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A Ramble Of Six Thousand Miles Through The United States Of America - 2840079630

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A Ramble Of Six Thousand Miles Through The United States Of America

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A Ramble of Six Thousand Miles Through the United States of America - 2848704764

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A Ramble of Six Thousand Miles Through the United States of America



The Living Great Lakes - 2844160134

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The Living Great Lakes Griffin

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If fresh water is to be treasured, the Great Lakes are the mother lode. No bodies of water can compare to them. One of them, Superior, is the largest lake on earth, and the five lakes together contain a fifth of the world's supply of standing fresh water. Their ten thousand miles of shoreline bound seven states and a Canadian province and are longer than the entire Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the United States. Their surface area of 95,000 square miles is greater than New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island combined. People who have never visited them -- who have never seen a squall roar across Superior or the horizon stretch unbroken across Michigan or Huron -- have no idea how big they are. They are so vast that they dominate much of the geography, climate, and history of North America. In one way or another, they affect the lives of tens of millions of people. "The Living Great Lakes" is the most complete book ever written about the history, nature, and science of these remarkable lakes at the heart of North America. From the geological forces that formed them to the industrial atrocities that nearly destroyed them, to the greatest environmental success stories of our time, the lakes are portrayed in all their complexity. The book, however, is much more than just history. It is also the story of the lakes as told by biologists, fishermen, sailors, and others whom the author grew to know while traveling with them on boats and hiking with them on beaches and islands. The book is also the story of a personal journey. It is the narrative of a six-week voyage through the lakes and beyond as a crewmember on a tallmastedschooner, and a memoir of a lifetime spent on and near the lakes. Through storms and fog, on remote shores and city waterfronts, the author explores the five Great Lakes in all seasons and moods and discovers that they and their connecting waters -- including the Erie Canal, the Hu


Otter Tail County, Minnesota, in the World War (Classic Reprint) - 2826645430

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Otter Tail County, Minnesota, in the World War (Classic Reprint) Forgotten Books

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Excerpt from Otter Tail County, Minnesota, in the World War For nearly three years the United States of America suffered gross injustices through the trickery and hypocrisy of the Imperial German government, and yet had upheld its strict neutrality. But, when the German government inaugurated her policy of unrestricted submarine warfare, conditions became so unbearable that America, a peace and liberty loving nation, was compelled to take action to protect herself. On April 6th, 1917, news that Congress had declared that a state of war existed between the United States and Germany was flashed to Otter Tail County and to the world. Immediately the fighting blood of America's one hundred million rose to a raging fire of determination. Patriotism was kindled in every section of the country as overnight, and the United States became a sober work-shop, her citizens gravely determined that every ounce of her energy should be used to crush the biggest foe to democracy and mankind that had ever existed on the face of the earth. To raise an army of several millions and to send it three thousand miles across the sea; to clothe and to feed and to furnish munitions of war to an army of such huge proportions on active duty across the broad Atlantic, was no small task. Critics in this country as well as abroad, predicted failure on the part of our democratic form of government to successfully manage the gigantic undertaking which lay before it. While the Hohenzollerns, the Junker War Lords of Germany were jokingly referring to our declaration of war as a "bluff" and belittling the "lightning-trained" soldiery of this country, America was earnestly laying her foundations, massing up her huge resources of men, of money and of food, preparatory to her accomplishing the greatest feat in military history. That imperious and domineering autocrat of Germany who has lived to regret his words: "I will take no more nonsense from America," had serenely overslept and woke to find that the "lightning-trained" had, indeed, struck like a bolt from the sky. Just as the colonies at the time of the Revolutionary War had been aroused by Paul Revere in his perilous midnight ride, so America was awakened to the responsibilities of the world that lay before her. Thousands of sturdy, red-blooded young men responded to the nation's call, forming an endless stream to the training camps, across the sea and to the active battlefronts. Yes, America was awake to the situation. She realized that this was "a people's war, a war for freedom and justice and self-government amongst all the nations of the world, a war to make the world safe for the peoples who live upon it, and have made it their own, the German people themselves included." With the united co-operation and steadfast loyalty of everyone this huge task progressed with marvelous rapidity, despite the serious handicaps that were encountered on every side. When finally America and the Allies stemmed the tide of the Teutonic invasion and the Central Powers yielded and signed the Armistice on November 11th, 1918, the American Army numbered more than two million men-two million of the gamiest, snappiest fighting men that had ever stepped on any field of battle. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at


Source: Wikipedia - Kauai - 2847577206

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Source: Wikipedia - Kauai Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 56. Chapters: Biota of Kauai, Geography of Kauai, Governors of Kauai, History of Kauai, Royalty of Kauai and Niihau, Apukohai, Schäffer affair, Russian America, Moikeha, Kualii, Humehume, William Harrison Rice, Leper War on Kauażi, William Hyde Rice, Paul Isenberg, Kaumualii, Newell's Shearwater, Russian Fort Elizabeth, Pacific Missile Range Facility, Puaiohi, Hanapepe massacre, Laamaikahiki, David Boynton, Elizabeth Peke, Brighamia insignis, Paumakua of Oahu, Blossoming Lotus, Kukona, Maweke, Kekauonohi, Hawaiian Petrel, National Tropical Botanical Garden, Kauażi żOżo, Limahuli Garden and Preserve, Alii Aimoku of Kauai, Paul P. Kanoa, Harriet Kawahinekipi, Allerton Garden, Kauażi żAkialoa, Kinoiki Kekaulike, Talpanas, Kaweloamaihunalii, Kamażo, Manokalanipo, Mulielealii, Kahakumakapaweo, Kauażi Finch, Kamakahelei, Cyanea rivularis, Kaua'i Palila, Kalalau Trail, Pritchardia viscosa, Kahakumakalina, McBryde Garden, Ahukinialaa, Pritchardia napaliensis, Kukuiaimakalani, Kaweloaikanaka, Kikiaola, Spelaeorchestia koloana, Haulanuiaiakea, Cook Landing Site (Waimea, Hawai'i), Kamahano, Kauażi żAmakihi, Kahakuakane, Keaunui, Peleioholani, Pritchardia minor, Luanuu, Kawelolauhuki, Nototrichium divaricatum, Kawelomahamahaia, Kalanikukuma, Pritchardia hardyi, Stout-legged Finch, Pritchardia waialealeana, Pritchardia perlmanii, Kawelomakualua, Cyanea hardyi, Charpentiera elliptica, Moir Gardens, Pritchardia limahuliensis, Kamakapu, Kuwalupaukamoku, Waimea Ditch, Kokee Ditch, Bell stone, Kamakamano, Niumalu, Kupolo. Excerpt: Kauai or Kauai ( ; Hawaiian: ), known as Tauai in the ancient Kaua'i dialect, is geologically the oldest of the main Hawaiian Islands. With an area of 562.3 square miles (1,456.4 km), it is the fourth largest of the main islands in the Hawaiian archipelago, and the 21st largest island in the United States. Known also as the "Garden Isle", Kauai lies 105 miles (170 km) across the Kauai Channel, northwest of Oahu. This island is the site of Waimea Canyon State Park. The United States Census Bureau defines Kauai as Census Tracts 401 through 409 of Kauai County, Hawaii, which is all of the county except for the islands of Każula, Lehua, and Niihau. The 2000 census population of Kauai (the island) was 58,303. There is no known meaning behind the name of Kauai. Native Hawaiian tradition indicates the name's origin in the legend of Hawaiiloa - the Polynesian navigator attributed with discovery of the Hawaiian Islands. The story relates how he named the island of Kauai after a favorite son; therefore a possible translation of Kauai is "place around the neck", meaning how a father would carry a favorite child. Another possible translation is "food season." Kauai was known for its distinct dialect of the Hawaiian language before it went extinct there. Whereas the standard language today is based on the dialect of Hawaii island, which has the sound at the beginning of words, the Kauai dialect was known for pronouncing this as . In effect, Kauai dialect retained the old pan-Polynesian , while 'standard' Hawaii dialect has innovated and changed it to the . Therefore, the native name for Kauai was Tauai, and the major settlement of Kapaa would have been called Tapaa. Kauai's origins are volcanic, the island having been formed by the passage of the Pacific plate over the Hawaii hotspot. At approximately six million years old, it is the oldest of the main islands. The highest peak on this mountainous ...


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