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Science and Engineering of Casting Solidification, Second Edition - 2844159396

369,57 zł

Science and Engineering of Casting Solidification, Second Edition Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Science and Engineering of Casting Solidification, Second Edition covers the essentials of solidification science of metals and alloys at macro- and micro-length scales at cooling rates specific to commercial castings and rapid solidification processing. The mathematical fundamentals necessary to build a working knowledge in the field, specifically partial differential equations and numerical analysis, are introduced. Each topic begins with the description of the underlying physics, followed by the mathematics required to build analytical and numerical models. Wherever possible, a detailed description of the architecture of the numerical model is provided, followed by examples of models built on the Excel spreadsheet. §§Features of this new edition include:§§§§Expanded sections on peritectic solidification and shrinkage porosity mechanisms and modeling,§§§A new chapter addressing rapid solidification and bulk metallic glasses,§§§Additional solved problems,§§§Revised and simplified derivations of several models.Science and Engineering of Casting Solidification, Second Edition will prove useful to senior undergraduate and graduate students, as well as to industrial researchers that work in the field of solidification in general and casting modeling in particular. The detailed coverage of casting defects will also make it useful to industrial practitioners of metal casting. Additional course materials are available upon faculty request.


Polymer Engineering Science and Viscoelasticity - 2854212015

388,26 zł

Polymer Engineering Science and Viscoelasticity Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Polymer Engineering Science and Viscoelasticity: An Introduction, Second Edition, provides a unified mechanics and materials perspective on polymers: both the mathematics of viscoelasticity theory as well as the physical mechanisms behind polymer deformation processes. Introductory material on fundamental mechanics is included to provide a continuous baseline for readers from all disciplines. Introductory material on the chemical and molecular basis of polymers is also included, which is essential to the understanding of the thermomechanical response. This self-contained text covers the viscoelastic characterization of polymers including constitutive modeling, experimental methods, thermal response and stress and failure analysis. Example problems are provided within the text as well as at the close of each chapter. §New to this second edition: §Two new chapters on the use of nano-material inclusions for structural polymer applications and applications such as fiber-reinforced polymers and adhesively bonded structures §Brings up-to-date polymer production and sales data and equipment and procedures for evaluating polymer characterization and classification §The work serves as a comprehensive reference for advanced seniors seeking graduate level courses, first and second year graduate students, and practicing engineers. §


NanoBioTechnology - 2856490100

843,74 zł

NanoBioTechnology Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

NanoBioTechnology: BioInspired Devices and Materials of the Future is a groundbreaking text that will assist scientists and students in learning the fundamentals and cutting-edge nature of this new and emerging science. Focusing on materials and building blocks for nanotechnology, leading scientists from around the world share their knowledge and expertise in this authoritative volume. The volume is broken into five sections. The first section presents an overview of nanotechnology and describes the many aspects of the field. Section 2 details biological materials serving as nanotemplates for bottom-up fabrication. Section 3 covers the use of biological macromolecules for electron transfer and computation. Section 4 presents a brief overview of the extensive and rapidly growing field of nanomedicine. Finally, Section 5 details de-novo designed structures and the various approaches different scientific groups take with molecular level training and language. Authoritative and comprehensive, NanoBioTechnology: BioInspired Devices and Materials of the Future provides an extraordinary and thorough overview of the emerging field of nanobiotechnology for engineers and physicists, chemists and biologists, and others from many diverse fields.NanoBiotechnology is a groundbreaking text investigating the recent advances and future direction of nanobiotechnology. It will assist scientists and students in learning the fundamentals and cutting-edge nature of this new and emerging science. Focusing on materials and building blocks for nanotechnology, leading scientists from around the world share their knowledge and expertise in this authoritative volume.


Noel Gallagher`s High Flying Birds - Chasing Yesterday - 2836960601

55,60 zł

Noel Gallagher`s High Flying Birds - Chasing Yesterday

Książki & Multimedia > Muzyka

Opis - Dowodzony przez doskonale znanego z Oasis Noela Gallaghera zespół Noel Gallagher`s High Flying Birds, doczekał się premiery drugiego studyjnego materiału.  , Album nosi tytuł `Chasing Yesterday`. Jako pierwsza promowała go piosenka `In The Heat Of The Moment`, która została zainspirowany filmem dokumentalnym o astronaucie, który opowiadał, że pierwsza podróż w kosmos była niczym dotknięcie twarzy boga. Na drugi promujący album utwór wybrana została świetna kompozycja `Ballad Of The Mighty I`. W piosence Noelowi na gitarze towarzyszy legendarny Johnny Marr, znany z The Smiths. `Przyjechał do studia z dwiema gitarami i walizką efektów. I wykonał niewiarygodną pracę. Ten facet jest o ileś poziomów wyżej nad nami. Niewykluczone, że to jest najlepsza piosenka, jaką w ogóle nagrałem` - zachwycał się Gallagher.  , `Chasing Yesterday` to płyta w całości napisana i wyprodukowana przez Noela Gallaghera. Artysta użył w studiu znacznie więcej instrumentów niż na debiucie, stąd muzyka jest o wiele bogatsza i ciekawsza. Słychać na niej inspiracje rock and rollem z Zachodniego Wybrzeża USA, a nawet jazzem. `Produkcja tej płyty to był wielki ból w d..e` - opowiadał w swoim stylu Gallagher.`Ciężko było mi zarządzać całą sesją. Wszyscy tylko gapili się na mnie i pytali:


Zszywki biurowe 24/6 - 2853225833

2,67 zł

Zszywki biurowe 24/6

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - Wykonane z wysokiej jakości drutu stalowego. Wszystkie zszywki są ocynkowane z myślą o ochronie środowiska i odpowiadają normie przemysłowej DIN 74 05. Nazwa - Zszywki biurowe 24/6 Kod EAN - 4009729042113 Wydawca - NOVUS Podatek VAT - 23%


Conductors, Semiconductors, Superconductors, 1 - 2854236308

216,43 zł

Conductors, Semiconductors, Superconductors, 1 Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In the second half of the last century solid state physics and materials science experienced a great advance and established itself as an important and independent new field.§§This book provides an introduction to the fundamentals of solid state physics, including a description of the key people in the field and the historic context. The book concentrates on the electric and magnetic properties of materials. It is written for students up to the bachelor in the fields of physics, materials science and electric engineering. Because of its vivid explanations and its didactic approach, it can also serve as a motivating pre-stage and supporting companion in the study of the established and more detailed textbooks of solid state physics. The book is suitable for a quick repetition prior to examinations.§§For his scientific accomplishments, in 1992 the author received the Max-Planck Research Price and in 2001 the Cryogenics Price. He studied physics and mathematics at the University of Marburg, as well at the Technical Universities of Munich and Darmstadt. In 1958 he obtained his PhD in experimental physics at the University of Marburg. After working at the Research Center Karlsruhe and at a research institute near Albany, New York, he worked for 12 years at the Argonne National Laboratory near Chicago, Illinois. In 1974 he accepted an appointment at a chair of Experimental Physics at the University of Tübingen. There he taught and performed research until his retirement in1999.§


Mathematical Knowledge and the Interplay of Practices - 2854441949

196,43 zł

Mathematical Knowledge and the Interplay of Practices Princeton University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book presents a new approach to the epistemology of mathematics by viewing mathematics as a human activity whose knowledge is intimately linked with practice. Charting an exciting new direction in the philosophy of mathematics, José Ferreirós uses the crucial idea of a continuum to provide an account of the development of mathematical knowledge that reflects the actual experience of doing math and makes sense of the perceived objectivity of mathematical results. Offering a wealth of philosophical and historical insights, Mathematical Knowledge and the Interplay of Practices challenges us to rethink some of our most basic assumptions about mathematics, its objectivity, and its relationship to culture and science.


Dłonie stopy ciało Kosmetyka pielęgnacyjna i upiększająca Podręcznik cz.1 Technik usług kosmetycznych - Drygas Barbara, Mrozowska Marzenna, Szpindor Regina - 2855492222

39,54 zł

Dłonie stopy ciało Kosmetyka pielęgnacyjna i upiększająca Podręcznik cz.1 Technik usług kosmetycznych - Drygas Barbara, Mrozowska Marzenna, Szpindor...

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - Publikacja ta zawiera informacje określone w podstawie programowej jako A.62. w zakresie manicure, pedicure i depilacji. Umiejętności te są wymagane na drugim egzaminie z kwalifikacji w zawodzie technik usług kosmetycznych. Książka jest też fachową pomocą dla uczestników kursów zawodowych o kierunkach manicure, pedicure oraz depilacja, a także wszystkich zainteresowanych zabiegami pielęgnacyjnymi dłoni i stóp. Nazwa - Dłonie stopy ciało Kosmetyka pielęgnacyjna i upiększająca Podręcznik cz.1 Technik usług kosmetycznych Autor - Drygas Barbara, Mrozowska Marzenna, Szpindor Regina Oprawa - Miękka Wydawca - Nowa Era Kod ISBN - 9788326717369 Kod EAN - 9788326717369 Rok wydania - 2014 Język - polski Format - 16.5x23.5cm Ilość stron - 214 Szkoła - Zasadnicza szkoła zawodowa Typ podręcznika - Podręcznik Przedmiot - Przedmioty zawodowe Podatek VAT - 5% Premiera - 2014-09-05


Musimathics - 2854192334

183,47 zł

Musimathics The MIT Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Mathematics can be as effortless as humming a tune, if you know the tune," writes Gareth Loy. In Musimathics, Loy teaches us the tune, providing a friendly and spirited tour of the mathematics of music--a commonsense, self-contained introduction for the nonspecialist reader. It is designed for musicians who find their art increasingly mediated by technology, and for anyone who is interested in the intersection of art and science.In this volume, Loy presents the materials of music (notes, intervals, and scales); the physical properties of music (frequency, amplitude, duration, and timbre); the perception of music and sound (how we hear); and music composition. Musimathics is carefully structured so that new topics depend strictly on topics already presented, carrying the reader progressively from basic subjects to more advanced ones. Cross-references point to related topics and an extensive glossary defines commonly used terms. The book explains the mathematics and physics of music for the reader whose mathematics may not have gone beyond the early undergraduate level. Calling himself "a composer seduced into mathematics," Loy provides answers to foundational questions about the mathematics of music accessibly yet rigorously. The topics are all subjects that contemporary composers, musicians, and musical engineers have found to be important. The examples given are all practical problems in music and audio. The level of scholarship and the pedagogical approach also make Musimathics ideal for classroom use. Additional material can be found at a companion web site.


Mechanical Design - 2854251738

200,69 zł

Mechanical Design Elsevier Science & Technology

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book introduces the subject of total design, and introduces the design and selection of various common mechanical engineering components and machine elements. These provide "building blocks", with which the engineer can practice his or her art. The approach adopted for defining design follows that developed by the SEED (Sharing Experience in Engineering Design) programme where design is viewed as "the total activity necessary to provide a product or process to meet a market need." Within this framework the book concentrates on developing detailed mechanical design skills in the areas of bearings, shafts, gears, seals, belt and chain drives, clutches and brakes, springs and fasteners. Where standard components are available from manufacturers, the steps necessary for their specification and selection are developed. The framework used within the text has been to provide descriptive and illustrative information to introduce principles and individual components and to expose the reader to the detailed methods and calculations necessary to specify and design or select a component. To provide the reader with sufficient information to develop the necessary skills to repeat calculations and selection processes, detailed examples and worked solutions are supplied throughout the text. This book is principally a Year/Level 1 and 2 undergraduate text. Pre-requisite skills include some year one undergraduate mathematics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer, principles of materials, statics and dynamics. However, as the subjects are introduced in a descriptive and illustrative format and as full worked solutions are provided, it is possible for readers without this formal level of education to benefit from this book. The text is specifically aimed at automotive and mechanical engineering degree programmes and would be of value for modules in design, mechanical engineering design, design and manufacture, design studies, automotive power-train and transmission and tribology, as well as modules and project work incorporating a design element requiring knowledge about any of the content described. The aims and objectives described are achieved by a short introductory chapters on total design, mechanical engineering and machine elements followed by ten chapters on machine elements covering: bearings, shafts, gears, seals, chain and belt drives, clutches and brakes, springs, fasteners and miscellaneous mechanisms. Chapters 14 and 15 introduce casings and enclosures and sensors and actuators, key features of most forms of mechanical technology. The subject of tolerancing from a component to a process level is introduced in Chapter 16. The last chapter serves to present an integrated design using the detailed design aspects covered within the book. The design methods where appropriate are developed to national and international standards (e.g. ANSI, ASME, AGMA, BSI, DIN, ISO). The first edition of this text introduced a variety of machine elements as building blocks with which design of mechanical devices can be undertaken. The approach adopted of introducing and explaining the aspects of technology by means of text, photographs, diagrams and step-by-step procedures has been maintained. A number of important machine elements have been included in the new edition, fasteners, springs, sensors and actuators. They are included here. Chapters on total design, the scope of mechanical engineering and machine elements have been completely revised and updated. New chapters are included on casings and enclosures and miscellaneous mechanisms and the final chapter has been rewritten to provide an integrated approach. Multiple worked examples and completed solutions are included. * New chapters on casings and enclosures, springs, and fasteners * New information on important machine elements such as sensors and actuators * Clear explanation of the total mechanical design process through the use of text, photographs, diagrams, step-by-step procedures and case studies


Standards for K-12 Engineering Education? - 2854279652

137,24 zł

Standards for K-12 Engineering Education? National Academy Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The goal of this study was to assess the value and feasibility of developing and implementing content standards for engineering education at the K-12 level. Content standards have been developed for three disciplines in STEM education--science, technology, and mathematic--but not for engineering. To date, a small but growing number of K-12 students are being exposed to engineering-related materials, and limited but intriguing evidence suggests that engineering education can stimulate interest and improve learning in mathematics and science as well as improve understanding of engineering and technology. Given this background, a reasonable question is whether standards would improve the quality and increase the amount of teaching and learning of engineering in K-12 education. The book concludes that, although it is theoretically possible to develop standards for K-12 engineering education, it would be extremely difficult to ensure their usefulness and effective implementation. This conclusion is supported by the following findings: (1) there is relatively limited experience with K-12 engineering education in U.S. elementary and secondary schools, (2) there is not at present a critical mass of teachers qualified to deliver engineering instruction, (3) evidence regarding the impact of standards-based educational reforms on student learning in other subjects, such as mathematics and science, is inconclusive, and (4) there are significant barriers to introducing stand-alone standards for an entirely new content area in a curriculum already burdened with learning goals in more established domains of study.


Introduction to Mathematical Cryptography - 2835876324

332,68 zł

Introduction to Mathematical Cryptography Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This self-contained introduction to modern cryptography emphasizes the mathematics behind the theory of public key cryptosystems and digital signature schemes. The book focuses on these key topics while developing the mathematical tools needed for the construction and security analysis of diverse cryptosystems. Only basic linear algebra is required of the reader; techniques from algebra, number theory, and probability are introduced and developed as required. This text provides an ideal introduction for mathematics and computer science students to the mathematical foundations of modern cryptography. The book includes an extensive bibliography and index; supplementary materials are available online.§§The book covers a variety of topics that are considered central to mathematical cryptography. Key topics include:§§classical cryptographic constructions, such as Diffie Hellmann key exchange, discrete logarithm-based cryptosystems, the RSA cryptosystem, and digital signatures;§fundamental mathematical tools for cryptography, including primality testing, factorization algorithms, probability theory, information theory, and collision algorithms;§an in-depth treatment of important cryptographic innovations, such as elliptic curves, elliptic curve and pairing-based cryptography, lattices, lattice-based cryptography, and the NTRU cryptosystem. §The second edition of An Introduction to Mathematical Cryptography includes a significant revision of the material on digital signatures, including an earlier introduction to RSA, Elgamal, and DSA signatures, and new material on lattice-based signatures and rejection sampling. Many sections have been rewritten or expanded for clarity, especially in the chapters on information theory, elliptic curves, and lattices, and the chapter of additional topics has been expanded to include sections on digital cash and homomorphic encryption. Numerous new exercises have been included.§


Some Aspects of Fuzzy Algebraic Structures - 2834693791

518,45 zł

Some Aspects of Fuzzy Algebraic Structures Scholars Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book deals with a comprehensive study of fuzzy algebraic structures. The objective of this book is to investigate fuzzy aspects of some algebraic structures. We attempt to study algebraic structures like modules, rings, hemirings in fuzzy and intuitionistic fuzzy setting. Small submodules of modules play a vital role in structure theorem. Study of fuzzy aspects of small submodules motivates us to study the concepts like fuzzy small epimorphism, fuzzy co-essential extension, Jacobson L-radical, fuzzy hollow submodules. The introduction of fuzzy point and neighbourhood relations leads to a new direction of research on fuzzy algebraic structure generalizing the conventional notion of studies. t - norms play a crucial role in several areas of mathematics and computer science. These studies motivate us to define fuzzy submodule with respect a t-norm which is based on neighbourhood relation. As an immediate consequence of degree of belongs to in fuzzy set, degree of not belongs to arises. This concept generalizes the concept of fuzzy set to intuitionistic fuzzy sets. These concepts inspire us to study about fuzzy modules, fuzzy rings and ideals, fuzzy hemirings intuitionistically.


Poiesis and Enchantment in Topological Matter - 2854309300

196,43 zł

Poiesis and Enchantment in Topological Matter University Press Group Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In this challenging but exhilarating work, Sha Xin Wei argues for an approach to materiality inspired by continuous mathematics and process philosophy. Investigating the implications of such an approach to media and matter in the concrete setting of installation- or event-based art and technology, Sha maps a genealogy of topological media -- that is, of an articulation of continuous matter that relinquishes a priori objects, subjects, and egos and yet constitutes value and novelty. Doing so, he explores the ethico-aesthetic consequences of topologically creating performative events and computational media. Sha's interdisciplinary investigation is informed by thinkers ranging from Heraclitus to Alfred North Whitehead to Gilbert Simondon to Alain Badiou to Donna Haraway to Gilles Deleuze and Flix Guattari. Sha traces the critical turn from representation to performance, citing a series of installation-events envisioned and built over the past decade. His analysis offers a fresh way to conceive and articulate interactive materials of new media, one inspired by continuity, field, and philosophy of process. Sha explores the implications of this for philosophy and social studies of technology and science relevant to the creation of research and art. Weaving together philosophy, aesthetics, critical theory, mathematics, and media studies, he shows how thinking about the world in terms of continuity and process can be informed by computational technologies, and what such thinking implies for emerging art and technology.


Transforming Markets in the Built Environment - 2822223701

465,79 zł

Transforming Markets in the Built Environment Earthscan

Medycyna > English Division

There is an urgent need to build human capacity to make the often vulnerable and exposed buildings and communities we live and work in more resilient to the changing social, economic and physical environments around us. Extensive research has been done over the last decades on both mitigation and adaptation to climate change in the built environment, but the outputs of much of this research have failed to result in the wider uptake of effective greenhouse gas emission reduction solutions. This volume introduces credible 'fresh thinking' on how this may be done. For the first time an emerging generation of research is brought together that is directly concerned with understanding, influencing and leading the transformation of markets and thinking in the built environment. Chapters cover: defining values; setting targets; consumer motivation; selling existing ideas better; developing new design principles, paradigms and programmes; and, optimizing solutions to ensure that when change does happen, it does so in the right direction. Papers are contributed by leading experts in fields ranging from philosophy, the social, political and physical sciences, engineering, architecture, mathematics and complexity science. The resulting volume will be essential reading for all those involved with changing the mindsets of a generation on the need to, and ways to, build resilience to rapid change and transforming markets in the built environment.


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