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On the Wings of Horses - 2826883642

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On the Wings of Horses spiritbooks

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

What if we purposefully tap the horse s ability to make us better humans? Ulrike Dietmann offers a heartwarming, empowering program for doing just that. In this book, she uses the model of the hero s journey, developed by the late author and mythologist Joseph Campbell, helping us consciously, and thereby much more efficiently, access what horses have been silently teaching riders, heroes, pioneers, leaders, and artists for millennia. Her graceful, intelligent writing is also clear and easy to understand as she makes some normally complex personal development principles surprisingly accessible. Horses are incredible teachers, but they need good translators to bring their wisdom to a wider human audience. Ulrike is a great translator of horse wisdom. Read this book, follow the activities, and answer the poignant, perceptive questions she asks, and I promise you, your life will change. You will become the hero of your own unique story, and you will realize once and for all, that, even when you wander off the main trail and get lost in the woods, you re never alone in this world. Linda Kohanov author of The Tao of Equus, Riding between the Worlds, Way of the Horse, and The Power of the Herd


Alison Jay Wheels and Wings - 2826679714

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Alison Jay Wheels and Wings Templar Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This is the next title in touch and feel series using Alison Jay's trademark crackle-glazed artwork. It explores the theme of transport through hands-on interaction with a texture on every spread and on the cover. Transport of all kinds zooms to life beneath readers' fingertips in Touch and Feel: Wheels and Wings. Readers can prod a squishy hot-air balloon, feel the rough wood of a rowing boat or the smooth wings of an aeroplane, stroke a galloping horse's mane or a racing car's bonnet and touch a yacht's sail. This is the next in a series of touch and feel books that present Alison Jay's perenially popular artwork in an exciting new format


Alison Jay Wheels And Wings - 2841484498

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Alison Jay Wheels And Wings

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Children

Readers Can Prod A Squishy Hot-air Balloon, Feel The Rough Wood Of A Rowing Boat Or The Smooth Wings Of An Aeroplane, Stroke A Galloping Horse's Mane Or A Racing Car's Bonnet And Touch A Yacht's Sail. This Is The Next In A Series Of Touch And Feel Books T


A Guided Tour Of / 3cd + Dvd - 2839318764

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A Guided Tour Of / 3cd + Dvd Union Square Music


1. The Prince 2. Madness 3. Mistakes 4. Bed & Breakfast Man 5. One Step Beyond 6. The Young & The Old 7. Decieves The Eye 8. My Girl 9. Believe Me 10. In The Middle Of The Night 11. Night Boat To Cairo 12. On The Beat Pete 13. Not Home Today 14. Baggy Trousers 15. Disappear 16. You Said 17. Embarassment 18. Take It Or Leave It 19. The Return Of The Los Palmas 7 20. Grey Day 21. Tomorrow's Dream 22. Mrs. Hutchinson 23. Shut Up 24. Sign Of The Times 25. It Must Be Love 26. In The City 27. Cardiac Arrest 101. House Of Fun 102. Don't Look Back 103. Primrose Hill 104. Driving In My Car 105. Calling Cards 106. Blue Skinned Beast 107. Our House 108. Madness (Is All In The Mind) 109. Tomorrow's (Just Another Day) 110. Wings Of A Dove 111. March Of The Gherkins 112. Keep Moving 113. The Sun & The Rain 114. Samantha 115. Prospects 116. One Better Day 117. Michael Caine 118. Victoria Gardens 119. Yesterday's Men 120. All I Knew 121. I'll Compete 122. Uncle Sam 201. Waiting For The Ghost Train 202. The Wizard 203. The Communicator 204. Lovestruck 205. Elysium 206. Drip Fed Fred 207. Saturday Night, Sunday Morning 208. Johnny The Horse 209. Sarah's Song 210. Girl Why Don't You? 211. Lola 212. I Chase The Devil (Ironshirt) 213. Shame & Scandal 214. You Keep Me Hanging On 215. Nw5 216. Forever Young 217. That Close 218. Dust Devil 219. On The Town 220. Sugar & Spice 221. Le Grand Pantalon (Baggy Trousers) 301. Pre-show Madness 302. One Step Beyond 303. The Prince 304. Embarrassment 305. My Girl 306. The Sun & The Rain 307. Land Of Hope & Glory 308. Grey Day 309. Razor Blade Alley 310. It Must Be Love 311. Tomorrow's (Just Another Day) 312. Take It Or Leave It 313. Shut Up 314. Driving In My Car 315. Bed & Breakfast Man 316. Close Escape 317. Wings Of A Dove 318. Our House 319. Night Boat To Cairo 320. Madness 321. Swan Lake 322. House Of Fun 323. Rockin' In Ab 324. Baggy Trousers 325. The Harder They Come


Rumours Of Glory -ltd- - 2840109890

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Rumours Of Glory -ltd-


1. The Charity Of Night 1. The Charity Of Night 2. If A Tree Falls 2. If A Tree Falls 3. Man Of A Thousand Faces 3. Man Of A Thousand Faces 4. One Day I Walk 4. One Day I Walk 5. Let Us Go Laughing 5. Let Us Go Laughing 6. Bird Without Wings 6. Bird Without Wings 7. Thoughts On A Rainy Day 7. Thoughts On A Rainy Day 8. Sunwheel Dance 8. Sunwheel Dance 9. Foxglove 9. Foxglove 10. Going To The Country 10. Going To The Country 11. It's An Elephant World 11. It's An Elephant World 12. You Don't Have To Play The Horses 12. You Don't Have To Play The Horses 13. Creation Dream 13. Creation Dream 14. Shining Mountain 14. Shining Mountain 15. Hills Of Morning 15. Hills Of Morning 16. Change Your Mind 16. Change Your Mind 17. He Came From The Mountain 17. He Came From The Mountain 18. Musical Friends 18. Musical Friends 101. Fall 101. Fall 102. Blues Got The World 102. Blues Got The World 103. Mama Just Wants To Barrelhouse All Night Long 103. Mama Just Wants To Barrelhouse All Night Long 104. All The Diamonds In The World 104. All The Diamonds In The World 105. Rouler Sa Bosse 105. Rouler Sa Bosse 106. Don't Have To Tell You Why 106. Don't Have To Tell You Why 107. Red Brother Red Sister 107. Red Brother Red Sister 108. Gavin's Woodpile 108. Gavin's Woodpile 109. Stolen Land 109. Stolen Land 110. Lord Of The Starfields 110. Lord Of The Starfields 111. Silver Wheels 111. Silver Wheels 112. Little Sea Horse 112. Little Sea Horse 113. Celestial Horses 113. Celestial Horses 114. Feast Of Fools 114. Feast Of Fools 115. Can I Go With You 115. Can I Go With You 116. Wondering Where The Lions Are 116. Wondering Where The Lions Are 201. Incandescent Blue 201. Incandescent Blue 202. How I Spent My Fall Vacation 202. How I Spent My Fall Vacation 203. What About The Bond 203. What About The Bond 204. Fascist Architecture 204. Fascist Architecture 205. Rumours Of Glory 205. Rumours Of Glory 206. You Pay Your Money And Take Your Chance 206. You Pay Your Money And Take Your Chance 207. All's Quiet On The Inner City Front 207. All's Quiet On The Inner City Front 208. Justice 208. Justice 209. Broken Wheel 209. Broken Wheel 210. The Trouble With Normal 210. The Trouble With Normal 211. Tropic Moon 211. Tropic Moon 212. If I Had A Rocket Launcher 212. If I Had A Rocket Launcher 213. Waiting For A Miracle 213. Waiting For A Miracle 214. Dust And Diesel 214. Dust And Diesel 215. Yangui Go Home 215. Yangui Go Home 216. Nicaragua 216. Nicaragua 301. Peggy's Kitchen Wall 301. Peggy's Kitchen Wall 302. Santiago Dawn 302. Santiago Dawn 303. Maybe The Poet 303. Maybe The Poet 304. Lovers In A Dangerous Time 304. Lovers In A Dangerous Time 305. To Raise The Morning Star 305. To Raise The Morning Star 306. People See Through You 306. People See Through You 307. Planet Of The Clowns 307. Planet Of The Clowns 308. Berlin Tonight 308. Berlin Tonight 309. Where The Death Squad Lives 309. Where The Death Squad Lives 310. Anything Can Happen 310. Anything Can Happen 311. Call It Democracy 311. Call It Democracy 312. Gospel Of Bondage 312. Gospel Of Bondage 313. Shipwrecked At The Stable Door 313. Shipwrecked At The Stable Door 314. Radium Rain 314. Radium Rain 315. Understanding Nothing 315. Understanding Nothing 401. Tibetan Side Of Town 401. Tibetan Side Of Town 402. Child Of The Wind 402. Child Of The Wind 403. Great Big Love 403. Great Big Love 404. One Of The Best Ones 404. One Of The Best Ones 405. Soul Of A Man 405. Soul Of A Man 406. Cry Of A Tiny Babe 406. Cry Of A Tiny Babe 407. Kit Carson 407. Kit Carson 408. Indian Wars 408. Indian Wars 409. A Dream Like Mine 409. A Dream Like Mine 410. Someone I Used To Love 410. Someone I Used To Love 411. All The Ways I Want You 411. All The Ways I Want You 412. Live On My Mind 412. Live On My Mind 413. Bone In My Ear 413. Bone In My Ear 414. Listen For The Laugh 414. Listen For The Laugh 501. The Mines Of Mozambique 501. The Mines Of Mozambique 502. The Coming Rains 502. The Coming Rains 503. Pacing The Cage 503. Pacing The Cage 504. Night Train 504. Night Train 505. The Whole Night Sky 505. The Whole Night Sky 506. Strange Waters 506. Strange Waters 507. The Embers Of Eden 507. The Embers Of Eden 508. Get Up Jonah 508. Get Up Jonah 509. When You Give It Away 509. When You Give It Away 510. Mango 510. Mango 511. Last Night Of The World 511. Last Night Of The World 512. Use Me While You Can 512. Use Me While You Can 513. Put It In Your Heart 513. Put It In Your Heart 601. All Our Dark Tomorrows 601. All Our Dark Tomorrows 602. Trickle Down 602. Trickle Down 603. Postcards From Cambodia 603. Postcards From Cambodia 604. You've Never Seen Everything 604. You've Never Seen Everything 605. My Beat 605. My Beat 606. Tried And Tested 606. Tried And Tested 607. Tell The Universe 607. Tell The Universe 608. This Is Baghdad 608. This Is Baghdad 609. Mystery 609. Mystery 610. Beautiful Creatures 610. Beautiful Creatures 611. The Light Goes On Forever 611. The Light Goes On Forever 701. Waterwalker Theme 701. Waterwalker Theme 702. My Hometown Avalon 702. My Hometown Avalon 703. Wise Users 703. Wise Users 704. Going Down The Road 704. Going Down The Road 705. The Whole Night Sky 705. The Whole Night Sky 706. Grinning Moon 706. Grinning Moon 707. Starflight Song 707. Starflight Song 708. Come Down Healing 708. Come Down Healing 709. Mystery Walk (Instrumental) 709. Mystery Walk (Instrumental) 710. The Trains Don't Come Here Anymore 710. The Trains Don't Come Here Anymore 711. Ribbons Of Darkness 711. Ribbons Of Darkness 712. Turn Turn Turn 712. Turn Turn Turn 713. Honey Please Let The Deal Go Down 713. Honey Please Let The Deal Go Down 801. The Slice O' Life Tour 801. The Slice O' Life Tour


Soundtrack - American Hustle - 2842306557

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Soundtrack - American Hustle

Książki & Multimedia > Muzyka

Lista utworów - Płyta 1 1. Jeep's Blues - Ellington, Duke 2. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - John, Elton 3. White Rabbit - Mayssa Karaa 4. 10538 Overture - Electric Light Orchestra 5. Live And Let Die - Wings 6. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart - Bee Gees 7. I Feel Love - Summer, Donna 8. Don't Leave Me This Way - Melvin, Harold & The Blue Notes 9. Delilah - Jones, Tom 10. I've Got Your Number - Jones, Jack 11. Long Black Road - Electric Light Orchestra 12. A Horse With No Name - Album Version - America 13. Stream Of Stars - Lynne, Jeff 14. Live To Live - Stills, Chris 15. Irving Montage - Elfman, Danny Opis - Ścieżka dźwiękowa do filmu w reżyserii Davida O. Russella "American Hustle" (Jak się skubie w Ameryce) to zbiór wielkich hitów wielkich gwiazd światowej sceny muzycznej. Znalazły się tu utwory miedzy innymi: Donny Summer, Paula McCartney'a, Eltona Johna, Duke'a Ellingtona czy grupy Bee Gees. Album zawiera również utwory, które usłyszymy po raz pierwszy: "White Rabbit" - Mayssa Karaa, "I've Got Your Number" - Jack Jones, "Live to Live" - Chris Stills, "Irving Montage" - Danny Elfman. Na płycie znalazła się również prawdziwa muzyczna perełka - nowa piosenka grupy Electric Light Orchestra "Long Black Road", która opublikowana była tylko w Japonii. Film opowiada o operacji "Abscam" prowadzonej przez FBI na przełomie lat 70. i 80 ubiegłego wieku. Celem akcji była walka z korupcją wśród polityków i urzędników państwowych. Bohaterami jest para oszustów (Christian Bale i Amy Adams) zmuszonych do współpracy z agentem federalnym (Bradley Cooper). W filmie zobaczymy również Jennifer Lawrence, Roberta De Niro, Michaela Pena oraz Jeremy Rennera. Film i aktorzy otrzymali 7 nominacji do Złotych Globów w najważniejszych kategoriach (Najlepszy film, Najlepszy reżyser, Najlepszy aktor, Najlepszy aktor drugoplanowy, Najlepsza aktorka drugoplanowa) oraz 13 nominacji do nagrody Critics' Choice Awards. Znawcy sztuki twierdzą, że statuetka Oscara murowana! Nazwa - American Hustle Autor - Soundtrack Wydawca - Sony Music Kod EAN - 0888430295926 Rok wydania - 2014 Nośnik - Płyta CD Ilość elementów - 1 Podatek VAT - 23% Premiera - 2014-01-21


Michael Morpurgo Christmas Stories - 2826731059

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Michael Morpurgo Christmas Stories Egmont UK Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Curl up by the fireside with an enchanting collection of Christmas stories from Britain's best-loved children's author, Michael Morpurgo. Lose yourself in faraway lands and unexpected adventures with four tales from the master story-teller. The Best Christmas Present in the World A mysterious letter in a secret drawer brings one night in the Great War vividly to life. Writing home from the front, a soldier has an incredible story to tell. On Angel Wings A singing of wings, a glorious light, and a sudden beacon of brightness? It can only mean - can it really? - a visit from the Angel Gabriel himself ...The Best of Times When the Prince and Princess marry, joy rings out across the land. But all too soon it fades away and a shadow hangs over the royal palace. As Christmas approaches, Prince Frederico must find a way to warm his new bride's aching heart. The Goose is Getting Fat ALL NEW FROM MICHAEL MORPURGO! Gertrude the goose is getting bigger by the day, and Charlie is proud to look after her. But as Christmas approaches, the thought of the grizzly fate awaiting her fills him with sadness. Can he save Gertrude from the Christmas dinner table? Former Children's Laureate and award-winning author of War Horse, Michael Morpurgo, demonstrates why he is considered to be the master story teller. Each individual Christmas story in this collection features stunning illustrations from the biggest names in children's books - from Quentin Blake to Michael Foreman and Emma Chichester Clark to Sophie Allsopp. The perfect gift book to buy this winter.


Draw Furries - 2826637313

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

How to Create Anthropomorphic and Fantasy Animal What do you get when you cross a human with a horse (or a hamster, or a hummingbird)? You get any one of a number of fun anthropomorphic animals, also known as "furries" to their friends. From facial expressions to creative coloring, this book contains all the know-how you need to create anthropomorphic cat, dog, horse, rodent and bird characters. Step by step, you'll learn how to:Draw species-appropriate tails, eyes, wings and other fun details Give your characters clothes, poses and personalities Create the perfect backgrounds for your furry antics


Epic Americana:pre-war Blues Country & Folk / Var - 2843706405

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Epic Americana:pre-war Blues Country & Folk / Var


1. Mamie Smith And Her Jazz Hands - Crazy Blues 2. Blind Lemon Jefferson - Rambler Blues 3. Texas Alexander - Levee Camp Moan Blues 4. Henry Thomas - Bulldoze Blues 5. Blind Blake - Two Type Blues 6. Tommy Johnson - Big Road Blues 7. Cannon Jog Stompers - Walk Right In 8. Charlie Patton - Pony Blues 9. Bessie Smith - Dirty No Gooders Blues 10. Sleepy John Estes - The Girl I Love 11. Blind Willie Mctell - Travellin' Blues 12. Mississippi John Hurt - Got The Blues Can't Be S 13. Son House - Walkin' Blues 14. Little Brother Montgomery - Vicksburg Blues 15. Skip James - I'm So Glad 16. Kokomo Arnold - Milk Cow Blues 17. Leroy Carr - When The Sun Goes Down 18. Bo Carter - I Want You To Know 19. Casey Bill Weldon - Backdoor Blues 20. Big Bill Broomzy - C&a Blues 21. Sunny Boy Williamson - Good Morning Little Schoo 22. Lonnie Johnson - Mr Johnsons Swing 23. Lii Green - Romance In The Dark 24. Sippie Wallace With Albert Annons - Bedroom Blue 25. Memphis Minnie - Kidman Blues 101. Henry C. Grilland - Arkansas Traveller 102. B.f Shelton - Darling Cora 103. Charlie Poole - Don't Let Your Deal Go Down 104. Uncle Dave Macon - Worthy Of Estimation 105. Gid Tanner And His Skillet Lickers - Dance All N 106. The Carter Family - Wildwood Flower 107. Jimmie Rodgers - Blue Yodel 108. Frank Hutchison - K.c Blues 109. The Delmore Brothers - Blue Railroad Train 110. Patsy Montana And The Prairie Ramblers - I Wanna 111. Milton Brown And His Brownies - Somebody's Been 112. Coon Creek Girls - Banjo Pickin' Girl 113. Fiddlin' Arthur Smith And His Dixie Landers - Pe 114. The Sons Of The Pioneers - Cool Water 115. Bill Monroe - Muleskinner Blues 116. Bob Wills And His Texas Playboys - Time Changes 117. Ernest Tubb - I Ain't Goin' Honkey Tonkin' Anymo 118. Roy Acuff - Fireball Mail 119. Carson Robinson Trio - Turkey In The Straw 120. Cousin Emmy And Her Kin Folks - Ruby 121. Molly O'day - Tramp On The Street 122. Chet Atkins And The All-star Hillbilly's - Guita 123. The Maddox Brothers & Rose - Georges Playhouse 124. Hank Williams - I'm So Lonesome I Can Cry 125. Johnny And Jack - Jesus Hits Like An Atom Bomb 201. Clarins Ashley - The House Carpenter 202. Blind Willie Johnson - Dark Was The Night 203. Obed 'Dad' Pickard - The Old Grey Horse 204. Blind Uncle Gasbard - Sur Le Borde De Eleau 205. Big Boy Cleveland - Quill Blues 206. Alabama Sacred Heart Singers - Religion Is A For 207. The Two Poor Boys - White Horse In A Line 208. Floyd Ming And His Pepsteppers - Indian War Whoo 209. Gold Eagle Gospel Singers - Shake Mothers Hand F 210. Texas Gladden And Hobart Smith - Down In The Wil 211. Luther Strong - Glory In The Meeting House 212. Vera Hall - Another Man Done Gone 213. Kelly Pace With Charlie Porter - Napoleon Cooper 214. Albert Pate & Willie Lee Jones - Rock Island Lin 215. Led Belly - Goodnight Irene 216. Hugh Gillespie - The Mullingar Lee 217. Denus Mcgee - Blues De Basile 218. Ukrainskr Orchestra Puwla Humiuka - First World 219. Narcisco Martinez Y Santiago Alneida - Chicharro 220. Achileas Poulos - When I Came To America 221. Lydia Mendoza - Mal Hombre 222. Burlives - Poor Wayfaring Stranger 223. Peter Seeger - Song For John Doe 224. Woody Gutherie - Pretty Boy Floyd 225. Josh White - Uncle Sam Says 226. Elder Utah Smith - I Want Two Wings 227. Merle Travis - Dark As A Dungeon 228. Paul Robeson - The Hammer Song


Marvelous Book of Magical Horses - 2826878249

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Marvelous Book of Magical Horses KLUTZ

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Who knew paper dolls could be so enchanting? The Marvelous Book of Magical Horses comes with six gorgeous paper ponies and three paper-doll fairies. Plus, of course, everything you need to dress them up and play: a dozen fabulous wings, more than 200 punch-out saddles, manes, bows, and other horse and fairy fashions, and four fabulously illustrated playscapes. Frustration-proof sticky shapes hold the outfits on tight and make this activity as simple as can be. Comes With: 6 punch-out paper horses, 6 sets of wings for horses, 2 paper-doll fairies, over 250 fashions for horses and fairies, double-sided removable adhesive dots - Create wonderful things - Be good - Have fun


Tall Dark Stranger / The - 2839392837

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Tall Dark Stranger / The Bear Family Records


1. Tall Dark Stranger 2. I've Got A Happy Heart 3. Somewhere Between 4. Just A Few More Days 5. Lonesome Valley 6. My Savior Leads The Way 7. But You Know I Love You 8. Today I Started Loving You Again 9. I'm A Natural Loser 10. The Biggest Storm Of All 11. If I Had You (By My Side) 12. Down At The Corner Bar 13. Nobody But You 14. Lay A Little Light On Me 15. Catfish Capers 16. Bossanova Buckaroo Style 17. Sweet-t-pie 18. Roll Your Own 19. When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder 20. That Old Time Religion 21. Big In Vegas 22. Love Is Strange 23. Cinderella 24. I'll Be All Right Tomorrow 25. Hurry Come Running Back To Me 26. Ensenada 27. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down 28. Take Care Of You For Me In Kansas City 29. One More Time 30. Goin' Home To The Bayou 31. Country Pickin' 32. Rompin ' & Stompin' 101. We Were Made For Each Other 102. Everybody Needs Somebody 103. Togetherness 104. The Kansas City Song 105. I'd Love To Be Your Man 106. Together Again 107. Fallin' For You 108. Cryin' Time 109. Foolin' Around 110. Down In New Orleans 111. The Wind Blows Every Day In Oklahoma 112. Full Time Daddy 113. The Great White Horse 114. Black Texas Dirt 115. Bring Back My Peace Of Mind 116. Guitar Pickin' Man 117. Dublin Waltz 118. I'd Love To Be Your Man 119. Cajun Steel Guitar 120. Fishin' Reel 121. Potter's Field 122. When I'm With You 123. Pick-nickin' 124. Boot Hill 125. Up On Cripple Creek 126. (It's A Long Way To) London Town 127. Scandinavian Polka 128. Amsterdam 201. Let The World Keep On A Turnin' 202. High As The Mountains 203. Today I Started Loving You Again 204. I've Never Had A Dream Come True Before 205. Tennessee Bird Walk 206. Then Maybe I Can Get Some Sleep 207. Your Tender Loving Care 208. Think Of Me 209. I Thank Him For Sending Me You 210. I Don't Care (Just As Long As You Love Me) 211. I Wouldn't Live In New York City (If They Gave Me 212. No Milk & Honey In Baltimore 213. Reno Lament 214. Houston-town 215. Santo Domingo 216. Down In New Orleans 217. The Wind Blows Every Day In Chicago 218. (It's A Long Way To) Londontown 219. The Kansas City Song 220. Big In Vegas 221. Reno Lament 222. No Milk & Honey In Baltimore 223. Bridge Over Troubled Water 224. I Am A Rock 225. Homeward Bound 226. The Devil Made Me Do That 227. Everything Reminds Me You're Gone 228. Catch The Wind 229. San Francisco Town 230. Within My Loving Arms 231. (I'm Goin') Home 232. Love Minus Zero - No Limit 301. Ring Of Fire 302. Last Date 303. El Paso 304. King Of The Road 305. Orange Blossom Special 306. Tall Dark Stranger 307. Detroit City 308. Gentle On My Mind 309. It's Such A Pretty World Today 310. Okie From Muskogee 311. Ruby (Are You Mad) 312. Heartbreak Mountain 313. Uncle Pen 314. Corn Liquor 315. Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms 316. I Know You're Married But I Love You Still 317. Ashes Of Love 318. Ole Slew Foot 319. Rocky Top 320. Salty Dog Blues 321. One Of Everything You Got 322. Home On Christmas Day 323. All I Want For Christmas Is My Daddy 324. A Very Merry Christmas 325. It's Not What You Give 326. Good Old Fashioned Country Christmas 327. Christmas Ain't Christmas Dear Without You 328. Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy 329. Santa's Gonna Come In A Stagecoach 330. Tomorrow Is Christmas Day 401. Too Old To Cut The Mustard 402. Wham Bam 403. Pfft You Were (Was) Gone 404. You're A Real Good Friend 405. Tobacco White Lightning & Women Blues No. 2 406. I Won't Go Huntin' With You Jake (But I'll Go Chas 407. Cigareets, Whuskey & Wild, Wild Women 408. Beautiful Morning Glory 409. I'll Still Be Waiting For You 410. Daddy Frank (The Guitar Man) 411. Today I Started Loving You Again 412. The Fightin' Side Of Me 413. Silver Wings 414. Okie From Muskogee 415. The Legend Of Bonnie & Clyde 416. Hungry Eyes 417. Swinging Doors 418. I Take A Lot Of Pride In What I Am 419. Mama Tried 420. Made In Japan 421. Arms Full Of Empty 422. Ain't It Amazing, Gracie 423. Looking Back To See 424. You Ain't Gonna Have Ol' Buck To Kick Around No Mo 501. I Love You So Much It Hurts 502. There Goes My Love 503. Sweethearts In Heaven 504. A Whole Lot Of Somethin' 505. Get Out Of Town Before Sundown 506. Something's Wrong 507. In The Palm Of Your Hand 508. The Good Old Days (Are Here Again) 509. I Know That You Know (That I Love You) 510. When You Get Back From Nashville 511. When You Get To Heaven (I'll Be There) 512. Long Hot Summer 513. Streets Of Bakersfield 514. She's Had All The Dreamin' She Can Stand 515. Your Monkey Won't Be Home Tonight 516. The Good Old Days (Are Here Again) 517. Old Faithful 518. Take A Taste Of My Wine 519. I Think I'm Going To Like Loving You 520. Sweethearts In Heaven 521. I've Got A Happy Heart 522. Arms Full Of Empty 523. All The Dreamin' They Can Stand 524. Honey... Let's Fall In Love 525. When You Get To Heaven (I'll Be There) 526. Love Makes The World Go Round 601. Love Makes The World Go Around 602. Loving You 603. I Won't Be Needing You 604. Songwriter's Lament 605. That Loving Feeling 606. Someday I'm Gonna Go To Mexico 607. Colors I'm Gonna Paint The Town 608. It Never Will Be Over For Me 609. Happy Hour 610. Your Daddy Was A Preacher (And Your Mama Was A Dan 611. Hello Trouble 612. Big Game Hunter 613. (It's A) Monsters' Holiday 614. I Wish I Was A Butterfly 615. John Law 616. Stony Mountain West Virginia 617. Let The Fun Begin 618. Holdin' On 619. Great Expectations 620. All Around Cowboy Of 1964 701. Meanwhile Back At The Ranch 702. On The Cover Of The Music City News 703. Great Expectations 704. Amazing Love 705. I Love 706. You're Gonna Love Yourself In The Morning 707. Kiss An Angel Good Mornin' 708. Pass Me By (If You're Only Passing Through) 709. 41st Street Lonely Hearts' Club 710. Weekend Daddy 711. I Finally Gave Her Enough Rope 712. Run Him To The Roundhouse Nellie 713. Drifting Away 714. He Ain't Been Out Bowlin' With The Boys 715. It's Been A Long, Long Time 716. A Different Kind Of Sad 717. You Don't Find Work In Pool Rooms (And Love Don't 718. How's Everything 719. California Oakie 720. The Battle Of New Orleans 721. Country Singer's Prayer 722. Mexican Jumping Bean


British airliners 1940-1949 - 2846354240

80,28 zł

British airliners 1940-1949 Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 51. Chapters: De Havilland Comet, Avro Tudor, Vickers Viscount, Vickers VC.1 Viking, Avro York, Bristol Freighter, Handley Page Hastings, Bristol Brabazon, Handley Page Hermes, Airspeed Ambassador, Handley Page Marathon, Cierva Air Horse, Short Sandringham, Avro Lancastrian, Brabazon Committee, De Havilland Dove, Short Solent, Percival Prince, Armstrong Whitworth Apollo, Airspeed Consul, Cunliffe-Owen Concordia. Excerpt: The de Havilland DH 106 Comet was the world's first commercial jet airliner to reach production. Developed and manufactured by de Havilland at the Hatfield, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom headquarters, it first flew in 1949 and was a landmark in aeronautical design. It featured an extremely aerodynamically clean design with its four de Havilland Ghost turbojet engines buried into the wings, a low-noise pressurised cabin, and large windows; for the era, it was an exceptionally comfortable design for passengers and showed signs of being a major success in the first year upon launching. However, a few years after introduction into commercial service, Comet airframes began suffering from catastrophic metal fatigue, which in combination with cabin pressurisation cycles, caused two well-publicised accidents where the aircraft tore apart in mid-flight. The Comet had to be withdrawn and extensively tested to discover the cause; the first incident had been incorrectly identified as having been caused by an onboard fire. Several contributory factors, such as window installation methodology, were also identified as exacerbating the problem. The Comet was extensively redesigned to eliminate this design flaw. Rival manufacturers meanwhile developed their own aircraft and heeded the lessons learnt from the Comet. Although sales never fully recovered, the redesigned Comet 4 series subsequently enjoyed a long and productive career of over 30 years. The Comet was adapted for a variety of military roles, such as surveillance, VIP, medical and passenger transport; the most extensive modification resulted in a specialised maritime patrol aircraft variant, the Hawker Siddeley Nimrod. Nimrods remained in service with the Royal Air Force (RAF) until they were retired in June 2011, over 60 years after the Comet's first flight. Design studies for the DH 106 Comet 1944-1947 (artist's impression)During the Second World War, the Brabazon Committee was formed on 11 March 1943 to determine Britai


Purcell Operas - 2845319397

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Purcell Operas Universal Music / Deutsche Grammophon


1. Dawson, Lynne - Dido Und Aeneas 2. Ouvertuere (Englisch) 3. Dawson, Lynne - Dido Und Aeneas (Englisch) 4. Shake The Cloud From Off Your Brow (Erster Akt) 5. Ah! Belinda, I Am Press'd With Torment - Grief Inc 6. Whence Could So Much Virtue Spring? - Fear No Dang 7. See, Your Royal Guest Appears - Cupid Only Throws 8. If Not For Mine, For Empire's Sake - Pursue Thy Co 9. The Triumphing Dance (Erster Akt) 10. Prelude For The Witches (Zweiter Akt) 11. Ruin'd Ere The Set Sun - Ho, Ho, Ho - But Ere We T 12. In Our Deep-vaulted Cell The Charm We'll Prepare ( 13. Echo Dance Of Furies (Zweiter Akt) 14. Ritornelle - Thanks To These Lonesome Vales (Zweit 15. Oft She Visits This Lone Mountain (Zweiter Akt) 16. Behold, Upon My Bending Spear (Zweiter Akt) 17. Stay, Prince, & Hear Great Jove's Command (Zweit 18. Prelude - Come Away, Fellow Sailors (Dritter Akt) 19. The Sailors' Dance - See The Flags - Destruction's 20. Our Next Motion - Destruction's Our Delight (Dritt 21. The Witches' Dance (Dritter Akt) 22. Your Counsel All Is Urg'd In Vain - Great Minds Ag 23. Thy Hand, Belinda, Darkness Shades Me (Dritter Akt 24. With Drooping Wings Ye Cupids Come (Dritter Akt) 25. Argenta, Nancy - King Arthur 26. Argenta, Nancy - First Music: Chaconne 27. Macdougall, Jamie - Second Music: 1. Overture 28. Argenta, Nancy - Second Music: 2. Air 29. Argenta, Nancy - Woden, First To Thee - We Have Sa 30. Argenta, Nancy - The White Horse Neigh'd Aloud - T 31. Argenta, Nancy - The Lot Is The Cast (Erster Akt) 32. Argenta, Nancy - Brave Souls (Erster Akt) 33. Argenta, Nancy - I Call You All To Woden's Hall (E 34. Gooding, Julia - Come If You Dare - First Act Tune 101. Argenta, Nancy - Hither, This Way, This Way Bend ( 102. Argenta, Nancy - Let Not A Moon-born Elf Mislead Y 103. Argenta, Nancy - Hither, This Way, This Way Bend ( 104. Argenta, Nancy - Come Follow Me (Zweiter Akt) 105. Argenta, Nancy - How Blest Are Shepherds (Zweiter 106. Argenta, Nancy - Symphony - Shepard, Shepherd, Lea 107. Finley, Gerald - Come, Shepherds (Zweiter Akt) 108. Argenta, Nancy - Air (Zweiter Akt) 109. Argenta, Nancy - Prelude (Dritter Akt) 110. Argenta, Nancy - What Ho! - Prelude (Dritter Akt) 111. Argenta, Nancy - What Power Art Thou (Dritter Akt) 112. Argenta, Nancy - Thou Doting Fool, Forbear (Dritte 113. Argenta, Nancy - Great Love, I Know Thee Now (Drit 114. Finley, Gerald - No Part Of My Dominion (Dritter A 115. Argenta, Nancy - Prelude (Dritter Akt) 116. Argenta, Nancy - See, See We Assemble (Dritter Akt 117. Argenta, Nancy - Tis I, 'Tis I, 'Tis I That Have W 118. Argenta, Nancy - Sound A Parley - Tis Love, 'Tis L 119. Argenta, Nancy - Hornpipe (Dritter Akt) 120. Argenta, Nancy - Two Daughters Of This Aged Stream 121. Gooding, Julia - Passacaglia - How Happy The Lover 122. Argenta, Nancy - Air (Vierter Akt) 123. Argenta, Nancy - Trumpet Tune (Fuenfter Akt) 124. Argenta, Nancy - Ye Blust'ring Brethren (Fuenfter 125. Argenta, Nancy - Symphony (Fuenfter Akt) 126. Argenta, Nancy - Round Thy Coast (Fuenfter Akt) 127. Argenta, Nancy - For Folded Flocks (Fuenfter Akt) 128. Huggett, Monica - Your Hay, It Is Mow'd - Dance (F 129. Argenta, Nancy - Fairest Isle (Fuenfter Akt) 130. Argenta, Nancy - You Say, 'Tis Love (Fuenfter Akt) 131. Argenta, Nancy - Trumpet Tune (Fuenfter Akt) 132. Argenta, Nancy - Saint George, The Patron Of Our I 201. Agnew, Paul - Dioclesian 202. First Music 203. Second Music 204. Overture 205. Hornpipe (Erster Akt) 206. Prelude: Great Diocles The Boar Has Kill'd - Sing 207. Charon The Peaceful Shade Invites (Zweiter Akt) 208. Symphony (Zweiter Akt) 209. Let All Mankind The Pleasure Share - Sound All You 210. Let All Mankind The Pleasure Share (Zweiter Akt) 211. Prelude - Let The Soldiers Rejoice - Rejoice, Rejo 212. Ritornello (Zweiter Akt) 213. To Mars Let 'Em Raise (Zweiter Akt) 214. Ritornello (Zweiter Akt) 215. Symphony - Since The Toils & The Hazards (Zweite 216. Dance Of Furies (Zweiter Akt) 217. Second Act Tune (Zweiter Akt) 218. Chaconne (Dritter Akt) 219. When First I Saw (Dritter Akt) 220. The Chair Dance (Dritter Akt) 221. Prelude - What Shall I Do (Dritter Akt) 222. Third Act Tune (Dritter Akt) 223. Butterfly Dance (Vierter Akt) 224. Trumpet Tune (Vierter Akt) 225. Sound, Fame, Thy Brazen Trumpet Sound! (Vierter Ak 226. Fourth Act Tune (Vierter Akt) 227. Country Dance (Fuenfter Akt) 228. Prelude - Call The Nymphs (Das Maskenspiel) 229. Let The Graces & Pleasures Repair (Das Maskenspi 230. Come, Come Away (Das Maskenspiel) 301. Prelude - Behold, O Mightiest Of Gods (Das Maskens 302. Paspe (Das Maskenspiel) 303. Oh Sweet Delights Of Love! (Das Maskenspiel) 304. Let Monarchs Fight - Hear, Mighty Love! (Das Maske 305. Since From My Dear Astrea's Sight (Das Maskenspiel 306. Make Room, Make Room (Das Maskenspiel) 307. I'm Here, I'm Here, With My Jolly Crew (Das Masken 308. Dance Of Bacchanals (Das Maskenspiel) 309. Still I'm Wishing, Still Desiring (Das Maskenspiel 310. Canaries (Das Maskenspiel) 311. Tell Me Why (Das Maskenspiel) 312. Dance (Das Maskenspiel) 313. All Our Days & Our Nights (Das Maskenspiel) 314. Let Us Dance, Let Us Sing (Das Maskenspiel) 315. Dance (Das Maskenspiel) 316. Triumph, Triumph Victorious Love - Then All Rehear 317. Agnew, Paul - Timon Of Athens 318. Ouvertuere (The Masque Of Cupid & Bacchus) 319. Hark How The Songsters Of The Grove (The Masque Of 320. Love In Their Little Veins Inspires (The Masque Of 321. But Ah! How Much Are Our Delights (The Masque Of C 322. Hence With Your Trifling Deity (The Masque Of Cupi 323. Come All To Me (The Masque Of Cupid & Bacchus) 324. Return, Revolting Rebels (The Masque Of Cupid And 325. The Cares Of Lovers (The Masque Of Cupid & Bacch 326. Love Quickly Is Pall'd (The Masque Of Cupid & Ba 327. Come Let Us Agree (The Masque Of Cupid & Bacchus 328. Curtain Tune (The Masque Of Cupid & Bacchus) 401. Chance, Michael - Come, Ye Sons Of Art, Away Birth 402. Ouvertuere 403. Come Ye Sons Of Art 404. Sound The Trumpet 405. Come Ye Sons Of Art 406. Strike The Viol, Touch The Lute 407. The Day That Such A Blessing Gave 408. Bid The Virtues, Bid The Graces 409. These Are The Sacred Charms 410. See Nature, Rejoicing 411. Ainsley, John Mark - Ode For Cecilia's Day 412. Ouvertuere 413. Symphony - Welcome To All The Pleasures That Delig 414. Here The Deities Approve 415. Then Lift Up Your Voices 416. Beauty Thou Scene Of Love 417. In A Consort Of Voices 418. Ainsley, John Mark - Of Old, When Heroes Thought I 419. Symphony 420. Of Old, When Heroes Thought It Base 421. The Bashful Thames, For Beauty So Renowned 422. The Pale & The Purple Rose 423. And In Each Track Of Glory Since 424. Symphony 425. And Now When The Renown'd Nassau 426. They Did No Storms, Nor Threat'nings Fear 427. So When The Glitt'ring Queen Of Night 428. Let Music Join 429. Sound, Trumpets, Sound 430. Sound All To Him Dido & Aeneas King Arthur Diolesian Timon Of Athens Three Odes : Come Ye Sons Of Art Away - Ode For The Birthday Of Queen Mary II / Welcome To All The Pleasures - Ode For St Cecilia S Day / Of Old When Heroes Thought It Base - The Yorkshire Feast Song.


100 Hits - Rock Jukebox - 2841503787

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100 Hits - Rock Jukebox


1. Don't Stop Believin' - Journey 2. More Than A Feeling - Boston 3. Eye Of The Tiger - Survivor 4. (Don't Fear) The Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult 5. Piece Of My Heart - Big Brother & The Holding Co 6. Walk On The Wild Side - Lou Reed 7. All The Young Dudes - Mott The Hoople 8. God Gave Rock And Roll To You - Argent 9. Dogs Of War - Saxon 10. Because The Night - Patti Smith 11. Leave A Light On - Belinda Carlisle 12. Walk This Way - Run Dmc Feat. Aerosmith 13. Broken Wings - Mr Mister 14. Summer In The City - The Lovin' Spoonful 15. Africa - Toto 16. Making Love Out Of Nothing At All - Air Supply 17. Dust In The Wind - Kansas 18. Fantasy - Aldo Nova 19. Soul Sacrifice - Santana 20. Albatross - Fleetwood Mac 101. The Final Countdown - Europe 102. Bat Out Of Hell - Meat Loaf 103. Breaking The Law - Judas Priest 104. Danger Zone - Kenny Loggins 105. Message In A Bottle - Gillan 106. Poison - Alice Cooper 107. Take It On The Run - Reo Speedwagon 108. Beginning Of The End - Status Quo 109. The Battle Rages On - Deep Purple 110. You're The Voice - John Farnham 111. Kyrie - Mr Mister 112. Hold On Baby - Jj Cale 113. Rock 'N Me - The Steve Miller Band 114. Call On Me - Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band 115. No Time - The Guess Who 116. Jessie's Girl - Rick Springfield 117. Johnny Bgoode - Johnny Winter 118. I Think I Love You Too Much - The Jeff Healey Ba 201. Black Magic Woman - Fleetwood Mac 202. Little Wing - Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Troubl 203. She's Not There - Santana 204. Turtle Blues - Big Brother & The Holding Company 205. Cause We've Ended As Lovers - Jeff Beck 206. Nantucket Sleighride (To Owen Coffin) - Mountain 207. Eight Miles High - The Byrds 208. American Woman - The Guess Who 209. Rock And Roll Band - Crazy Horse 210. While My Guitar Gently Weeps - The Jeff Healey B 211. Sure 'Nuff 'N' Yes, I Do - Captain Beefheart & H 212. Wild Child - Lou Reed 213. Fly Like An Eagle - The Steve Miller Band 214. Hazy Shade Of Winter - The Bangles 215. The Witch Queen Of New Orleans - Redbone 216. Alright - Status Quo 217. Hold Your Head Up - Argent 218. Free Ride - The Edgar Winter Group 219. Race With The Devil - The Gun 220. Raw Power - Iggy & The Stooges 301. King Of Dreams - Deep Purple 302. Rock The Night - Europe 303. Wasted In America - Love/hate 304. Search And Destroy (Iggy Pop Mix) - Iggy & The S 305. Living After Midnight - Judas Priest 306. Solid Ball Of Rock - Saxon 307. Black Betty - Ram Jam 308. Peace Of Mind - Boston 309. Any Way You Want It - Journey 310. When I See You Smile - Bad English 311. Don't Fight It - Kenny Loggins & Steve Perry 312. Carry On Wayward Son - Kansas 313. Keep On Loving You - Reo Speedwagon 314. Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through - Jim Steinman 315. Cuddly Toy - Roachford 316. Pretty In Pink - The Psychedelic Furs 317. Lean On Me - Jj Cale 318. Once Bitten, Twice Shy - Ian Hunter 319. In My Own Time - Family 401. Rosanna - Toto 402. American Heartbeat - Survivor 403. Let It All Out - Ram Jam 404. Mutually Assured Destruction - Gillan 405. Another Girl, Another Planet - The Only Ones 406. I Don't Want Nobody - Randy California 407. Gloria - Patti Smith 408. I Drove All Night - Cyndi Lauper 409. All Out Of Love - Air Supply 410. Summer Rain - Belinda Carlisle 411. Crash - The Primitives 412. I Want You To Want Me - Cheap Trick 413. Heaven - The Psychedelic Furs 414. Don't Talk To Strangers - Rick Springfield 415. Frankenstein - The Edgar Winter Group 416. Low Down Dirty Mean - The Allman Brothers Band 417. Burlesque - Family 418. Goin' Back - The Byrds 419. Family Man - Roachford 420. Come And Get Your Love - Redbone


Country Love Songs - 2839331023

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Country Love Songs MUSIC BROKERS


1. Stand By Your Man - Lynn Anderson 2. Is There Something On Your Mind - Willie Nelson 3. I'm So Lonely I Could Cry - Billie Jo Spears 4. Wichita Lineman - Roy Allen 5. Letter To Heaven - Dolly Parton 6. Crazy - Patsy Cline 7. For The Good Times - David Houston 8. Baby I'm Yours - Tanya Tucker 9. D.i.v.o.r.c.e. - Julie Brandt 10. Blue Kentucky Girl - Linda Buxton 11. Strawberry Stallion - T. Gozney Thornton 12. Tequila Sunrise - California 13. Colours - Donovan 14. Wish I Was - Mickey Newbury 101. Satin Sheets - Jeanne Pruett 102. It's Four In The Morning - Farron Young 103. Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town - Kenny Roger 104. Ring Of Fire - Johnny Cash & June Carter 105. Blue Bayou - Lynn Anderson 106. Making Believe - Angelica Texas 107. Come Monday - Keith Carson 108. They Don't Know - Katrina 109. The Ghost - Willie Nelson 110. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You - Jim Ree 111. Woman Of The World (Leave My World Alone) - Bill 112. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain - Kevin North 113. The Ways To Love A Man - Jolie James 114. Goin' Back - Carolyn Canyon 201. I Walk The Line - Johnny Cash 202. Green, Green Grass Of Home - Porter Wagoner 203. I'd Rather Be Lonely - B.j.thomas 204. For The Good Times - Carl Rose 205. My Blue Ridge Mountain Boy - Rosie Carey 206. Time In A Bottle - Jim Croce 207. Follow Me - Jim Jameson 208. Heart Of Gold - Arizona Four 209. Heartaches By The Number - Guy Mitchell 210. Wings Of A Dove - Ferlin Husky 211. Come On Over - Allie Grey 212. Strawberry Wine - Briana Blueyed Lee 213. Hello Darlin' - Ronnie Cage 214. A Horse With No Name - Free Birds Of Kentucky


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