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A Lesson In Hope - 2840420065

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A Lesson In Hope

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Fiction & related items>Crime & mystery

Bestselling Author Philip Gulley Offers Humorous, Small-town Storytelling In Book Two Of His Acclaimed New Series Featuring Beloved Protagonist Pastor Sam Gardner.


A.L.I.C.E. with Jesus - 2842745045

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A.L.I.C.E. with Jesus Blessed Hope Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The present book is about how you can follow Jesus Christ in your daily life. Following Jesus is a life-changing experience, beginning with an inner peace with God, with yourself, and with other people surrounding you. We hope that you will experience God in your life, and your life will be transformed thoroughly. The idea of this book came to me in a dream after watching a very good movie at one afternoon at December 27, 2013. The title of that movie is A Thousand Words , with actor includes Eddie Murphy. The lesson that I learned through that movie is that you should live like a new person (or re-born in Christian term), and it can be a true reality once you can live peacefully with God, with yourself, with your father, with your mother, and with everyone that you are connected with. Only if you live peacefully with everyone including with God and with yourself, then you will live happily no matter what. If you follow through the articles in this book one article each day for sixth days and take a rest in the seventh day, then within a few weeks you will complete reading this book, and you will get A.L.I.C.E. with Jesus. That would mean A life-changing experience with Jesus


Under the Duvet - 2212824601

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Under the Duvet Penguin

Powieści i opowiadania

'When people ask me what I do for a crust and I tell them that I'm a novelist, they immediately assume that my life is a non-stop carousel of limos, television appearances, hair-dos, devoted fans, stalkers and all the glitzy paraphernalia of being a public figure. It's time to set the record straight. I write alone, in a darkened bedroom, wearing my PJs, eating bananas, my laptop on a pillow in front of me ...' Her novels are adored by millions around the world


Opus Dei - 2212825700

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Opus Dei Penguin

Literatura faktu

Opus Dei is the most controversial - and unknown - force in the Catholic Church.  Here, John L. Allen uncovers its real nature.  Accused of promoting a right-wing political agenda, of cult-like practices, and immortalized forever in the pages of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, Opus Dei is the most notorious, most talked about - but least known - religious organization of our time.  Granted unlimited access to those within its ranks, and with an investigative eye intent on uncovering closely guarded secrets, John L. Allen finally separates the myths from the facts:  the actual use of the cilice; the reason men and women remain separate; the true extent of Opus Dei's funds.  Built around a wealth of interviews with the heads of Opus Dei in the Vatican and in centres around the world, comparing the attitudes of current members with those of highly critical members and outsiders, Opus Dei is a portrait of a remarkably powerful organization, both inside and outside the Church. One of the most mysterious and controversial religious forces today, and immortalized in Dan Brown


Choral Classics: Tallis: Complete Works - 2839279820

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Choral Classics: Tallis: Complete Works Brilliant Classics


Obszerna Seria Zestawów Płyt Prezentujących Najwspanialsze, Najsłynniejsze I Najbardziej Popularne Arcydzieła Chóralne Zachodniej Muzyki. Obejmuje Ponad 700 Lat Historii Muzyki, Od Flamandzkich Mistrzów Josquina I Ockeghema, Przez Maestrię Bacha, Wdzięk Mozarta, Romantyków Brahmsa I Mendelssohna, Po XX-wiecznych Mistrzów Brittena I Ruttera. Pięknie Opakowane Ze świeżą I Inspirującą Szatą Graficzną, Trafiającą W Gusta Szerokiego Kręgu Odbiorców. Wiele Zestawów Zostało Ponownie Opracowanych, Tak By Oferowały Jeszcze Więcej Za Dobrą Cenę. Wysoce Atrakcyjna Seria Z Ogromnym Potencjałem Na Okres Bożonarodzeniowy! Kariera Thomasa Tallisa, Organisty I Kompozytora, Obejmowała Okresy Rządów Czworga Angielskich Monarchów - Henryka VIII, Edwarda VI, Marii I I Elżbiety I - A Także Okres Fundamentalnych Zmian Religijnych I Muzycznych Sprowadzonych Przez Reformację I Założenie Kościoła Anglikańskiego. Pomimo Faktu, że Tworzył W Okresie Ogromnych Zawirowań Religijnych I Społecznych, Tallis Przez Całe życie Cieszył Się Renomą Wybitnego Kompozytora, Adaptując Swoje Utwory Do Zmieniających Się Oczekiwań Stawianych Przed Muzyką Sakralną Przez Każdego Kolejnego Monarchę. Składająca Się Z 10 Płyt CD Kolekcja Zawiera Wszystkie Utwory Tallisa I Pokazuje Jego Wszechstronność I Odpowiedź Na Muzyczny Klimat Jego Czasów. Oprócz Najbardziej Znanych I Najbardziej Charakterystycznych Dzieł, Takich Jak Gaude Gloriosa Dei Mater, Lamentacje I Motet Spem In Alium Na 40 Głosów, Zestaw Ten Zawiera Także Mniej Znane Pieśni I Dzieła Instrumentalne. CD1 Music For Henry VIII 1 Ave Dei Patris Filia 15'33 2 Ave Rosa Sine Spinis 11'14 3 Alleluia: Ora Pro Nobis 3'57 4 Euge Coeli Porta 2'28 5 Kyrie: Deus Creator 2'28 Mass: Salve Intemerata 6 Gloria 5'11 7 Credo 6'05 8 Sanctus & Benedictus 5'05 9 Agnus Dei 3'56 10 Salve Intemerata 15'54 Czas Całkowity: 71'51 Chapelle Du Roi Alistair Dixon CD2 Music At The Reformation 1 Magnificat 10'06 2 Nunc Dimittis 3'12 3 Sancte Deus 5'58 4 Conditor Kyrie 2'24 Mass For Four Voices 5 Gloria 5'17 6 Credo 6'40 7 Sanctus 3'00 8 Benedictus 2'54 9 Agnus Dei 4'14 10 Remember Not, O Lord God 3'11 11 Hear The Voice And Prayer 3'15 12 If Ye Love Me 2'13 13 A New Commandment 2'50 14 Benedictus 6'25 15 Te Deum For Meanes 8'55 Czas Całkowity: 70'32 Chapelle Du Roi Alistair Dixon CD3 Music For Queen Mary 1 Beati Immaculati 3'58 2 Introit: Puer Natus Est Nobis 3'06 3 Kyrie: Deus Creator 2'31 Mass: Puer Natus Est Nobis 4 Gloria 7'45 5 Gradual: Viderunt Omnes 3'35 6 Alleluia: Dies Sanctificus 1'57 7 Sequence: Celeste Organum 3'41 8 Sanctus 3'42 9 Benedictus 2'41 10 Agnus Dei 5'55 11 Communion: Viderunt Omnes 0'40 12 Suscipe Quaeso 7'55 13 Gaude Gloriosa 17'11 Czas Całkowity: 64'45 CD4 Music For The Divine Office 1 1 Hodie Nobis Caelorum 4'00 2 Salvator Mundi 4'28 3 Quod Chorus Vatum 4'44 4 Videte Miraculum 9'11 5 In Pace In Idipsum 6'11 6 Dum Transisset Sabbatum 7'02 7 Jesu Salvator Saeculi 4'00 8 Sermone Blando 5'31 9 Jam Christus Astra Ascenderat 5'16 10 Loquebantur Variis Linguis 4'15 11 Magnificat 11'56 Czas Całkowity: 66'41 Chapelle Du Roi Alistair Dixon CD5 Music For The Divine Office 2 1 Audivi Vocem De Coelo 3'29 2 Candidi Facti Sunt 4'32 3 Honor Virtus Et Potestas 5'49 4 Homo Quidam Fecit Coenam 5'05 5 Te Lucis Ante Terminum (ferial) 1'35 6 Te Lucis Ante Terminum (festal) 2'07 7 Natus Est Nobis Hodie 0'52 8 Veni Redemptor Genitum 7'35 9 Jam Lucis Orto Sidere 4'04 10 Ecce Tempus Idoneum 4'12 11 Ex More Docti Mistico 7'13 12 Clarifica Me Pater 4'33 13 Clarifica Me Pater (II) 1'03 14 Clarifica Me Pater (III) 1'10 15 Gloria Tibi Trinitas 1'50 16 1ste Confessor 5'05 17 Alleluia: Per Te Dei Genitrix 5'01 18 Felix Namque (II) 12'29 Czas Całkowity: 77'53 Andrew Benson-Wilson, Organ Chapelle Du Roi Alistair Dixon CD6 Music For A Reformed Church 1 Christ Rising Again From The Dead 4'39 2 Preces (1st Set) 1'08 3 Venite 3'28 4 Te Deum 4'39 5 Benedictus 3'42 6 Responses And Collects For Easter Matins 4'48 7 Commandments 5'31 8 Credo 3'40 9 Offertory Sentence 0'40 10 Sanctus 0'34 11 Gloria 1'47 12 Preces (2nd Set) 1'07 13 Wherewithal Shall A Young Man 2'16 14 O Do Well Unto Thy Servant 2'29 15 My Soul Cleaveth To The Dust 2'47 16 Magnificat 3'10 17 Nunc Dimittis 1'46 18 Responses And Collects For Christmas Eve Evensong 4'47 19 O Lord, Give Thy Holy Spirit 2'05 20 Purge Me, O Lord 1'48 21 Verily, Verily I Say Unto You 1'42 22 Remember Not, O Lord God 4'34 23 O Lord, In Thee Is All My Trust 2'42 24 Out From The Deep 1'54 Tunes For Archbishop Parker's Psalter 25 Man Blest No Doubt 0'59 26 Let God Arise In Majesty 0'44 27 Why Fum'th In Fight 0'51 28 O Come In One To Praise The Lord 1'20 29 E'en Like The Hunted Hind 0'52 30 Expend, O Lord, My Plaint 1'19 31 Why Brag'st In Malice High 0'39 32 God Grant With Grace 1'10 33 Ordinal 0'42 Czas Całkowity: 76'20 Chapelle Du Roi Alistair Dixon CD7 Music For Queen Elizabeth 1 Salvator Mundi I 2'12 2 O Sacrum Convivium 3'09 3 In Manus Tuas 1'44 4 O Nata Lux De Lumine 1'49 5 Absterge Domine 5'13 6 Discomfort Them O Lord 4'28 7 Domine, Quis Habitabit 8'22 8 Laudate Dominum 3'59 9 Miserere Nostri 2'13 10 Salvator Mundi II 2'16 11 Mihi Autem Nimis 2'08 12 O Salutaris Hostia 2'32 13 In Ieiunio Et Fletu (Low) 3'46 14 In Ieiunio Et Fletu (High) 3'16 15 Derelinquat Impius 3'42 16 Spem In Alium 10'08 Czas Całkowity: 61'09 Chapelle Du Roi Alistair Dixon Tracks 1-15: Elizabeth Franklin-Kitchen, Emma Preston Dunlop, Sopranos William Missin, David Bates, William Towers, Richard Poyser, Altos Benjamin Rayfield, Daniel Ludford-Thomas, Ben Hulett, Tenors Francis Brett, Eamonn Dougan, Cheyney Kent, Chris Adams, Basses Track 16: Emma Preston Dunlop, Angela Henckel, Sarah Probert, Alicia Carroll, Andrea Brown, Ghislaine Morgan, Natalie Clifton-Griffith, Lisa Beckley, Sopranos Ashley Stafford, William Towers, Stephen Carter, Ben Turner, Lucy Ballard, Edward Breen, Richard Poyser, Ian Aitkenhead, Altos Benjamin Rayfield, Mark Dobell, David Barclay, Julian Stocker, Greg Moore, Gerry O'Bierne, Daniel Ludford-Thomas, Andrew Hewitt, Tenors Ben Davies, Robert Rice, Andrew Hope, Eamonn Dougan, Robert Evans, Sam Evans, Edward Wickham, Graham Trew, Baritones Francis Brett, Nick Warden, Cheyney Kent, Jonathan Arnold, Paul Brough, Julian Empett, Paul Charrier, Adrian Hutton, Basses CD8 The Lamentations And Contrafacta 1 Lamentations Of Jeremiah I 7'48 2 Lamentations Of Jeremiah II 12'20 3 Wipe Away My Sins 5'17 4 Forgive Me, Lord, My Sin 5'39 5 Blessed Are Those That Be Undefiled 4'16 6 Arise, O Lord, And Hear 2'23 7 With All Our Hearts 2'29 8 I Call And Cry To Thee 3'05 9 O Sacred And Holy Banquet 3'06 10 When Jesus Went Into Simon The Pharisee's House 2'26 11 Blessed Be Thy Name 2'21 12 O Praise The Lord II 2'33 13 Sing And Glorify Heaven's High Majesty 9'36 Czas Całkowity: 63'22 Chapelle Du Roi Alistair Dixon CD9 Instrumental Music And Songs 1 1 In Nomine I (a) 2'03 2 In Nomine II (a) 3'32 3 A Solfing Song (a) 2'10 4 Salvator Mundi (trio) (a) 1'58 5 Fantasia (a) 4'20 6 Felix Namque II (b) 12'10 7 Felix Namque I (c) 10'46 8 When Shall My Sorrowful Sighing Slack (d) 1'40 9 Like As The Doleful Dove (d) 1'40 10 O Ye Tender Babes (c) 1'32 11 Purge Me, O Lord (d) 1'26 12 Per Haec Nos (c) 1'48 13 A Point (c) 0'37 14 Lesson: Two Partes In One (d) 5'24 15 Remember Not, O Lord God (d) 3'19 16 Per Haec Nos (e) 1'19 17 A Point (e) 0'38 18 Lesson: Two Partes In One (e) 5'24 19 Tu Nimirum (b,f) 2'00 20 When Shall My Sorrowful Sighing Slack (b,f) 4'35 21 Like As The Doleful Dove (b,f) 1'40 22 O Ye Tender Babes (b,f) 1'36 23 Ye Sacred Muses (Byrd) (a,f) 3'26 Czas Całkowity: 75'15 Charivari Agr


History Of Theatre - 2845960233

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History Of Theatre Naxos AudioBooks

Książki>Nauka języków>Język AngielskiKsiążki>Książki Audio / Słuchowiska

2. Prologue 3. The Greek Drama 4. Greek Tragedy 5. Greek Theatres 6. Oedipus: 'Torment, Torment...' 7. Greek Acting 8. Greek Comedy 9. Kinesias: It's O, So Long Since You And I Have Known The Rites Of Love! - Won't You Come Back, My Ow 10. Roman Theatre 11. The Medieval Theatre: Its Origins 12. '1st. Voice: While The Third Lesson Is Being Chanted Let 4 Brethren Vest Themselves...' 13. Growth And Development Of Mystery Plays 14. 'The Effect Associated With Heaven And Hell Were Veritably Prodigious' Description Of Stage Machiner 15. 'God: Ego Sum Alpha Et Omega, Vita, Via, Veritas, Primus En Nouissimus.' 16. Development Of Miracle And Morality Plays 17. The Italian Commedia Dell'arte 18. The Elizabethan Theatre 19. The Structure Of A Playhouse - Description Of Burbage's Acting By Richard Flecknoe 20. '...think When We Talk Of Horses That You See Them Printing Their Proud Hoofs I' The Receiving Earth 21. An Attack On The Theatre By John Stockwood 1587 22. Christopher Marlowe And His Contemporaries 23. Tamburlaine: 'Forsake Thy King, And Do But Join With Me, And We Will Triumph Over All The World' 124. Faustus: 'The Stars Move Still, Time Runs, The Clock Will Strike, The Devil Will Come, And Faustus M 125. William Shakespeare (1546-1616) And His Plays 126. Excerpts From Shakespeare's Plays: As You Like It - Romeo & Juliet - Henry V - Henry IV Pt. 1 - A Mi 127. The Jacobean Theatre (1603-1642) 128. Duchess: 'Now What You Please, What Death? Bosola: Strangling: Here Are Your Executioners.' 129. Development Of The Private Theatre - Description Of A Private Audience By John Marstoni (1601) 130. Ben Jonson (1572-1637) 131. Ursula: Hang 'Em, Rotten, Roguy Cheaters, I Hope To See 'Em Plagued One Day (Poxed They Are Already, 132. Spanish Theatre In The Renaissance 133. Sigismund: 'The Rich Man Dreams His Riches, Dreams His Cares 134. The French Theatre In The Seventeenth Century 135. Phedre: 'There Love Will Always Live. Even As I Speak, Ah Cruel, Deadly Thought! They Flout The Fury 136. The Structure Of French Theatres 137. Moliere (1622-1673) (Jean-baptiste Poquelin) 138. Mr Jordan: ...and Now I Must Tell You A Secret. I'm In Love With A Lady Of Quality And I Want You To 139. Elmire: What? Is There No Avoiding Your Pursuit. Will You Not Give Me Time To Breathe? 140. The English Restoration Theatre (1660-1700) 141. Thomas Jordan's Prologue To The Moor Of Venice (1660) 142. The Development Of Restoration Comedy 143. Harriet: 'I Was Informed You Used To Laugh At Love, And Not Make It.' 144. Lord Foppington: Life, Madam, Is A Perpetual Stream Of Pleasure, That Glides Thro' Such A Vari 145. Mrs. Pinchwife: 'Dear Sweet Mr. Horner'' 146. From A Short View Of The Immorality And Profaneness Of The English Stage. 147. Millamant: Positively, Mirabell, I'll Lie A-bed In A Morning As Long As I Please. Mirabell: Then I'l 148. From The Diary Of Samuel Pepys (1667) 149. European Theatre In The Eighteenth Century 250. German Theatre In The 18th Century 251. Elizabeth: Say Then, What Surety Can Be Offer'd Me, Should I Magnanimously Loose Your Bonds? 252. The English Theatre In The Early Eighteenth Century 253. The Development Of English Pantomime 254. The Introduction Of The Theatre Licensing Act In England (1737) 255. David Garrick (1717-1779) And The English Theatre In The Late Eighteenth Century 256. Description Of Garrick As Abel Drugger In The Alchemist 257. The Programme Of An Eighteenth Century English Theatre 258. An Eighteenth Century Audience 259. Sir Anthony: Why, Mrs. Malaprop, In Moderation, Now, What Would You Have A Woman Know? 260. Beaumarchais (1732-1799) And The French Theatre In The Late Eighteenth Century 261. The Count: With Your Brains And Character You Could Hope For Advancement In The Service. Figaro: Bra 262. The Development Of The Theatre In America (1800-1860s) 263. Romantic Melodrama In Nineteenth Century Europe 264. The Development Of Farce 265. Henry Irving (1838-1905), And English Theatre In The Late Nineteenth Century 266. Description Of Irving In The Bells By Edward Gordon-craig 267. The Biginning Of The Theatre Of Ideas And Realism 268. Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906) 269. Helmer: To Forsake Your Home, Your Husband, And Your Children! And Only Think What People Will Say A 270. George Bernard Shaw 271. Higgins: Say Your Alphabet Liza: I Know My Alphabet. Do You Think I Know Nothing? 272. Anton Chekhov (1860-1904) 373. The Seagull By Anton Chekhov 374. Nina: The Horses Are Waiting For Me At The Gate. Don't See Me Off, I'll Go By Myself... 375. Stanislavsky And The Moscow Arts Theatre 376. From The Writings Of Stanislavsky 377. The Growth Of Ensemble Companies 378. Lady Bracknell: To Minor Matters. Are Your Parents Living? Jack: I Have Lost Both My Parents. 379. Theatrical Experiments In The Early Twentieth Century 380. The Theatre Of Luigi Pirandello (1867-1936) 381. The Political Theatre Of Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956) 382. American Theatre In The Early Twentieth Century And Eugene O'neill 383. A Long Day's Journey Into Night (Act Iv) 384. European Theatre In The 1930s & 1940s Federico Garcia Lorca (1898-1935) 385. The London Theatre, And Noel Coward (1899-1973) 386. Amanda: We Won't Talk About Ourselves Any More, We'll Talk About Outside Things, Anything You Like, 387. Post-war British Theatre And John Osborne (1929-1989) 388. Alison: (Softly) All I Want Is A Little Peace Jimmy: Peace ! God ! She Wants Peace! 389. Theatre Of The Absurd And Samuel Beckett (1906-1989) 390. Vladimir: 9sententiously) To Every Man His Little Cross (He Sighs) And Sits On The Mound Till He Die 391. Harold Pinter (1930- ) 392. Aston: I...i Think It's About Time You Found Somewhere Else. I Don't Think We're Hitting It Off. Da 393. British Theatre In The 1960s And Joe Orton (1933-1967) 394. Post-war American Theatre, Tennessee Williams (1911-1983), Arthur Miller (1915- ) And David Mamet (1 395. Willy: '...when I Was A Boy - Eighteen, Nineteen - I Was Already On The Road.' 396. Blanche: 'When I Think Of How Divine It Is Going To Be To Have Such A Thing As Privacy Once More - I 397. Experimental Theatre In The 1960s And 1970s 398. Developments In The Theatre From 1970-1990 399. Epilogue


Law of Success, Volume X & XI - 2844860292

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Law of Success, Volume X & XI

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Lesson 10 - Pleasing Personality- The secret to using your personality to attract the right people into your life.- The two most important aspects of your personality.- Why human nature always wants what is always difficult to get.- Why you should always make sure that your words fit the frame of mind of the listener.- The amazing value of 'you'...and the fatality of 'I'.- The seven major factors to developing an attractive personality.- Your most important step in building your character.- The two staggering benefits to self-suggestion.- The single thing that you need to express your true personality.- Why you can never hope to become a prominent leader...unless you have this one thing.Lesson 11 - Accurate Thought- The Law of Evidence...and how you can use it to propel yourself forward.- Why going against your own interest can work to your advantage.- Why a temporary penalty will turn into a greater reward.- Why it is crucial to know which facts are important and relevant to your success.- The secret of the power of creative thought.- The two outstanding characteristics of your subconscious mind.- How you can tap into 'infinite intelligence'...and use it to change your life.- The four major factors that will shape how successful you are.- The secret of six key steps you can use to focus your thinking.- The secret passageway to true knowledge...and how you can reach into it.- How your thoughts magnetize your entire personality.


Box - 2839261032

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Box Soliton


1. My Heart 2. Yes, I Am The Barrel 3. Gut Bucket Blues 4. Come Back Sweet Papa 5. Georgia Grind 6. Heebie Jeebies 7. Cornet Chop Suey 8. Oriental Strut 9. You're Next 10. Muskrat Ramble 11. Don't Forget To Mess Around 12. I'm Gonna Gitcha 13. Dropping Shucks 14. Who's It 15. The King Of Zulu's 16. Big Fat Ma And Skinny Pa 17. Lonesome Blues 18. Sweet Little Papa 19. Jazz Lips 20. Skid-dat-de-dat 101. Big Butter And Egg Man 102. Sunset Cafe Stomp 103. You Made Me Love You 104. Irish Black Bottom 105. Willie The Weeper 106. Wild Man Blues 107. Chicago Breakdown 108. Alligator Crawl 109. Potato Head Blues 110. Melancholy Blues 111. Weary Blues 112. Twelfth Street Rag 113. Keyhole Blues 114. S.o.l. Blues 115. Gully Low Blues 116. That's When I'll Come Back To You 117. Put 'Em Down Blues 118. Ory's Creole Trombone 119. The Last Time 120. Struttin' With Some Barbecue 201. Muggles 202. Hear Me Talkin' To Ya 203. St James Infirmary 204. Tight Like This 205. Knockin' A Jug 206. I Can't Give You Anything But Love 207. Mahoghany Hall Stomp 208. Ain't Misbehavin' 209. What Did You Do To Do So-black And Blue 210. That Rhythm Man 211. Sweet Savanna Sue 212. Some Of These Days 213. When You're Smiling 214. After You've Gone 215. I Ain't Got Nobody 216. Dallas Blues 217. St Louis Blues 218. Rockin' Chair 219. Song Of The Islands 220. Bessie Couldn't Help It 301. Love You Funny Thing 302. The New Tiger Rag 303. Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now 304. Lawd You Made The Night Too Long 305. That's My Home 306. Hobo You Can't Ride This Train 307. I Hate To Leave You Now 308. You'll Wish You'd Never Been Born 309. Medley Part 2 When You're Smiling.... 310. Medley Part 1 You Rascal You.... 311. I've Got The World On A String 312. I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues 313. Hustlin' And Bustlin' For Baby 314. Sittin' In The Dark 315. High Society 316. He's A Son Of The South 317. Some Sweet Day 318. Basin Street Blues 319. Honey Do 320. Snowball 401. Mahogany Hall Stomp 402. Swing You Cat's 403. Honey Don't You Love Me Anymore 404. Mississippi Basin 405. Laughin' Louie 406. Tomorrow Night 407. Dusky Stevedore 408. There's A Cabin In The Pines 409. Mighty River 410. Sweet Sue Just You 411. I Wonder Who 412. St Louis Blues 413. Don't Play Me Cheap 414. I'm In The Mood For Love 415. You Are My Lucky Star 416. La Cucaracha 417. Got A Bran' New Suit 418. I've Got My Fingers Crossed 419. Ol Man Mose 420. I'm Shooting High 501. Was I To Blame For Falling In Love With You 502. Red Sails In The Sunset 503. On Treasure Island 504. Thanks A Million 505. Shoe Shine Boy 506. Solitude 507. I Hope Gabriel Likes My Music 508. The Music Goes Around And Around 509. Rhythm Saved The World 510. I'm Putting All My Eggs On One Basket 511. Yes Yes My My 512. I Come From A Musical Family 513. If We Never Meet Again 514. Somebody Stole My Break 515. Lyin' To Myself 516. Ev'ntide 517. Swing That Music 518. Thankful 519. Red Nose 520. Public Melodie Number One 601. Yours And Mine 602. Red Cap 603. She's The Daughter Of A Planter From Havana 604. Alexander's Rag Time Band 605. Cuban Pete 606. I've Got A Heartful Of Rhythm 607. Sun Showers 608. Once In A While 609. On The Sunny Side Of The Street 610. Satchel Mouth Swing 611. Jubilee 612. Struttin' With Some Barbecue 613. The Trompet Player's Lament 614. I Double Dare You 615. True Confession 616. Let That Be A Lesson To You 617. Sweet As A Song 618. So Little Time 619. Mexican Swing 620. As Long As You Live You'll Be Dead If You Die 701. When The Saints Go Marching In 702. On The Sentimental Side 703. It's Wonderful 704. Something Tells Me 705. Love Walked In 706. I've Got A Pocketful Of Dreams 707. I Can't Give You Anything But Love 708. Ain't Misbehavin' 709. Jeepers Creepers 710. What Is The Thing Called Swing 711. Rockin' Chair 712. Lazybones 713. Hear Me Talkin' To Ya 714. Save It Pretty Mama 715. West End Blues 716. Savoy Blues 717. Confessin' 718. Our Monday Date 719. If It's Good 801. What Ya Gonna Do 802. Variety Blues 803. Joseph 'N His Brudders 804. Back 'O Town Blues 805. I Want A Little Girl 806. Sugar 807. Blues For Yesterday 808. Blues In The South 809. Endie 810. The Blues Are Brewin' 811. Do You Know What It Means To Miss Neworleans 812. Where The Blues Is Born In New Orleans 813. Mahagony Hall Stomp 814. I Wonder Wi Wonder I Wonder 815. I Believe 816. Why Doubt My Love 817. It Takes Time 818. You Don't Learn That In School 819. Jack-armstrong Blues 820. Rockin' Chair 901. Some Day You'll Be Sorry 902. Fifty Fifty Blues 903. A Song Was Born 904. Please Stop Playin' Those Blues 905. Before Long 906. Lovely Weather We're Having 907. Maybe It's Because 908. I'll Keep The Lovelight Burning In My Heart 909. La Vie En Rose 910. C'est Si Bon 911. That Lucky Old Sun 912. Blueberry Hill 913. A Kiss To Build A Dream On 914. I Get Ideas Adios Muchachos 915. Cold Cold Heart 916. Because Of You 917. I Laughed At Love 918. Takes Two To Tango 919. You're Cheatin' Heart 920. Congratulations To Someone


Kenny Baker Plays Armstro - 2839649481

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1. My Heart 2. Yeah! I'm In The Barrel 3. Gut Bucket Blues 4. Come Back Sweet Papa 5. Georgia Gring 6. Heebie Jeebie 7. Cornet Chop Suey 8. Oriental Strut 9. You're Next 10. Muskrat Ramble 11. Don't Forget To Mess Around 12. I'm Gonna Gitcha 13. Dropping Shucks 14. Who's It 15. The King Of The Zulus 16. Big Fat Ma & Skinny Pa 17. Lonesome Blues 18. Sweet Little Papa 19. Jazz Lips 20. Skid-dat-de-dat 101. I Want A Big Butter & Egg Man 102. Sunset Cafe Stomp 103. Made Me Love You 104. Irish Black Bottom 105. Willie The Weeper 106. Wild Man Blues 107. Chicago Breakdown 108. Alligator Crawl 109. Potato Head Blues 110. Melancholy Blues 111. Weary Blues 112. Twelth Street Rag 113. Keyhole Blues 114. S.o.l. Blues 115. Gully Low Blues 116. That's When I'll Come Back To You 117. Put'm Down Blues 118. Ory's Creole Trombone 119. The Last Time 120. Struttin' With Some Barbecue 201. Got No Blues 202. Once In A While 203. I'm Not Rough 204. Hotter Than That 205. Savoy Blues 206. Fireworks 207. Skip The Gutter 208. A Monday Date 209. Don't Jive Me 210. West End Blues 211. Sugar Food Strut 212. Two Deuces 213. Squeeze Me 214. Knee Drops 215. No Papa No 216. Basin Street Blues 217. No One Else But You 218. Beau Koo Jack 219. Save It Pretty Mama 220. Weather Bird 301. Muggles 302. Hear Me Talkin' To Ya? 303. St. James Infirmary 304. Tight Like This 305. Knocking A Jug 306. I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby 307. Mahagony Hall Stomp 308. Ain't Misbehavin' 309. Black & Blue 310. That Rhythm Man 311. Sweet Savanah Sue 312. Some Of These Days 313. When You're Smiling 314. After You've Gone 315. I Ain't Nobody 316. Dallas Blues 317. St. Louis Blues 318. Rockin' Chair 319. Song Of The Islands 320. Bessie Couldn't Help It 401. Blue Turning Grey Over You 402. Dear Old Southland 403. My Sweet 404. I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me 405. Indian Cradle Song 406. Exactly Like You 407. Dinah 408. Tiger Rag 409. I'm Ding Dong Daddy From Dumas 410. I'm In The Market For You 411. I'm Confessing That I Love You 412. If I Could Be With You 413. Body & Soul 414. Memories Of You 415. You're Lucky To Me 416. Sweethearts On Parade 417. You're Driving Me Crazy 418. The Peanut Vendor 419. Just A Gigolo 420. Shine 501. Walkin' My Baby Back Home 502. I Surrender, Dear 503. When It's Sleepy Time Down South 504. Blue Again 505. Little Joe 506. You Rascal You 507. Them There Eyes 508. When Your Lover Has Gone 509. Up A Lazy River 510. Chinatown, My Chinatown 511. Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams 512. Star Dust 513. You Can Depend On Me 514. Georgia On My Mind 515. The Lonesome Road 516. I Got Rhythm 517. Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea 518. Kickin' The Gong Around 519. Home 520. All Of Me 601. Love, You Funny Thing 602. The New Tiger Rag 603. Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now 604. Lawd, You Made The Night Too Long 605. That's My Home 606. Hobo You Can't Ride This Train 607. I Hate To Leave You Now 608. You'll Wish You'd Never Been Born 609. Medley Of Armstrong Hits (Part 2) 610. When You're Smiling 611. St. James Infirmary 612. Dinah 613. Medley Of Armstrong Hits (Part 1) 614. You Rascal You 615. When It's Sleepy Time Down South 616. Nobody Sweetheart 617. I've Got The World On A String 618. I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues 619. Hustlin' & Bustlin' For Baby 620. Sittin' In The Dark 621. High Society 622. He's A Son Of The South 623. Some Sweet Day 624. Basin Street Blues 625. Honey, Do! 626. Snowball 701. Mahogany Hall Stomp 702. Swing You Cats 703. Honey, Don't You Love Me Anymore? 704. Mississippi Basin 705. Laughin' Louis 706. Tomorrow Night 707. Dusky Stevedore 708. There's A Cabin In The Pines 709. Mighty River 710. Sweet Sue, Just You 711. I Wonder Who 712. St. Louis Blues 713. Don't Play Me Cheap 714. I'm In The Mood For Love 715. You're My Lucky Star 716. La Cucaracha 717. Got A Bran' New Suit 718. I've Got My Fingers Crossed 719. Old Man Mose 720. I'm Shooting High 801. Falling In Love With You 802. Red Sails In The Sunset 803. On Treasure Island 804. Thanks A Million 805. Shoeshine Boy 806. Solitude 807. I Hope Gabriel Likes My Music 808. The Music Goes Round & Round 809. Rhythm Saved The World 810. I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket 811. Yes Yes My My 812. I Come From A Musical Family 813. If We Never Meet Again 814. Somebody Stole My Break 815. Lying To Myself 816. Ev'ntide 817. Swing That Music 818. Thankful 819. Red Nose 820. Public Melody Number One 901. Yours & Mine 902. Red Cap 903. She's The Daughter Of A Planter From Havana 904. Alexander's Ragtime Band 905. Cuban Pete 906. I've Got A Heart Ful Of Rhythm 907. Sun Flowers 908. Once In A While 909. On The Sunny Side Of The Street 910. Satchel Mouth Swing 911. Jubilee 912. Struttin' With Some Barbecue 913. The Trumpet Players Lament 914. I Double Dare You 915. True Confession 916. Let That Be A Lesson To You 917. Sweet As A Song 918. So Little Time 919. Mexican Swing 920. As Long As You Live


Complete Decca Studio Master Takes: 1935 - 1939 [4cd] - 2839241675

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Complete Decca Studio Master Takes: 1935 - 1939 [4cd] Definitive Records


1. I'm In The Mood For Love 2. You Are My Lucky Star 3. La Cucaracha 4. Got A Bran' New Suit 5. I've Got My Fingers Crossed 6. Old Man Mose 7. I'm Shoothing High 8. Falling In Love With You 9. Red Sails In The Sunset 10. On Treasure Island 11. Thanks A Million 12. Shoe Shine Boy 13. Solitude 14. I Hope Gabriel Likes My Music 15. The Music Goes Round And Round 16. Rhythm Saved The World 17. I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket 18. Yes Yes My My (She's Mine) 19. Somebody Stole My Break 20. I Come From A Musical Family 21. If We Never Meet Again 22. Lyin' To Myself 23. Ev'ntide 24. Swing That Music 25. Thankful 26. Red Nose 27. Mahogany Hall Stomp 101. Skeleton In The Closet 102. When Ruben Swings The Cuban 103. Hurdy Gurdy Man 104. Dipper Mouth Blues 105. Swing That Music 106. Pennies From Heaven Medley: Let's Call A Heart A 107. So Do I/skeleton In The Closet 108. Pennies From Heaven 109. On A Cocoanut Island 110. On A Little Bamboo Bridge 111. Hawaiian Hospitality 112. Carry Me Back To Old Virginny 113. My Darling Nelly Gray 114. In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree 115. The Old Folks At Home 116. Public Melody Number One 117. Yours And Mine 118. Red Cap 119. She's The Daughter Of A Planter From Havana 120. Alexander's Ragtime Band 121. Cuban Pete 122. I've Got A Heart Full Of Rhythm 123. Sun Showers 201. Once In A While 202. On The Sunny Side Of The Street 203. Satchelmouth Swing 204. Jubilee 205. Struttin' With Some Barbecue 206. Trumpet Player's Lament 207. I Double Dare You 208. True Confession 209. Let That Be A Lesson To You 210. Sweet As A Song 211. So Little Time (So Much To Do) 212. Mexican Swing 213. As Long As You Live (You'll Be Dead If You Die) 214. When The Saints Go Marching In 215. On The Sentimental Side 216. It's Wonderful 217. Something Tells Me 218. Love Walked In 219. The Flat Floot Floogie 220. The Song Is Ended 221. My Walking Stick 223. Shadrack 224. Going To Shout All Over God's Heaven 225. Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen 226. Jonah And The Whale 301. Naturally 302. I've Got A Pocketful Of Dreams 303. I Can't Give You Anything But Love 304. Ain't Misbehavin' 305. Jeepers Creepers 306. What Is This Thing Called Swing? 307. Rockin' Chair 308. Lazy Bones 309. Hear Me Talkin' To Ya 310. Save It, Pretty Mama 311. West End Blues 312. Savoy Blues 313. Confessin' (I Love You) 314. Our Monday Date 315. If It's Good (Then I Want It) 316. Me And Brother Bill 317. Baby Won't You Please 318. Poor Old Joe 319. Shanty Boat On The Mississippi 320. Poor Old Joe 321. You're A Lucky Guy 322. You're Just A No Account 323. Bye And Bye 324. Elder Eatmore's Sermon On Throwing Stones 325. Elder Eatmore's Sermon On Generostiy


Taking Shape - Carmina Figurata - 2852636998

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Taking Shape - Carmina Figurata Able Muse Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

An eclectic mix of shapes and subjects populate Taking Shape-Jan D. Hodge's full-length collection of carmina figurata (sometimes called shaped poems, pattern poetry, or figure poems). Hodge's many masterpieces include depictions of a saxophone, a Madonna and Child, a combination piano/guillotine, and other silhouettes of amazing difficulty and detail. These poems are not only visually stunning, they are also sonically beautiful, and retain a transcendent freedom while conforming to both illustrative and metrical constraints. Taking Shape is a visual feast of inspired poetry. PRAISE FOR TAKING SHAPE: Are not all printed formal poems shaped poems? The sonnet, the hymn, the sestina, and the ghazal all have characteristic shapes rather like boxes that confine their subjects. In Jan D. Hodge's Taking Shape the subjects have burst from their cages and confront us immediately with what they are. Then the words they are made of can reveal their inner beings. The long closure of "Spring" describes the best way to read these poems. I have long known what prayer is, but I never knew what one looked like until I read "Madonna and Child." - Fred Chappell, author of The Fred Chappell Reader Here is a perfect matching of shapes and poetry.  Through a wide-ranging array of subjects and tones, Hodge's mastery of language within such challenging constraints is truly impressive.  Syntax and rhythm, metaphor and symbol (see for instance "The One That Got Away" or "The Lesson of the Snow"), conversational snippets and quatrains, are surprisingly nuanced. Even the occasional poems-wedding, elegy, Valentine's day, Halloween, Christmas, an early morning poetry reading-find new things to say and striking ways to say them. These poems reward reading again and again. - Robert J. Conley, author of Mountain Windsong Jan D. Hodge is the master par excellence of carmina figurata. In Taking Shape you'll see such word-pictures as the Chinese ideogram for spring; a harpsichord poised before a guillotine; a still life with quill pen and ink bottle, T-square and drafting triangle. More amazing still, Hodge forms many of the intricate images with metered language-in one case in medieval alliterative verse! In a poem about baseball Hodge writes, "forgiveness/ is the best/ we dare hope for in this bruised world/ the thinnest/ chance that lets us somehow/ slide home free";  here "only by grace . . . can we be safe." Hodge knows of grace, his poems are full of grace, and Taking Shape, like grace itself, is a gift of utter beauty. - Vince Gotera, Editor, North American Review ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Having grown up in a letterpress print shop in small town Michigan, Jan D. Hodge received his BA and MA degrees from the University of Michigan and his PhD from the University of New Mexico, where he wrote his dissertation on Charles Dickens. He taught at Rockford (Illinois) College and at Morningside College in Si


Letters from "Apartheid Street" - 2844865440

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Letters from "Apartheid Street" Cascade Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Synopsis: In 1984, Ron Sider challenged that until Christians are ready to risk everything in pursuit of peace, "we dare never whisper another word about pacifism . . . Unless we are ready to die developing new nonviolent attempts to reduce conflict, we should confess that we never really meant that the cross was an alternative to the sword." From this challenge, Christian Peacemaker Teams was born. Nearly thirty years later, Michael McRay too explored Sider's challenge, interning with CPT in the West Bank city of Hebron. Alongside local and international peacemakers, McRay learned how to resist the violence of occupation, sharing in the stories of a suffering people as he struggled to embody the peaceable spirit of the rabbi from Nazareth. This book tells those stories. Drawing on his personal experience with the land and its history, McRay's raw letters home tackle critical issues relevant to peacemakers everywhere: What is really happening in Palestine that mainstream media fails to report? How are Palestinians' lives being affected? How can one be peaceable amidst such violence and oppression? How should Christian discipleship influence one's pursuits of peacemaking and reconciliation? McRay's letters illustrate both the challenge and promise of the cross in today's world. Endorsements: "Our field needs passionate, on-the-ground, firsthand descriptions of the challenges of constructively engaging settings of deep and painful conflict. McRay's book provides just such a window." --John Paul Lederach, author of The Moral Imagination "Surprisingly invitational. This is a book worth reading and rereading. As a guide for activism, I hope these reflections will have a profound rippling effect." --Kathy Kelly, Nobel Peace Prize nominee "A valuable resource for all who are called to be peacemakers--which should mean all of us." --Brian D. McLaren, author of A New Kind of Christianity "What is hopeful about these letters is the humanity the author shows through his interaction with Jews and Palestinians. In a down-to-earth yet profound way, this book shows Jews a way out of the injustice of occupying another people. What more important lesson do we Jews have to learn before it is too late?" --Marc H. Ellis, author of Toward a Jewish Theology of Liberation "Here is a book as unflinchingly faithful to the Christian gospel as a book can possibly be." --Richard T. Hughes, author of Myths America Lives By Author Biography: Michael T. McRay received his BA in History from Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee, earning regional and national awards for his senior thesis comparing European colonialism and the Israeli occupation. In addition to his internship with Christian Peacemaker Teams, Michael has worked and traveled extensively in the West Bank in various capacities. He is currently pursuing graduate studies in conflict transformation and reconciliation with the Irish School of Ecumenics (Trinity College Dublin) in Belfast, Northern Ireland.


Shades of Earth - 2826780884

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Shades of Earth PUFFIN

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Shades of Earth" is the final novel in the teenage romantic science fiction trilogy, from "New York Times" bestseller Beth Revis, author of "Across the Universe" and "A Million Suns". Perfect for all fans of "The Hunger Games". Across the Universe was longlisted for the prestigous Carnegie Medal. Amy and Elder have finally left the oppressive walls of the spaceship Godspeed behind. They're ready to start life afresh - to build a home - on Centauri-Earth, the planet that Amy has traveled 25 trillion miles across the universe to experience. But this new Earth isn't the paradise that Amy had been hoping for. Amy and Elder must race to uncover who - or what - else is out there if they are to have any hope of saving their struggling colony and building a future together. But each new discovery brings more danger. And if their colony collapses then everything they have sacrificed - friends, family, life on Earth - will have been meaningless...Praise for the "Across the Universe" trilogy: "A murder mystery, a budding romance and a dystopian world gracefully integrated into a sci-fi novel that blows away all expectation". (Melissa Marr, "New York Times" bestselling author of "Wicked Lovely"). "Entirely original, deeply compelling and totally unputdownable - I've found a new favourite!". (Carrie Ryan, "New York Times" bestselling author of "The Forest of Hands and Feet"). "Revis has penned a fast-paced, action-packed follow-up with her dystopian, sci-fi thriller, "A Million Suns", that explores not only the nature of authority and loyalty but fear of the unknown and fulfilling one's personal destiny". ("LA Times"). "A riveting thriller about space travel, secrets, murder, and Realpolitik". (Kirkus, "Kirkus" starred review). Beth Revis, the "New York Times" bestselling US author of teenage novels "Across the Universe" and "A Million Suns". She wrote her first books whilst still at university, where she secretly jotted down stories instead of taking notes. Beth lives in rural North Carolina with her husband and her dog, where she splits her time between writing lesson plans, writing stories, and writing up plans to travel somewhere new.


Recovering The Self - 2836090731

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Recovering The Self Loving Healing Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

bRecovering the Self: A Journal of Hope and Healing /b(Vol. II, No. 2) April 2010brbr iRecovering The Self/i is a quarterly journal which explores the themes of recovery and healing through poetry, memoir, essays, Opinion, fiction, humor, media reviews and psycho-education. Areas of concern include aging, disabilities, health, abuse recovery, trauma/PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Contributors come from around the world to provide a mirror of the experience of peoples of all cultures and beliefs.brbr This issue explores a number of areas of concern including: liComplementary and Alternative Therapies liCombat Veterans and PTSD liOvercoming jealousy liMental illness liAddiction liParenting liEldercare liPsychotherapy liMedia reviews liAbuse Recovery liand much more! brbrbAcclaim for iRecovering The Self/i/bbrbr "Editor Ernest Dempsey does an admirable job of pulling this material together in a pleasing shape. Each piece offers a revelation, insight, or lesson for the reader to take away. The writing throughout is excellent."br --Janet Riehl, author "Sightlines: A Poet's Diary" brbr "I highly recommend a subscription to this journal, iRecovering the Self,/i for professionals who are in the counseling profession or who deal with crisis situations. Readers involved with the healing process will also really enjoy this journal and feel inspired to continue on. The topics covered in the first journal alone, will motivate you to continue reading books on the subject matter presented. Guaranteed."br --Paige Lovitt for Reader Viewsbrbr Visit us online at Published by Loving Healing Press www.LovingHealing.combrbr Periodicals : Literary - Journalbr Self-Help : Personal Growth - Happiness


The Lost Love Regained - 2841429992

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The Lost Love Regained JustFiction Edition

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Sameer is a young, educated and well qualified guy with some disabilities in his body. He was without any love in his life. Accidently he talked to Sonia and strange love between them flourishes with time for one and half years without even seeing each other. Things took an ugly turn when they saw each other and Sonia was reluctant to continue relation with him because of his physical disabilities. Sameer in a rage wanted to teach her a lesson and decided to marry Mitali, his school time friend. It was a relation in rage but still he loved Sonia. At last some incidents occur and Sameer was totally changed without any love for anyone. This story reflects the sequences of love incidents in Sameer s life and how he regained his true love finally. It s a heartening tale of love, pain, lies and emotions. It s my first venture as an author and hope you like it.


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