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Mimi and Maty to the Rescue! - 2826645358

69,37 zł

Mimi and Maty to the Rescue! Skyhorse Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Mimi, an animal-loving girl, and her loyal three-legged dog, Maty, set out together to rescue any animal that needs help. It's a crazy start to the third grade when the new girl, Emma, brings her pet parakeet, C. C., to school ...only to have him fly out the window and disappear! Mimi and Maty jump into action, showing the whole third grade what rescuing animals is all about. Keeping track of all the clues in their trusty animal rescue notebook, Mimi and Maty's latest adventure includes an amazing tree house, a harrowing ordeal of getting feathers out of Icky Vicky's hair, and a surprise that Mimi and Maty could never have imagined! Inspired by the real-life Mimi Ausland (founder of and her special three-legged dog, Maty, this is the third book in the Mimi and Maty series (the first book was the recipient of the 2012 Bookies Bravo Award given to books with positive impact by Milk + Bookies). Mimi's dedication to helping animals-and her meticulous detective skills-are sure to inspire young animal lovers and budding private eyes of all ages! This book is for readers ages 6 to 9 and is especially perfect for those young readers who love animals and/or who own a rescued pet from a shelter or humane society. This is the third book in the series. The book promotes friendship, good citizenship, helping others (people and animals), and believing in oneself. The voice is young and modern and speaks especially to young girls, but can be enjoyed by any young reader. Pictures break up the minimal text, making this a great book for reluctant readers.


Maze Me - 2826756639

29,80 zł

Maze Me Collins

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A collection of seventy-two poems written especially for girls ages twelve and up by the much-honored and beloved poet Naomi Shihab Nye. "A lovely, rich collection that promises to be a lasting companion for young writers."-School Library Journal (starred review) First love, friendship, school, family, community, having a crush, loving your mother and hating your mother, sense of self, body image, hopes and dreams ...these seventy-two poems by Naomi Shihab Nye-written expressly for this collection-will speak to girls of all ages. An honest, insightful, inspirational, and amazing collection. "A wide age range will respond to these deeply felt poems about everyday experiences, which encourage readers to lean eagerly into their lives and delight in its passages."-ALA Booklist (starred review). An introduction by the author is included.


Niezrównana elegancja - Maria Maccari - 2836937697

53,74 zł

Niezrównana elegancja - Maria Maccari

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - "Suknia balowa musi przypominać marzenie senne i przeobrażać kobietę w istotę z tego wymiaru" stwierdził kiedyś Christian Dior, dodając iż każda kobieta powinna mieć w szafie przynajmniej jedną suknię balową, gdyż to "znakomicie wpływa na jej morale". Nie ulega wątpliwości, iż posiadanie takiej kreacji potrafi zdziałać cuda dla zdrowia psychicznego również współczesnych kobiet, kilkadziesiąt lat po tym, jak francuski krawiec haute couture przelał te słowa na papier. Kiedy to pisał, suknie wieczorowe wciąż były dla kobiet z towarzystwa symbolem statusu, a przebranie się do kolacji normą de rigueur. Od tego czasu wiele się zmieniło. Jednak ten element garderoby zachował pewien stopień ekskluzywności - gdyż nadal ma w sobie coś z marzenia sennego - a jednocześnie przeszedł swoisty proces "demokratyzacji". "Niezrównana elegancja" to książka o wiecznym pragnieniu piękna i ekskluzywności. Nazwa - Niezrównana elegancja Autor - Maria Maccari Oprawa - Twarda Wydawca - Olesiejuk Kod ISBN - 9788327433954 Kod EAN - 9788327433954 Rok wydania - 2015 Język - polski Format - 25.5x30.0cm Ilość stron - 240 Podatek VAT - 5% Premiera - 2015-11-21


Gary Snyder Reader - 2826690934

162,35 zł

Gary Snyder Reader Counterpoint

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Gary Snyder has been a major cultural force in America for five decades--prize-winning poet, environmental activist, Zen Buddhist, earth-householder, and reluctant counterculture guru. Having expanded far beyond the Beat scene that first brought his work to the public ear and eye, Snyder has produced a broad-ranging body of work that encompasses his fluency in Eastern literature and culture, his commitment to the environment, and his concepts of humanity's place in the cosmos. Prose selections include journals from his travels to Saigon, Singapore, Kyoto, Ceylon, New Delhi, and Dharamshala; key interviews from the East West Journal and The Paris Review, meditations on Buddhism and the surrender of self; a cultural survey of communal living; and notes from the lookout tower on Sourdough Mountain, where in stark isolation Snyder once watched for forest fires. The Reader gathers poems from each phase of Snyder's long career--from his fist collection, Riprap, to the Pulitzer Prize-winning Turtle Island, through his epic poem cycle that was forty years in the making, Mountains and Rivers Without End. From freighter to firetower, Zendo to Himalayan mountain ridge, Snyder's writings reflect a lifetime of study, journey, and the practice of everyday mindfulness. Gary Snyder has witnessed and captured our culture at the hinge of change and--time and again--his work has transformed us just as it has altered our understanding of literature and place in a purposeful life.


USRC Argus - 2843503495

161,86 zł

USRC Argus Betascript Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Argus was a sloop, built in New London, for service in Connecticut and Rhode Island waters. She began her first patrol on 16 October 1791, soon after being fitted-out, under the command of Jonathan Maltbie, a veteran of the Continental Navy. He died on 11 February 1798 and was replaced by Elisha Hinman on 13 March of that year. Hinman was also a veteran of the Continental Navy and the former commanding officer of the famous frigate Alfred. Fortunately two journals describing her actions have turned up; one from the second mate Nathaniel Nichols, who kept a journal from 1791-1795; and Hinman's journal, dated from 1799 through 1803. These journals do provide a glimpse into what life was like on board a Revenue cutter during these early years of the new republic.


Rebel Yell & the Yankee Hurrah - 2826900074

73,44 zł

Rebel Yell & the Yankee Hurrah Down East Books,U.S.

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

On an "I will if you will" dare, John Haley enlisted in the 17th Maine Regiment in August 1862 "for three years, unless sooner discharged." ("Discharged, shot, or starved" would have been more accurate, Haley later wryly observed.) Though a reluctant soldier at first, he served steadfastly in the Army of the Potomac for nearly three years, participating in some of the most significant battles of the Civil War. John Haley was not the only soldier to record each day's events in his journal by firelight or by picket's lantern, for his was a literate generation. He was unusual in that he later painstakingly rewrote his battlefield notes, "reflecting at leisure" and adding fascinating political and personal commentary to produce the remarkable volume he calls Haley's Chronicles.


Terror Courts - 2850283638

114,15 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Within weeks of the September 11 attacks in 2001, the United States had captured hundreds of suspected al Qaeda terrorists in Afghanistan, and by the following January the first of these prisoners arrived at the U.S. Navy's detention camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. "Wall Street Journal" correspondent Jess Bravin was there the day the prison camp opened, and he has continued ever since to cover the story of the detainees and the efforts of the Bush and Obama administrations to bring them to trial. A maze of legal, political, and moral issues have stood in the way of justice, Bravin explains. In this riveting book, he recounts a chapter in the War on Terror that has never been told before. Focusing on the military commission established by the Bush Administration to try Guantanamo Bay prisoners, Bravin describes prosecutions hampered by inadmissible evidence obtained through torture, procedures stalled by disagreements between military prosecutors and political appointees, and closed door dealings that led several prosecutors to resign. In a concluding chapter, the author discusses how George W. Bush's illegal experiment at Guantanamo undermined the rule of law and how its legacy continues to haunt the Obama administration.


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