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Close Enough For Rock N Roll / Play N The Game - 2844416987

45,99 zł

Close Enough For Rock N Roll / Play N The Game Union Square Music


1. Telegram 2. On Your Way (Part 1) 3. So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star (Part 2) 4. Sound Check (Part 3) 5. Here We Are Again (Part 4) 6. Vicki 7. Homesick Again 8. Vancouver Shakedown 9. Born Under The Wrong Sign 10. Loretta 11. Garry Out Feelings 12. Lift The Lid 13. You're The Violin 14. Somebody To Roll 15. Down Home Girl 16. Flying 17. Waiting For The Man 18. Born To Love 19. I Want To Do Everything For You 20. I Don't Want To Go On Without You 21. Wild Honey 22. L.a. Girls 23. Good Love (B-side Of I Don't Want To Go On Without


Ain't Had Enough Fun - 2839243239

22,99 zł

Ain't Had Enough Fun SPV


1. Drivin' Blind 2. Blue Jeans Blues 3. Cadillac Hotel 4. Romance Without Finance 5. Big Bang Theory 6. Cajun Rage 7. Heaven's Where You Find It 8. Borderline Blues 9. All That You Can Stand 10. Rock & Roll Everynight 11. Shakeytown 12. Ain't Had Enough Fun 13. That's A Pretty Good Love


Can't Get Enough - 2839334174

104,99 zł

Can't Get Enough Provogue


1. Mississippi Road House 2. That's A Pretty Good Love 3. Don't Want Lies 4. Search And Destroy 5. Can't Get Enough Of 6. Honey Bee 7. Rockin' In The Free World 8. Talk To Me Baby 9. Only Teardrops Fall 10. Word Game


Can't Get Enough - 2839339764

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Can't Get Enough Provogue


1. Roadhouse 2. That's A Pretty Good Love 3. Don't Want Lies 4. Search & Destroy 5. Can't Get Enough 6. Honey Bee 7. Rockin' In The Free World 8. Talk To Me Baby 9. Only Teardrops Fall 10. Word Game


Can't Get Enough - Ltd / Dig - 2839336549

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Can't Get Enough - Ltd / Dig Provogue


1. Mississippi Road House 2. That's A Pretty Good Love 3. Don't Want Lies 4. Search And Destroy 5. Can't Get Enough Of Loving You 6. Honey Bee 7. Rockin' In The Free World 8. Talk To Me Baby 9. Only Teardrops Fall 10. Word Game


A Good Year For The Roses - 2839407017

359,99 zł

A Good Year For The Roses Bear Family Records


1. Wrong Side Of The World 2. As Long As I Live 3. The Poor Chinee 4. New Man In Town 5. Beneath Still Waters 6. The Green Grass Grows All Around 7. Let It Rain Let It Shine 8. I'll Sail My Ship Alone 9. Possum Holler 10. I Can't Go Home 11. How Wonderful A Poor Man's Life Can Be 12. Unwanted Babies 13. Tell Me Something I Don't Know 14. Even The Loser (Likes To Dream) 15. Between My House & Town 16. Mansion Hill 17. Your Angel Steps Out Of Heaven 18. On Second Thought 19. Barbara Joy 20. When The Grass Grows Over Me 21. Burn Another Honky Tonk Down 22. Same Old Boat 23. When The Wife Runs Off 24. I Don't Have Sense Enough (To Come In Out Of The P 25. Do What You Think's Best 26. Third Time Down 27. Our Happy Home 28. You've Become My Everything 29. My Mom & Santa Claus 30. Lonely Christmas Call 31. I Cried Myself Awake 32. Heartaches & Hangovers 33. Divorce Or Destroy 34. Great Big Spirit Of Love 35. Milwaukee Here I Come 101. Just An Average Couple 102. I'll See You While Ago 103. She's Mine 104. If Not For You 105. The Race Is On 106. I'll Share My World With You 107. The Hardest Part Of All 108. How Much Rain 109. Where Grass Won't Grow 110. Old Blue Tomorrow 111. Shoulder To Shoulder 112. The Fortune I've Gone Through 113. For Better Or For Worse (But Not For Long) 114. She's As Close As I Can Get 115. No Blues Is Good News 116. I Know 117. Among The Few 118. Papa's Wagon 119. Never Grow Cold 120. Mama Take Me Home 121. Playing Possum 122. I Just Got Tired Of Being Poor 123. You Can Always Come Back 124. Going Life's Way 125. Okie From Muskogee 126. Image Of Me 127. Love Me 128. I Stayed Long Enough 129. All I Have To Offer You Is Me 130. Mama's Hungry Eyes 131. Each Season Changes You 132. Will You Visit Me On Sunday 201. I'm Finally Over You 202. Rosie Bokay 203. These Hands 204. A Wound Time Can't Erase 205. Try 206. Where Could I Go? 207. Loving You Makes You Mine 208. Tell Me My Lying Eyes Are Wrong 209. Leaning On The Shoulder Of Love 210. A Good Year For The Roses 211. A Day In The Life Of A Fool 212. You & Your Sweet Love 213. A Good Year For The Roses 214. I'll Follow You (Up To Our Cloud) 215. With Half A Heart 216. A Good Old Fashioned Cry 217. Imitation Of Love 218. You're Still On My Mind 219. Open Pit Mine 220. Poor Little Rich Boy 221. My Favorite Lies 222. The Old, Old House 223. There's No Justice 224. I Made Leaving (Easy For You) 225. Brothers Of The Bottle 226. Late Getting Home 227. They'll Never Take Her Love From Me 228. Lifetime To Regret 229. You Put Living Back In Life 230. She's Lonesome Again 231. You Gotta Be My Baby 232. Wrong Number 301. I Wouldn't Know About That 302. Yearning 303. Would It Do Me Any Good 304. Someone Sweet To Love 305. Sometimes You Just Can't Win 306. Right Won't Touch A Hand 307. Getting Over The Storm 308. Wrapped Around Her Finger 309. I Can Still See Him In Your Eyes 310. Fightin' Side Of Me 311. Come Sundown 312. Knock Three Times 313. The Last One To Touch Me 314. Free As A Breeze 315. After You 316. Love Makes It Alright 317. Saginaw Michigan 318. Who'll Turn Out The Lights 319. Hello Darlin' 320. High On The Thought Of You 321. You Made A Believer Out Of Me 322. I Fall In Love Everyday 323. Get Some Loving Done 324. Our Love Is Forever 325. Everything's Gonna Be Alright 326. Will I Ever Love Again 327. I Had You 328. My Special Memory 329. Everytime I Think Of You 330. She's More Of A Woman 331. Heaven Made Women 332. I Can Love You Enough


A Cowboy's Life Is Good E - 2839413148

114,99 zł

A Cowboy's Life Is Good E JASMINE


1. Davis, Stu - Land, Sky & Water 2. Red River Dave - Red River Moon 3. Allen, Rex - Cowpoke 4. Morton, Tex - The Oregon Trail 5. Autry, Gene - The Old Trail 6. Wakely, Jimmy - Love Song Of The Waterfall 7. Wilson, Cole - On The Plains Away Out There 8. Britt, Elton - Rogue River Valley 9. Patton, Jack - Old Painted Desert 10. Holms, June - Happy Yodelling Cowgirl 11. Maguire, Mac - Sundown Lullaby 12. Pavey, Phil - Bronco Bustin' Blues 13. Zeke Manners Band - Sioux City Sue 14. Pressley, Bob - Hawaiian Cowboy 15. Ritter, Tex - Goodbye My Little Cherokee 16. Dawson, Smoky & Rocky Canyon.. - Texas Lil 17. Rambling Red Foley & Cumberl.. - The Lone Cowboy 18. Allen, Rosalie - Square Dance Polka 19. Britt, Elton - Patent Leather Boots 20. Rankin, Dusty - Going Back To Wyoming 21. Robertson, Texas Jim - I'm Gonna Throw My Lasso 22. Rogers, Roy - A Four Legged Friend 23. Carlisle, Cliff - Riding The Trail 24. Carter, Wilf - West Of Rainbow Trail 101. Rogers, Jesse - Yellow Rose Of Texas 102. Roberts, Kenny - Wagon Wheels 103. Clark, Slim - Trailrider's Moon 104. Red River Dave - Is The Range Still The Same Back 105. Allen, Rosalie - Shoot Him High Paw 106. Snow, Hank - At The Rainbow's End 107. Luther, Frank - Midnight On The Colorado 108. Reeves, Goebel - Little Joe The Wrangler 109. Autry, Gene - Blue Montana Skies 110. Campbell, Big Bill - I'm Rockin' To The Rockies 111. Paulette, Ezra - When The Coyote Howls 112. Williams, Billy - Yippi Ki Aye 113. Carter, Wilf - Beautiful Girl Of The Prairie 114. Allen, Rex - Arizona Waltz 115. Dawson, Smoky - The Range In The Western Sky 116. Hillbillies - Ranch In The Rockies 117. O'leary Sisters - A Pair Of Silver Spurs 118. Britt, Elton - Over The Trail 119. Croisette, Laurie - The Cowboy 120. Lindsay, Reg - Down By The Old Sliprail 121. Reynolds, Buddy - Blue Canadian Rockies 122. Sons Of The Pioneers - Land Beyond The Sun 123. Wilson, Les - Shadows On The Trail 124. Ifield, Frank - A Mother's Faith 125. Twins, Legarde - There's A Bridle Hanging On The W 201. Reynolds, Donn - The Stockman's Lullaby 202. Campbell, Big Bill - The Strawberry Roan 203. Allen, Rosalie - Cowpuncher's Waltz 204. Dawson, Smoky & Rocky Canyon.. - Cowboy's Roundup 205. Hillbillies - Moonlight On The Praire 206. Ifield, Frank - There's A Love Knot In My Lariat 207. Wakely, Jimmy - Pale Moon 208. Britt, Elton - Ridin' With My Gal 209. Carter, Wilf - Broken Down Cowboy 210. Paulette, Ezra & Beverly H. - Old Arapahoe Trail 211. Wilson, Les - Prairie Rose 212. Thomas, Dick - Ridin' 'Neath The Arizona Moon 213. Allen, Rex - Who Shot The Hole In My Sombrero? 214. Luther, Frank - Je Suis Un Cowboy Canadien 215. Morton, Tex - Teardrops In My Heart 216. Luther, Frank - When The Bloom Is On The Sage 217. Reeves, Goebel - Cowboy's Dream 218. Reynolds, Buddy - Tundra 219. Singing Mountaineers - Rhythm Of The Range 220. Williams, Buddy - A Cowboy's Life Is Good Enough F 221. Roberts, Kenny - Sweet Little Cherokee 222. Trail Riders - Tonight In The Twilight 223. Rogers, Jesse - Back In The Saddle Again 301. Ritter, Tex - Old Chisholm 302. Britt, Elton - Blue Texas Moonlight 303. Clark, Slim - Little Old Sod Shanty 304. Long, Shorty & Santa Fe R. - Waltz Of Colorado 305. Wilson, Cole & Tumbleweeds - The Outlaw 306. Rankin, Dusty - Going Back To My Little Western Ho 307. Morton, Tex - Sierra Sue 308. Carlisle, Cliff - The Cowboy's Dying Dream 309. Morton, Tex - The Story Of Parson Joe 310. Autry, Gene - Ride Tenderfoot Ride 311. Mcnamara, Tim - Campfire Of Dream 312. Britt, Elton & Beaver Valley.. - The Rovin' Gamble 313. Twins, Legarde - Before The Dawn 314. Roberts, Kenny & Pinetoppers - Beautiful Ohio 315. Jimmie & Leon Short - Alla En El Rancho Grande 316. Robison, Carson - I'm An Old Cowhand 317. Marais, Josef - Covered-wagon Lullaby 318. Rogers, Jesse - Cattle Call 319. Sons Of The Pioneers - Red River Valley 320. Thomas, Dick - Halfway To Montana 321. Luther, Frank & C. Robison - Missouri Valley 322. Williams, Buddy - Riding Down The Valley 323. Snow, Hank - I'll Ride Back To Lonesome Valley 324. Dawson, Smoky - Will I Meet Old Faithful Up Yonder 325. Carter, Wilf - I'm Hittin' The Trail


A Good Neighbour. Angielski kryminał z samouczkiem dla początkujących (A1-A2) + GRATIS CD mp3 88 minut nagrań - 2829809694

35,91 zł

A Good Neighbour. Angielski kryminał z samouczkiem dla początkujących (A1-A2) + GRATIS CD mp3 88 minut nagrań Edgard

Anglia / English Readers

Jeśli na myśl o wkuwaniu angielskiego słownictwa i regułek gramatycznych, zaczynasz kompulsywnie ziewać. Kryminał z samouczkiem A Good Neighbour to zestaw idealny dla Ciebie! Książka (280 str.) + audiobook (85 min.) czytany przez native speakera to: - trzymająca w napięciu akcja - tłumaczenie nowych słówek i zwrotów na marginesie - sprawdzasz znaczenie, nie odrywając się od książki - solidne podstawy gramatyki, którą poznajesz przy okazji lektury - blisko 200 ćwiczeń, dzięki którym utrwalasz nowo poznany materiał - dla początkujących i znających podstawy - poziom A1-A2 Samouczek z kryminałem to niekonwencjonalny kurs skierowany do młodzieży i dorosłych rozpoczynających naukę lub podejmujących ją po przerwie. Praca z kursem pozwala poznać współczesne słownictwo (Real English) oraz konstrukcje gramatyczne w kontekście, czyli w sposób najbardziej naturalny i sprzyjający zapamiętywaniu.Książce towarzyszy audiobook z tekstem opowiadania zinterpretowanym przez profesjonalnego lektora - Brytyjczyka oraz nagrania słówek, które poznajesz z samouczkiem. Słuchając płyty, doskonalisz rozumienie ze słuchu i uczysz się prawidłowej wymowy.Zabójczo skuteczne połączenie - przyjemność lektury + solidny trening gramatyczno-leksykalny! SPIS TREŚCI: CHAPTER 1 Zaimki osobowe Czas teraźniejszy prosty Present Simple Szyk zdania CHAPTER 2 Rzeczowniki - liczba mnoga Formy dzierżawcze CHAPTER 3 Przymiotniki PrzysłówkiCHAPTER 4 Przedimek określony the Imiesłów present participle CHAPTER 5 Czas teraźniejszy ciągły Present Continuous There is i there are CHAPTER 6 Can i could Have to i must CHAPTER 7 Would like Zaimki nieokreślone CHAPTER 8 Czas przeszły Past Simple To say, to tell, to speak, to talk CHAPTER 9 Zaimki osobowe w funkcji dopełnienia ... To do i to make CHAPTER 10 Przedimki nieokreślone a, an Zaimki pytające who, what, which CHAPTER 11 Zaimek it Zaimki wskazujące Rzeczowniki policzalne i niepoliczalne CHAPTER 12 Przyimki czasu Should CHAPTER 13 Tryb rozkazujący To have i to have got CHAPTER 14 Porównania Such i so, too i enough CHAPTER 15 Czas przyszły prosty Future Simple May i might CHAPTER 16 Przyimki miejsca Rzeczowniki odczasownikowe CHAPTER 17 Konstrukcja begoing to To be able to CHAPTER 18 Formy skrócone However, nevertheless i moreover CHAPTER 19 Zaimki pytające where, why, when i how I tryb warunkowy CHAPTER 20 Czas Present Perfect Spójniki because, but i so CHAPTER 21 Czas przeszły ciągły Past Continuous CHAPTER 22 Zaimki względne who, that, which Zdania celowe CHAPTER 23 Bezokolicznik i forma -ing Strona bierna CHAPTER 24 Czas Present Perfect Continuous Would love, would hate, would prefer i would mind Zobacz darmowe fragmentyZobacz wszystkie produkty z tej seriiZobacz wszystkie dostępne produkty wydawnictwa EDGARD

Sklep: Księ

A Good Git-together - 2840118907

56,99 zł

A Good Git-together


1. Everything Started In The House Of The Lord 2. Music In The Air 3. Feed Me 4. I'll Die Happy 5. Pretty Strange 6. The Shouter 7. Minor Catastrophe 8. Social Call 9. Out Of The Past 10. Medley: A Good Git Together/everything Started 11. Introduction - Jon Hendricks 12. Amo - Jon Hendricks & Chorus 13. Some Stopped On De Way - Jon Hendricks 14. I Had My Share - 'Big' Miller 15. Please Send Me Someone To Love - Jimmy 16. Sufferin' Blues - 'Big Miller 17. That's Enough - Hannah Dean & Chorus 18. Aw Gal - Jon Hendricks & Chorus 19. See See Rider - Jimmy Witherspoon 20. Jumpin' With Symphony Sid - Pony Poindexter 21. Sun Gonna Shine In My Door - Jimmy With 22. W P A Blues - Jon Hendricks 23. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child - 'Bi


A Good Week's Work - 2839596301

99,99 zł

A Good Week's Work GADFLY


1. I Get Enough 2. I See It In Your Eyes 3. Green With Envy 4. I Can Love You 5. Lookin' Back, Thinkin' Ahead 6. I Thank Them 7. Cover It Up 8. A Fine Set Of Wheels 9. Pass This Story 'Round 10. Now Is The Time 11. Who Says, Who Cares 12. Keep This House Rockin' 13. You Got To Me


Good Timin' - Rockin' The - 2839406067

68,99 zł

Good Timin' - Rockin' The JASMINE

Muzyka>Rock>Rock & Roll

1. Good Timin' - Jimmy Jones 2. (There Was) A Tall Oak Tree - Dorsey Burnette 3. I'm Sorry - Brenda Lee 4. I'm Gonna Get Married - Lloyd Price 5. Ruby Baby - The Drifters 6. So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad) - The Everly 7. Such A Night - Bunny Paul 8. The Long, Hot Summer - Jimmie Rodgers 9. Lollipop - The Chordettes 10. The Lord Is A Busy Man - Steve Lawrence 11. You Need Hands - Eydie Gorme 12. Home From The Hill - The Kingston Trio 13. North To Alaska - Johnny Horton 14. Stars, Stars - Andrews Sisters 15. White Silver Sands - Don Rondo 16. Tell Laura I Love Her - Ray Peterson 17. Tell Tommy I Miss Him - Marilyn Michaels 18. Two Other People - The Four Lads 19. Lipstick On Your Collar - Connie Francis 20. Do You Know Where God Lives? - Eddy Arnold 21. I Want To Be Wanted - Brenda Lee 22. Tweedlee Dee - The Lancers 23. Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight - Sunny Gale 24. We God Love - Bobby Rydell 25. The Greatest Adventure Of All - Bobby Brooks 26. I Can't Love You Enough - Lavern Baker 27. You Win Again - Champ Butler 28. Puppy Love - Paul Anka 29. Paper Roses - Anita Bryant 30. The Boy With The Golden Kazoo - Kirk Stuart 31. There's A Gold Mine In The Sky - Pat Boone 101. That's All You Gotta Do - Brenda Lee 102. Cathy's Clown - The Everly Brothers 103. Primrose Lane - Jerry Wallace 104. El Paso - Marty Robbins 105. Sailor (Your Home Is The Sea) - Lolita 106. Big Rock Candy Mountain - Dorsey Burnette 107. (Looks Like) The End Of The World - Johnny Nash 108. Lucky Lips - Ruth Brown 109. The Wreck Of The John B - Jimmie Rodgers 110. Apple Green - June Valli 111. Just Keep It Up - Dee Clark 112. Save The Last Dance For Me - The Drifters 113. Who's Sorry Now - Connie Francis 114. It's All In The Game - Tommy Edwards 115. Summer Dreams - The Mcguire Sisters 116. City Lights - Don Rondo 117. White Christmas - Steve Lawrence 118. The Battle Of New Orleans - Johnny Horton 119. Dutchman's Gold - Walter Brennan 120. Without Him - Nino Anthony 121. Open Up Your Heart (And Let The Sun Shine In) - 122. He'll Have To Go - Jim Reeves 123. The Little Brown Gal - The Dinning Sisters 124. Burning Bridges - Jack Scott 125. There Once Was A Man - Guy Mitchell 126. The Three Bells - Andrews Sisters 127. Corinne, Corinna - Ray Peterson 128. You're All I See - Betty Clooney 129. Handy Man - Jimmy Jones


Loma: A Soul Music Love.. - 2840361313

174,99 zł

Loma: A Soul Music Love..

Muzyka>Rhythm & Blues / Soul

1. I Need You 2. Sweeter Than Sweet Things 3. Ain't No Good 4. Like I Told You 5. Ole Man Sould (Part One) 6. You Can't Take It 7. No More Will I Cry 8. We Need To Be Loved 9. I'm Coming Home 10. I Never Want To Dream Again (There Is A Garden) 11. Heartstrings 12. That's All You Gotta Do 13. Back In Circulation 14. How Did I Live Without You 15. Mon Petite Chow 16. Just Can't Get Enough Of You


Good Man's Daughter - 2826732935

47,76 zł

Good Man's Daughter Troubador Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

1244. Why would two hundred men and women walk joyfully towards the flames that will consume them? And what was the treasure they left behind..? Set in medieval France after the bloody persecution of the Cathars by the Catholic church, The Good Man's Daughter is the story of Elouise and her love for the three men in her life; her father, Jean, a Cathar preacher; Michel, a shepherd and life long friend; and Guillaume, the young knight who becomes her lover. The story unfolds a generation after the destroying army has left the region and the few remaining Cathars are living in peace amongst the hills and valleys of the Languedoc. But their lives change when an corrupt priest begins a new campaign of persecution against the heretics. Jean is captured and imprisoned and Elouise must seek sanctuary at the Chateau Roc. Torn between her faith and her feelings she must decide whether survival is reason enough for living. As events lead to a dramatic climax at the Chateau the secret of the Cathar treasure is revealed. This debut novel by Roger Stokes is a masterful blend of authentic history and human drama, and will appeal to fans of historical fiction, who enjoy a great human story set against a background of dramatic and accurate historical events.


A Return To Love - 2840837493

66,99 zł

A Return To Love

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Health & personal development>Self-help & personal development>Popular psychologyKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>A...

People Are Taught To Be Separate From One Another And To Compete To Get Ahead, That They Are Not Good Enough The Way They Are. This Work Provides A Spiritual Travel Guide Back To The Truth People Were Born With And And Shows How To Accept Back Into Their


Women's Love Rights / I Can - 2839328561

50,99 zł

Women's Love Rights / I Can Edsel

Muzyka>Rhythm & Blues / Soul

1. Women's Love Rights 2. Wedlock Is A Padlock 3. I Don't Want Nothing Old (But Money) 4. Don't Be Sorry (Be Careful If You Can't Be Good) 5. Love And Liberty 6. It's Not What You Fall For, It's What You Stand 7. Since I Fell For You (Parts 1 & 2) 8. Two Lovely Pillows 9. That's How Strong My Love Is 10. Her Picture Matches Mine 11. I Can't Make It Alone 12. Don't Leave Me Starving For Your Love 13. We've Come Too Far To Walk Away 14. I Need It Just As Bad As You [Single And Album V 15. (If You Want To Try Love Again) Remember Me 16. Mirror Of Your Soul 17. Since I Fell For You [Mono Promo Single Edit] 18. I Need It Just As Bad As You [Unedited Version] 101. At Last 102. Crumbs Off The Table [Album Version] 103. Every Little Bit Hurts 104. Empty Bed Blues 105. Guess Who I Saw Today 106. If You Can Beat Me Rockin' (You Can Have My Chai 107. Workin' And Lovin' Together 108. Rip Off 109. When A Man Loves A Woman 110. If I'm Good Enough To Love (I'm Good Enough To M 111. You've Got To Save Me 112. Crumbs Off The Table [Single Re-edit] 113. I'll Catch You When You Fall 114. I Can't Hold Out Much Longer 115. Since I Fell For You [Mono Commercial Single Edi


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