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A Guide To The Coins Of Great Britain Ireland - 2852986253

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A Guide To The Coins Of Great Britain Ireland

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A Guide to the Coins of Great Britain and Ireland, in Gold, Silver, and Copper - 2858026003

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A Guide to the Coins of Great Britain and Ireland, in Gold, Silver, and Copper



On the Trail of John Wesley - 2854329687

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On the Trail of John Wesley LUATH PRESS

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John Wesley (1703-91) founded the Methodist movement, initially an offshoot of the Church of England, which grew into a major church in its own right. In doing so Wesley brought about the greatest religious revival of the 18th century. The name Methodism derives from the methodical approach Wesley adopted from the Bible for developing personal devotion. His decision to employ lay preachers and preach outdoor sermons on the Word of God to a mainly working-class population angered the Church of England. It led to a split and in 1795, after John Wesley's death, the Methodist Church was established. Wesley travelled over 250,000 miles across Britain, mainly on horseback, preaching over 40,000 sermons during his lifetime, often facing fierce opposition and persecution. He also spent two years in Georgia, USA, and was author and publisher of much religious material. His work and preaching was known to every branch of society. Today, the Methodist Church has spread to almost every country in the world with a membership of some 70 million. In this account, Keith Cheetham traces Wesley's life story and gives detailed information on important Methodist heritage sites and places visited by the great preacher and evangelist. Over 170 places to visit in Britain and Georgia, USA One general map, 7 location maps of Wesley's London, England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland and 1 of Georgia Line drawings plus cross-references to maps throughout text On the Trail of John Wesley is a thorough guide to the life and places connected with a man whose work and religious achievements changed the religious face of Britain and established a worldwide Methodist Church.


Power and the Powers - 2858191908

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Power and the Powers Cascade Books

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Missio Dei by its very nature requires the church to come to terms with the exercise of power, both internally and externally, as it confronts the world. Tune in to any newscast or glance at the daily newspaper and it immediately becomes clear that the use and abuse of power is a live issue. The more we focus on the twists and turns of current events, the more it appears that uncorrupted exercise of power eludes the human race. All too often we become uneasily aware that there are powers lying behind the power that any of us wields, whether it is in the family, the classroom, on the shop floor, in the boardroom, or in churches. Effective missional leadership involves creative engagement with the powers at work in the world without being debased by them. This book sets out to address the issue of the use and misuse of power from biblical, theological, and practical perspectives. The authors bring their theological, pastoral, missionary, and personal experience to their task in order to inform, challenge, and invite readers into a responsible use of the powers that God has put into the hands of each one of us to achieve his purposes in the world. "This book's scope surprises, in its rich array of cited literature (from ancient to postmodern) under a missional canopy. What and how does the power of Jesus Christ's gospel confront the powers in their sociopolitical systemic forms and in their personal and/or territorial demonic manifestations? Culture, context, and worldview are essential in assessment and understanding. The work of these scholars has a solid biblical foundation with a constructive, critical edge. Gratis!" --Willard M. Swartley, Professor Emeritus of New Testament, Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary "A cross-disciplinary study that effectively interweaves biblical, historical, theological, and cultural perspectives, this well-researched and carefully nuanced exploration of various dimensions of power offers helpful pastoral counsel and important missional challenges." --Stuart Murray Williams, Urban Expression "This book raises key issues for anyone who leads or has authority in a religious context. Attacking the religious abuse of power is easy for outsiders looking in. What makes this book especially valuable is that it comes from people inside the field of missional leadership who are trying to face the problems with honesty and integrity, and who offer solutions that are meaningful and useful to those whose business is spreading the gospel." --Andrew Village, Professor of Practical and Empirical Theology, York St. John University "The issue of power, its uses and abuses, concern about trust and the complex relationship between power, the powers, and a Christian view of evil, are all troubling and disturbing issues. Those in ministry and leadership grapple with these issues but with few maps to guide them. This helpful volume bridges the gap between helpful but inaccessible academic works and the accessible but sometimes superficial popular books on these areas. Thoughtful leaders will find this book an invaluable guide to their reflection on these key leadership issues." --Martin Robinson, Principal of ForMission College; author of Metavista: Bible, Church and Mission in an Age of Imagination Andrew Hardy is undergraduate course director at Springdale College (UK) and has authored several academic books. Richard Whitehouse is regional network tutor at Springdale College (UK). He is a former church planter and staff member with YWAM, Montana. Dan Yarnell is an undergraduate lecturer at Springdale College. He is National Co-ordinator of the Fellowship of Churches of Christ in Great Britain and Ireland and has coauthored several academic and popular books.


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