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A Message To Our Suns - Listen Up Young Man - 2863298117

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A Message To Our Suns - Listen Up Young Man

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J R Miller - Girls - 2862155534

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J R Miller - Girls Bottom of the Hill Publishing

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Growing up seems to get tougher for each new generation. The More advanced we become the more temptations there are to face. In Girls: Faults and Ideals, A Familiar Talk, With Quotations From Letters, J. R. Miller addresses the need for a personal relationship with Christ for girls and young women. "The religion of Christ has something to say to every man, woman, and child, in every relation, on every day, in every experience of life. It is not something for Sundays, and for prayer-meetings, and for sick-rooms, death-beds, and funerals: it is just as much for the school-room, the play-ground, the store, the kitchen, the street. Wherever you may chance to be, if you listen you will hear a voice behind you, whispering, "This is the way; walk ye in it." The Bible is the Word of God, our Father's will concerning his children; and it has something to say each day, at every point of experience, to every one of us. I want to help the girls and young women, if I can, to hear a little of what Christ has to say to them." This is a short but potent and important message for today's youth. James Russell Miller was a popular Christian author, Editorial Superintendent of the Presbyterian Board of Publication, and pastor of several churches in Pennsylvania and Illinois. He was the General field Agent for the United States Christian Commission, an organization established by the Young Men's Christian Association after the First Battle of Bull Run. Miller authored nearly 100 books and articles.


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