Insurrection 707. Metal Gods (2nd Encore) - Live Insurrection 708. Breaking The Law - Live Insurrection 709. Blackout - Live Insurrection 710. Tyrant - Live Insurrection 711. Screaming In The Dark - Studio Recording 712. Heart Of A Lion - Studio Recording 713. Prisoner Of Your Eyes - Studio Recording 801. Betrayal - Remastered 802. One Will - Remastered 803. Hearts Of Darkness - Remastered 804. Golgotha - Remastered 805. Handing Out Bullets - Remastered 806. Crystal - Remastered 807. Fugitive - Remastered 808. Wrath Of God - Remastered 809. In The Morning - Remastered 810. Rock The World Forever - Remastered 811. Crucible - Remastered 812. Heretic - Remastered 813. She - Remastered 814. Weaving Sorrow - Remastered 815. Sun - Remastered 816. Trail Of Tears - Remastered 901. Painkiller - Live In Anaheim 902. Rapid Fire - Live In Anaheim 903. Heretic - Live In Anaheim 904. Resurrection - Live In Anaheim 905. Made In Hell - Live In Anaheim 906. Golgotha - Live In Anaheim 907. Into The Pit - Live In Anaheim 908. Light Comes Out Of Black - Live In Anaheim 909. White Heat Red Hot - Live In Anaheim 910. Never Satisfied - Live In Anaheim 911. Breaking The Law - Live In Anaheim 912. Hearts Of Darkness - Live In Anaheim 913. Handing Out Bullets - Live In Anaheim 1001. Diamonds & Rust - Live In Anaheim 1002. Hellion - Live In Anaheim 1003. Electric Eye - Live In Anaheim 1004. Riding On The Wind - Live In Anaheim 1005. Victim Of Changes - Live In Anaheim 1006. You've Got Another Thing Comin' - Live In Anaheim 1007. Heretic - Live In Japan 1008. Sun - Live In Japan 1009. Golgotha - Live In Japan 1010. One Will - Live In Japan 1101. Get Into The Spirit 1102. We Three Kings 1103. Oh Come, O Come, Emanuel 1104. Winter Song 1105. What Child Is This? 1106. Christmas For Everyone 1107. I Don't Care 1108. Light Of The World 1109. Oh Holy Night 1110. Come All Ye Faithful 1201. Undisputed 1202. Fire & Ice 1203. Made Of Metal 1204. Speed Of Sound 1205. Like There's No Tomorrow 1206. Till The Day I Die 1207. We Own The Night 1208. Heartless 1209. Hell Razor 1210. Thunder & Lightning 1211. Twenty-five Years 1212. Matador 1213. I Know We Stand A Chance 1214. The Mower 1301. Resurrection - Live At Saitama Super Arena 1302. Made In Hell - Live At Saitama Super Arena 1303. Locked & Loaded - Live At Saitama Super Arena 1304. Drop Out - Live At Saitama Super Arena 1305. Made Of Metal - Live At Saitama Super Arena 1306. Undisputed - Live At Saitama Super Arena 1307. Nailed To The Gun - Live At Saitama Super Arena 1308. Golgotha - Live At Saitama Super Arena 1309. Fire & Ice - Live At Saitama Super Arena 1310. Green Manalishi With The Two-pronged Crown - Live 1311. Diamonds & Rust - Live At Saitama Super Arena 1312. Jawbreaker - Live At Saitama Super Arena 1313. Cyberworld - Live At Saitama Super Arena 1314. Like There's No Tomorrow - Live At Saitama Super A 1315. Thunder & Lightning - Live At Saitama Super Aren


Mammoth Book of Urban Erotic Confessions - 2826828722

44,95 zł

Mammoth Book of Urban Erotic Confessions CONSTABLE & ROBINSON

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

True stories of temptation and seduction from the big city - spanking, domination and submission, group games, and every other kind of downright rude and kinky fuckery you can imagine, as well as some you probably can't. This collection of over 100 first-person accounts of amazing sexual adventures, in which real people give free rein to their innermost secrets and desires, follows in the footsteps of the bestselling Mammoth Book of Erotic Confessions. Here you will find vivid confessions of sexual encounters to startle, amuse, shock and excite, as men and women reveal their most daring and outrageous sexual secrets, from a good old-fashioned spanking to bondage and submission, from solo experiences to groups getting it on, and from guilty secrets to sex in public places. Barbara Cardy has once again done a fantastic job of ruthlessly whittling down literally thousands of submissions to this collection of well over 100 sexy secrets. There are no categories; to an open mind, each confession has the potential to seduce. Whatever your kink - voyeurism, first-times, oral sex, uniforms, hotels, good friends, secret mistresses, lingerie, domination and submission, threesomes, anal, outdoor sex, forbidden fantasies, spanking or downright sadism - you'll find what you're looking for here. Erotic dreams can come true, as they do here, from New York to Amsterdam, from LA to Stockholm, and from Sydney to Paris.


Very Best Of -remast- - 2842851375

67,99 zł

Very Best Of -remast-


1. Quiet Village 2. Flower 3. Love Dance 4. Busy Port 5. Japanese Farewell Song (Sayonara) 6. Isle Of Dreams 7. Singing Bamboos 8. Forbidden Island 9. Exotica 10. Narcissus Queen 11. Mau Mau 12. Bangkok Cockfight 13. Kalua 14. Limehouse Blues 15. Caravan 16. Bamboo Lullaby 17. Manila 18. Hypnotique 19. Jungle Madness 20. Voodoo Dreams 21. American In Bali 22. The Enchanted Sea 23. Cross Current 24. Off Shore 25. Stardust 101. Stranger In Paradise 102. Martinique 103. Happy Talk 104. Sake Rock 105. Fire Cracker 106. Paradise Found 107. Baja 108. Ma Chumba 109. Cubano Chant 110. Swamp Fire 111. Simba 112. Temptation 113. Carioca 114. Ruby 115. Over The Rainbow 116. Strange Music 117. Moonlight & Shadows 118. Miserlou 119. Moonlight On The Ganges 120. Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise 121. My Shawl 122. Blue Paradise 123. Black Orchid 124. A Taste Of Honey 125. Quiet Village


Darkest Touch - 2826760881

39,46 zł

Darkest Touch BOOK TRADERS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Torin... the most dangerous Lord of the Underworld. Fierce immortal warrior. Host to a deadly demon. Torin's every touch could cause deaths. For Torin, indulging in carnal pleasure is utterly forbidden. He has always overcome temptation with an iron will, but now his control is about to shatter.


Mad Love - 2845289605

91,85 zł

Mad Love University of Nebraska Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Mad Love has been acknowledged an undisputed classic of the surrealist movement since its first publication in France in 1937. Its adulation of love as both mystery and revelation places it in the most abiding of literary traditions, but its stormy history and technical difficulty have prevented it from being translated into English until now. "There has never been any forbidden fruit. Only temptation is divine," writes Andre Breton, leader of the surrealists in Paris in the 1920s and '30s. Mad Love is dedicated to defying "the widespread opinion that love wears out, like the diamond, in its own dust." Celebrating breton's own love and lover, the book unveils the marvelous in everyday encounters and the hidden depths of ordinary things. "Translator Caws provides a masterly introduction and annotation," wrote the reviewer for the Library Journal. Mary Ann Caws, Distinguished Professor of French, English, and Comparative Literature at Hunter College and the Graduate School of the City University of New York, is the author or translator of more than twenty books.


All This Happiness - 2839561849

82,49 zł

All This Happiness P.S. CLASSICS


1. Help Me 2. I Love The Way You're Breaking My Heart 3. Happiness/in Buddy's Eyes 4. Temptation 5. Something Cool 6. The Best Is Yet To Come 7. Losing You 8. Dance Me To The End Of Love 9. Forbidden Fruit 10. Goodbye Joe 11. Life Is But A Dream 12. Night Ride Home


Curiosity - 2852492379

94,11 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Curiosity has been seen through the ages as the impulse that drives our knowledge forward "and" the temptation that leads us toward dangerous and forbidden waters. The question "Why?" has appeared under a multiplicity of guises and in vastly different contexts throughout the chapters of human history. Why does evil exist? What is beauty? How does language inform us? What defines our identity? What is our responsibility to the world? In this book, Alberto Manguel's most personal work to date, the author tracks his own life of curiosity through the books that have mapped his way. Manguel chooses as his guides a selection of writers who sparked his imagination in new directions. He dedicates each chapter to a single thinker, scientist, artist, or other figure who demonstrated in a fresh way how to ask "Why?" Leading us through a full gallery of inquisitives, among them Thomas Aquinas, David Hume, Lewis Carroll, Rachel Carson, Socrates, and, most importantly, Dante, Manguel affirms how deeply connected our curiosity is to the readings that most astonish us, and how essential to the soaring of our own imaginations.


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