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A Modern Purgatory (Classic Reprint) - 2852989190

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A Modern Purgatory (Classic Reprint)

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Tarlton's Jests, and News Out of Purgatory - 2842742833

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Tarlton's Jests, and News Out of Purgatory Blatter Press

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This early work by James Halliwell-Phillipps was originally published in 1844 and we are now republishing it with a brand new introductory biography. 'Tarlton's Jests, and News Out of Purgatory' is a work that contains a collection witticisms of the famous Shakespearian actor, Richard Tarlton. James Orchard Halliwell-Phillipps was born on 21st June 1820, in London, England. Halliwell-Phillipps was privately educated at Jesus College, Cambridge, where he became intensely interested in the subject of antiquarian English literature. He began publishing works in the field at a very young age, including editing Sir John Mandeville's 'Travels' (1839), and writing an 'Account of the European Manuscripts in the Chetham Library' (1842). His love of literature was accompanied by a passion for all things Shakespearian, producing several publications on 'The Bard' and his works, such as 'Life of Shakespeare' (1848), 'Curiosities of Modern Shakespeare Criticism' (1853), and 'The Last Days of William Shakespeare' (1863). He also took a key role in protecting the historical Shakespearian sites in Stratford-Upon-Avon, Shakespeare's town of birth.


Dolce Stil Novo - 2843288822

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Dolce Stil Novo Betascript Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Dolce Stil Novo (Italian for "sweet new style", modern Italian nuovo), or stilnovismo, is the name given to the most important literary movement of 13th century in Italy. Influenced by both Sicilian and Tuscan poetry, its main theme is Love (Amore). Gentilezza (Noblemindedness) and Amore are indeed topoi in the major works of the period. The name Dolce Stil Novo was used for the first time by Dante Alighieri (Canto 24, Purgatorio), in fact when he arrives in the Purgatory he met Bonagiunta Orbicciani, an 13th century Italian poet, who tells Dante that Dante himself, Guinizzelli and Cavalcanti had been able to create a new genre: a stil novo. Precursors to the dolce stil novo are found in the Provençal works of the troubadours, such as the Genoese Lanfranc Cigala. The artists of the stil novo are called stilnovisti.



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Humanity has always wished for something beyond this life-something greater and uplifting beyond mere mortal existence. This feeling of longing is often seen as a religiously inspired conviction, and many people see their place in the afterlife as something divinely ordained. John J. Kula examines the myths as well as the far-fetched notions surrounding the afterlife in this expansive study that combines philosophy, science, religion and faith. He explores areas such as:


Real-Life MBA - 2835637983

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Business authors Jack and Suzy Welch return, nearly a decade after publishing their international bestseller, Winning, to tackle the most pressing business challenges in the modern world. From creating winning strategies to leading and managing others The Real Life MBA acts as an essential guide for every person in business today - and tomorrow. You can talk about theories, concepts, and ideologies all you want, but when it gets right down to it, winning in business is all about mastering the gritty, inescapable, make-or-break, real-life dilemmas that define the new economy, the old economy, and everything in between. My boss is unbearable. I'm stuck in career purgatory. My team lacks enthusiasm. Our IT department is incompetent. Our strategy is outdated. We don't understand our Chinese partners. We're just not growing. This is the real stuff of work today. In the decade since their international best-seller Winning was published, Jack and Suzy Welch have dug deeper into the world of business than ever before , travelling the world consulting to businesses of every size and in every industry, working closely with entrepreneurs from Mumbai to Silicon Valley, starting their own company, and owning and managing more than 40 companies through private equity. Coupled with Jack's 20 years of iconic leadership at GE and Suzy's tenure as editor of the Harvard Business Review, their new database of knowledge infuses the pages of The Real Life MBA with fresh, relevant stories and equally powerful solutions.


Paradise - 2852642946

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Paradise Modern Library

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The Divine Comedy is a complete scale of the depths and heights of human emotion," wrote T.S. Eliot. "The last canto of the Paradiso is to my thinking the highest point that poetry has ever reached or ever can reach." The Divine Comedy stands as one of the towering creations of world literature, and its climactic section, the Paradiso, is perhaps the most ambitious poetic attempt ever made to represent the merging of individual destiny with universal order. Having passed through Hell and Purgatory, Dante is led by his beloved Beatrice to the upper sphere of Paradise, wherein lie the sublime truths of Divine will and eternal salvation, to at last experience a rapturous vision of God. "A spectacular achievement," said poet and critic Archibald MacLeish of John Ciardi's version of Dante's masterpiece. "A text with the clarity and sobriety of a first-rate prose translation which at the same time suggests in powerful and unmistakable ways the run and rhythm of the great original."


Beleaguered City and Other Tales of the Seen and the Unseen - 2853400869

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Beleaguered City and Other Tales of the Seen and the Unseen Canongate Classics

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A prolific writer with many novels to her name, Margaret Oliphant could produce her few supernatural tales 'only when they came to me'. And they came with the twilight uncertainties and the philosophical depth of 'The Library Window', or with the extraordinary vision of purgatory imagined as modern city life mixed with metaphysical terror in 'The Land of Darkness' or in A Beleaguered City, her extraordinary short novel of the returning dead. Like the old Scottish ballads where the dead and the living rub shoulders, these remarkable tales are among Oliphant's finest work, mixing the subtlety of Henry James with the uncanny strangeness of George MacDonald or David Lindsay.


Doomed - 2839864471

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After A Halloween Ritual Gone Awry, Madison Finds Herself Trapped In Purgatory - Or, As Mortals Like You And I Know It, Earth. She Can See And Hear Every Detail Of The World She Left Behind, Yet She's Invisible To Everyone Who's Still Alive. Not Only Do P


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