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1800 Indigo House - Excerpts From a Life - 2826934523

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1800 Indigo House - Excerpts From a Life Elaine Freeman-Anderson

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Poetry and Excerpts of the adventures that life brings to you from the time you are born to the time you leave this planet. In the middle of all this life is other human beings contributing to the way that we perceive our life and how you react to it, in the final analysis when you reach a certain maturity. Each poem is a story of a life and time and each excerpt paints a small picture of that time, then they are all broken up into phases.


Rock & Roll Music - Any Old Way You Choose It (Ger) - 2840053914

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Rock & Roll Music - Any Old Way You Choose It (Ger)


1. Maybellene 2. Wee Wee Hours 3. Thirty Days (To Come Back Home) 4. Together (We Will Always Be) 5. You Can't Catch Me 6. Roly Poly 7. Berry Pickin' (Instrumental) 8. (The) Down Bound Train 9. No Money Down 10. I've Changed 11. Drifting Heart 12. Brown Eyed Handsome Man 13. Roll Over Beethoven 14. Too Much Monkey Business 15. Havana Moon 16. Rock & Roll Music (Demo) 17. Untitled Instrumental 18. Deep Feeling (Instrumental) 19. School Day (Ring! Ring! Goes The Bell) 20. Lajaunda (Espanol) 21. Blue Feeling (Instrumental) 22. Low Feeling (Instrumental) 23. How You've Changed 24. Rock & Roll Music 25. Oh Baby Doll 26. 13 Question Method 27. How High The Moon (Instrumental) 28. Oh Maria 29. I Hope These Words Will Find You Well 30. Sweet Little Sixteen (Demo) 101. Sweet Little Sixteen 102. Rock At The Philharmonic (Instrumental) 103. Guitar Boogie (Instrumental) 104. Night Beat (Instrumental) 105. Time Was (Slow Version) 106. Reelin' & Rockin' 107. Chuckwalk (Instrumental) 108. Johnny B. Goode 109. Around & Around 110. Ingo (Instrumental) 111. It Don't Take But A Few Minutes 112. Blues For Hawaiians (Instrumental) 113. Beautiful Delilah 114. Vacation Time 115. 21 116. 21 Blues 117. Oh Yeah 118. Hey Pedro 119. Time Was 120. House Of Blue Lights 121. Carol 122. Jo Jo Gunne 123. Memphis Tennessee 124. Anthony Boy 125. Sweet Little Rock & Roller 126. Long Fast Jam (Instrumental) 127. Long Slow Jam (Instrumental) 201. Merry Christmas Baby 202. Run Rudolph Run 203. Little Queenie 204. That's My Desire 205. Do You Love Me 206. Almost Grown 207. Back In The Usa 208. Fast B 6 (Instrumental) 209. Blue On Blue (Instrumental) 210. Betty Jean 211. County Line 212. Childhood Sweetheart 213. One O'clock Jump (Instrumental) 214. I Just Want To Make Love To You 215. Broken Arrow 216. Let It Rock 217. Too Pooped To Pop (Casey) 218. Say You'll Be Mine 219. Let Me Sleep Woman 220. Drifting Blues 221. I Got To Find My Baby 222. Don't You Lie To Me 223. Worried Life Blues 224. Our Little Rendezvous 225. Bye Bye Johnny 226. Run Around 227. Jaguar & Thunderbird 228. Diploma For Two 229. Little Star 230. The Way It Was Before 231. Away From You 232. Down The Road Apiece 233. Confessin' The Blues 234. Sweet Sixteen 235. Thirteen Question Method 236. Stop & Listen 301. I Still Got The Blues 302. I'm Just A Lucky So & So 303. Mad Lad (Instrumental) 304. Crying Steel (Instrumental) 305. Route 66 (Take 10) 306. I'm Talking About You 307. Rip It Up 308. Come On 309. Adulteen 310. The Man & The Donkey 311. Go Go Go 312. Trick Or Treat 313. Brown Eyed Handsome Man (Instrumental) 314. Brown Eyed Handsome Man 315. All Aboard 316. Nadine (Is It You?) 317. You Never Can Tell 318. The Little Girl From Central 319. (The) Things I Used To Do 320. I'm In The Danger Zone 321. I'm In The Twilight Zone 322. Fraulein 323. Lonely All The Time (Crazy Arms) 324. O Rangutang (Instrumental) 325. Big Ben (Blues) 326. (The) Promised Land 327. Brenda Lee 328. No Particular Place To Go 329. You Two 330. Liverpool Drive (Instrumental) 331. Chuck's Beat (Instrumental) 332. Bo's Beat (Instrumental) 333. Little Marie 334. Go, Bobby Soxer 401. Lonely School Days 402. His Daughter Caroline 403. Dear Dad 404. I Want To Be Your Driver 405. Spending Christmas (My Blue Christmas) 406. The Song Of My Love 407. Butterscotch (Instrumental) 408. After It's Over (Instrumental) 409. Why Should We End This Way 410. You Came A Long Way From St. Louis 411. She Once Was Mine 412. Jamaica Farewell 413. My Little Love Light 414. I Got A Booking 415. St. Louis Blues 416. Shake Rattle & Roll 417. Honey Hush 418. Wee Wee Hours (Instrumental) 419. Run Joe 420. It's My Own Business 421. One For My Baby (And One More For The Road) 422. Every Day We Rock & Roll 423. My Mustang Ford (Instrumental) 424. My Mustang Ford 425. Merrily We Rock & Roll 426. Vaya Con Dios 427. Wee Hour Blues 428. It Wasn't Me 429. Ain't That Just Like A Woman 430. Right Off Rampart Street 431. Welcome Back Pretty Baby 432. Sad Day, Long Night (Instrumental) 501. Ramona, Say Yes 502. Viva (Viva) Rock & Roll 503. His Daughter Caroline (Fast Version) 504. Lonely School Days (Fast Version) 505. Campus Cookie (Instrumental) 506. Mum's The Word 507. My Tambourine 508. Laugh & Cry 509. Maybelline 510. School Days 511. Sweet Little Sixteen 512. Johnny B. Goode 513. Memphis 514. Roll Over Beethoven 515. Rock 'N' Roll Music 516. Club Nitty Gritty 517. Around & Around 518. Oh Captain 519. Thirty Days 520. Back In The Usa 521. Misery 522. Carol 523. Brown Eyed Handsome Man 524. Let It Rock 525. Reelin' & Rockin' 526. Almost Grown 527. Ramblin' Rose 528. Check Me Out 529. I Do Really Love You 530. Back To Memphis 531. Bring Another Drink 532. It Hurts Me Too 533. Goodnight, Well It's Time To Go 534. So Long 535. My Heart Will Always Belong To You 536. Flying Home (Instrumental) 601. Sweet Little Rock'n'roller 602. Oh Baby Doll 603. I Can't Believe 604. Soul Rockin' 605. Ma Dear 606. Rock Cradle Rock 607. The Love I Lost 608. Louie To Frisco 609. I Love Her, I Love Her 610. Little Fox 611. Song Of My Love 612. Rock Cradle Rock (Alt. Take) 613. Good Lookin' Woman 614. My Woman 615. It's Too Dark In There 616. Put Her Down 617. Concerto In B Goode (Instrumental) 618. Tulane 619. Have Mercy Judge 620. Untitled Instrumental 621. My Ding-a-ling 701. Gun (Instrumental) 702. Gun (Fast) (Instrumental) 703. Gun (Slow) (Instrumental) 704. That's None Of Your Business 705. Instrumental 706. Christmas 707. I'm A Rocker 708. Flyin' Home (Instrumental) 709. Fish & Chips 710. Some People 711. My Pad (Poem) 712. Oh Louisiana 713. Festival 714. Let's Do Our Thing Together 715. Your Lick 716. Bound To Lose 717. Bordeaux In My Pirough 718. San Francisco Dues 719. My Dream (Poem) 720. Roll 'Em Pete 721. Reelin' & Rockin' 722. My Ding-a-ling 723. Johnny B. Goode 724. Let's Boogie 801. Mean Old World 802. I Love You 803. I Will Not Let You Go 804. London Berry Blues (Instrumental) 805. Blues No.1 (Instrumental) 806. Annie Lou 807. Rain Eyes 808. You & My Country 809. Sue Answer 810. Got It & Gone 811. A Deuce 812. Talkin' About My Buddy 813. Hello Little Girl Goodbye 814. One Sixty Nine Am (Instrumental) 815. Aimlessly Driftin' 816. Woodpecker (Instrumental) 817. Bio 818. Roll Away 819. Hi-heel Sneakers 820. Jambalaya 821. The Song Of My Love 822. South Of The Border 901. I'm Just A Name 902. Too Late 903. Turn On The Houselights (Instrumental) 904. Swanee River 905. You Are My Sunshine 906. Johnny B. Blues (Instrumental) 907. Dust My Broom 908. Don't You Lie To Me 909. My Babe 910. Here Today 911. I Just Want To Make Love To You 912. Rockin' (Instrumental) 913. Shake Rattle & Roll 914. Baby What You Want Me To Do 915. Chuck's Beat 916. Bo's Beat 917. Bio 1001. I Got To Find My Baby (Stereo) 1002. Bye Bye Johnny (Stereo) 1003. Run Around (Stereo) 1004. Diploma For Two 1005. Down The Road Apiece (Stereo/longer Fading) 1006. Route 66 (Stereo, Alt Take) 1007. I'm Talking About You 1008. Come On (Stereo, Alt Take) 1009. Go Go Go 1010. Brown Eyed Handsome Man (Stereo Remix) 1011. Jamaica Farewell 1012. My Mustang Ford (Stereo Remix) 1013. It Wasn't Me (Stereo, Alt Take) 1014. Ain't That Just Like A Woman (Unfaded) 1015. Ramona, Say Yes (Stereo, Alt Mix W/o Sax) 1016. Move It 1017. Oh What A Thrill 1018. California 1019. Pass Away 1020. I Need You Baby 1021. If I Were 1022. House Lights 1023. I Never Thought 1024. Havana Moon 1025. Wuden't Me 1101. Maybeline (Sic) (Camel Rock 'N' Roll Dance Party - 1102. Roll Over Beethoven (Camel Rock 'N' Roll Dance Par 1103. Introduction (Newport Jazz Festival - July 5, 1958 1104. Schoodays (School Day) (Newport Jazz Festival - Ju 1105. No Money Down (Newport Jazz Festival - July 5, 195 1106. Sweet Little Sixteen (Newport Jazz Festival - July 1107. Johnny Be Goode (Newport Jazz Festival - July 5, 1 1108. First Set Introduction (Walled Lake Casino, Detroi 1109. Guitar Boogie (Instrumental) (Walled Lake Casino 1110. Johnny B Goode (Walled Lake Casino, Detroit (Octob 1111. Sweet Little Sixteen (Walled Lake Casino, Detroit 1112. School Day (Walled Lake Casino, Detroit (October 2 1113. Memphis (Walled Lake Casino, Detroit (October 25 1114. Maybellene (Walled Lake Casino, Detroit (October 2 1115. Rock & Roll Music (Walled Lake Casino, Detroit ( 1116. Dust My Broom (Walled Lake Casino, Detroit (Octobe 1117. Instrumental Boogie (Instrumental) (Walled Lake Ca 1118. Too Much Monkey Business (Walled Lake Casino, Detr 1119. Johnny B Goode (Walled Lake Casino, Detroit (Octob 1201. Set Two: Rock At The Philharmonic (Instrumental) ( 1202. Memphis (Walled Lake Casino, Detroit (October 25 1203. Guitar Boogie (Instrumental) (Walled Lake Casino 1204. Let It Rock (Walled Lake Casino, Detroit (October 1205. Wee Wee Hours (Walled Lake Casino, Detroit (Octobe 1206. Medley: Goodnight Sweetheart/johnnie B Goode/let I 1207. Introduction First Set (Walled Lake Casino, Detroi 1208. Guitar Boogie (Instrumental) (Walled Lake Casino 1209. Let It Rock (Walled Lake Casino, Detroit (October 1210. Almost Grown (Walled Lake Casino, Detroit (October 1211. Chuck Berry Dialogue No.1 (Walled Lake Casino, Det 1212. Memphis (Walled Lake Casino, Detroit (October 26 1213. Johnny B Goode (Walled Lake Casino, Detroit (Octob 1214. Introduction Set Two (Walled Lake Casino, Detroit 1215. Instrumental Boogie (Walled Lake Casino, Detroit ( 1216. Sweet Little Sixteen (Walled Lake Casino, Detroit 1217. Wee Wee Hours (Walled Lake Casino, Detroit (Octobe 1218. Chuck Berry Dialogue No.2 (Walled Lake Casino, Det 1219. Maybellene (Walled Lake Casino, Detroit (October 2 1220. Medley: Goodnight Sweetheart/johnny B Goode/let It 1301. Fillmore Auditorium: Introduction 1302. Rockin' At The Fillmore (Instrumental) (Fillmore A 1303. Everyday I Have The Blues (Fillmore Auditorium - J 1304. C.c. Rider (Fillmore Auditorium - June 27, 1967) 1305. Driftin' Blues (Fillmore Auditorium - June 27, 196 1306. Feelin' It (Instrumental) (Fillmore Auditorium - J 1307. Flying Home (Instrumental) (Fillmore Auditorium - 1308. I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man (Fillmore Auditorium 1309. It Hurts Me Too (Fillmore Auditorium - June 29, 19 1310. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (Fillmore Auditoriu 1311. Fillmore Blues (Instrumental) (Fillmore Auditorium 1312. Wee Baby Blues (Fillmore Auditorium - June 29, 196 1313. Bring Another Drink (Fillmore Auditorium - June 29 1314. Worried Life Blues (Fillmore Auditorium - June 29 1315. Reelin' & Rockin' (Fillmore Auditorium - June 29 1316. My Ding-a-ling (Fillmore Auditorium - June 29, 196 1317. Johnny B. Goode (Fillmore Auditorium - June 29, 19 1401. Rock & Roll Music (Toronto Rock 'N' Roll Revival 1402. Nadine (Toronto Rock 'N' Roll Revival - September 1403. School Day (Long Live Rock & Roll) (Toronto Rock 1404. (In The) Wee Wee Hours (Toronto Rock 'N' Roll Revi 1405. Johnny B. Goode/carol/promised Land (Toronto Rock 1406. Hoochie Coochie Man (Toronto Rock 'N' Roll Revival 1407. Memphis Tennessee (Toronto Rock 'N' Roll Revival - 1408. Too Much Monkey Business (Toronto Rock 'N' Roll Re 1409. Reelin' & Rockin' (Toronto Rock 'N' Roll Revival 1410. Sweet Little Sixteen (Toronto Rock 'N' Roll Reviva 1411. My Ding-a-ling (Toronto Rock 'N' Roll Revival - Se 1412. Bonsoir Cherie (Toronto Rock 'N' Roll Revival - Se 1413. Johnny B. Goode (Toronto Rock 'N' Roll Revival - S 1414. Maybelline (Toronto Rock 'N' Roll Revival - Septem 1501. Lanchester Arts Festival: Introduction (Lanchester 1502. Roll Over Beethoven (Lanchester Arts Festival, Cov 1503. Nadine (Lanchester Arts Festival, Coventry - Febru 1504. Sweet Little Sixteen (Lanchester Arts Festival, Co 1505. Instrumental (Testing) (Lanchester Arts Festival 1506. Roll 'Em Pete (Lanchester Arts Festival, Coventry 1507. Around & Around (Lanchester Arts Festival, Coven 1508. It Hurts Me Too (Lanchester Arts Festival, Coventr 1509. Promised Land (Lanchester Arts Festival, Coventry 1510. Reelin' & Rockin' (Lanchester Arts Festival, Cov 1511. My Ding-a-ling (Lanchester Arts Festival, Coventry 1512. Johnny B. Goode (Lanchester Arts Festival, Coventr 1513. South Of The Border (Bbc Television Theatre, Londo 1514. School Days (Bbc Radio, May 11, 1964 'Saturday Clu 1515. Memphis Tennessee (Bbc Radio, May 11, 1964 'Saturd 1516. Sweet Little Sixteen (Bbc Radio, May 11, 1964 'Sat 1517. Interview (Bbc Radio, May 11, 1964 'Saturday Club 1518. Nadine (Bbc Radio, May 11, 1964 'Saturday Club - B 1519. Johnny B. Goode (Bbc Radio, May 11, 1964 'Saturday 1520. Interview (Dr. Pepper Promo) 1521. Dr. Pepper Commercial 1522. Rockin' & Rollin' / Roll Over Beethoven (Wiltern


Troll Poems from My Soul - 2826766103

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Troll Poems from My Soul Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency, LLC

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

I love to do things with words, and poetry is what comes from such playing with words. Most of my poems are just my mind, playing with my heart's thoughts. Some of my poems come from life experience and others from nature or things that happen in life. In putting this book together, I found many of my poems are liked, for they are written in words that everyone can read and understand. I dream one day to hear someone say, "I read that poem and loved it." Nothing would make me more proud than to know my poems touched someone's heart in a good way. To write poems and not know if people will ever read them is a sad thought. Love is the power that moves the world. No matter if it is heartbreak or true passion, love has the power to be the strongest influence in our lives. Not all my poems are love poems. There are also poems of remembrance for the men who have laid down their lives for freedom or in the line of duty. So please read my words and enjoy them for what they mean and say to you. I would love to be thought of as a man who had love in his soul, and touched another's heart in some way. Daniel Clark is from Canada. He makes his living as a truck driver, but in his heart, there is love of poetry. He wrote these poems from life experience and nature. This is his first book. Publisher's website:


Natasha's Dance - 2212836413

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Natasha's Dance Penguin

Powieści i opowiadania

Orlando Figes


Biblioteczka przedszkolaka. Wiersze dla chłopców - Praca zbiorowa - 2836955726

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Biblioteczka przedszkolaka. Wiersze dla chłopców - Praca zbiorowa

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - Wspólne głośne czytanie buduje szczególną więź emocjonalną między rodzicami a dziećmi oraz rozbudza w najmłodszych ciekawość świata. Nazwa - Biblioteczka przedszkolaka. Wiersze dla chłopców Autor - Praca zbiorowa Oprawa - Twarda Wydawca - Olesiejuk Kod ISBN - 9788327429148 Kod EAN - 9788327429148 Rok wydania - 2015 Język - polski Seria wydawnicza - Biblioteczka przedszkolaka Format - 19.0x23.0cm Ilość stron - 24 Podatek VAT - 5% Premiera - 2015-04-24


A Finzi Anthology - 2840462061

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A Finzi Anthology


1. Plane, Robert - Konzert Fuer Klarinette Und Streic 2. 1. Allegro Vigoroso 3. 2. Adagio, Ma Senza Rigore 4. 3. Rondo: Allegro Giocoso 5. Plane, Robert - Bagatellen Op. 23 Nr. 1-5 (Fuer Kl 6. Nr. 1 Prelude: Allegro Deciso 7. Nr. 2 Romance: Andante Tranquillo 8. Nr. 3 Carol: Andante Semplice 9. Nr. 4 Forlana: Allegretto Grazioso 10. Nr. 5 Fughetta: Allegro Vivace 11. Griffiths, Howard - Love's Labours Lost Op. 28: So 12. Nr. 1 The King's Poem 13. Nr. 2 Longaville's Sonnet 14. Nr. 3 Dumaine's Poem 15. Griffiths, Howard - A Severn Rhapsody Op. 3 16. Griffiths, Howard - Romanze Fuer Streichorchester 17. Hatfield, Lesley - Introitus Fuer Violine Und Klei 101. Hugh, Tim - Konzert Fuer Violoncello Und Orchester 102. 1. Allegro Moderato 103. 2. Andante Quieto 104. 3. Rondo: Adagio - Allegro Giocoso 105. Donohoe, Peter - Eclogue Op. 10 (Fuer Klavier Und 106. Andante Semplice 107. Donohoe, Peter - Grosse Fantasie Und Toccata Op. 3 108. Molto Grave - Allegro Vigoroso 201. Choir Of St. John's College, Cambridge - Lieder Op 202. Nr. 2 God Is Gone Up 203. Choir Of St. John's College, Cambridge - Magnifica 204. Choir Of St. John's College, Cambridge - Anthems O 205. Nr. 1 My Lovely One 206. Nr. 3 Welcome Sweet & Sacred Feast 207. Choir Of St. John's College, Cambridge - Thou Dids 208. Choir Of St. John's College, Cambridge - Let Us No 209. Choir Of St. John's College, Cambridge - Unaccompa 210. Nr. 1 I Praise The Tender Flower 211. Nr. 2 I Have Loved The Flowers That Fade 212. Nr. 3 My Spirit Sang All Day 213. Nr. 4 Clear & Gentle Stream 214. Nr. 5 Nightingales 215. Nr. 6 Haste On, My Joys! 216. Nr. 7 Wherefore Tonight So Full Of Care 217. Choir Of St. John's College, Cambridge - Lo, The F 301. Williams, Roderick - I Said To Love Op. 19b (6 Lie 302. Nr. 1 I Need Not Go 303. Nr. 2 At Middle-field Gate In February 304. Nr. 3 Two Lips 305. Nr. 4 In Five-score Summers (Meditation) 306. Nr. 5 For Life I Had Never Cared Greatly 307. Nr. 6 I Said To Love 308. Williams, Roderick - Let Us Garlands Bring Op. 18 309. Nr. 1 Come Away, Come Away, Death 310. Nr. 2 Who Is Silvia? 311. Nr. 3 Fear No More The Heat O' The Sun 312. Nr. 4 O Mistress Mine 313. Nr. 5 It Was A Lover & His Lass 314. Williams, Roderick - Before & After Summer Op. 16 315. Nr. 1 Childhood Among The Ferns 316. Nr. 2 Before & After Summer 317. Nr. 3 The Self-unseeing 318. Nr. 4 Overlooking The River 319. Nr. 5 Channel Firing 320. Nr. 6 In The Mind's Eye 321. Nr. 7 The Too Short Time 322. Nr. 8 Epeisodia 323. Nr. 9 Amabel 324. Nr. 10 He Abjures Love 401. Gilchrist, James - Intimations Of Immortality Op. 402. Andante Sostenuto 403. There Was A Time When Meadow, Grove & Stream 404. The Rainbow Comes & Goes 405. Now, While The Birds Thus Sing A Joyous Song 406. Ye Blessed Creatures, I Have Heard The Call 407. Oh Evil Day! If I Were Sullen 408. But There's A Tree, Of Many, One 409. Our Birth Is But A Sleep & A Forgetting 410. Earth Fills Her Lap With Pleasures Of Her Own 411. O Joy! That In Our Embers 412. But For Those First Affections 413. Then Sing, Ye Birds, Sing, Sing A Joyous Song! 414. And O, Ye Fountains, Meadows, Hills, & Groves 415. Gilchrist, James - For St. Cecilia Op. 30 (Ode) 416. Delightful Goddess, On Whose Fashionings 417. Changed Is The Age, Mysterious, Man's Next Star 418. How Came You, Lady Of Foerce Martyrdom 419. How Smilingly The Saint Among Her Friends 420. Wherefore We Bid You To The Full Concert 501. Williams, Roderick - Earth & Air & Rain Op. 15 (10 502. Nr. 1 Summer Schemes 503. Nr. 2 When I Set Out For Lyonesse 504. Nr. 3 Waiting Both 505. Nr. 4 The Phantom 506. Nr. 5 So I Have Fared 507. Nr. 6 Rollicum-rorum 508. Nr. 7 To Lizbie Browne 509. Nr. 8 The Clock Of The Years 510. Nr. 9 In A Churchyard 511. Nr. 10 Proud Songsters 512. Williams, Roderick - To A Poet Op. 13a (6 Lieder) 513. Nr. 1 To A Poet A Thousand Years Hence 514. Nr. 2 On Parent Knees 515. Nr. 3 Intrada 516. Nr. 4 The Birthnight 517. Nr. 5 June On Castle Hill 518. Nr. 6 Ode On The Rejection Of St. Cecilia 519. Williams, Roderick - By Footpath & Stile Op. 2 (6 520. Nr. 1 Paying Calls 521. Nr. 2 Where The Picnic Was 522. Nr. 3 The Oxen 523. Nr. 4 The Master & The Leaves 524. Nr. 5 Voices From Things Growing In A Churchyard 525. Nr. 6 Exeunt Omnes 601. Ainsley, John Mark - A Young Man's Exhortation Op. 602. Nr. 1 A Young Man's Exhortation (1. Teil) 603. Nr. 2 Ditty 604. Nr. 3 Budmouth Dears 605. Nr. 4 Her Temple 606. Nr. 5 The Comet At Yell'ham 607. Nr. 6 Shortening Days (2. Teil) 608. Nr. 7 The Sigh 609. Nr. 8 Former Beauties 610. Nr. 9 Transformations 611. Nr. 10 The Dance Continued 612. Ainsley, John Mark - Till Earth Outwears Op. 19a ( 613. Nr. 1 Let Me Enjoy The Earth 614. Nr. 2 In Years Defaced 615. Nr. 3 The Market-girl 616. Nr. 4 I Look Into My Glass 617. Nr. 5 It Never Looks Like Summer 618. Nr. 6 At A Lunar Eclipse 619. Nr. 7 Life Laughs Onwards 620. Ainsley, John Mark - Oh Fair To See Op. 13b (7 Lie 621. Nr. 1 I Say I'll Seek Her Side (Nach Texten Von 622. Nr. 2 Oh Fair To See (Nach Texten Von Christina Ro 623. Nr. 3 As I Lay In The Early Sun (Nach Texten Von E 624. Nr. 4 Only The Wanderer (Nach Texten Von Ivor Gurn 625. Nr. 5 To Joy (Nach Texten Von Edmund Blunden) 626. Nr. 6 Harvest (Nach Texten Von Edmund Blunden) 627. Nr. 7 Since We Loved (Nach Texten Von Robert Bridg 701. Gilchrist, James - Dies Natalis Op. 8 (Kantate) 702. Intrada 703. Rhapsody 704. The Rapture 705. Wonder 706. The Salutation 707. Hill, David - Prelude (Fuer Streichorchester) 708. Hill, David - The Fall Of The Leaf (Elegie) (Volle 709. Gilchrist, James - Sonette Op. 12 Nr. 1-2 710. Nr. 1 When I Consider 711. Nr. 2 How Soon Hath Time 712. Hill, David - Nocturne (New Year Music) 713. Gilchrist, James - Farewell To Arms Op. 9 714. 1. Introduction 715. 2. Aria


Rca Recordings - 2839612038

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Rca Recordings Sony Classical


1. Abbado, Claudio - March No. 1 In D Major, K. 335 ( 2. Groth, Konradin / Berliner Philharmoniker - Serena 3. I. Adagio Maestoso - Allegro Con Spirito 4. Ii. Menuetto - Allegretto - Trio 5. Iii. Concertante - Andante Grazioso 6. Iv. Rondeau - Allegro Ma Non Troppo 7. V. Andantino 8. Vi. Menuetto - Trio I - Trio II 9. Vii. Finale - Presto 10. Abbado, Claudio - March No. 2 In D Major, K. 335 ( 11. Abbado, Claudio - Divertimento No. 11 In D Major, 12. I. Molto Allegro 13. Ii. Menuetto - Trio 14. Iii. Andantino 15. Iv. Menuetto - Tema Con Variazioni 16. V. Rondeau - Allegro Assai 17. Vi. Marcia Alla Francese 101. Abbado, Claudio - Symphony No. 23 In D Major, K.18 102. I. Allegro Spiritoso 103. Ii. Andantino Grazioso 104. Iii. Presto Assai 105. Abbado, Claudio - Sinfonia Concertante For Violin, 106. I. Allegro Maestoso 107. Ii. Andante 108. Iii. Presto 109. Abbado, Claudio - Symphony No. 36 In C Major, K.42 110. I. Adagio - Allegro Spiritoso 111. Ii. Andante 112. Iii. Menuetto - Trio 113. Iv. Presto 201. Abbado, Claudio - Symphony No. 28 In C Major, K. 2 202. I. Allegro Spiritoso 203. Ii. Andante 204. Iii. Menuetto - Allegretto - Trio 205. Iv. Presto 206. Abbado, Claudio - Symphony No. 29 In A Major, K. 2 207. I. Allegro Moderato 208. Ii. Andante 209. Iii. Menuetto - Trio 210. Iv. Allegro Con Spirito 211. Abbado, Claudio - Symphony No. 35 In D Major, K. 3 212. I. Allegro Con Spirito 213. Ii. Andante 214. Iii. Menuetto - Trio 215. Iv. Finale - Presto 301. Abbado, Claudio - Symphony No. 31 In D Major, K. 2 302. I. Allegro Assai 303. Ii. Andante (Second Version) 304. Iii. Allegro 305. Ii. Andante (First Version) 306. Abbado, Claudio - Masonic Funeral Music, K. 477 (4 307. Abbado, Claudio - Symphony No. 25 In G Minor, K. 1 308. I. Allegro Con Brio 309. Ii. Andante 310. Iii. Menuetto - Trio 311. Iv. Allegro 312. Abbado, Claudio - Symphony In D Major 'The Posthor 313. I. Adagio Maestoso - Allegro Con Spirito 314. Ii. Andantino 315. Iii. Presto 401. Abbado, Claudio - Great Mass In C Minor, K. 427 (4 402. I. Kyrie - Andante Moderato 403. Ii. Gloria - Allegro Vivace 404. Ii. Gloria - Laudamus Te - Allegro Aperto 405. Ii. Gloria - Gratias Agimus Tibe - Allegro 406. Ii. Gloria - Domine - Allegro Moderato 407. Ii. Gloria - Qui Tollis - Largo 408. Ii. Gloria - Quoniam - Allegro 409. Ii. Gloria - Jesu Christe - Adagio 410. Iii. Credo - Cum Sancto Spiritu 411. Iii. Credo - Allegro Maestoso 412. Iii. Credo - Et Incarnatus Est 413. Iv. Sanctus 414. V. Benedictus - Allegro Comodo 501. Abbado, Claudio - Symphony No. 9 In D Minor, Op. 1 502. I. Allegro Ma Non Troppo, Un Poco Maestoso 503. Ii. Molto Vivace 504. Iii. Adagio Molto E Cantabile 505. Iv. Finale 601. Kirchschlager, Angelika - Ein Sommernachtstraum (A 602. Ouvertuere - Allegro Di Molto 603. No. 1 Scherzo - Allegro Vivace 604. No. 2 L'istesso Tempo: 'He, Geist! Wo Geht Die Rei 605. Elfenmarsch - Allegro Vivace - 'Schlimm Treffen Wi 606. No. 3 Lied Mit Chor - Allegro Ma Non Troppo - 'Kom 607. No. 4 Andante: 'Was Du Wirst Erwachend Sehn' 608. No. 5 Intermezzo - Allegro Appassionato - 'Stets I 609. No. 7 Notturno - Con Moto Tranquillo 610. No. 8 Andante: 'Nun, Da Der Knabe Mein Ist' 611. No. 9 Hochzeitsmarsch - Allegro Vivace - 'Jetzt Be 612. Finale - Allegro Di Molto - 'Bei Des Feuers Mattem 613. Abbado, Claudio - Symphony No. 4 In A Major, Op. 9 614. I. Allegro Vivace 615. Ii. Andante Con Moto 616. Iii. Con Moto Moderato 617. Iv. Saltarello - Presto 701. Perahia, Murray - Concerto For Piano & Orchestra I 702. I. Allegro Affettuoso 703. Ii. Intermezzo - Andantino Grazioso 704. Iii. Allegro Vivace 705. Perahia, Murray - Konzertstueck, Op. 92 In G Major 706. Perahia, Murray - Konzertstueck, Op. 134 In D Mino 801. Abbado, Claudio - Scenes From Goethe's Faust For S 802. Ouverture 803. Part One, Nr. 1 Szene Im Garten 'Du Kanntest Mich 804. Part One, Nr. 2 Gretchen Vor Dem Bild Der Mater Do 805. Part One, Nr. 3 Szene Im Dom 'Wie Anders, Gretchen 806. Abbado, Claudio - Szenen Aus Goethes Faust, Part T 807. Nr. 4 Ariel - Sonnenaufgang 'Die Ihr Dies Haupt Um 808. Nr. 4 Ariel - Sonnenaufgang 'Taeler Gruenen, Hugel 809. Nr. 4 Ariel - Sonnenaufgang 'Des Lebens Pulse Schl 810. Nr. 4 Ariel - Sonnenaufgang 'So Ist Es Also, Wenn 811. Nr. 5 Mitternacht 'Ich Heisse Der Mangel' 812. Nr. 5 Mitternacht 'Vier Sah Ich Kommen, Drei Nur G 813. Nr. 5 Mitternacht 'Die Nacht Scheint Tiefer Tief H 814. Nr. 6 Fausts Tod 'Herbei, Herbei! Herein, Herein!' 901. Abbado, Claudio - Szenen Aus Goethes Faust, Part T 902. Nr. 7 Fausts Verklaerung I. 'Waldung, Sie Schwankt 903. Nr. 7 Fausts Verklaerung Ii. 'Ewiger Wonnebrand' 904. Nr. 7 Fausts Verklaerung Iii. 'Wie Felsenabgrund M 905. Nr. 7 Fausts Verklaerung III 'Welch Ein Morgenwolk 906. Nr. 7 Fausts Verklaerung IV 'Gerettet Ist Das Edle 907. Nr. 7 Fausts Verklaerung IV 'Gerettet Ist Das Edle 908. Nr. 7 Fausts Verklaerung V 'Hier Ist Die Aussicht 909. Nr. 7 Fausts Verklaerung VI 'Dir, Der Unberuehrbar 910. Nr. 7 Fausts Verklaerung VII 'Alles Vergaengliche 1001. Abbado, Claudio - The Noonday Witch, Op. 108 1002. Abbado, Claudio - Symphony No. 8 In G Major, Op. 8 1003. I. Allegro Con Brio 1004. Ii. Adagio 1005. Iii. Allegretto Grazioso - Molto Vivace 1006. Iv. Allegro Ma Non Troppo 1101. Abbado, Claudio - Saint John's Night On The Bare M 1102. Abbado, Claudio - Khovanshchina: Prelude 1103. Abbado, Claudio - Khovanshchina: Aria Of Shaklovit 1104. Abbado, Claudio - Khovanshchina: The Departure Of 1105. Tarasova, Marianna - Khovanshchina: Aria Of Marfa 1106. Abbado, Claudio - Khovanshchina: Dance Of The Pers 1107. Abbado, Claudio - Scherzo In B-flat Major 1108. Abbado, Claudio - Intermezzo Symphonique In Modo C 1109. Abbado, Claudio - Festive March From 'Mlada' 1201. Abbado, Claudio - Songs & Dances Of Death 1202. Lullaby 1203. Serenade 1204. Trepak 1205. The Field Marshal 1206. Abbado, Claudio - Symphony No. 5 In E Minor, Op. 6 1207. I. Andante - Allegro Con Anima 1208. Ii. Andante Cantabile, Con Alcuna Licenza 1209. Iii. Valse - Allegro Moderato 1210. Iv. Finale - Andante Maestoso - Allegro Vivace 1301. Abbado, Claudio - Khovanshchina: Act Iv: Introduct 1302. Abbado, Claudio - Joshua - For Chorus, Contralto, 1303. Abbado, Claudio - Salammbo: Chorus Of Priestesses 1304. Abbado, Claudio - Scherzo In B-flat Major - Remast 1305. Abbado, Claudio - The Destruction Of Sennacherib - 1306. Abbado, Claudio - St. John's Night On The Bare Mou 1307. Abbado, Claudio - Oedipus In Athens: Chorus Of Peo 1308. Abbado, Claudio - Khovanshchina: Prelude - Dawn Ov 1309. Abbado, Claudio - Triumphal March - The Capture Of 1401. Abbado, Claudio - Symphony No. 1 In G Minor, Op. 1 1402. I. Dreams Of A Winter Journey - Allegro Tranquillo 1403. Ii. Land Of Desolation, Land Of Mists - Adagio Can 1404. Iii. Scherzo - Allegro Scherzando Giocoso 1405. Iv. Finale - Andante Lugubre - Allegro Maestoso 1406. Abbado, Claudio - The Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a (B 1407. I. Overture Miniature - Allegro Giusto 1408. Ii. Danses Caracteristiques A) Marche - Tempo Di M 1409. Ii. Danses Caracteristiques B) Danse De La Fee-dra 1410. Ii. Danses Caracteristiques C) Danse Russe Trepak. 1411. Ii. Danses Caracteristiques D) Danse Arabe - Alleg 1412. Ii. Danses Caracteristiques E) Danse Chinoise - A 1413. Ii. Danses Caracteristiques F) Danse Des Mirlitons 1414. Iii. Valse Des Fleurs - Tempo Di Valse 1501. Abbado, Claudio - The Tempest, Op. 18 - Symphonic 1502. Abbado, Claudio - Symphony No. 2 In C Minor, Op. 1 1503. I. Andante Sostenuto - Allegro Vivo 1504. Ii. Andantino Marziale, Quasi Moderato 1505. Iii. Scherzo - Allegro Molto Vivace 1506. Iv. Finale - Moderato Assai - Allegro Vivo 1601. Abbado, Claudio - Symphony No. 3 In D Major, Op. 2 1602. I. Introduzione E Allegro Moderato Assai - Tempo D 1603. II . Alla Tedesca - Allegro Moderato E Semplice 1604. Iii. Andante - Andante Elegiaco 1605. Iv. Scherzo - Allegro Vivo 1606. V. Finale - Allegro Con Fuoco (Tempo Di Polacca) 1607. Abbado, Claudio - 1812 Overture, Op. 49 1608. Largo - Andante - Allegro Giusto 1609. Largo - Allegro Vivace 1701. Abbado, Claudio - Symphony No. 4 In F Minor, Op. 3 1702. I. Andante Sostenuto - Moderato Con Anima 1703. Ii. Andantino In Modo Di Canzona 1704. Iii. Scherzo, Pizzicato Ostinato - Allegro 1705. Iv. Finale - Allegro Con Fuoco 1706. Abbado, Claudio - Romeo & Juliet (Fantasy Overture 1801. Abbado, Claudio - Symphony No. 5 In E Minor, Op. 6 1802. I. Andante - Allegro Con Anima 1803. Ii. Andante Cantabile, Con Alcuna Licenza 1804. Iii. Valse - Allegro Moderato 1805. Iv. Finale - Andante Maestoso - Allegro Vivace 1806. Abbado, Claudio - The Voyevoda, Op. 78 (Symphonic 1901. Abbado, Claudio - Symphony No. 6 In B Minor, Op. 7 1902. I. Adagio - Allegro Non Troppo 1903. Ii. Allegro Con Grazia 1904. Iii. Allegro Molto Vivace 1905. Iv. Finale - Adagio Lamentoso - Andante 1906. Abbado, Claudio - Marche Slave, Op. 31 2001. Abbado, Claudio - Concerto In D Major For Violin & 2002. I. Allegro Moderato 2003. Ii. Canzonetta - Andante 2004. Iii. Finale - Allegro Vivacissimo 2005. Abbado, Claudio - Concerto No. 1 In A Minor For VI 2006. I. Nocturne - Adagio 2007. Ii. Scherzo - Allegro Non Troppo 2008. Iii. Passacaglia - Andante 2009. Iv. Burlesca - Allegro Con Brio 2101. Licad, Cecile - Concerto No. 2 In C Minor For Pian 2102. I. Moderato 2103. Ii. Adagio Sostenuto 2104. Iii. Allegro Scherzando 2105. Abbado, Claudio - Rhapsody On A Theme Of Paganini 2201. Abbado, Claudio - Concerto No. 3 In D Minor For Pi 2202. I. Allegro Ma Non Tanto 2203. Ii. Intermezzo - Adagio 2204. Iii. Finale - Alla Breve 2301. Abbado, Claudio - Concerto For Violin, Cello & Orc 2302. I. Allegro 2303. Ii. Andante 2304. Iii. Vivace Non Troppo 2305. Abbado, Claudio - Chamber Concerto For Piano & Vio 2306. I. Thema Scherzoso Con Variazioni, Motto 2307. I. Thema Scherzoso Con Variazioni, Thema Scherzoso 2308. I. Thema Scherzoso Con Variazioni, Variation I 2309. I. Thema Scherzoso Con Variazioni, Variation II - 2310. I. Thema Scherzoso Con Variazioni, Variation III - 2311. I. Thema Scherzoso Con Variazioni, Variation IV - 2312. I. Thema Scherzoso Con Variazioni, Variation V - T 2313. Ii. Adagio 2314. Iii. Rondo Ritmico Con Introduzione (Cadenza), Int 2315. Iii. Rondo Ritmico Con Introduzione (Cadenza), Ron 2316. Iii. Rondo Ritmico Con Introduzione (Cadenza), Cod 2401. Abbado, Claudio - Don Juan Op. 20, Tone-poem After 2402. Abbado, Claudio - Burleske For Piano & Orchestra I 2403. Abbado, Claudio - Till Eulenspiegels Lustige Strei 2404. Abbado, Claudio - Der Rosenkavalier, III Act, Terz 2501. Abbado, Claudio - Schicksalslied For Chorus & Orch 2502. Abbado, Claudio - Drei Hymnen For Voice & Orchestr 2503. I. Hymne An Die Liebe 2504. Ii. Rueckkehr In Die Heimat 2505. Iii. Die Liebe 2506. Abbado, Claudio - An Die Hoffnung For Voice & Orch 2507. Abbado, Claudio - Holderlin Fragmente For Voice & 2508. Fragment 57 2509. Fragment 92 2510. Fragment 19 - An Meine Schwester 2511. Fragment 14 2512. Fragment 27 2513. Fragment 17 - Empedokles Auf Dem Aetna 2514. Fragment 38 2515. Fragment 22 - Gestalt Und Geist 2516. Fragment 4 - Lied Des Schweden 2601. Abbado, Claudio - The Creatures Of Prometheus, Op. 2602. Introduction - La Tempesta - Allegro Non Troppo 2603. No. 2, Poco Adagio 2604. No. 9, Adagio 2605. No. 10, Pastorale - Allegro 2606. No. 14, Solo Della Cassentini - Andante 2607. No. 15, Solo Di Vigano - Andantino 2608. No. 16, Finale - Allegretto 2609. Abbado, Claudio - Prometheus Symphonic Poem No.5 2610. Abbado, Claudio - Promethee - Le Poeme Du Feu 2611. Abbado, Claudio - Prometeo, Suite 1992 (Excerpts) 2612. 3 Voci (A) 2613. Isola Seconda: (B) Holderlin 2701. Abbado, Claudio - 'Il Canto Sospeso' For Soprano, 2702. Sofia, Zentralgefaengnis 22. Juli 1942 2703. I. Orchestra 2704. Ii. Coro A Capella '...muoio Per Un Mondo' 2705. Iii. Soprano, Alto E Tenore Soli E Orchestra 'Mi P 2706. Iv. Orchestra 2707. Meine Lieben Eltern! - Die Tore Offnen Sich - Leb 2708. V. Tenore Solo E Orchestra ' Il Cielo Fosse Ca 2709. Vi. Coro E Orchestra A) '...le Porto S'aprono' 2710. Vi. Coro E Orchestra B) 'Com' E Duro Dire Addio Pe 2711. Vii. Soprano Solo, Coro Femminile E Orch '..addio 2712. Viii. Orchestra 2713. Ix. Coro E Timpani '..non Ho Paura Della Morte..' 2714. Abbado, Claudio - Kindertotenlieder 'Song Cycle On 2715. I. Nun Will Die Sonn So Hell Aufgehn 2716. Ii. Nun Seh Ich Wohl, Warum So Dunkle Flammen 2717. Iii. Wenn Dein Muetterlein 2718. Iv. Oft Denk Ich, Sie Sind Nur Ausgegangen 2719. V. In Diesem Wetter, In Diesem Braus 2720. Ich Bin Der Welt Abhanden Gekommen 2801. Abbado, Claudio - Semiramide: Ouverture - Remaster 2802. Abbado, Claudio - La Scala Di Seta: Ouverture - Re 2803. Abbado, Claudio - Il Turco In Italia: Ouverture - 2804. Abbado, Claudio - Elisabetta, Regina D'inghilterra 2805. Abbado, Claudio - Tancredi: Ouverture - Remastered 2806. Abbado, Claudio - Guglielmo Tell: Ouverture - Rema 2901. Abbado, Claudio - Nabucco: Ouverture - Remastered 2902. Abbado, Claudio - Aida: Ouverture - Remastered 2903. Abbado, Claudio - La Forza Del Destino: Ouverture 2904. Abbado, Claudio - Aroldo: Ouverture - Remastered 2905. Abbado, Claudio - Luisa Miller: Ouverture - Remast 2906. Abbado, Claudio - I Vespri Siciliani: Ouverture - 3001. Abbado, Claudio - Il Viaggio A Reims - Dramma Gioc 3002. No. 1 Introduzione 'Presto, Presto, Su Coraggio!' 3003. No. 1 Introduzione 'Benche, Grazie Al Mio Talento' 3004. No. 1 Introduzione - Aria Di Madama Cortese 'Di Va 3005. No. 1 Introduzione - 'Or State Attenti, Badate Ben 3006. No. 1 Introduzione - 'Partire Io Pur Vorrei' 3007. No. 2 Recitativo E Aria - 'Ahime! Sta In Gran Peri 3008. No. 2 Recitativo E Aria - 'Partir, O Ciel! Desio' 3009. No. 2 Recitativo E Aria -'che Miro! Ah! Qual Sorpr 3010. No. 2 Recitativo E Aria - 'Grazie VI Rendo, O Dei! 3011. No. 2 Recitativo E Aria - 'Eh! Senti, Mastro Anton 3012. No. 3 Sestetto - 'Si, Di Matti Una Gran Gabbia' 3013. No. 3 Sestetto -'non Pavento Alcun Periglio' 3014. No. 3 Sestetto - Aria Di Corinna 'Arpa Gentil, Che 3015. No. 3 Sestetto - 'Simbol Di Pace E Gloria' 3016. No. 3 Sestetto - 'Gelsomin Non Ritorna' 3017. No. 4 Scena E Aria - 'Ah! Perche La Conobbi?' 3018. No. 4 Scena E Aria - 'Invan Strapper Dal Core' 3019. No. 4 Scena E Aria 'Come Dal Ciel' 3020. No. 4 Scena E Aria 'Dell'alma Diva' 3101. Abbado, Claudio - Il Viaggio A Reims - Dramma Gioc 3102. Scena Xiii, 'Milord, Una Parola' 3103. No. 5 Recitativo E Duetto Di Corinna E Del Cavalie 3104. No. 5 Recitativo E Duetto Di Corinna E Del Cavalie 3105. No. 5 Recitativo E Duetto Di Corinna E Del Cavalie 3106. No. 5 Recitativo E Duetto Di Corinna E Del Cavalie 3107. No. 6 Aria Di Don Profondo - 'Io! Don Profondo' 3108. No. 6 Aria Di Don Profondo - 'Vedeste Il Cavaliere 3109. No. 7 Gran Pezzo Concertato A 14 Voci - 'Ah! A Tal 3110. No. 7 Gran Pezzo Concertato A 14 Voci - 'Signor, E 3111. No. 7 Gran Pezzo Concertato A 14 Voci - 'Fra Dolci 3112. No. 7 Gran Pezzo Concertato A 14 Voci - 'Savio Del 3113. No. 8 Scena E Duetto Del Conte E Della Marchesa - 3114. No. 8 Scena E Duetto Del Conte E Della Marchesa - 3115. No. 8 Scena E Duetto Del Conte E Della Marchesa - 3116. No. 8 Scena E Duetto Del Conte E Della Marchesa - 3117. No. 9 Finale - Ritornello (Balletto) 3118. No. 9 Finale - 'L'allegria E Un Sommo Bene' 3119. No. 9 Finale - 'Or, Secondo L'uso' 3120. No. 9 Finale - Inno Tedesco 'Or Che Regna Fra Le G 3121. No. 9 Finale - Polacca 'Ai Prodi Guerrieri' 3122. No. 9 Finale - Inno Russo 'Onore, Gloria Ed Alto O 3123. No. 9 Finale - Canzone Spagnola 'Omaggio All'augus 3124. No. 9 Finale - Inno Inglese 'Dell'aurea Pianta' 3125. No. 9 Finale - Canzone Francese 'Madre Del Nuovo E 3126. No. 9 Finale - Tirolese 'Piu Vivace E Piu Fecondo' 3127. No. 9 Finale - 'Corinna, Or Spetta A Voi' 3128. No. 9 Finale - Improvviso Di Corinna 'All'ombra Am 3129. No. 9 Finale - 'Viva Il Diletto' 3201. Verdi, Giuseppe - Simon Boccanegra 3202. Prologue : Scene 1 - 4 : Che Dicesti? 3203. All'alba Tutti Qui Verrete 3204. L'atra Magion Vedete? 3205. Scene 5 : A Te L'estreme Addio 3206. Scene 6 - 7 : Suona Ogni Labbro Il Mio Nome 3207. O De' Fieschi Implacata 3208. Act I : Scene 1 : Come In Quest'ora 3209. Scene 2 - 5 : Cielo Di Stelle Orbato 3210. Vieni A Mirar La Cerula 3211. Ah! - Che Fia? 3212. Propizio E Giunge! 3213. Scene 6 - 7 : Paolo - Signor 3214. Orfanella Il Tetto Umile 3215. Scene 8 - 9 : Il Vuoi! Scordasti Che Mi Devi 3216. Scene 10 - 12 : Messeri, Il Re Di Tartari 3217. Plebe, Patrizi, Popolo 3301. Verdi, Giuseppe - Simon Boccanegra 3302. Act II : Scene 1 - 3 : Quei Due Vedesti? 3303. Scene 4 : Udisti? Vil Disegno 3304. Scene 5 : O Inferno! Amelia Qui! 3305. Scene 6 : Tu Qui? - Amelia 3306. Scene 7 : Figlia - Si Afflitto, O Padre Mio 3307. Scene 8 - 9 : Ei Dorme! Quale Sento Ritegno? 3308. Perdon, Amelia. Indomito Geloso 3309. Act III : Scene 1-2 : Eviva Il Doge 3310. Scene 3 : Cittadini! Per Ordine De Doge 3311. M'ardon Le Tempia 3312. Piango, Perche Me Parla 3313. Scene 4 : Chi Veggo! 3401. Abbado, Claudio - Boris Godunov: Opera In Four Act 3402. Prologue, Scene 1, Introduction 3403. Prologue, Scene 1: 'Well Then, What's Wrong With Y 3404. Prologue, Scene 1: 'Who Are You Adandoning Us To' 3405. Prologue, Scene 1: 'Who Are You Adandoning Us To' 3406. Prologue, Scene 1: 'True Believers! The Boyar Is I 3407. Prologue, Scene 1: 'Glory To Thee, Creator On High 3408. Prologue, Scene 1: 'Did You Hear What The Holy Pil 3409. Prologue, Scene 2, Introduction 3410. Prologue, Scene 2: 'Long Live Tsar Boris Fyodorovi 3411. Prologue, Scene : 'My Soul Is Sad' 3412. Prologue, Scene 2: 'Glory!' 3413. Act I, Scene 1, Introduction 3414. Act I, Scene 1: 'Just One Final Story' 3415. Act I, Scene 1: 'O Lord, Strong & Righteous' 3416. Act I, Scene 1: 'Do Not Complain, Brother' 3417. Act I, Scene 1: 'For Allong Time, Honoured Father' 3418. Act I, Scene 1: 'I Arrived At Night' 3419. Act I, Scene 1: 'How Old Was The Murdered Tsarevic 3420. Act 1, Scene 1: 'They Are Ringing For Matins' 3421. Act I, Scene 2: Introduction 3422. Act I, Scene 2: 'I Caught A Grey Drake' 3423. Act I, Scene 2: 'Give Me Some Fun' 3424. Act I, Scene 2, 'Why Are You So Pensive, Comrade?' 3425. Act I, Scene 2: 'Here's What Happened At The Town 3426. Act I, Scene 2: 'Why Don't You Sing Along?' 3427. Act I, Scene 2: 'We Are Humble Elders, Honest Monk 3428. Act I, Scene 2: 'What Are You Staring At Me Like T 3429. Act I, Scene 2: 'And His Age... & His Age...' 3501. Abbado, Claudio - Boris Godunov: Opera In Four Act 3502. Act Ii: 'Where Are You, My Betrothed' 3503. Act Ii: 'Oh, That's Enough, Princess, My Dear!' 3504. Act Ii: 'A Gnat Was Chopping Wood' 3505. Act Ii: 'My Little Tale Is About This & That' 3506. Act Ii: 'What's The Matter? Has A Wild Beast Surpr 3507. Act Ii: 'I Have Achieved Absolute Power' 3508. Act Ii: 'Hey, Pss!' 3509. Act Ii: 'Our Little Parrot Was With The Nannies' 3510. Act Ii: 'Ah, It's You, Glorious Orator' 3511. Act Ii: 'In Uglich, In The Cathedral, In Front Of 3512. Act Ii: 'Phew! I Feel Terrible! Let Me Catch My Br 3513. Act Iii, Scene 1: 'By The Sky-blue Waters Of The V 3514. Act Iii, Scene 1: 'Enough! The Beautiful Lady Is G 3515. Act Iii, Scene 1: 'Marina Is Bored. Oh, How Bored! 3516. Act Iii, Scene 1: 'Ah! Oh, It's You, My Father' 3517. Act Iii, Scene 1: 'With Tender, Ardent Words Of Lo 3518. Act Iii, Scene 1: 'What? You Impudent Liar!' 3519. Act Iii, Scene 2: 'At Midnight, In The Garden, By 3520. Act Iii, Scene 2:'tsarevich!' 3521. Act Iii, Scene 2:'can A Humble & Sinful Man, Pra 3522. Act Iii, Scene 2:'tsarevich, Hide!' 3523. Act Iii, Scene 2: Polonaise - 'I Do Not Believe In 3524. Act Iii, Scene 2:'that Crafty Jesuit, He Has Got M 3525. Act Iii, Scene 2: 'How Long & Agonizing' 3526. Act Iii, Scene 2: 'Oh, Tsarevich, I Beg You' 3527. Act Iii, Scene 2:'oh, My Turtledoves!' 3601. Abbado, Claudio - Boris Godunov: Opera In Four Act 3602. Act Iv, Scene 1 (1869 Version): Introduction 3603. Act Iv, Scene 1 (1869 Version): 'What, Is Mass Fin 3604. Act Iv, Scene 1 (1869 Version): 'Trrr, Trrr - Iron 3605. Act Iv, Scene 1 (1869 Version): 'Aaah! Boris' 3606. Act Iv, Scene 1 (1874 Version): Introduction 3607. Act Iv, Scene 1 (1874 Version):'exalted Boyars!' 3608. Act Iv, Scene 1 (1874 Version):'well, Then? Let's 3609. Act Iv, Scene 1 (1874 Version):'what A Shame That 3610. Act Iv, Scene 1 (1874 Version):'he Was Whispering: 3611. Act Iv, Scene 1 (1874 Version):'here, By The Front 3612. Act Iv, Scene 1 (1874 Version): 'A Humble Monk' 3613. Act Iv, Scene 1 (1874 Version): 'Once, In The Even 3614. Act Iv, Scene 1 (1874 Version):'the Tsarevich - Qu 3615. Act Iv, Scene 1 (1874 Version):'farewell, My Son!' 3616. Act Iv, Scene 1 (1874 Version):'a Bell! A Funeral 3617. Act Iv, Scene 2 (1874 Version): Introduction 3618. Act Iv, Scene 2 (1874 Version):'bring Him Over Her 3619. Act Iv, Scene 2 (1874 Version): 'It's Not A Falcon 3620. Act Iv, Scene 2 (1874 Version): 'The Sun & Moon 3621. Act Iv, Scene 2 (1874 Version): 'Hey Ho!' 3622. Act Iv, Scene 2 (1874 Version): 'Domine, Domine, S 3623. Act Iv, Scene 2 (1874 Version): March - 'Glory To 3624. Act Iv, Scene 2 (1874 Version): 'We, Dimitri Ivano 3625. Act Iv, Scene 2 (1874 Version): 'Flow, Flow, Bitte 3701. Abbado, Claudio - Brandenburg Concertos - Remaster 3702. Concerto No. 1 In F Major, Bwv 1046 : Allegro - Re 3703. Adagio - Remastered 3704. Allegro - Remastered 3705. Minuetto-trio I-minuetto-polacca / Minuetto-trio I 3706. Concerto No. 2 In F Major, Bwv 1047 : Allegro - Re 3707. Andante - Remastered 3708. Allegro Assai - Remastered 3709. Concerto No. 3 In G Major, Bwv 1048 : Allegro - Re 3710. Allegro - Remastered 3801. Abbado, Claudio - Brandenburg Concertos - Remaster 3802. Concerto No. 4 In G Major, Bwv 1049 : Allegro - Re 3803. Andante - Remastered 3804. Presto - Remastered 3805. Concerto No. 5 In D Major, Bwv 1050 : Allegro - Re 3806. Affettuoso - Remastered 3807. Allegro - Remastered 3808. Concerto No. 6 In B Flat Major, Bwv 1051 : Allegro 3809. Adagio Ma Non Tanto - Remastered 3810. Allegro - Remastered


Rimsky - Korsakov Edition - 2839290637

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Rimsky - Korsakov Edition Brilliant Classics


CD 1: SCHEHERAZADE Op.35 - SYMPHONIC SUITE AFTER A THOUSAND AND ONE NIGHTS 1 I. The Sea And Sinbad's Ship 9'26 2 II. The Story Of The Kalendar Prince 12'20 3 III. The Young Prince And The Young Princess 10'22 4 IV. Festival At Baghdad - The Sea - Shipwreck - Conclusion 11'27 5 Sadko - Musical Picture Op.5 11'26 6 Sadko - Song Of India 3'30 Total Time: 58'35 Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra - Loris Tjeknavorian CD 2: THE TSAR'S BRIDE - OVERTURE - FANTASIA ON SERBIAN THEMES SYMPHONIES NOS. 1 & 2 'ANTAR' 1 The Tsar's Bride - Overture 6'18 2 Fantasia On Serbian Themes Op.6 7'11 SYMPHONY NO.1 IN E MINOR Op.1 3 I. Largo Assai - Allegro 9'19 4 II. Andante Tranquillo 8'28 5 III. Scherzo: Vivace 5'02 6 IV. Allegro Assai 6'54 SYMPHONY NO.2 Op.9 'ANTAR' 7 I. Largo - Allegro Giocoso 11'59 8 II. Allegro - Molto Allegro - Allargando 5'11 9 III. Allegro Risoluto Alla Marcia 5'35 10 IV. Allegretto Vivace 8'51 Total Time: 75'15 Philharmonia Orchestra - Yondani Butt CD 3: 1 OVERTURE ON THREE RUSSIAN THEMES Op.28* 11'40 SYMPHONY NO.3 IN C Op.32 2 I. Moderato Assai - Allegro 12'06 3 II. Scherzo: Vivo 4'58 4 III. Andante 8'00 5 IV. Allegro Con Spirito 5'06 6 SKAZKA Op.29 (Fairytale) 15'54 Total Time: 58'06 London Symphony Orchestra *Philharmonia Orchestra - Yondani Butt CD 4: THE GOLDEN COCKEREL - SUITE (arr. Alexander Glazunov & Maximilian Steinberg) 1 I. King Dodon In His Palace 10'05 2 II. King Dodon On The Battlefield 3'52 3 III. King Dodon And The Queen Of Shemakha 7'02 4 IV. The Marriage Feast And Lamentable End Of King Dodon 5'17 TALE OF TSAR SALTAN - SUITE OP.57 5 I. The Tsar's Farewell And Departure 4'51 6 II. The Tsarina In A Barrel At Sea 5'27 7 III. The Three Wonders 8'00 8 Flight Of The Bumblebee (Tale Of Tsar Saltan) 1'13 Christmas Eve - Suite 9 I. Holy Night 5'40 10 II. Games And Dances Of The Stars - Mazurka - 5'49 The Sixth Comet - Csardas And Rain Of The Falling Stars 11 III. The Devil's Christmas 5'50 12 IV. Polonaise 6'07 13 V. Procession To Midnight Mass And Carols 6'05 Total Time: 76'00 Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra Loris Tjeknavorian CD 5: THE LEGEND OF THE INVISIBLE CITY OF KITEZH - SUITE 1 I. Prelude - Hymn To Nature 4'29 2 II. Bridal Procession 3'27 3 III. Tartar Invasion And The Battle Of Kerzenets 4'24 4 IV. Death Of Frevronya And Apotheosis 10'44 PAN VOYEVODA - SUITE Op.59 5 I. Introduction 3'30 6 II. Krakowiak 3'26 7 III. Nocturne 4'30 8 IV. Mazurka 4'53 9 V. Polonaise 6'23 PIANO CONCERTO IN C SHARP MINOR Op.30 10 I. Moderato - Allegretto Quasi Polacca - 6'17 11 II. Andante Mosso 4'11 12 III. Allegro 3'52 Total Time: 60'22 Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra / Evgeny Mravinsky (1-4) Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra / Evgeny Svetlanov (5-9) Sviatoslav Richter Piano Moscow Youth Symphony Orchestra / Kirill Kondrashin (10-12) CD 6: PIANO TRIO IN C MINOR (completed In 1939 By Maximilian Steinberg) 1 I. Allegro 10'35 2 II. Allegro 4'25 3 III. Adagio 9'17 4 IV. Adagio - Allegro Assai 12'51 QUINTET IN B FLAT 5 I. Allegro Con Brio 7'29 6 II. Andante 8'13 7 III. Rondo: Allegretto 9'42 Total Time: 62,42 Oistrakh Trio (1-4) David Oistrakh Violin Sviatoslav Knushevitsky Cello Lev Oborin Piano Felicja Blumental Piano (5-7) Members Of The New Philharmonia Wind Ensemble, London Gareth Morris Flute John McCaw Clarinet Nicolas Busch Horn Gwydion Brook Bassoon CD 7: 4 SONGS Op.2 1 1. Lean Thy Cheek To Mine 1'04 Heine, Trans. M. Mikhaylov 2 2. Eastern Song: Enslaved By The Rose, The Nightingale A. Kol'tsov 3 3. Lullaby L. May 4 4. From My Tears Heine, Trans. Mikhaylov 4 SONGS Op.3 5 1. The Pine And The Palm Heine, Trans. Mikhaylov 6 2. Southern Night N. Shcherbina 7 3. The Golden Cloud Has Slept Lermontov 8 4. On The Hills Of Georgia Pushkin 4 SONGS Op.4 9 1. What Is My Name To Thee? Pushkin 10 2. The Messenger Heine, Trans. Mikhaylov 11 3. In The Dark The Nightingale Is Silent I. Nikitin 12 4. Quietly Evening Falls A. Fet 4 SONGS Op.7 13 1. My Voice For Thee Is Sweet And Languid Pushkin 14 2. Hebrew Song L. Mey 15 3. The Mermaid Of Lake Switez A. Mickiewicz, Trans. Mey 16 4. Thy Glance Is Radiant As The Heavens Lermontov 6 SONGS Op.8 17 1. Where Thou Art, My Thought Flies To Thee Unknown 18 2. Night A. Pleshcheyev 19 3. The Secret After Chamisso 20 4. Arise, Come Down Mey 21 5. In The Kingdom Of Roses And Wine 22 6. I Believe, I Am Loved Pushkin 2 SONGS Op.25 Heine, Trans. Mikhaylov 23 1. To My Song 24 2. When I Gaze Into Thy Eyes 4 SONGS Op.26 25 1. In Moment To Delight Devoted Byron, Trans. I. Kozlov 26 2. Evocation Pushkin 27 3. For The Shores Of Thy Native Land Pushkin 28 4. Zuleika's Song Byron, Trans. I. Kozlov Total Time: 63'43 Natalia Gerasimova Soprano Vladimir Skanavi Piano (2, 3, 12, 15, 19) Marina Choutova Mezzo-soprano Elena Tcheglakova Piano (5-6, 13-14, 17-18, 28) Alexei Martinov Tenor Aristote Konstantinidi Piano (4, 8, 9, 11, 21, 24-25) Mikhail Lanskoi Baritone Ilya Scheps Piano (1, 16, 20, 22, 26-27) Sergei Baikov Bass Ilya Scheps Piano (7, 10, 23) CD 8: 4 SONGS Op.27 1 1. Softly The Spirit Flew Up To Heaven A.K. Tolstoy 2 2. Echo F. Coppee, Trans. S. Andreyevsky 3 3. Thou And You Pushkin 4 4. Forgive! Remember Not These Tearful Days N. Nekrasov 4 SONGS Op.39 A.K. Tolstoy 5 1. Oh, If Thou Couldst For One Moment 6 2. The West Dies Out In The Pallid Rose 7 3. Silence Descends On The Golden Cornfields 8 4. Sleep, My Poor Friend 4 SONGS Op.40 9 1. When The Golden Cornfield Waves Lermontov 10 2. Across The Midnight Sky Lermontov 3'08 11 3. Of What I Dream In The Quiet Night A. Maykov 12 4. I Waited For Thee In The Grotto At The Appointed Hour A. Maykov 4 SONGS Op.41 13 1. Sun Of The Sleepless A.K. Tolstoy After Byron 14 2. I Am Unhappy Lermontov 15 3. I Love Thee, Moon (Melody From The Banks Of The Ganges) Maykov 16 4. Look In Thy Garden Maykov 4 SONGS Op.42 17 1. A Whisper, A Gentle Breath Fet 18 2. I Have Come To Greet Thee Fet 19 3. The Clouds Begin To Scatter (Elegy) Pushkin 20 4. My Spoiled Darling Mickiewicz, Trans. Mey 4 SONGS Op.43 'Vesnoy' (In Spring) 21 1. The Lark Sings Louder A.K. Tolstoy 22 2. Not The Wind, Blowing From The Heights A.K. Tolstoy 23 3. Cool And Fragrant Is Thy Garland Fet 24 4. Early Spring A.K. Tolstoy Total Time: 52'14 Natalia Gerasimova Soprano Vladimir Skanavi Piano (1, 4, 11, 19, 21-22) Alexei Martinov Tenor Aristote Konstantinidi Piano (3, 13, 15-18, 20, 23-24) Mikhail Lanskoi Baritone Ilya Scheps Piano Sergei Baikov Bass Ilya Scheps Piano CD 9: FIVE SONGS Op.45 'Poetu' (To The Poet) 1 1. The Echo Pushkin 2 2. Art Maykov 3 3. The Octave Maykov 4 4. Doubt Maykov 5 5. The Poet Pushkin 5 SONGS Op.46 'U Morya' (By The Sea) A.K. Tolstoy 6 1. The Wave Breaks Into A Spray 7 2. Not A Sound From The Sea 8 3. The Sea Is Tossing 9 4. Do Not Believe Me, Friend 10 5. The Waves Rise Up Like Mountains 4 SONGS Op.50 Maykov, After Modern Greek Poems 11 1. The Maiden And The Sun 12 2. The Singer 13 3. Quiet Is The Deep Blue Sea 14 4. I Am Still Filled, Dear Friend 5 SONGS Op.51 Pushkin 15 1. Slowly Drag My Days 16 2 Do Not Sing To Me, O Lovely One 17 3. Withered Flower 18 4. The Beauty 19 5. The Rainy Day Has Waned 4 SONGS Op.55 20 1. Awakening Pushkin 21 2. To A Grecian Girl Pushkin 22 3. The Dream Pushkin 23 4. I Died From Happiness L. Uhland, Trans. V. Zhukovsky 2 SONGS Op.56 Maykov 24 1. The Nymph 25 2. Summer Night's Dream Total Time: 55'07 Natalia Gerasimova Soprano Vladimir Skanavi Piano (3, 4, 11, 15, 17, 24-25) Alexei Martinov Tenor Aristote Konstantinidi Piano (1, 2, 5, 9, 12-14, 16, 18, 20-23) Mikhail Lanskoi Baritone Ilya Scheps Piano - Sergei Baikov Bass Ilya Scheps Piano CD 10: CHORAL WORKS 1 Poem About Aleksey, The Man Of God Op.20 For Chorus And Orchestra 2 Song Of Oleg The Wise Op.58 For Two Male Soloists, Male Chorus And Orchestra (Pushkin) 3 From Homer Op.60 Prelude-cantata For Three Voices, Female Chorus And Orchestra 4 Switezianka Op.44 (The Mermaid Of Lake Switez) Cantata For Two Solo Voices, Chorus And Orchestra (L.A. Mey After Mickiewicz) Total Time: 51'03 Dmitri Kortchak Tenor Nikolai Didenko Bass Svetlana Sizova Mezzo-soprano Tatiana Fedotova Soprano - Elena Mitrakova Soprano Dmitri Kortchak Tenor (4) Chorus Of The Moscow Academy Of Choral Art - Victor Popov - Moscow Symphony Orchestra - Vladimir Ziva CD 11: MAY NIGHT - OPERA IN THREE ACTS Libretto By Rimsky-Korsakov After Nikolai Gogol 1 Overture (Orchestra) Act One: 2 No.1: Round Of The Millet (Chorus) 3 No.2: Serenade (Levko) 4 No.3: Duet (Levko/Hanna) 5 No.4: Tale (Levko) 6 No.5: Recitative And Spring-Song (Hanna/Chorus Of Girls) 7 No.6: Hopak Scene (Kalenik/Chorus Of Girls) 8 No.7: Trio (Mayor/Levko/Hanna) 9 No.8: Recitative And Song About The Mayor (Levko/Chorus Of Youths) Act Two - Scene 1 10 No.9: Trio (Mayor/Distiller/Sister-in-Law) 11 No.10: Scene With Kalenik And The Distiller's Tale (Kalenik/Mayor/Distiller/Sister-in-Law 12 No.11: Song About The Mayor, Scene And Trio Beginning Total Time: 65'08 Levko: VITALY TARASCHENKO Hanna: NATALIA ERASOVA Pannochka: MARINA LAPINA The Mayor: VYACHESLAV POCHAPSKY The Distiller: ALEXANDER ARKHIPOV The Clerk: PIOTR GLUBOKY The Mayor's Sister-in-Law: ELENA OKOLYCHEVA Kalenik, The Village Drunkard: NIKOLAI RESHETNIAK Sveshnikov Academic Choir Chorus Master Evgeny Tytianko BOLSHOI THEATRE ORCHESTRA / ANDREY CHISTIAKOV CD 12: MAY NIGHT (conclusion) - Opera In Three Acts Libretto By Rimsky-Korsakov After Nikolai Gogol 1 No.11: Song About The Mayor, Scene And Trio Conclusion 7'03 (Sister-in-law/Mayor/Distiller/Levko/Chorus/Clerk) Scene 2 2 No.12: Finale 6'20 (Mayor/Clerk/Distiller/Sister-in-Law, Chorus/Kalenik) Act Three 3 No.13: Scene Of The Rusalki 33'15 (Chorus/Queen Of The Water Nymphs/Levko) 4 No.14: Scene And Ritual Songs 6'16 (Mayor/Levko/Clerk/Distiller/Chorus/Hanna) 5 No.15: Finale 5'30 (Hanna/Levko/Chorus Of Youths/Mayor/Clerk/Distiller/Chorus/Kalenik/Sister-in-Law) Total Time: 58'30 Levko: VITALY TARASCHENKO Hanna: NATALIA ERASOVA Pannochka: MARINA LAPINA The Mayor: VYACHESLAV POCHAPSKY The Distiller: ALEXANDER ARKHIPOV The Clerk: PIOTR GLUBOKY The Mayor's Sister-in-Law: ELENA OKOLYCHEVA Kalenik, The Village Drunkard: NIKOLAI RESHETNIAK Sveshnikov Academic Choir Chorus Master Evgeny Tytianko BOLSHOI THEATRE ORCHESTRA / ANDREY CHISTIAKOV CD 13: THE SNOW MAIDEN - OPERA IN A PROLOGUE AND FOUR ACTS Libretto By Rimsky-Korsakov After Alexander Ostrowskij Prologue 1 Scene 1. Winter Is Over! The Cocks Have Crowed (Forest Spirit) 2 Recitative: At The Appointed Hour (Spring Fairy) 3 Aria: Where Are Those Lovely Lands Of Sunshine? (Spring Fairy) 4 Recitative: Dear Birds Of Mine (Spring Fairy) 5 Song And Dance Of The Birds (Chorus Of Birds/Spring Fairy) 6 Ah, It Is Snowing! (Chorus Of Birds/Spring Fairy) 7 Scene 2. When The Cold Cracks The Roofs And Walls (King Frost) 8 Recitative: Your Holiday Has Lasted Long Enough (Spring Fairy/King Frost) 9 Scene 3. Hello... Poor Little Child (Snow Maiden/Spring Fairy/King Frost) 10 Aria: To Go Berry-picking In The Woods (Snow Maiden) Recitative: This Handsome Lel (King Frost/Snow Maiden/Spring Fairy) 11 Arietta: I Heard All Of The Loveliest Songs (Snow Maiden) 12 Trio: Do You Hear? (Snow Maiden/ Spring Fairy/King Frost) Appearance Of The Forest Spirit (Forest Spirit/Chorus) 13 Scene 4. Carnival Procession (Chorus) 14 This Summer Soon Will Pass (Carnival Puppet/Chorus) 15 Wait! Is It Already Over? (Cottager & Wife/ Puppet/Snow Maiden/Chorus Of Berendeyans) Act One 16 Introduction (Orchestra) 17 Scene 1. For Your Kind Welcome, Lel Can Offer Nothing (Lel/Cottager/Snow Maiden) 18 Lel's First Song (Lel) 19 Lel's Second Song (Lel) 20 Lel, Handsome Lel (Chorus Of Girls/Snow Maiden) Total Time: 63'55 Snow Maiden: ELENA ZEMENKOVA King Frost: NICOLA GHIUSELEV Spring Fairy: ALEXANDRINA MILCHEVA Tsar Berendei: AVRAM ANDREEV Lel, A Shepherd: STEFKA MINEVA Kupava, A Young Girl: STEFKA EVSTATIEVA Cottager: LYUBOMIR DYAKOVSKI His Wife: VESSELA ZOROVA Misgir, A Merchant: LYUBOMIR VIDENO Forest Spirit: LYUBOMIR DYAKOVSKI - BULGARIAN RADIO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRa & CHORUS / STOYAN ANGELOV CD 14: THE SNOW MAIDEN - (PART 2) OPERA IN A PROLOGUE AND FOUR ACTS Libretto By Rimsky-Korsakov After Alexander Ostrowskij 1 Scene 2. Arietta: Ah, How I Suffer (Snow Maiden) 2 Scene 3. The Snow Maiden Is All Alone (Kupava/Snow Maiden) 3 Scene 4. Wedding Ritual: Young Maidens, Dear Friends (Kupava/ Misgir/Chorus Of Girls) 4 Scene 5. Without Lel, The Snow Maiden Will Be Sad (Kupava/Misgir/ Snow Maiden/Cottager & Wife/Lel) 5 Scene 6. Friends, Aid Me In My Distress (Kupava/Lel/Misgir/Chorus) Act Two 6 Introduction (Orchestra) 7 Scene 1. The Vibrant Tone Of The Gusli (Chorus Of Blind Psalteries) 8 Scene 2. O Beloved Tsar... (Bermyata/Tsar/Page) 9 Scene 3. Duet: O Tsar, My Father! (Kupava/Tsar) 10 Scene 4. Hark My Words, Valiant And Noble Gentlemen (First & Second Criers) 11 Ceremonial Procession Of Tsar Berendey (Orchestra) 12 Hymn (Berendeyans/Kupava/Lel/First & Second Criers/Chorus) 13 Scene 5. I Thank You! (Kupava/Tsar/Misigir/Bermyata/Chorus) 14 Scene 6. Cavatina: Nature Is Almighty (Tsar) 15 My Child... O Great Tsar 7'49 (Tsar/Snow Maiden/Bermyata/Lel/Chorus) 16 Final Chorus: Almighty, All-wise Tsar (Chorus) Total Time: 66'36 Snow Maiden: ELENA ZEMENKOVA King Frost: NICOLA GHIUSELEV Spring Fairy: ALEXANDRINA MILCHEVA Tsar Berendei: AVRAM ANDREEV Lel, A Shepherd: STEFKA MINEVA Kupava, A Young Girl: STEFKA EVSTATIEVA Cottager: LYUBOMIR DYAKOVSKI His Wife: VESSELA ZOROVA Misgir, A Merchant: LYUBOMIR VIDENO Forest Spirit: LYUBOMIR DYAKOVSKI - BULGARIAN RADIO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA & CHORUS / STOYAN ANGELOV CD 15: THE SNOW MAIDEN - (PART 3) OPERA IN A PROLOGUE AND FOUR ACTS Libretto By Rimsky-Korsakov After Alexander Ostrowskij Act Three: 1 Scene 1. Dance And Song Of The Beaver: Ah, A Linden-tree Grows In The Field (Chorus/Snow Maiden/Lel/Cottager) What Merry Festivities! (Tsar) 2 Cavatina: The Happy Day Fades (Tsar) 3 Recitative: Another Amusement (Tsar) 4 Dance Of The Tumblers (Orchestra) 5 Lel's Third Song (Lel) 6 Recitative: Thank You, Handsome Lel... O Father, Tsar (Tsar/Snow Maiden/Chorus) 7 Scene 2. How Is It, Lel, That Your Heart Is So Cold? (Snow Maiden/Misgir) 8 Andantino: On A Warm Blue Sea (Misgir/Snow Maiden) Wait, Do Not Hurry! (Forest Spirit) 9 Transformation Of The Forest Spirit: All Night He Shall Pursue Her Shadow (Forest Spirit/Misgir) 10 Scene 3. At Last, I Find You (Lel/Kupava/Snow Maiden) Act Four 11 Introduction (Orchestra) 12 Scene 1. O Mother, My Eyes Are Full Of Tears (Snow Maiden/Spring Fairy) 13 Flowers Of The Springtide Dawn(Spring Fairy/Chorus Of Flowers) 14 Oh Mother, What A Miracle (Snow Maiden/Spring Fairy) 15 Scene 2. Duet: Wait, Wait For Me, Snow Maiden (Misgir/Snow Maiden) 16 Scene 3. Finale (Snow Maiden/Misgir/Tsar/Chorus) 17 Hymn Of Praise To The Sun-god Yarilo: Life-giving Yarilo (Chorus) Total Time: 78'46 Snow Maiden: ELENA ZEMENKOVA King Frost: NICOLA GHIUSELEV Spring Fairy: ALEXANDRINA MILCHEVA Tsar Berendei: AVRAM ANDREEV Lel, A Shepherd: STEFKA MINEVA Kupava, A Young Girl: STEFKA EVSTATIEVA Cottager: LYUBOMIR DYAKOVSKI His Wife: VESSELA ZOROVA Misgir, A Merchant: LYUBOMIR VIDENO Forest Spirit: LYUBOMIR DYAKOVSKI - BULGARIAN RADIO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA & CHORUS / STOYAN ANGELOV CD 16: MOZART AND SALIERI Op.48 Opera In One Act Libretto By Alexander Pushkin 1 Introduction 2 Scene 1 3 Scene 2 Total Time: 40'49 Mozart: ALEXEI MASLENNIKOV Salieri: EVGENY NESTERENKO BOLSHOI THEATRE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA - GENNADY ROZHDESTVENSKY CD 17: THE NOBLEWOMAN VERA SHELOGA Op.54 - Opera In One Act Libretto By Rimsky-Korsakov After Lev Alexandrovich Mey 1 Overture (Orchestra) Scene 1 2 Look Boyarishnya, Dear, What A Fine String Of Beads! (Vlas'yevna) 3 Lullaby: Lulla, Lullaby, Lulla, Lulla... (Vera) Scene 2 4 Did Olenka Fall Asleep To Your Song (Nadezhda) 5 Who Is It, Then?... Do Not Ask, Nadezhda! (Nadezhda/Vera) 6 I Thought I Heard A Cuckoo... (Vera) Scene 3 7 Stop!... Were You Not Expecting Other Guests? (Vera/Boyar Sheloga) Total Time: 49'13 Vera: STEVKA EVSTATIEVA Nadezhda: ALEXANDRINA MILCHEVA Vlas'yevna: STEFKA MINEVA Boyar Sheloga: PETER BAKARDZHIEV Prince Tokmakov: DIMITER STANCHEV BULGARIAN RADIO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA- STOYAN ANGELOV CD 18: THE TSAR'S BRIDE - OPERA IN FOUR ACTS Libretto: Il'ya Tyumenev After Lev Mey 1 Overture (Orchestra) Act One 2 Scene 1. Could I Somehow Forget (Gryaznoy) 3 Scene 2. Here Are My Guests! 4 Scene 3. Dear Host! May We Hear (Gryaznoy/Malyuta-Skuratov/Likov/Bomelius) 5 Song Of The Hops (Malyuta-Skuratov/Gryzanoy/Bomelius) 6 Scene 4. Hello, My Beautiful Child! (Gryaznoy/Malyuta-Skuratov/Lyubasha) 7 Scene 5. Bomelius... (Gryaznoy/Bomelius/Lyubasha) 8 Scene 6. What Do You Want? (Lyubasha/Gryaznoy) Act Two 9 Scene 1. There, The End Of The Vespers Has Arrived (Chorus) 10 Scene 2. How Calming This Autumn Evening Is (Marfa/Dunyasha/Petrovna) 11 Scene 3. Ah, What Is Wrong With Me, Why Am I Trembling So? (Marfa/Dunyasha/Likov/Sobakin) Total Time: 75'33 Marfa: EKATERINA KUDRIAVCHENKO Ivan Likov: ARKADY MISHENKIN Grigory Gryaznoy: VLADISLAV VERESTNIKOV Lyubasha: NINA TERENTIEVA Bomelius: VLADIMIR KUDRIASHOV Vasily Sobakin: PYOTR GLUBOKY Dunyasha: ELENA OKOLYSHEVA Saburova: IRINA UDALOVA Grigory Malyuta-Skuratov: NIKOLAI NIZIENKO Servant: NINA LARIONOVA Petrovna: TATIANA PECHURIA Coachman: VLADISLAV PASHINSKY Young Lad: YURI MARKELOV Sveshnikov Academic Choir - BOLSHOI THEATRE ORCHESTRA / ANDREY CHISTIAKOV CD 19: THE TSAR'S BRIDE - (PART 2) OPERA IN FOUR ACTS Libretto: Il'ya Tyumenev After Lev Mey 1 Symphonic Intermezzo (Orchestra) 2 Scene 4. Finally, I Have Managed To Find His Turtledove! (Lyubasha/Bomelius) 3 Scene 5. Ah, My God Forgive Me, Grigory! (Lyubasha/Likov/Sobakin/Bomelius) Act Three 4 Prelude (Orchestra) 5 Scene 1. I Must Thank God, Ivan Sergeyevich! (Likov/Gryaznoy/Sobakin) 6 Scene 2. Tell Me, Please, What Would You Do (Likov/Gryaznoy) 7 Scene 3. My Good Friends, Taste This Wine! (Likov/Gryaznoy/Sobakin/Saburova) 8 Dunishia Pleases The Prince? Not Possible! (Lyubasha/Bomelius) 9 Scenes 4 & 5. This Glass Is For You (Marfa/Dunyasha/Likov/Gryaznoy/Sobakin) Act Four 10 Prelude & Scene 1. A Long Sleep Will Restore The Strength (Sobakin/Saburova/Servant/Coachman) 11 Scene 2. Receive My Prayers, Powerful Boyar (Sobakin/Gryaznoy/Marfa/Saburova/Dunyasha) 12 Ah! (Marfa/Gryaznoy/Dunyasha/ Saburova/Sobakin) 13 Come To The Garden, Ivan Sergeyevich (Marfa) 14 Scene 3. No, No, This Is Enough (Gryaznoy/Lyubasha/Marfa/Malyuta-Skuratov/Saburova) Total Time: 70'41 Marfa: EKATERINA KUDRIAVCHENKO Ivan Likov: ARKADY MISHENKIN Grigory Gryaznoy: VLADISLAV VERESTNIKOV Lyubasha: NINA TERENTIEVA Bomelius: VLADIMIR KUDRIASHOV Vasily Sobakin: PYOTR GLUBOKY Dunyasha: ELENA OKOLYSHEVA Saburova: IRINA UDALOVA Grigory Malyuta-Skuratov: NIKOLAI NIZIENKO Servant: NINA LARIONOVA Petrovna: TATIANA PECHURIA Coachman: VLADISLAV PASHINSKY Young Lad: YURI MARKELOV Sveshnikov Academic Choir - BOLSHOI THEATRE ORCHESTRA / ANDREY CHISTIAKOV CD 20: THE LEGEND OF THE INVISIBLE CITY OF KITEZH AND THE MAIDEN FEVRONIYA Opera In Four Acts Libretto: Vladimir Belsky Act One: 1 Introduction: In Praise Of The Wilderness 2 Ah, You Forest, My Forest, Beautiful Wilderness (Fevroniya) 3 Oh Lord, What Is The Meaning Of This? (Prince Vsevolod/Fevroniya) 4 Whose Child Are You? Where Have You Come From? (Prince Vsevolod/Fevroniya) 5 Tell Me, Fair Maiden, Do You Go To Pray In God's Church? (Prince Vsevolod/Fevroniya) 6 Well Spoken, Fair Maiden! (Prince Vsevolod/Fevroniya) 7 Hail To Thee, Lips Of Honey (Prince Vsevolod/Fevroniya) 8 As Soon As The Marksmen Came Out Into The Open Field (Chorus/Prince Vsevolod/Fevroniya/Poyarok) Act Two: 9 Show Them, Mikhaylushka, Show Them Playful Bear (Bear Leader/Chorus/ Gusli Player/Well-off People) 10 So What Is That To Us? (Kuterma/ Well-off People/Chorus) 11 Hey Lads! I Can Hear Some Bells (Chorus/Poyarok/Well-off People) 12 Get Away, Clear Off, You Dog! (Chorus/Fevroniya/Poyarok/Kuterma) 13 Over The Bridges Of Guelder-tree (Chorus) 14 Gayda! Gay! Gayda! (Tatars/Bedyay/ Burunday/Chorus/Kuterma/Fevroniya) 15 Gayda! Gay! Stop, You Godless Heathens (Chorus/Kuterma) Total Time: 65'48 Prince Yury Vsevolodovich: IVAN PETROV Prince Vsevolod: VLADIMIR IVANOVSKY Fevroniya: NATALIA ROZHDESTVENSKAYA Grishka Kuterma: DIMITRI TARKHOV Fyodor Poyarok: ILJA BOGDANOV Page: LIDIA MELNIKOVA Two Well-off People: VENIARNIN SHEVTSOV, SERGEI KOLTYPIN Gusli Player: BORIS DOBRIN Bear Leader: TIHON CHERNYAKOV Singing Beggar: MIKHAIL SKAZIN Bedyay: LEONID KTITOROV Burunday: GENNADY TROITSKY Sirin: MARIA ZVEZDINA Alkonost: NINA KULAGINA, MOSCOW RADIO CHORUS & SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA / VASSILI NEBOLSIN CD 21: THE LEGEND OF THE INVISIBLE CITY OF KITEZH AND THE MAIDEN FEVRONIYA (PART 2) Opera In Four Acts Libretto: Vladimir Belsky Act Three: 1 Scene 1. Good Fortune To You, Citizens Of Kitezh (Poyarok/Chorus/Prince Vsevolod) 2 Oh Glory, Vain Wealth! (Prince Yury) 3 Wondrous Queen Of Heaven, Our Holy Protectress! (Poyarok/Prince Yury/ Chorus/Page) 4 Kitezh Looted And Us Taken Alive As A Tribute (Prince Yury/Chorus/Prince Vsevolod) 5 What Are We Standing About For, Sisters? (Chorus/Page/Prince Yury/ Poyarok) 6 Entr'acte To The Second Scene: The Battle Near Kerzhenets 7 Scene 2. Here Is The Oak Grove, And Here Is The Lake (Kuterma/Burunday/Bedyay/Chorus) 8 Oh, You Tartar Murzas! I Don't Need The Gold Or Silver (Burunday/Bedyay/Chorus) 9 Ah, My Dear Husband, My Hope! (Fevroniya) 10 Hear Me, Maiden... Lovely Princess! (Kuterma/Fevroniya) 11 Go, Servant Of The Lord! (Fevroniya/Kuterma/Chorus) Total Time: 62'36 Prince Yury Vsevolodovich: IVAN PETROV Prince Vsevolod: VLADIMIR IVANOVSKY Fevroniya: NATALIA ROZHDESTVENSKAYA Grishka Kuterma: DIMITRI TARKHOV Fyodor Poyarok: ILJA BOGDANOV Page: LIDIA MELNIKOVA Two Well-off People: VENIARNIN SHEVTSOV, SERGEI KOLTYPIN Gusli Player: BORIS DOBRIN Bear Leader: TIHON CHERNYAKOV Singing Beggar: MIKHAIL SKAZIN Bedyay: LEONID KTITOROV Burunday: GENNADY TROITSKY Sirin: MARIA ZVEZDINA Alkonost: NINA KULAGINA, MOSCOW RADIO CHORUS & SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA / VASSILI NEBOLSIN CD 22: THE LEGEND OF THE INVISIBLE CITY OF KITEZH AND THE MAIDEN FEVRONIYA (PART 3) Act Four: 1 Scene 1. Oh, I Can't Go On, Grishenka (Fevroniya/Kuterma) 2 Earth, Our Merciful Mother! (Fevroniya/Kuterma) 3 Grishenka!... He Will Not Listen (Fevroniya) 4 The Free Birds Are Toning Up Their Voices (Fevroniya/Voice Of Alkonost) 5 Is That You, Radiant Light Of My Eyes? (Fevroniya/Ghost) 6 The Bridegroom Has Come (Voice Of Sirin/Fevroniya/Ghost) 7 Entr'acte To The Second Scene 8 Scene 2. The Doors Of Paradise Have Opened For You (Alkonost/Sirin/Chorus) 9 Radiant Kingdom! O God! (Fevroniya/Chorus/Prince Vsevolod) 10 May The Grace Of God Be With You! (Prince Yury/Fevroniya/Prince Vsevolod/ Sirin/Alkonost) 11 Stay With Us Here For Ever More (Chorus/Fevroniya/Sirin/Alkonost/Prince Vsevolod/Prince Yury) 12 Grishenka, Even Though You Are Feeble In Mind (Fevroniya/Poyarok/Prince Yury/Chorus) Prince Yury Vsevolodovich: IVAN PETROV Prince Vsevolod: VLADIMIR IVANOVSKY Fevroniya: NATALIA ROZHDESTVENSKAYA Grishka Kuterma: DIMITRI TARKHOV Fyodor Poyarok: ILJA BOGDANOV Page: LIDIA MELNIKOVA Two Well-off People: VENIARNIN SHEVTSOV, SERGEI KOLTYPIN Gusli Player: BORIS DOBRIN Bear Leader: TIHON CHERNYAKOV Singing Beggar: MIKHAIL SKAZIN Bedyay: LEONID KTITOROV Burunday: GENNADY TROITSKY Sirin: MARIA ZVEZDINA Alkonost: NINA KULAGINA, MOSCOW RADIO CHORUS & SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA / VASSILI NEBOLSIN ROMANCES 13 The Rainy Day Has Waned Op.51 No.5 Pushkin 14 The Clouds Begin To Scatter Op.42 No.3 Pushkin 15 Oh, If Thou Couldst For One Moment Op.39 No.1 Tolstoy 16 Not The Wind, Blowing From The Heights Op.43 No.2 Tolstoy 17 The Octave Op.45 No.3 Maykov 18 The Messenger Op.4 No.2 Heine 19 The Upas Tree Op.49 No.1 Pushkin Total Time: 78'41 Ivan Petrov Bass - S. Stuchevsky Piano CD 23: THE GOLDEN COCKEREL - OPERA IN A PROLOGUE, THREE ACTS AND AN EPILOGUE Libretto By Vladimir Belsky After Alexander Pushkin Prologue: 1 Introduction: I Am The Master Magician (Astrologer) Act One: 2 The King's Monologue: I Have Summoned You Here (King Dodon) 3 Guidon's Plan: Great Father (Guidon/King Dodon/Chorus Of Boyars) 4 Afron's Plan (King Dodon/Boyars/Afron/Polkan/Guidon) 5 Hail, Majesty! Sire! (Astrologer) Oh, That's A Fairy Tale! (King Dodon/The Golden Cockerel) 6 Cock-a-doodle-do! The Coast Is Clear - The Parrot Scene (The Golden Cockerel/King Dodon/Amelfa) 7 Dodon's Siesta - Cock-a-doodle-do! Beware! (Chorus Of The People/Amelfa/The Golden Cockerel) Our King! Father Of The People! (Polkan/King Dodon/Afron/Chorus Of Boyars/Guidon) 8 King Dodon's Dream (The Golden Cockerel/King Dodon/Amelfa/Chorus) 9 The Cockerel's Sccene: Cock-a-doodle-do!... Oh! What Misfortune! (The Golden Cockerel/Chorus Of The People/Polkan/King Dodon) Total Time: 46'17 King Dodon: NIKOLAI STOILOV Prince Guidon: LYUBOMIR BODOUROV Afron: EMIL UGRINOV Polkan: KOSTA VIDEV Astrologer: LYUBOMIR DYAKOVSKI Queen Of Shemakha: ELENA STOYANOVA The Golden Cockerel: YAVORA STOILOVA Amelfa: EVGENIA BABACHEVA / SOFIA NATIONAL OPERA ORCHESTRA / DIMITER MANOLOV CD 24: THE GOLDEN COCKEREL - (PART 2) OPERA IN A PROLOGUE, THREE ACTS AND AN EPILOGUE Libretto By Vladimir Belsky After Alexander Pushkin Act Two: 1 Soldiers' Chorus: The Silent Night Is Whispering Fearful Things (Chorus Of Soldiers) What Terrible Sight Is This? - Behold, A Tent! (King Dodon/Polkan/Chorus Of Soldiers) 2 The Queen Of Shemakha's Entrance: Hail, O Ray Of Morning Sun (Queen Of Shemakha/King Dodon/Polkan) 3 Whose Heart Rich In Love (Queen Of Shemakha/King Dodon) 4 Dance Of The Queen Of Shemakha: At First I Shall Dance With A Lowered Veil (Queen Of Shemakha/King Dodon) 5 Sisters, Who Limps Beside The Resplendent Beauty? (Chorus Of Slaves) Ho! Polkan! Sound The Trumpets In Victory (King Dodon/Chorus Of Soldiers) 6 It Is Terrible, Brothers (Chorus Of The People/Amelfa) 7 Who Is That Stranger Standing There? (Queen Of Shemakha/King Dodon) Great King, It Is I (Astrologer) 8 King Dodon's Death: Ha, Ha, Ha! (Queen Of Shemakha) I've Beaten Him To Death (King Dodon/The Golden Cockerel/Chorus Of The People) Epilogue: 9 There, My Story's Ended! (Astrologer) Total Time: 72'24 King Dodon: NIKOLAI STOILOV Prince Guidon: LYUBOMIR BODOUROV Afron: EMIL UGRINOV Polkan: KOSTA VIDEV Astrologer: LYUBOMIR DYAKOVSKI Queen Of Shemakha: ELENA STOYANOVA The Golden Cockerel: YAVORA STOILOVA Amelfa: EVGENIA BABACHEVA / SOFIA NATIONAL OPERA ORCHESTRA / DIMITER MANOLOV CD 25: Historical Recordings SYMPHONY NO.3 IN C Op.32 1 I. Moderato Assai - Allegro 12'51 2 II. Scherzo: Vivo 6'01 3 III. Andante 8'22 4 IV. Allegro Con Spirito 6'18 SCHEHERAZADE Op.35 'Symphonic Suite After A Thousand And One Nights' 5 I. The Sea And Sinbad's Ship 10'09 6 II. The Story Of The Kalendar Prince 11'43 7 III. The Young Prince And The Young Princess 10'53 8 IV. Festival At Baghdad - The Sea - Shipwreck - Conclusion 11'16 Total Time: 77'38 USSR State TV And Radio Symphony Orchestra - Gennady Rozhdestvensky (1-4) David Oistrakh Violin - Bolshoi Theatre Symphony Orchestra - Nikolai Golovanov (5-8


Complete Rca Recital Albu - 2840301177

144,99 zł

Complete Rca Recital Albu


1. Moffo, Anna - Faust 2. Air Des Bijoux 3. Moffo, Anna - La Boheme 4. Si. Mi Chiamano Mimi 5. Moffo, Anna - Dinorah 6. Ombre Legere 7. Moffo, Anna - Carmen 8. Si, Des Dis Que Rien Ne M'epou 9. Moffo, Anna - Semiramide 10. Bel Raggio Lusinghier 11. Moffo, Anna - Turandot 12. Signore, Ascolta 13. Tu Che Di Gel Sei Cinta 14. Moffo, Anna - Lakme 15. Air Des Clochettes 101. Moffo, Anna - Sweetharts From 'Sweethearts' 102. Moffo, Anna - A Kiss In The Dark From 'Orange Blos 103. Moffo, Anna - Lover, Come Back To Me From 'The New 104. Moffo, Anna - You Are Love From 'Show Boat' 105. Moffo, Anna - Indian Love Call From 'Rose Marie' 106. Moffo, Anna - Ah! Sweet Mistery Of Life From 'Naug 107. Moffo, Anna - Yours Is My Heart Alone From 'The La 108. Moffo, Anna - I'll See You Again From 'Bitter Swee 109. Moffo, Anna - My Hero From 'The Chocolate Soldier' 110. Moffo, Anna - One Alone From 'The Desert Song' 111. Moffo, Anna - Someday From 'The Vagabond King' 112. Moffo, Anna - Will You Remember From 'Maytime' 201. Moffo, Anna - Vespri Siciliani, Act V: 'Merce, Dil 202. Moffo, Anna - Ernani, Act I: 'Surta E La 203. Moffo, Anna - Aida, Act Iii: 'Qui Radames Verra... 204. Moffo, Anna - Il Trovatore, Act Iv: 'Timor Di Me?. 205. Moffo, Anna - Giovanna D'arco, Prologue: 'O Ben S' 206. Moffo, Anna - Otello, Act Iv: 'Emilia, Te Ne Prego 207. Moffo, Anna - Un Ballo In Maschera, Act Iii: 'Morr 208. Moffo, Anna - Simon Boccanegra, Act I: 'Come In Qu 301. Rca Italiana Opera Orchestra / Rca Italiana Ope - 302. Act I : Eh! J'imagine 303. Je Suis Encore Toute Etouride 304. Regardez-moi Bien Dans Les Yieux! 305. Ne Bronchez Pas 306. Voyons, Manon, Plus De Chimeres 307. Quelqu'un...j'ai Marque L'heure Du Depart 308. Nous Vivrons A Paris 309. Act II : Allons! Il Le Faut 310. Adieu, Notre Petite Table 311. Enfin, Manon....en Fermant Les Yeux 312. Act III : Gavotte: Obeissons Quand Leur Voix Appel 313. Je Suis Seul! 314. Ah! Fuyez, Douce Image 315. Toi! Vous!... Oui, C'est Moi! 316. Moffo, Anna - Manon 317. Act III : N'est-ce Plus Ma Main Que Cette Main Pre 318. Massenet, Jules - Manon 319. Act V : Ah! Des Grieux... O Manon! 320. Leibowitz, Rene - Le Portrait De Manon: 'L'amour, 321. Moffo, Anna - Portrait Of Manon: 'On Se Serait Ass 401. Rca Italiana Opera Orchestra / Rca Italiana Ope - 402. Act I : Cortese Damigella 403. Donna Non Vidi Mai 404. Vedete? Io Son Fedele 405. Act II : Dispettosetto Questo Riccio! 406. In Quelle Trine Morbide 407. Oh, Saro La Piu Bella! 408. Taci, Taci, Tu Il Cor Mi Frangi! 409. Moffo, Anna - Manon Lescaut, Act Ii: Ah! Affe Mada 410. Puccini, Giacomo - Manon Lescaut 411. Act II : Senti, Di Qui Partiamo 412. Ah, Manon, Mi Tradisce 413. Act III : Il Passo M'aprite 414. No! Pazzo Son! 415. Act IV : Sola, Perduta, Abbandonata... 501. Moffo, Anna - Die Fledermaus - 1999 Remastered 502. Overture 503. Act I : Though Honesty Is Said To Be The Policy Th 504. Calamity, Catastrophe 505. Alfred! - Here We Are, Just You & I 506. Propriety, Propriety 507. Act II : More Often Than Not...chacun A Son Gout 508. Look At How I Look 509. Echoes Of Hungary! (Czardas) 510. Champagne Is So Romancing, Tr La La La 511. Oh, Mon Ami, We'll Meet Again 512. Happiness, Here's To Health & Happiness 513. A Waltz, Let's Have A Waltz 514. Act III : Oh, For The Life Of An Actress 515. I'm Very Fond Of Elderberry Wine & Sherry 601. Moffo, Anna - One Night Of Love From The Film 'One 602. Moffo, Anna - Lover From 'Love Me Tonight' 603. Moffo, Anna - If I Loved You From 'Carousel' 604. Moffo, Anna - Italian Street Song From 'Naughty Ma 605. Moffo, Anna - Kiss Me Again From 'Mlle Modiste' 606. Moffo, Anna - Vilia From 'The Merry Widow' 607. Moffo, Anna - Falling In Love With Love From 'The 608. Moffo, Anna - Stars In My Eyes From 'The King Step 609. Moffo, Anna - Strange Music From 'Song Of Norway' 610. Moffo, Anna - I'll See You Again From 'Bitter Swee 611. Moffo, Anna - Love Is Where You Find From The Film 612. Moffo, Anna - Always 701. Moffo, Anna - Chants D'auvergene - Remastered 702. L'antouenou (Vol. Ii, No. 2) 703. Pastourelle (Vol. Ii, No. 1) 704. L'aio De Rotso (Vol. I, No. 3a) 705. Bailero (Vol. I, No. 2) 706. Passo Pel Prat (Vol. Iii, No. 2) 707. Malurous Qu'o Uno Fenno (Vol. Iii, No. 5) 708. Brezairola (Vol. Iii, No. 4) 709. Moffo, Anna - Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5 - Remast 710. Aria (Cantilena) 711. Danca (Martelo) 712. Moffo, Anna - Vocalise, Op. 34, No. 14 - Remastere 801. Moffo, Anna - Cinq Poemes De Baudelaire 802. Le Balcon 803. Harmonie Du Soir 804. Le Jet D'eau 805. Recueillement 806. La Mort Des Amants 807. Moffo, Anna - Fetes Galantes (I) - Poems By Paul V 808. En Sourdine 809. Fantoches 810. Clair De Lune 811. Moffo, Anna - Voici Que Le Printemps - Poem By Pau 812. Moffo, Anna - Romance - Poem By Paul Bourget 813. Moffo, Anna - Mandoline - Poem By Paul Verlaine 814. Moffo, Anna - Chansons De Bilitis - Poems By Pierr 815. La Flute De Pan 816. La Chevelure 817. Le Tombeau Des Naiades 901. Moffo, Anna - La Fille Du Regiment: Chacun Le Sait 902. Moffo, Anna - La Damnation De Faust: D'amour L'ard 903. Moffo, Anna - Herodiade: 'Celui Dont La Parole.... 904. Moffo, Anna - Hamlet: Mais Quelle Est Cette Belle. 905. Moffo, Anna - Les Pecheurs De Perles: O Dieu Brahm 906. Moffo, Anna - Robert Le Diable: Robert, Toi Que J' 907. Moffo, Anna - Romeo Et Juliette: Je Veux Vivre Dan 908. Moffo, Anna - Werther: Letter Scene 909. Moffo, Anna - Louise: Depuis Le Jour 1001. Gluck, Christoph Willibald - Orfeo Ed Euridice 1002. Qual Vita E Questa Mai 1003. Che Fiero Momento! 1004. Avvezza Al Contento 1005. Che Fiero Momento! 1006. Moffo, Anna - La Serva Padrona 1007. Stizzoso, Mio Stizzoso 1008. A Serpina Penserete 1009. Pretre, Georges - Lucia Di Lammermoor - Remastered 1010. Act I : Scene 2 : Ancor Non Giunse! 1011. Regnava Nel Silenzio 1012. Quando, Rapito In Estasi 1013. Act III : Scene 2 : Eccola! - Il Dolce Suono 1014. Ohime! Sorge Il Tremendo Fantasma 1015. Ardon Gl'incensi 1016. S'avanza Enrico! 1017. Spargi D'amaro Pianto 1018. Cleva, Fausto - Luisa Miller - Remastered 1019. Act I : Scene 1 : Lo Vidi, E'l Primo Palpito 1020. Solti, Georg - Rigoletto - Remastered 1021. Act I : Gualtier Malde, Caro Nome 1022. Moffo, Anna - La Traviata 1023. Act I : E Strano, E Strano!; Ah, Fors E Lui 1024. Follie! Follie! Delirio Vano 1025. Sempre Libera 1026. Act III : Teneste La Promessa 1027. Addio Del Passato 1028. Puccini, Giacomo - La Boheme 1029. Si. Mi Chiamano Mimi 1030. Moffo, Anna - La Rondine 1031. Chi Il Bel Sogno Di Doretta 1101. Moffo, Anna - Madama Butterfly 1102. Act I : Bimba, Bimba, Non Piangere 1103. Ah! Dolce Notte, Quante Stelle 1104. Moffo, Anna - La Boheme, Act I: O Soave Fanciulla 1105. Rca Italiana Opera Orchestra - Manon Lescaut 1106. Act II : Oh, Saro La Piu Bella! 1107. Taci, Taci, Tu Il Cor Mi Frangi! 1108. Pretre, Georges - Lucia Di Lammermoor - Remastered 1109. Act I : Scene 2 : Sulla Tomba Che Rinserra 1110. Qui Di Sposa Eterna Fede 1111. Moffo, Anna - La Traviata 1112. Act III : Parigi, O Cara 1113. Moffo, Anna - Rigoletto 1114. Act III : Giovanna, Ho Dei Rimorsi 1115. E Il Sol Dell'anima 1116. Rca Italiana Opera Orchestra - Manon 1117. Act III : Toi! Vous!... Oui, C'est Moi! 1118. Moffo, Anna - Manon 1119. Act III : N'est-ce Plus Ma Main Que Cette Main Pre 1120. Cleva, Fausto - Luisa Miller - Remastered 1121. Act III : Ah! L'ultima Preghiera 1122. Moffo, Anna - La Traviata 1123. Act I : Un Di Felice Eterea 1124. Moffo, Anna - La Rondine 1125. Che Caldo! Che Sete! 1126. Perche Mai Cercate Di Saper 1127. Zitti! Non Disturbiamoli!


Sąd ostateczny - Anna Klejzerowicz - 2836982440

24,82 zł

Sąd ostateczny - Anna Klejzerowicz

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - Charyzmatyczny, obdarzony nieprzeciętną intuicją dziennikarz w pojedynku z naśladowcą Hansa Memlinga. Emil Żądło, który zrezygnował z pracy w policji na rzecz dziennikarstwa, przeżywa kryzys. Kryzys wieloraki: związany z pracą, z brakiem natchnienia na nowy artykuł, z finansami, z uczuciami, z życiem w ogóle... Za ostatnie pieniądze kupuje alkohol i papierosy, nie ma siły wstać z łóżka i wziąć się w garść, a na dodatek jego była żona utrudnia mu kontakty z synem i męczy o zaległe alimenty. Wszystko się zmienia, gdy któregoś razu w nocnym pubie spotyka córkę swojej starej sąsiadki, Dorotę. Młoda kobieta i jej narzeczony tej samej nocy zostają brutalnie zamordowani w niejasnych okolicznościach. Zaintrygowany Emil postanawia pomóc policji w śledztwie. "Emil Żądło to świetnie skonstruowana postać, która od pierwszej chwili wzbudziła moją sympatię." Agnieszka Lingas-Łoniewska, autorka m. in. trylogii Zakręty losu, Szóstego, Łatwopalnych i Brudnego świata Nazwa - Sąd ostateczny Autor - Anna Klejzerowicz Oprawa - Miękka Wydawca - Replika Kod ISBN - 9788376742878 Kod EAN - 9788376742878 Wydanie - 1 Rok wydania - 2014 Język - polski Format - 13.0x20.0cm Ilość stron - 316 Podatek VAT - 5% Premiera - 2014-05-06


Kniha Aiol - 2826813016

104,32 zł

Kniha Aiol Italica Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This "chanson de geste" records the exploits of the young knight, Aiol, as he reclaims his father's and mother's unjustly stolen heritage. He gains the love of a Saracen princess who converts when she is convinced by Aiol's warrior's prowess of the truth of the Christian god. He then aids the French King Louis in ending a debilitating war led by rebellious vassals and (in an allusion to the Fourth Crusade) similarly helps Emperor Grasien, the king of Venice, to end his own war against an enemy to the East. Aiol's deeds ultimately bring justice to the kingdom of France. But the poem is far more than the tale itself. "Aiol" artfully recreates both the Christian culture of the West and the Islamic culture of the Levant. Poets writing in medieval French created richly textured literary metaphors or fictions about both the Christian and Muslim world, and they were themselves well aware that even though they were treating historically-based materials, they were also fabricating fictions and fictive truths, tropes and figures as literary art. Aiol's literary allusions suggest a sophistication on the part of the chanson's authors, who wrote for courts that knew well and first-hand the Muslim world. By the time of Aiol's composition there had long been fruitful cultural, trade - as well as military - interaction between the "two worlds." Islamic scholars were respected in intellectual circles in the 12th and 13th centuries, and translators briskly adapted works of Arabic science and medicine for the readers of Latin Europe. Around eighty written Old French epics are known from surviving 13th-century manuscripts. These were preserved and passed down by the aristocratic families who had commissioned them and financed their preparation. These poems, often called genealogical epics, served a number of purposes, from entertainment at important courtly occasions, such as marriages and investitures, to edification and instruction in the vernacular of the courtly world. Excerpts of these "songs of deeds" or "chansons de geste" were also publicly sung after Sunday masses for the entertainment and instruction of the ordinary people. The institutions of the monarchy, social class, marriage and the family are explored and developed in a poetic enterprise that gave life to what might otherwise have become an academic debate. Dialectical argument structures the entire work into a richly instructive, psychologically compelling and socially pleasing whole. Taken together with "Elye of Saint Gilles," "Aiol" has become known as the geste de Saint Gilles, because both poems relate events in the lives of Julien of Saint Gilles, a literary epic hero first found in "Le Couronnement de Louis," and Julien's son, Elye and Elye's son, Aiol. The two poems are preserved in only one manuscript, the richly decorated BNFfr 25516. It has been proposed that this geste was presented at the Parisian court of Philip Augustus upon the occasion of the lavish, festive wedding in 1212 of Jeanne of Constantinople, countess of Flanders, to Ferrand of Portugal. Jeanne was the daughter of Count Baldwin of Flanders & Hainaut, who had, during the 4th Crusade, been elected emperor of the Latin Empire at Constantinople. Hartman & Malicote's edition & translation is based on BNFfr 25516 and on the critical editions of W. Foerster & of J. Normand & G. Raynaud. As with their edition of "Elye," the editors have chosen simplicity and directness of approach. The translation remains faithful to the spirit and meaning of the OF poem; creating a lively, interesting and engaging text that allows the reader to savor the rich intellectual and artistic context of the original. Derived from the original Italica dual-language edition, the English-only version is ideal for undergraduate use. It includes 11 illustrations, introduction, n


Leopard - 2826718087

53,76 zł

Leopard The Harvill Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This volume is part of a series of occasional anthologies which includes excerpts from essays and diaries, poetry, stories and novels. The "Essays and Diaries" section includes: Stephen Becker, "On Being a Patient"; Julio Cortazar, from "Images of Keats"; William Fiennes, "Washington Monuments"; Ismail Kadare; an introduction to Rexhep Qosja's "Death Comes to Me from These Eyes"; Anna Maria Ortese, "The Involuntary City"; Jonathan Raban, "Seagoing"; Alan Ross, extract from his autobiography; Jose Saramago, "From Poem to Novel, From Novel to Poem"; and Adriaan van Dis, "Stolen Languages". The "Poetry" section includes: Gesualdo Bufalino, "To My River Ippari"; Ernst Jandl, "Poems",; Bruno K. Oijer, "The Lost Word"; and Pushkin's "The Bronze Horseman", in a new translation by Peter Norman. The "Stories" section contains: Starling Lawrence, "The Crown of Light"; Javier Marias, "Lord Rendell's Song"; Luigi Malbera, "Silvertop"; Julian Mazor, "The Lost Cause"; Neva Mullins, "Dinner at Natalia's"; James Salter, "My Lord You"; and Yi Munyol, extract from "Winter That Year". Finally, "Extracts from Novels" features: Lionel Abrahams, "The Celibacy of Felix Greenspan"; Julien Gracq, "Carnets du Grand Chemin"; Jaan Kross, "Balthazar Russow"; Nicholas Matiser, "Closed Houses"; Lao She, "Four Generations Under One Roof"; and Slobodan Selenic, "Fathers and Forefathers".


History Of Theatre - 2839194971

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History Of Theatre Naxos AudioBooks

Książki>Nauka języków>Język AngielskiKsiążki>Książki Audio / Słuchowiska

2. Prologue 3. The Greek Drama 4. Greek Tragedy 5. Greek Theatres 6. Oedipus: 'Torment, Torment...' 7. Greek Acting 8. Greek Comedy 9. Kinesias: It's O, So Long Since You And I Have Known The Rites Of Love! - Won't You Come Back, My Ow 10. Roman Theatre 11. The Medieval Theatre: Its Origins 12. '1st. Voice: While The Third Lesson Is Being Chanted Let 4 Brethren Vest Themselves...' 13. Growth And Development Of Mystery Plays 14. 'The Effect Associated With Heaven And Hell Were Veritably Prodigious' Description Of Stage Machiner 15. 'God: Ego Sum Alpha Et Omega, Vita, Via, Veritas, Primus En Nouissimus.' 16. Development Of Miracle And Morality Plays 17. The Italian Commedia Dell'arte 18. The Elizabethan Theatre 19. The Structure Of A Playhouse - Description Of Burbage's Acting By Richard Flecknoe 20. '...think When We Talk Of Horses That You See Them Printing Their Proud Hoofs I' The Receiving Earth 21. An Attack On The Theatre By John Stockwood 1587 22. Christopher Marlowe And His Contemporaries 23. Tamburlaine: 'Forsake Thy King, And Do But Join With Me, And We Will Triumph Over All The World' 124. Faustus: 'The Stars Move Still, Time Runs, The Clock Will Strike, The Devil Will Come, And Faustus M 125. William Shakespeare (1546-1616) And His Plays 126. Excerpts From Shakespeare's Plays: As You Like It - Romeo & Juliet - Henry V - Henry IV Pt. 1 - A Mi 127. The Jacobean Theatre (1603-1642) 128. Duchess: 'Now What You Please, What Death? Bosola: Strangling: Here Are Your Executioners.' 129. Development Of The Private Theatre - Description Of A Private Audience By John Marstoni (1601) 130. Ben Jonson (1572-1637) 131. Ursula: Hang 'Em, Rotten, Roguy Cheaters, I Hope To See 'Em Plagued One Day (Poxed They Are Already, 132. Spanish Theatre In The Renaissance 133. Sigismund: 'The Rich Man Dreams His Riches, Dreams His Cares 134. The French Theatre In The Seventeenth Century 135. Phedre: 'There Love Will Always Live. Even As I Speak, Ah Cruel, Deadly Thought! They Flout The Fury 136. The Structure Of French Theatres 137. Moliere (1622-1673) (Jean-baptiste Poquelin) 138. Mr Jordan: ...and Now I Must Tell You A Secret. I'm In Love With A Lady Of Quality And I Want You To 139. Elmire: What? Is There No Avoiding Your Pursuit. Will You Not Give Me Time To Breathe? 140. The English Restoration Theatre (1660-1700) 141. Thomas Jordan's Prologue To The Moor Of Venice (1660) 142. The Development Of Restoration Comedy 143. Harriet: 'I Was Informed You Used To Laugh At Love, And Not Make It.' 144. Lord Foppington: Life, Madam, Is A Perpetual Stream Of Pleasure, That Glides Thro' Such A Vari 145. Mrs. Pinchwife: 'Dear Sweet Mr. Horner'' 146. From A Short View Of The Immorality And Profaneness Of The English Stage. 147. Millamant: Positively, Mirabell, I'll Lie A-bed In A Morning As Long As I Please. Mirabell: Then I'l 148. From The Diary Of Samuel Pepys (1667) 149. European Theatre In The Eighteenth Century 250. German Theatre In The 18th Century 251. Elizabeth: Say Then, What Surety Can Be Offer'd Me, Should I Magnanimously Loose Your Bonds? 252. The English Theatre In The Early Eighteenth Century 253. The Development Of English Pantomime 254. The Introduction Of The Theatre Licensing Act In England (1737) 255. David Garrick (1717-1779) And The English Theatre In The Late Eighteenth Century 256. Description Of Garrick As Abel Drugger In The Alchemist 257. The Programme Of An Eighteenth Century English Theatre 258. An Eighteenth Century Audience 259. Sir Anthony: Why, Mrs. Malaprop, In Moderation, Now, What Would You Have A Woman Know? 260. Beaumarchais (1732-1799) And The French Theatre In The Late Eighteenth Century 261. The Count: With Your Brains And Character You Could Hope For Advancement In The Service. Figaro: Bra 262. The Development Of The Theatre In America (1800-1860s) 263. Romantic Melodrama In Nineteenth Century Europe 264. The Development Of Farce 265. Henry Irving (1838-1905), And English Theatre In The Late Nineteenth Century 266. Description Of Irving In The Bells By Edward Gordon-craig 267. The Biginning Of The Theatre Of Ideas And Realism 268. Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906) 269. Helmer: To Forsake Your Home, Your Husband, And Your Children! And Only Think What People Will Say A 270. George Bernard Shaw 271. Higgins: Say Your Alphabet Liza: I Know My Alphabet. Do You Think I Know Nothing? 272. Anton Chekhov (1860-1904) 373. The Seagull By Anton Chekhov 374. Nina: The Horses Are Waiting For Me At The Gate. Don't See Me Off, I'll Go By Myself... 375. Stanislavsky And The Moscow Arts Theatre 376. From The Writings Of Stanislavsky 377. The Growth Of Ensemble Companies 378. Lady Bracknell: To Minor Matters. Are Your Parents Living? Jack: I Have Lost Both My Parents. 379. Theatrical Experiments In The Early Twentieth Century 380. The Theatre Of Luigi Pirandello (1867-1936) 381. The Political Theatre Of Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956) 382. American Theatre In The Early Twentieth Century And Eugene O'neill 383. A Long Day's Journey Into Night (Act Iv) 384. European Theatre In The 1930s & 1940s Federico Garcia Lorca (1898-1935) 385. The London Theatre, And Noel Coward (1899-1973) 386. Amanda: We Won't Talk About Ourselves Any More, We'll Talk About Outside Things, Anything You Like, 387. Post-war British Theatre And John Osborne (1929-1989) 388. Alison: (Softly) All I Want Is A Little Peace Jimmy: Peace ! God ! She Wants Peace! 389. Theatre Of The Absurd And Samuel Beckett (1906-1989) 390. Vladimir: 9sententiously) To Every Man His Little Cross (He Sighs) And Sits On The Mound Till He Die 391. Harold Pinter (1930- ) 392. Aston: I...i Think It's About Time You Found Somewhere Else. I Don't Think We're Hitting It Off. Da 393. British Theatre In The 1960s And Joe Orton (1933-1967) 394. Post-war American Theatre, Tennessee Williams (1911-1983), Arthur Miller (1915- ) And David Mamet (1 395. Willy: '...when I Was A Boy - Eighteen, Nineteen - I Was Already On The Road.' 396. Blanche: 'When I Think Of How Divine It Is Going To Be To Have Such A Thing As Privacy Once More - I 397. Experimental Theatre In The 1960s And 1970s 398. Developments In The Theatre From 1970-1990 399. Epilogue


Studio Albums1969 - 1978, The - 2841464591

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Studio Albums1969 - 1978, The Warner Music / Rhino


1. Introduction (Remastered) 2. Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? (Remaste 3. Beginnings (Remastered) 4. Question 67 & 68 (Remastered) 5. Listen 6. Poem 58 (Remastered) 7. Free Form Guitar 8. Southern California Purples 9. I'm A Man 10. Prologue, August 29, 1968 (Remastered) 11. Someday (August 29, 1968) (Remastered) 12. Liberation (Remastered) 101. Movin' In (Remastered) 102. The Road (Remastered) 103. Poem For The People (Remastered) 104. In The Country 105. Wake Up Sunshine (Remastered) 106. Make Me Smile (Remastered) 107. So Much To Say, So Much To Give (Remastered) 108. Anxiety's Moment (Remastered) 109. West Virginia Fantasies (Remastered) 110. Colour My World (Remastered) 111. To Be Free (Remastered) 112. Now More Than Ever (Remastered) 113. Fancy Colours (Remastered) 114. 25 Or 6 To 4 (Remastered) 115. Prelude (Remastered) 116. A.m. Mourning (Remastered) 117. P.m. Mourning (Remastered) 118. Memories Of Love (Remastered) 119. It Better End Soon, 1st Movement (Remastered) 120. It Better End Soon, 2nd Movement (Remastered) 121. It Better End Soon, 3rd Movement (Remastered) 122. It Better End Soon, 4th Movement (Remastered) 123. Where Do We Go From Here (Remastered) 124. Make Me Smile (Remastered Single Version) 125. 25 Or 6 To 4 (Remastered Single Version) 201. Sing A Mean Tune Kid (Remastered Lp Version) 202. Loneliness In Just A Word (Remastered Lp Version) 203. What Else Can I Say (Remastered Lp Version) 204. I Don't Want Your Money (Remastered Lp Version) 205. Flight 602 (Remastered Lp Version) 206. Motorboat To Mars (Remastered Lp Version) 207. Free (Remastered Lp Version) 208. Free Country (Remastered Lp Version) 209. At The Sunrise (Remastered Lp Version) 210. Happy 'Cause I'm Going Home (Remastered Lp Version 211. Mother (Remastered Lp Version) 212. Lowdown (Remastered Lp Version) 213. A Hard Risin' Morning Without Breakfast (Remastere 214. Off To Work (Remastered Lp Version) 215. Fallin' Out (Remastered Lp Version) 216. Dreamin' Home (Remastered Lp Version) 217. Morning Blues Again (Remastered Lp Version) 218. When All The Laughter Dies In Sorrow (Remastered L 219. Canon (Remastered Lp Version) 220. Once Upon A Time (Remastered Lp Version) 221. Progress? (Remastered Lp Version) 222. The Approaching Storm (Remastered Lp Version) 223. Man Vs. Man: The End (Remastered Lp Version) 301. A Hit By Varese (Remastered) 302. All Is Well (Remastered) 303. Now That You've Gone (Remastered) 304. Dialogue (Part One) (Remastered) 305. Dialogue (Part Two) (Remastered) 306. While The City Sleeps (Remastered) 307. Saturday In The Park (Remastered) 308. State Of The Union (Remastered) 309. Goodbye (Remastered) 310. Alma Mater (Remastered) 311. A Song For Richard & His Friends (Studio Version 312. Mississippi Delta City Blues (First Recorded Versi 313. Dialogue (Part I & Iii) (Remastered Single Version 401. Critic's Choice (Remastered) 402. Just You 'N' Me (Remastered) 403. Darlin' Dear 404. Jenny (Remastered) 405. What's This World Comin' To (Remastered) 406. Something In This City Changes People (Remastered) 407. Hollywood (Remastered) 408. In Terms Of Two (Remastered) 409. Rediscovery (Remastered) 410. Feelin' Stronger Every Day (Remastered) 411. Beyond All Our Sorrows (Terry Kath Demo) (Previous 412. Tired Of Being Alone (With Al Green, From The Tv S 501. Prelude To Aire 502. Aire 503. Devil's Sweet 504. Italian From New York 505. Hanky Panky 506. Life Saver 507. Happy Man 508. (I've Been) Searchin' So Long (Remastered) 509. Mongonucleosis 510. Song Of The Evergreens 511. Byblos 512. Wishing You Were Here (Remastered) 513. Call On Me (Remastered) 514. Women Don't Want To Love Me 515. Skinny Boy 516. Byblos (Rehearsal) 601. Anyway You Want (Lp Version) 602. Brand New Love Affair - Part I & II (Lp Version) 603. Never Been In Love Before (Lp Version) 604. Hideaway (Lp Version) 605. Till We Meet Again (Lp Version) 606. Harry Truman (Lp Version) 607. Oh, Thank You Great Spirit (Lp Version) 608. Long Time No See (Lp Version) 609. Ain't It Blue? (Lp Version) 610. Old Days 611. Sixth Sense (Rehearsal) 612. Bright Eyes (Rehearsal) 613. Satin Doll (Previously Unissed Live Version) 701. Once Or Twice (Lp Version) 702. You Are On My Mind (Lp Version) 703. Skin Tight (Lp Version) 704. If You Leave Me Now 705. Together Again (Lp Version) 706. Another Rainy Day In New York City 707. Mama Mama (Lp Version) 708. Scrapbook (Lp Version) 709. Gently I'll Wake You (Lp Version) 710. You Get It Up (Lp Version) 711. Hope For Love (Lp Version) 712. I'd Rather Be Rich (Previously Unissued Version Of 713. Your Love's An Attitude (Lp Version) 801. Mississippi Delta City Blues 802. Baby, What A Big Surprise 803. Till The End Of Time 804. Policeman 805. Take Me Back To Chicago 806. Vote For Me 807. Takin' It On Uptown 808. This Time 809. The Inner Struggles Of A Man 810. Prelude (Little One) 811. Little One 812. Wish I Could Fly 813. Paris 901. Alive Again 902. The Greatest Love (Remastered Lp Version) 903. Little Miss Lovin' (Remastered Lp Version) 904. Hot Streets (Remastered Lp Version) 905. Take A Chance (Remastered Lp Version) 906. Gone Long Gone (Remastered Lp Version) 907. Ain't It Time (Remastered Lp Version) 908. Love Was New (Remastered Lp Version) 909. No Tell Lover 910. Show Me The Way (Remastered Lp Version) 911. Love Was New (Alternate Vocal Version)


Mike Watt: on and off Bass - 2834159528

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Mike Watt: on and off Bass Three Rooms Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The New Yorker calls it "unusual and beautiful." The LA Weekly raves, "the photos are strikingly inventive, revealing yet another side of this modern-day Renaissance man." MTV calls it "a charming, well-shot document of a the legendary punk rocker's photographic dabbling." Detroit Metrotimes: "A unique insight into Watt's mind." "Mike Watt: On and Off Bass" is getting a lot of buzz. And for good reason, considering the author and photographer is the legendary punk bassist himself. Mike Watt got his musical start thumping the bass with legendary San Pedro punk trio, The Minutemen in 1980 and he has been at it ever since. Over the years, he's toured with Dos, fIREHOSE, his own The Black Gang, The Secondmen, The Missingmen, and others, and he has worked bass as a sideman for Porno for Pyros, J Mascis and the Fog, as well as punk godfathers The Stooges. Off the road, at his beloved San Pedro, CA home base, Watt developed a deep interest in photography. In Spring 2010, Track 16 Gallery in Santa Monica, CA hosted an exhibit of his photos: "Mike Watt: Eye-Gifts from Pedro." According to Track 16 executive director Laurie Steelink, who curated the exhibit, "He has this knack for finding the early morning sweet spots when venturing out alone on his bike or kayak. The resulting photographs never seem to dry: light, flight, salt, rust, and tide commingle in fiery sunrises, endless heavens, roiling waves and fog." The photos offer another side of Watt that fans of his punk rock music may not be familiar with: While seemingly serene, many have an underlying tension and that often shows the sharp contrast between industry and nature. In "Mike Watt: On and Off Bass," photographs that appeared in the exhibit are punctuated by Watt's poetry and snippets selected from 10 years of his diaries. Watt's writing is insightful, funny, intimate and honest, as he explores topics like John Coltrane, long hauls and overcoming performance fears. "Mike Watt: On and Off Bass" exposes Watt's vision as a photographer, diarist and poet, taking its readers on a trip. And when you stop turning the pages of Watt's story, you start turning the pages of yours, re-ignited. " Mike Watt's photos are the poetry of San Pedro...every time he goes out on that kayak he comes back with gold. These gorgeous images paired with the raw reflections of three decades on the road are sure to blow the minds of all who love punk rock and our beloved vision questing troubadour." - Jack Black " Here is the last stand of the fruited earth and the ship-freighted sea. How lovely America was. God bless San Pedro and Mike Watt." - Iggy Pop " The heart and mind and EYES of Michael Watt, half-brother of us all, in black/white and color. No blue-eyed beatnik Buddhist ever breathed such humility; no jackleg science-fictioneer ever oozed such enchantment. That's right!" - Richard Meltzer "Watt covers the waterfront." - Raymond Pettibon " Susan Sontag wrote that photographs of people are haunted by death. There aren't many people in Mike Watt's photographs so maybe that's why they seem haunted rather by life -- the large operations of man around the harbor and the smaller scale activity of wildlife that puts up with them. Mike is out at sun-up and getting to see SoCal's lands end from his kayak is an unearned privilege, the best kind a book can deliver. Paired with excerpts from his journal which catch him rolling across the continents as a working musician gives a precise idea what besides exercise Mike gets out of it." - Joe Carducci " Mike Watt is poetry. He's like one half of a metaphor. Watt can only be matched in poetry. When you mix pirate, Pedro pix, music, d. boon forever, hard work, weird sincerity, good will, curiosity, love, and an adult moustache, what do you have? Poetry is the answer. Poetry poetry poetry. Watt Watt Watt!" - Richard Hell Reviews The LA Review of Books' Craig Hubert offers a keen and insightful review of "Mike Watt: On and Off Bass" in this week's edition. Hubert notes, "[Watt] has a keen eye for capturing unexpected disruptions within seemingly normal, even mundane situations...Loss is prevalent throughout "On and Off Bass," but it is undercut with hope; there is always the sustaining reservoir of inspiration -- from Boon, from music, from San Pedro itself -- to dip back into. It's the same reservoir that John Coltrane described in a 1966 interview with Nat Hentoff: 'There is never any end. There are always new sounds to imagine, new feelings to get at.'" Rick Moody's extensive interview with Mike Watt on TheRumpus.Net is an essential read for fans of the legendary punk rock bass player, photographer, poet and writer. It starts with major props for the Three Rooms Press book "Mike Watt: On and Bass," which Moody notes, "As with everything that Watt has turned his attention to since he began making art in 1980, On and Off Base is sincere, funny, handmade, beautiful, totally idiosyncratic, and entirely original." MTV Hive writer Austin L. Ray is impressed with the econo nature of the new Three Rooms Press book, "Mike Watt: On and Off Bass" by the legendary punk bassist. The book features photos from Watt's gallery show at Track 16 in Santa Monica, juxtaposed with poetry, reflections and diary snippet from Watt's massive 1,500 page collection of musings on The article features Watt discussing the origins of some of the photos in the book. The New Yorker loves "Mike Watt: On and Off Bass", calling it an "unusual and beautiful photographic memoir." LA Weekly writer Nicholas Pell interviews Mike Watt, revealing exclusive photos from the new book "Mike Watt: On and Off Bass." Pell raves, "His skill lies not in classical composition -- although photo nerds will nonetheless find plenty to like in the book. Rather, Watt's strength comes from his ability to capture everyday scenes. His pictures make the mundane into the sublime." Rockerzine writer Katy Dang raves about "Mike Watt: On and Off Bass," noting that through the photos and text, "Watt brings his world and his experiences into focus, sharing them unabashedly with whoever chooses to come on board. He brings the past into the present, never merely resting on his laurels and always missing D. Boon, his missing friend." Greg Barbrick, on says it's a "collection that rewards repeated viewings and is very well crafted."


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