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Haunting - 2826740464

40,32 zł

Haunting Hodder & Stoughton

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

How can the mysterious disappearance of Anne Flint and the drowning of a young girl in a chalk stream in 1816 possibly affect the life of schoolteacher Harry Flint some two centuries later? With a failed marriage and no job, Harry begins to research his ancestors. The deeper he digs, the more he realises that the past is closer than he had ever imagined. The Haunting is a story of love, betrayal and intrigue. Where people are not what they seem, and the past is no more predictable than the future...


The Haunting - 2839869467

45,99 zł

The Haunting

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Fiction & related items>Romance

The Author Of Seven Top Ten Bestselling Romantic Novels, Alan Titchmarsh's The Haunting Moves Between The Early 19th Century And Present Day With A Story Of Love, Betrayal, Intrigue And Murder That Shows The Past Is Closer Than We Think.


Love Letters to the Dead - 2826620767

35,20 zł

Love Letters to the Dead Hot Key Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

It begins as an assignment for English class: write a letter to a dead person - any dead person. Laurel chooses Kurt Cobain - he died young, and so did Laurel's sister May - so maybe he'll understand a bit of what Laurel is going through. Soon Laurel is writing letters to lots of dead people - Janis Joplin, Heath Ledger, River Phoenix, Amelia Earhart's like she can't stop. And she'd certainly never dream of handing them in to her teacher. She writes about what it's like going to a new high school, meeting new friends, falling in love for the first time - and how her family has shattered since May died. But much as Laurel might find writing the letters cathartic, she can't keep real life out forever. The ghosts of her past won't be contained between the lines of a page, and she will have to come to terms with growing up, the agony of losing a beloved sister, and the realisation that only you can shape your destiny. A lyrical, haunting and stunning debut from the protege of Stephen Chbosky (The Perks Of Being A Wallflower).


Love Stories - 2837509203

55,52 zł

Love Stories EVERYMAN

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Love Stories" brings together a captivating assortment of short stories inspired by romantic entanglement in its many forms: first love, infatuation, obsession, unrequited love, marriage, adultery, jealousy, and the complicated bonds of those who have spent their lives together. An array of writers evoke a variety of moods, from the raw, erotic passion of Lawrence and Colette to the wickedlycynical comedy of Dorothy Parker and Roald Dahl; from the agonizing madness of jealousy in Nabokov's "That in Aleppo Once ..." to romantic illusions in Scott Fitzgerald's "Winter Dreams".Objects of passion range from a glamorous silent-movie star in Elizabeth Bowen's haunting "Dead Mabelle" to a faithful ghost in Kawabata's "Immortality" and a successful heart surgeon and serial husband in Margaret Atwood's "Bluebeard's Egg". Jhumpa Lahiri plumbs the depths of a couple sundered by tragedy while Lorrie Moore movingly portrays a husband and wife brought together by it. Katherine Mansfield, Tobias Wolff and William Trevor explore the intricacies of long-term relationships, while Maupassant, Calvino and T. C. Boyle convey the elemental force of love in extremely different ways. Together these nineteen stories make an enticing gift for lovers at any stage of life. It is perfect for Valentine's Day.


No Greater Love - 2837515871

37,12 zł

No Greater Love Dell Pub Co

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

It was the maiden voyage of the"Titanic, the greatest ship ever built, and in one fatal, unforgettable night, the sea shattered the lives and future of an extraordinary family, the Winfields. Edwina Winfield, returning from her engagement trip to England with her fiance and her family, instantly loses her parents, the man she loved and her dreams. Without even time to mourn, she courageously defies convention to run her family's California newspaper and care for her five younger siblings. Unable to forget her fiance Charles, she is determined never to marry, to hkeep her family together, and to fight to survive as a woman alone. But Phillip, her beloved oldest brother, sets out for Harvard and tragically betrays her trust. Madcap brother George turns to the excitement of Hollywood during its magical days, not to the Winfield publishing empire. And lovely Alexis, who narrowly escaped death when the "Titanic went down, grows into a troubled runaway whom even Edwina's love may not be able to save. The two youngest, Fannie and Teddy, remain with Edwina at home. Compelling and deeply moving, "No Greater Love questions a woman's choices and the price she must pay for making them. And in an unforgettable climax, it offers an answer--as Edwina confronts the ghosts haunting her and take an extraordinary risk for her future and her heart.


Desert of Love - 2826958975

58,72 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Janos Pilinszky (1921-1981) was a unique and compelling voice among the generation of European poets whose work bore first-hand witness to the horrors of war. The distinction of his poetry, as Ted Hughes argues, is both spiritual and artistic: 'the desolation of [his] vision is equalled by its radiance'. The depth and power of Pilinszky's poetry are forcefully recreated in these memorable versions by Janos Csokits and Ted Hughes. "The Desert of Love" is a revised edition of their earlier selection of his magnetic, intense and haunting poems. The added memoir by Pilinszky's close friend and associate gnes Nemes Nagy gives a major living Hungarian poet's view of his achievement.


To Love Again - 2826962568

40,32 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Isabella and Amadeo. The toast of international society and the undisputed leaders of Rome couture. Together they ruled the House of San Gregoria, a monument to Isabella's fabulous designs and stunning beauty, to Amadeo's unerring flair and golden Florentine elegance. And beyond their enchanted world of splendour shone their boundless, undying love for one another. Then suddenly their dream was shattered. Amadeo was gone- for ever. Isabella fled to Rome for a new life of bitter struggles and haunting memories. With her proud courage and all her zest for living could she ever say goodbye to the past and love again.


Ian McEwan's Enduring Love - 2212828127

74,30 zł

Ian McEwan's Enduring Love Routledge

Powieści i opowiadania

Ian McEwan is one of Britain's most inventive and important contemporary writers. Also adapted as a film, his novel Enduring Love (1997) is a tale of obsession that has both troubled and enthralled readers around the world. This guide to McEwan's haunting novel offers:


Love You to Death Season 2 - 2826647794

68,00 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Returning to the haunting hideaway of Mystic Falls, the fictional setting of the CW hit series "The Vampire Diaries," this new guide promises to further satisfy the show's many loyal viewers. Garnering huge ratings for the network week after week, "The Vampire Diaries"' mix of horror, romance, drama, and self-aware humor has maintained a growing fan base through its second hit season. This volume follows in the footsteps of the previous guide by featuring insightful explorations of each episode's rich history, supernatural mythology, film references, character development, and much more. Chapters on the vampire, werewolf, and doppelganger lore that inspired the show are included as well as behind-the-scenes details on the making of the series, the people who started it all, and the fandom that keeps it alive. With photos of the irresistible cast and chilling filming locations, this second installment once again captures the fun, fangs, and fear that make this bloodcurdling production so epic.


The Story: Love - 2826996211

45,28 zł

The Story: Love Head Of Zeus

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

'Love is, of course, a central preoccupation of literature...' Victoria Hislop, bestselling author and champion of the short story, has chosen her favourite short stories by women writers. Here are prizewinners, famous wits, well-known feminists, national treasures and rising stars. Love is represented in this volume in all its guises - romantic, maternal, happy and haunting. CONTRIBUTORS: Katherine Mansfield, Dorothy Parker, Doris Lessing, Margaret Drabble, Angela Carter, Margaret Atwood, Ellen Gilchrist, Alice Walker, Mavis Gallant, Carol Shields, Anne Enright, Elspeth Davie, Alison Lurie, Jennifer Egan, Jeanette Winterson, Claire Boylan, Maggie Gee, Colette Paul, Rachel Seiffert, Yiyun Li, Nadine Gordimer, Miranda July, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Carys Davies, Alison MacLeod, Emma Donoghue, Roshi Fernando, M. J. Hyland and Avril Joy.


Love That Whirls + 3 - 2839453221

41,99 zł

Love That Whirls + 3 Universal Music


1. Empire Of The Senses 2. Hope For A Heartbeat 3. Waiting Of Voices 4. A Private View 5. Eros Arriving 6. The Bride Of Christ In Autumn 7. Flesh 8. He And Sleep Were Brothers 9. When Your Dream Of Perfect Beauty Comes True 10. Flaming Desire 11. Portrait Of Jan With Flowers 12. The Crystal Escalator In The Palace Of God Department Store 13. Echo In Her Eyes (Lamps Of Oblivion) 14. The October Man 15. Haunting In My Head (Bonus Track) 16. Hope For A Heartbeat (Remix) (Bonus Track) 17. The Passion (Bonus Track)


The Echoes Of Love - 2839959339

38,99 zł

The Echoes Of Love

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Fiction & related items>Romance

A Story Of Secrets, Tragedy And Haunting Love In Venice.


Ian Mcewan's "Enduring Love" - 2840036536

109,99 zł

Ian Mcewan's "Enduring Love"

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Literature & literary studies>Literature: history & criticism

Explores The Intricacies Of Ian McEwan's Haunting Novel, Aiming To Provide A Guide To The Wealth Of Contextual And Critical Material That Surrounds It.


Just A Box - 2839461325

259,99 zł

Just A Box Edsel


1. Innocent Bystander 2. Goodnight Old Friend 3. Drop Back 4. Silverbird 5. The Show Must Go On 6. The Dancer 7. Tomorrow 8. Don't Say It's Over 9. Slow Motion 10. Oh Wot A Life 11. Why Is Everybody Going Home 101. Telepath 102. Train 103. The Bells Of St. Mary's 104. One Man Band 105. In My Life 106. When I Came Home This Morning 107. Long Tall Glasses 108. Another Time 109. Solo 110. Giving It All Away 201. Bedsitter Land 202. Unlucky In Love 203. The Last Gig Of Johnny B. Goode 204. On The Old Dirt Road 205. I Will Not Stop Fighting 206. Moonlighing 207. Streets Of Your Town 208. The Kid's Grown Up 209. Only Dreaming 210. Another Year 301. Hold On To My Love 302. You Make Me Feel Like Dancing 303. Reflections 304. When I Need You 305. No Business Like Love Business 306. I Hear The Laughter 307. Magdalena 308. How Much Love 309. I Think We Fell In Love Too Fast 310. Endless Flight 401. Thunder In My Heart 402. Easy To Love 403. Leave Well Enough Alone 404. I Want You Back 405. It's Over 406. Fool For Your Love 407. World Keeps On Turning 408. There Isn't Anything I Wouldn't Do 409. Everything I've Got 410. We Can Start All Over Again 501. Stormy Weather 502. Dancing The Night Away 503. I Can't Stop Loving You (Though I Try) 504. La Booga Rooga 505. Raining In My Heart 506. Something Fine 507. Running To My Freedom 508. Frankie Lee 509. Don't Look Away 510. No Looking Back 601. The World Has Changed 602. When The Money Runs Out 603. The End 604. Lost Control 605. An Englishman In The Usa 606. Who Will The Next Fool Be 607. Work 608. Oh Girl 609. Ghosts 610. Takin' The Easy Way Out 701. Time Ran Out On You 702. Where Did We Go Wrong 703. You Win, I Lose 704. More Than I Can Say 705. Millionaire 706. Once In A While 707. Living In A Fantasy 708. She's Not Coming Back 709. Let Me Know 710. Only Foolin' 801. Heart (Stop Beating In Time) 802. Paris Dies In The Morning 803. Have You Ever Been In Love 804. Rumours 805. Heroes 806. 'Til You Let Your Heart Win 807. The End Of The Game 808. Wondering Where The Lions Are 809. We've Got Ourselves In Love 810. World Radio 901. 'Til You Come Back To Me 902. Sea Of Heartbreak 903. More Than I Can Say 904. Darlin' 905. Don't Wait Until Tomorrow 906. How Beautiful You Are 907. Orchard Road 908. Aviation 909. Heart (Stop Beating In Time) 910. Your Love Still Brings Me To My Knees 911. Have You Ever Been In Love 912. Wounded Heart 913. Love Games 914. Never Had A Dream Come True 1001. Cool Touch 1002. Rely On Me 1003. Young And In Love 1004. Paper Back Town 1005. Going Home 1006. My Favourite 1007. I Can't Stop 1008. Heaven Knows 1009. Agents Of The Heart 1010. Suki's Missing 1101. Everyone 1102. Pop Life 1103. Saturday Girl 1104. You Thrill Me 1105. We Got Away With It 1106. I Never Knew 1107. Please Don't Walk Away 1108. Don't Look Back 1109. Voice In My Head 1110. Candygram 1111. Almost Blue 1112. Running Man 1113. There And Back Again 1114. Becalmed 1115. Maybe 1201. Living In America 1202. Praise The Land (1971 Session Recording) 1203. Reasons (1971 Session Outtake) 1204. Quicksand 1205. The Show Must Go On (7 Single) 1206. Let It Be 1207. Standing In The Rain (1975 Session Recording) 1208. Tears Of A Clown (Session Recording) 1209. Milky White Way (Session Recording) 1210. King's Avenue (1977 Studio Out-take) 1211. Tell Me Just One More Time (Session Recording) 1212. Thunder In My Heart (Disco Version) 1213. I've Been Lonely For So Long (1978 Session Recording) 1214. New Orleans (1978 Session Recording) 1215. When The Money Runs Out 1216. Work Work Work 1217. Train 1218. I Don't Need Dreaming Anymore 1301. Bye Bye Now My Sweet Love 1302. Unchained Melody 1303. Gone Solo 1304. The Girl Is With Me 1305. Easy To Love (1984 Recording) 1306. Passion 1307. Real Life 1308. Solo 1309. Unchained Melody 1310. Love Hurts 1311. Heart For Sale 1312. Haunting Me 1313. The Moth And The Flame 1314. The Only One 1315. Too Many Hearts 1316. Blame It On The Night 1317. Gun 1318. The Loading Zone


A Cellarfull Of Motown 3 - 2839341484

35,99 zł

A Cellarfull Of Motown 3 Motown

Muzyka>Rhythm & Blues / Soul

1. You're Walking Out With My Heart 2. This Love Will Never Die 3. Get Ready 4. Love Is Good 5. Jealousy Is Creeping Up On Me 6. Eeasier Said Than Done 7. At The Go-go 8. Memories Of Her Love Keep Haunting Me 9. I'm In Love Again 10. I Can't Let Him Go 11. Come On And See Me 12. Never Give You Up 13. Jus Too Much To Hope For 14. Loving You (Is Hurting Me) 15. S.o.s Girl In Distress 16. Thief Of Love 17. Too Young, Too Long 18. You Stay On My Mind 19. Come Back My Love 20. A Chance With You 21. Watch Your Step 22. (Untitled Track) 101. We'll Keep On Rolling 102. I Can't Help Loving You Baby 103. I'm Here Now That You Need Me 104. Judge's Daughter 105. Something About You 106. Soldier Of Love 107. I'm Gonna Get You 108. Don't Stop Loving Me 109. Sweet Sweet Love 110. I'm Doing The Best I Can 111. Cindy 112. Little Girls Grow Up 113. Too Late I Learned 114. Beware Of A Stranger 115. You Took Me This Far (Take Me All The Way) 116. Can I Get A Witness 117. (There's Always Room For) Love In A Movie 118. Farewell Is A Lonely Sound 119. You've Made Me So Very Happy 120. Honey Hut 121. Honey Boy 122. This Is Goodbye 123. (Untitled Track)


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