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Personal Companion - 2826774312

118,24 zł

Personal Companion Atria Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Harville Hendrix's New York Times bestseller Keeping the Love You Find offered essential relationship strategies to those seeking a mate for life. Now, Harville and his wife, Helen Hunt, bring the life-changing messages of that enormously popular book to The Personal Companion. Combining practical advice, humor, and enlightening wisdom, these daily meditations and exercises provide powerful insights that can help anyone create unlimited possibilities for finding -- and keeping -- love. Whatever your history, whatever your heartache, your dreams of finding a truly compatible mate are completely achievable, not through luck or extraordinary skill, but by taking daily steps toward inner growth and positive change. With The Personal Companion as your guide, you can move closer to a joyful, healing love, as you: * Create hope in place of despair, companionship instead of loneliness * Develop a communication skill that turns conflict into contact and bonding * Transform every past relationship into a source of positive growth * Reflect on your inner self -- and what you want out of love * Identify and change how you prevent yourself from keeping the love you find * Discover the rewards of real love -- and the little things that make it last. With wisdom and compassion, Harville Hendrix and Helen Hunt give you the keys to sharing in the deep and lasting love you desire, in The Personal Companion.


Daily Meditations for Women Who Love Too Much - 2826996239

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Daily Meditations for Women Who Love Too Much ARROW

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In her bestselling self-help book, Women Who Love Too Much, Robin Norwood revolutionised the way we look at love, with a compassionate, intimate book offering a detailed psychological recovery programme for women who love too much - women who are attracted to the wrong men, who neglect their own interests and friends and who are unable to leave tormented relationships for fear of being 'empty without him'. It is a book that speaks to nearly every woman who has ever loved and lost. With multiple millions in sales throughout the world, Women Who Love Too Much remains an invaluable guide to a successful relationship and is an eagerly sought source of help to women and men everywhere. Norwood now enhances the practical wisdom of that book with years' worth of deep reflection and study. The result is a practical guide to relationships, containing a series of daily meditations that promote sane loving and serene living no matter what is - or isn't - happening in your personal life. Each page of Daily Meditations stimulates awareness, offers guidance and enables self-development. Whether you breeze through this charming book in one sitting or savour each meditation a day at a time, the pages of Daily Meditations of Women Who Love Too Much offer fresh inspiration and insights with every reading. It is the ultimate how-to book for anyone in need of relationship help.


Daily Love - 2826931044

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

When Mastin Kipp found himself at rock bottom - addicted to drugs and parties, living in his ex-girlfriend's parents' tiny pool house, jobless, and with nowhere to go - he looked to the divine for help. What he found took him in an entirely new direction. He moved from a life filled with the excesses of Hollywood as a manager in the music industry, to one teaching about the power of self-acceptance and service. To spread the love beyond his personal circle, Mastin started his Twitter account, @TheDailyLove, which now has more than half a million followers, and his popular website,, which features contributors from many walks of life - from Russell Simmons to Wayne Dyer. Now, Mastin has written a book based on his spiritual experiences to encourage other young seekers to discover their own paths. In Daily Love, Mastin shares some of his personal stories of darkness and light, embracing them all as part of his journey to becoming who he really is. He also speaks of various spiritual leaders who have influenced his life, such as Joseph Campbell, Caroline Myss, Tony Robbins, George Lucas, Oprah, his parents and Jenna (his girlfriend). Through detailed accounts of various spiritual principles introduced by these teachers, Mastin shares how his inspirations and mentors have helped to guide him to success and self-discovery. With the signature voice of and Mastin's youthful and engaging spirit, readers gain a new perspective on what it means to be spiritual for the next generation.


The Daily Face - 2839970463

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The Daily Face

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Lifestyle, sport & leisure>Lifestyle & personal style guides>Cosmetics, hair & beauty

An On-trend, On-the-go Makeup Guide Presenting 25 Looks In A Take-on-the-go Guide From A Hot Young Makeup Artist And Online Personality.


A Guide To Living With Ehlers - Danlos Syndrome (Hypermobility Type) - 2840013748

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A Guide To Living With Ehlers - Danlos Syndrome (Hypermobility Type)

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Health & personal development>Family & health>Coping with personal problems>DisabilityKsiążki Obcojęzyc...

Covering Everything From Recognising Symptoms And Obtaining Initial Diagnosis To Living With The Condition On A Daily Basis, This Is A Complete Guide To Living With And Managing Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (Hypermobility Type - Formerly Known As Type III).


Short Guide to a Long Life - 2826840123

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Short Guide to a Long Life Simon & Schuster

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

One of the world's leading doctors presents the simple rules everyone should follow in order to live a long, healthy and productive life. In his No. 1 New York Times bestselling book, The End of Illness, Dr David B. Agus shared what he had learned from his work as one of today's most prominent cancer doctors and researchers, revealing the risks he takes in a field begging for innovations that can prolong not only the lives of cancer patients but anyone hoping to live long and robustly. Now Dr Agus has compiled his most helpful health advice in a fun, illustrated guide. Hailed by Vice President Al Gore as having developed, 'a dramatic new way that could lead to greatly improving the quality of life for millions, starting right now,' Dr Agus believes that our foundation for optimal health begins with the daily habits we keep-and that we can build upon that bedrock with inexpensive, widely accessible drugs that have been proven to work while ditching false promises, such as vitamins and supplements. Dr Agus' Short Guide to a Long Life is divided into four sections (What to Do, What to Avoid, What to Master, and Doctor's Orders) that provide the definitive answers to many common and not-so-common questions: Who should take a baby aspirin daily? Are flu shots safe? Are vitamins bad for you? What is truly 'fresh' produce? Why is it important to protect your senses? Are airport scanners hazardous? Dr Agus's eye-opening responses will help you develop new, effective patterns of personal health care so you can maintain your health using the latest and most reliable science.


The Everything Guide To Integrative Pain Management - 2840240928

74,99 zł

The Everything Guide To Integrative Pain Management

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Health & personal development>Family & health>Coping with personal problems>Illness & specific conditio...

Living With Pain Is A Daily Struggle. If You Are Suffering From Chronic Pain, Sometimes Even Small Tasks Can Be Difficult To Accomplish. But There Is Hope. With This Book You'll Learn About The Different Options For Managing Pain With An Integrative Plan, Incorporating Traditional Medications With Natural Pain Relief Solutions


Guide to CFO Success - 2826773307

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Guide to CFO Success Wiley

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Proven leadership strategies that will impact your career and your company Having the right CFO is a critical component for every company's success. Guide to CFO Success provides CFOs and those in the making with a strategic blueprint to benefit their companies and their careers. This book reveals how to build a strong, successful career plan with guidance on team building and management of the multiple relationships that CFOs face on a daily basis, plus how to balance one's work and personal life. Strategic guidance for leadership growth for CFOs Essential information for every CFO wanting to play a tactical role in their organization Best practices for the CFO/controller function From balancing one's work and personal life to dealing with the CEO, Guide to CFO Success has the answers you need for a strong, successful career plan.


Everything Guide to the Ketogenic Diet - 2827034141

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Everything Guide to the Ketogenic Diet Adams Media Corporation

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Drop the weight and get healthy with a low-carb, high-fat diet!Have you tried to lose weight on low-carb diets, only to find yourself struggling with cravings and ultimately putting the weight back on? It's time to try the ketogenic diet, a healthy eating plan that is low in carbs, high in fats, and moderate in protein. This combination provides real fat-loss results, as your body burns fat for fuel. In this all-in-one guide, you'll learn: How your body obtains energyWhat ketosis is and how it helps you lose weightHow to calculate your personal macronutrient ratioWhich foods to avoid and embraceHow to reduce your body fat and improve insulin levels With customizable daily meal plans, you'll learn how to adapt the ketogenic lifestyle to suit your own needs and tastes. If you're looking to lose weight, improve your energy, and never feel deprived with flavorful, natural whole foods, "The Everything Guide to the Ketogenic Diet" has you covered.


The Complete Guide To Yoga - 2839912127

61,99 zł

The Complete Guide To Yoga

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Health & personal development>Family & health>Fitness & diet>Exercise & workout books

Helps You Learn How To Meditate To Calm The Mind, Quieten The Spirit, Improve Concentration, Increase Energy And Promote Better Sleep. It Includes A Series Of Yoga Routines That Can Easily Be Built Into A Daily Timetable, With Step-by-step Pictures Demons


The Good Back Guide - 2840029731

79,99 zł

The Good Back Guide

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Health & personal development>Family & health>Popular medicine & health

Looks At The Way In Which We, As Human Beings, Put Our Bodies Through A Series Of Potentially Harmful Positions As We Go About Our Daily Lives, Not To Mention Injuries Through Sex. This Guide Offers Advice On Diet, Exercise, Posture And Relaxation. It Includes Exercises That Can Be Performed Safely And Easily At Home To Treat Strains And Injuries.


The Busy Parent Guide To Super Healthy Kids - 2840408836

74,99 zł

The Busy Parent Guide To Super Healthy Kids

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Health & personal development>Family & health>Advice on parenting>Child care & upbringing

The Busy Parent's Guide To Raising Super Healthy Kids Will Explain How, As A Parent, You Can Interact With Your Child And Lead By Example. Follow The Easy Daily Exercises That Can Be Done Either In The Home Or Garden, And Use The Food Plans To Help You Structure Your Day And Your Week, And Be Able To Provide Tasty, Healthy Food For Your Kids.


Qigong Teachings of a Taoist Immortal - 2826630305

113,44 zł

Qigong Teachings of a Taoist Immortal Healing Arts Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Throughout history Taoists have promoted the development and restoration of the Three Treasures - body breath and spirit - through the gentle practice of qigong. At the centre of the qigong practice are the Eight Brocades, a series of postures that developed during the 3000-year Taoist quest for longevity and vitality. Now qigong expert Stuart Olson translates into English Master Li Ching-yun's treasured teachings on the Eight Brocades. One of the most famous qigong masters of this century, Master Li Ching-yun is reliably chronicled to have lived more than 250 years during which he practised the Eight Brocades on a daily basis. His longevity and personal endorsements attest to and validate the Eight Brocades as the quintessence of Taoist health and qigong practices. With Master Li Ching-yun's original teachings as a guide Stuart Olson presents an authentic yet accessible approach to this unique practice. Each exercise is accompanied by original text from Master Li step-by-step instructions for each posture illustrations of the positions and insights on theory and practice. * Explains the physical and spiritual benefits of the Eight Brocades and offers step-by-step instructions for this powerful sequence of postures. * 85 illustrations highlight the postures and philosophies. * Author's commentary provides insight and depth to the original translation.


Garden of Pomegranates - 2826709426

105,92 zł

Garden of Pomegranates Llewellyn (Related Product)

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Long considered the best single introduction to the Qabalah for magicians, the third edition of Israel Regardie's A Garden of Pomegranates is now better than ever, thanks to the extensive annotations and new material by Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero. Their work has made A Garden of Pomegranateseasier to understand, more complete, and up to date. It now includes over 300 pages of never-before-published information from two Senior Adepts of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Expands Regardie's definitive text into a practical manual for Qabalistic magic Includes pathworkings and guided visualizations for the 32 Paths of Wisdom Suggests a course of study for learning the Qabalah and incorporating its teachings into daily life Shows how to create your own personal Qabalistic mantra using gematria or Hebrew numerology Includes a technique for Rising on the Planes, so you can explore different Qabalistic worlds Features a Middle Pillar-style exercise for exploring and activating different parts of the soul Written by one of the most influential magical teachers of modern times and two of his personal students The Qabalah is the ancient system of Hebrew mysticism that is the foundation of Western magical and esoteric studies. Its primary symbol is the Tree of Life, a diagram that can aid in the study of the nature of the Universe, the essence of God, and the human mind, spirit, and soul. A Garden of Pomegranates is the clearest introductory guide on this subject. When Israel Regardie wrote A Garden of Pomegranates in 1932, he designed it to be a simple yet comprehensive guidebook outlining the complex system of the Qabalah and providing a key to its symbolism. Since then, it has achieved the status of a classic among texts on the Qabalah. The full annotations, critical commentary, and explanatory notes now make this book the ultimate single resource on the subject. The new material, including pathworkings, exercises, daily affirmations, rituals, meditations, and more, not only complement the original, full text included in this edition, but also make A Garden of Pomegranates indispensable for modern magicians.


Lonely planet Argentina - Bao Sandra, Clark Gregor, Gleeson Bridget - 2838395277

72,96 zł

Lonely planet Argentina - Bao Sandra, Clark Gregor, Gleeson Bridget

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - It?s apparent why Argentina has long held travelers in awe: tango, beef, gauchos, fútbol, Patagonia, the Andes. The classics alone make a formidable wanderlust cocktail. Lonely Planet Argentina is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Experience the vivid nightlife of Buenos Aires, be deafened by the awe-inspiring Iguazu Falls, watch the slide of icebergs in Patagonia; all with your trusted travel companion. Get to the heart of Argentina and begin your journey now! Inside Lonely Planet Argentina Travel Guide: Full-colour maps and images throughout Highlights and itineraries help you tailor your trip to your personal needs and interests Insider tips to save time and money and get around like a local, avoiding crowds and trouble spots Essential info at your fingertips - hours of operation, phone numbers, websites, transit tips, prices Honest reviews for all budgets - eating, sleeping, sight-seeing, going out, shopping, hidden gems that most guidebooks miss Cultural insights give you a richer, more rewarding travel experience - daily life, music, literature, cinema, outdoor activities, environment, cuisine Free, convenient pull-out Buenos Aires map (included in print version), plus over 80 colour maps Nazwa - Lonely planet Argentina Autor - Bao Sandra, Clark Gregor, Gleeson Bridget Oprawa - Miękka Wydawca - Lonely Planet Kod ISBN - 9781743601181 Kod EAN - 9781743601181 Rok wydania - 2016 Język - angielski Format - 12.5x19.5cm Ilość stron - 640 Podatek VAT - 5%


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