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Complete Guide to Hedge Funds and Hedge Fund Strategies - 2853164835

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Complete Guide to Hedge Funds and Hedge Fund Strategies PALGRAVE MACMILLAN

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The Complete Guide to Hedge Funds and Hedge Fund Strategies is a comprehensive resource for investment practitioners, providing complete coverage of characteristics, constraints, risks, opportunities and limitations of hedge fund investing. The book starts out by examining the fundamentals of hedge funds - their history and evolution, their key characteristics and what makes them different from other investment vehicles. It then describes in detail and with practical illustrations from the industry the 20 main investment strategies implemented by hedge fund managers, including classic strategies like equity hedge, convertible arbitrage or event driven strategies but also less covered ones like mortgage backed securities, PIPE funds, volatility arbitrage or asset based lending. This is followed by a comprehensive analysis of the historical performance of hedge funds, compared to traditional investments, using classical and more advanced tools, and then a review of the funds during the financial crisis of 2007-2008. Finally, the book presents up to date coverage of regulation and governance of hedge funds, including the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, alternative UCITS and the Alternative Investment Fund Management Directive. The book is illustrated with more than 80 tables and 220 figures to explain key concepts. The Complete Guide to Hedge Funds and Hedge Fund Strategies will be an essential reference for anyone investing in or working in hedge funds and for anyone with an interest in these alternative investments, and how they work.


Crowdbureau - 2854249759

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Crowdbureau Wiley

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An accessible, low-risk approach to investing via a brand new alternative investment mechanism§§CrowdBureau explains concepts of the rise of Crowd Finance in today's re-regulated and democratized global capital markets; how the JOBS Act is proving to be a game-changer for entrepreneurs and retail investors;and how it can benefit the portfolios of retail investors, private equity investors, angel investors, and venture capitalists while spurring innovative entrepreneur movements and social impact. Written by a securities (equity and debt) crowdfund investing industry pioneer, this book provides clear explanations of the fundamental concepts at work and the forces that will catalyze capital formation, foster transparency, and encourage market confidence. Crowd Finance, which includes Equity and Debt Crowdfunding, Peer-to Peer Lending (P2P), Liquid Alternative Funds, Pension Led Funding, and Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes, is in its infancy. The book argues that Crowdfund Investing can enable an equity income approach to investing for an easy, low-risk option that balances the issue of record low yields seen in other assets like bank deposits and bonds. Several brand name private equity and hedge funds, most notably AQR, Blackstone, and Apollo Global Management, have recognized the distribution opportunities and developed vehicles aimed squarely at retail clients, with minimum investments of as low as $2,500 in some cases.§§The distribution opportunities for alternative vehicles targeting retail investors are potentially enormous. Approximately $19 trillion in assets is up for grabs from defined contribution (DC) pension schemes, individual retirement accounts, annuity reserves, broker-dealers, and registered investment advisers (RIAs).§§Readers will gain a deeper understanding of alternative investments strategies with practical guidance backed by supporting theory and the experience of a practitioner at the forefront of this burgeoning Crowdfund Investing industry.§§Over the last decade, the challenging economic and market background has led to lower returns and higher volatility across many asset classes. The 2012 JOBS Act--designed to bolster business growth and create jobs--reformed the Securities Act of 1933 and 1934 for small and medium-sized business owners and created an environment that supports crowdfund investment as an asset class. CrowdBureau is a comprehensive guide to the topic, providing a thorough explanation for those interested in building a more robust portfolio.§Understand the fundamental principles of Crowd Investing§Learn how the depressed economy and the rise of social computing affect investing§Understand the interplay between collective intelligence, deliberative democracy, and consumption§Discover the principles that will shape capital markets for the 21st century§§For many people, the objective of investing is to achieve long-term capital growth with an acceptable level of risk, and securities-based crowdfunding was designed to do just that. For investors seeking an alternative approach to the market, CrowdBureau is a detailed guide to a new method of low-risk investing.


Business of Venture Capital - 2854202186

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Business of Venture Capital Wiley

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The definitive guide to demystifying the venture capital business The Business of Venture Capital, Second Edition covers the entire spectrum of this field, from raising funds and structuring investments to assessing exit pathways. Written by a practitioner for practitioners, the book provides the necessary breadth and depth, simplifies the jargon, and balances the analytical logic with experiential wisdom. Starting with a Foreword by Mark Heesen, President, National Venture Capital Association (NVCA), this important guide includes insights and perspectives from leading experts. Covers the process of raising the venture fund, including identifying and assessing the Limited Partner universe; fund due-diligence criteria; and fund investment terms in Part One Discusses the investment process, including sourcing investment opportunities; conducting due diligence and negotiating investment terms; adding value as a board member; and exploring exit pathways in Part Two Offers insights, anecdotes, and wisdom from the experiences of best-in-class practitioners Includes interviews conducted by Leading Limited Partners/Fund-of-Funds with Credit Suisse, Top Tier Capital Partners, Grove Street Advisors, Rho Capital, Pension Fund Managers, and Family Office Managers Features the insights of over twenty-five leading venture capital practitioners, frequently featured on Forbes' Midas List of top venture capitalists Those aspiring to raise a fund, pursue a career in venture capital, or simply understand the art of investing can benefit from The Business of Venture Capital, Second Edition . The companion website offers various tools such as GP Fund Due Diligence Checklist, Investment Due Diligence Checklist, and more, as well as external links to industry white papers and other industry guidelines.


Commodities For Dummies - 2854274031

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Commodities For Dummies Wiley

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Get more bang for your buck in the commodities market and start trading today§While Wall Street has been troubled, commodity markets have been soaring. Since 2002, commodities have outperformed every other asset class including stocks, mutual funds, and real estate. This hands-on, friendly guide gives you the basics on breaking into the market, dispels common myths, and shows you how to implement a wide range of trading and investing strategies. It also helps you diversify your portfolio, measure risk, and apply market analysis techniques.§Expanded coverage of the types of commodities available to investors Advice on how to manage the risks and rewards of commodities§Updated examples and information on SEC rules and regulations (and tax laws)§Featuring time-tested rules for investment success Commodities For Dummies helps you minimize risk, maximize profit, and find the shortest route to Easy Street.Get more bang for your buck in the commodities market and start trading today§While Wall Street has been troubled, commodity markets have been soaring. This hands-on, friendly guide gives you the basics on breaking into the commodities market, dispels common myths, and shows you how to implement a wide range of trading and investing strategies. It also helps you diversify your portfolio, measure risk, and apply market analysis techniques.§Commodities 101 -- get a grasp on basic portfolio allocation methods, create and design an investing road map, and discover how commodities stack up against other investment vehicles§Avoid risky business -- arm yourself with the know-how tominimize risk and maximize returns with the help of commodities§Know your options -- understand the pros and cons of investing through the futures markets, the equity markets, ETFs, and mutual funds§Energize your profits -- discover how to make big cash in energy, the largest sub-asset class in the commodities universe§Put the pedal to the metal -- find out everything you ever wanted to know about investing in gold, silver, copper, nickel, and other metals§Open the book and find:§Tips on choosing the right investment vehicle§The best ways to manage risk§How to choose a broker and open a trading account§Why energy trading is hot (and profitable)§A look at natural gas applications§How to trade agricultural products§The benefits of investing in wind and solar power§Alternative energy sources you should know about§Learn to:§Break into the market and start trading today§Diversify your portfolio§Minimize risk and maximize profit§Track commodities indexes


Distress Investing - 2855533890

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Distress Investing JOHN WILEY & SONS LTD

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A comprehensive guide to distress investing around the world Increasingly, corporate rehabilitation is more interesting than corporate liquidation to governments and capital markets. Following this trend, a mezzanine industry of mutual funds, hedge funds, and private investors has stepped up to fill the role of the traditional corporate lender. Distress Investing puts this topic in perspective and covers the essential aspects of this discipline--from its theoretical underpinnings to its practical applications. The book features cases studies of some of the biggest distress investing situations, including Kmart and Pacific Gas & Electric. From the recent changes to U.S. bankruptcy code and creditor rights to cash bailouts, readers will learn how to analyze distressed situations such as pricing issues, arbitrage opportunities, tax disadvantages, and the reorganization of funding plans. Written by the leading practitioner of distress investing and coauthored by a leading academic in the field, this book is certain to become the bible on this topic for professional investors and students alike. Martin J. Whitman (New York, NY) is Chairman and Co-CIO of Third Avenue Management LLC. He is also the author of Value Investing (978-0-471-16292-6) and The Aggressive Conservative Investor (978-0-471-76805-0), from Wiley. Fernando Diz (Syracuse, NY) is the Martin J. Whitman Associate Professor of Finance and Director of The Ballentine Investment Institute at Syracuse University.


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