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A Rogue by Compulsion: An Affair of the Secret Service - 2853867338

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A Rogue by Compulsion: An Affair of the Secret Service



A Rogue by Compulsion: An Affair of the Secret Service - 2853867339

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A Rogue by Compulsion: An Affair of the Secret Service



Kind of Compulsion - 2826819210

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Kind of Compulsion Vintage

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This volume begins with Orwell's letters home from St. Cyprian's Preparatory School from the age of eight. Orwell illustrated many of these letters and the edition reproduces his simple but charming drawings. Whilst at Eton he contributed to several college publications and these, with several of his early stories, are printed here. It was also a time when he wrote poetry and all the poems of these years are included. Whilst in Burma he wrote sketches and draft that were lead to Burmese Days; all are now published here. Reprinted for the first time since their publication in Paris in 1928 - 1929, and now with English translations, are the articles he wrote to expose the sufferings of the unemployed, tramps and beggars, the imperialist exploitation of other people, a literary essay and an essay on censorship, all of which would be centres of concern for Orwell throughout his life. In 1930 Orwell had published the first of his 379 reviews of some 700 books, plays and films. In 1931 'A Hanging', the first of his most important essays, was published. The volume includes the text of his school play, King Charles II, which features (as Charles 1) in A Clergyman's Daughter.


Compulsion - 1059546713

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Compulsion Macmillan

Książki -> Literatura obcojęzyczna -> Literatura angielska (English literature)

COMPULSION opens as police detective North Anderson, a close friend of Clevenger's, calls him with a piece of chilling news: one of the infant twin daughters of billionaire Darwin Bishop has been murdered in her crib at the family's estate on the exclusive island of Nantucket. Plastic sealant injected from a tube was used to block her esophagus. Worse, the suspected killer is her adopted teenage brother, Billy. The Bishops are a deeply troubled family: As handsome as he is ambitious and cruel, Darwin seems determined to protect his son -- or is actually trying to railroad him? Why does the other adopted Bishop son, Garrett, a good-looking talented athlete, despise his father so intensely? Is beautiful Julia Bishop a mother grieving for her murdered child -- or a manipulative seductress with a dark secret to hide? As Clevenger becomes convinced that Billy may be innocent, it becomes clear that the killer is intimate with the family and is circling another victim -- the remaining twin. Using his brilliant mastery of the tools of psychiatry, Clevenger lays a trap to force the killer to reveal himself in an unforgettable finale.


Ryan Gosling - 2826736179

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Acclaimed for his good looks as much as his searing acting ability, Canadian actor Ryan Gosling first came to attention, aged 12 , after beating 15,000 hopefuls to become a Mouseketeer in Disney's Mickey Mouse Club alongside Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Justine Timberlake. After the show ended, Ryan spent his teenage years acting in nearly 200 episodes on television, before landing the lead role in the TV show Young Hercules. Wanting to move into film, he made his feature debut in Remember the Titans, a successful Denzel Washington vehicle. He then found acclaim playing a 'Jewish Nazi' in the controversial, independent film The Believer, which opened the door to a major role alongside Sandra Bullock in the thriller Murder By Numbers. Everything clicked with the 2004 box office hit The Notebook; it was a film so romantic that Ryan and his co-star, Rachel McAdams, ended up falling in love off-screen as well. The film turned Ryan into a Hollywood pin-up, and in the wake of its success he famously spent six months working in a Los Angeles sandwich shop, to regain a sense of perspective. Since then, he has played one challenging role after another, including a suicidal young man (Stay), a drug addict school teacher (Half Nelson), an alienated man whose only meaningful relationship is with a blow up doll (Lars and the Real Girl), while inching towards mainstream success with acclaimed performances in films like Blue Valentine, Drive, Crazy Stupid Lover and Gangster Squad. Aged 32, his is now poised to become a major movie star. Enigmatic and humble, with a legendary compulsion to lose himself in every role he takes on, this is the story of an actor who is incredibly close to his mother, plays in a band, co-owns a Moroccan restaurant in Beverly Hills, laughs off those who tag him a sex symbol and who shoulder shrugs at the widespread conviction that he's this generations Marlon Brando.


Girl on the Run - 2826765158

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Girl on the Run POCKET BOOKS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

He's a real catch ...if only she could catch him up Abby Rogers has been on health kicks before - they involve eating one blueberry muffin for breakfast instead of two. But since starting her own business, after watching one too many episodes of The Apprentice, the 28-year-old's waistline has taken even more of a back seat than her long-neglected love life. When Abby is encouraged to join her sporty best friend's running club - by none other than its gorgeous new captain - she finds a mysterious compulsion to exercise. Sadly, her first session doesn't go to plan. Between the obscenely unflattering pink leggings, and the fact that her lungs feel as though they've been set on fire, she vows never to return. Then her colleague Heidi turns up at work and makes a devastating announcement, one that will change her life - and Abby's - forever.


Ellis, Amburn - Pearl - 2826877531

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Ellis, Amburn - Pearl Little, Brown & Company

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The singer Janis Joplin's childhood in a backwater Texas town, where her classmates punished her for her individuality, fuelled the compulsion to shock which became her hallmark. This account of the forces that drove her through a short, impulsive life, to her death from a drug overdose at the age of 27, encompasses her binges, her egotism, her insecurities, and her affairs with figures such as Jim Morrison, Kris Kristofferson and Jimi Hendrix, and many lesbian lovers.


Ethics and the A Priori - 2826738058

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Ethics and the A Priori Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Over the last fifteen years, Michael Smith has written a series of seminal essays about the nature of belief and desire, the status of normative judgment, and the relevance of the views we take on both these topics to the accounts we give of our nature as free and responsible agents. This long awaited collection comprises some of the most influential of Smith's essays. Among the topics covered are: the Humean theory of motivating reasons, the nature of normative reasons, Williams and Korsgaard on internal and external reasons, the nature of self-control, weakness of will, compulsion, freedom, responsibility, the analysis of our rational capacities, moral realism, the dispositional theory of value, the supervenience of the normative on the non-normative, the error theory, rationalist treatments of moral judgment, the practicality requirement on moral judgment and non-cognivist. This collection will be of interest to students in philosophy and psychology.


Addiction by Design - 2837895037

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Addiction by Design University Press Group Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Recent decades have seen a dramatic shift away from social forms of gambling played around roulette wheels and card tables to solitary gambling at electronic terminals. Slot machines, revamped by ever more compelling digital and video technology, have unseated traditional casino games as the gambling industry's revenue mainstay. Addiction by Design takes readers into the intriguing world of machine gambling, an increasingly popular and absorbing form of play that blurs the line between human and machine, compulsion and control, risk and reward. Drawing on fifteen years of field research in Las Vegas, anthropologist Natasha Dow Schull shows how the mechanical rhythm of electronic gambling pulls players into a trancelike state they call the "machine zone," in which daily worries, social demands, and even bodily awareness fade away. Once in the zone, gambling addicts play not to win but simply to keep playing, for as long as possible--even at the cost of physical and economic exhaustion. In continuous machine play, gamblers seek to lose themselves while the gambling industry seeks profit. Schull describes the strategic calculations behind game algorithms and machine ergonomics, casino architecture and "ambience management," player tracking and cash access systems--all designed to meet the market's desire for maximum "time on device." Her account moves from casino floors into gamblers' everyday lives, from gambling industry conventions and Gamblers Anonymous meetings to regulatory debates over whether addiction to gambling machines stems from the consumer, the product, or the interplay between the two. Addiction by Design is a compelling inquiry into the intensifying traffic between people and machines of chance, offering clues to some of the broader anxieties and predicaments of contemporary life. At stake in Schull's account of the intensifying traffic between people and machines of chance is a blurring of the line between design and experience, profit and loss, control and compulsion.


Miles Davis The Complete Recordings 1945-1960 - 2851167861

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Miles Davis The Complete Recordings 1945-1960 Membran Music


1. That's The Stuff You Gotta Watch 2. Pointless Mama Blues 3. Deep Sea Blues 4. Bring It On Home 5. Oo Bop Sh'bam 6. I Love The Loveliness Of You 7. In The Still Of The Night 8. Jelly Jelly 9. Don't Sing Me The Blues 10. Don't Explain To Me Baby 11. Baby, Won't You Make Up 12. I've Always Got The Blues 13. For Europeans Only 14. Big Dog 15. You Left Me All Alone 16. Jivin' With Jack The Bellboy 17. Bean-a-re-bop 18. Isn't It Romantic 19. The Way You Look Tonight 20. Phantomesque 101. Why Do I Love You? 102. Godchild 103. S'il Vous Plait 104. Moon Dreams 105. Hallucinations (Budo) 106. Move (Mood) 107. Moon Dreams 108. Hallucinations (Budo) 109. Darn That Dream 110. 52nd Street Theme 111. Half Nelson 112. You Go To My Head 113. Chasin' The Bird 201. Overtime 202. Victory Ball 203. Good Bait 204. Focus 205. April In Paris 206. Webb's Delight 207. John's Delight 208. What's New 209. Heaven's Doors Are Wide Open 210. Focus 211. Blues Finale 212. Ain't Misbehavin' 213. Goodnight My Love 214. It Might As Well Be Spring 215. Mean To Me 216. Come Rain Or Come Shine 217. Nice Work If You Can Get It 218. East Of The Sun (West Of The Moon) 219. I Knew 220. Hi-beck 221. Odjenar 222. Ezz-thetic 223. Yesterdays 224. Conception 301. Billie's Bounce (Take 1) 302. Billie's Bounce (Take 3) 303. Billie's Bounce (Take 5) 304. Now The Time (Take 3) 305. Now The Time (Take 4) 306. Thriving On A Riff (Take 1) 307. Thriving On A Riff (Take 3) 308. Moose The Moche (Take 1) 309. Moose The Moche (Take 2) 310. Moose The Moche (Take 3) 311. Yardbird Suite (Take 1) 312. Yardbird Suite (Take 4) 313. Ornithology (Take 1) 314. Ornithology (Bird Love) (Take 1) 315. Ornithology (Take 4) 316. A Night In Tunisia (Take 4) 317. A Night In Tunisia (Take 5) 318. Donna Lee (Take 2) 319. Donna Lee (Take 3) 320. Donna Lee (Take 4) 321. Donna Lee (Take 5) 401. Chasin' The Bird (Take 1) 402. Chasin' The Bird (Take 3) 403. Chasin' The Bird (Take 4) 404. Cherryl (Take 2) 405. Buzzy (Take 1) 406. Buzzy (Take 3) 407. Buzzy (Take 5) 408. Milestones (Take 2) 409. Milestones (Take 3) 410. Little Willie Leaps (Take 2) 411. Little Willie Leaps (Take 3) 412. Half Nelson (Take 1) 413. Half Nelson (Take 2) 414. Sippin' At Bells (Take 2) 415. Sippin' At Bells (Take 4) 416. Dexterity (Take 1) 417. Dexterity (Take 2) 418. Bongo Bop (Take 1) 419. Bongo Bop (Take 2) 420. Dewey Square (Prezology) (Take 1) 421. Dewey Square (Take 2) 422. Dewey Square (Take 3) 423. The Hymn (Take 1) 424. The Hymn (Superman) (Take 2) 501. Bird Of Paradise (Take 1) 502. Bird Of Paradise (Take 2) 503. Bird Of Paradise (Take 3) 504. Embraceable You (Take 1) 505. Embraceable You (Take 2) 506. Bird Feathers (Take 3) 507. Klactoveedsedstene (Take 1) 508. Klactoveedsedstene (Take 2) 509. Scrapple From The Apple (Take 2) 510. Scrapple From The Apple (Take 3) 511. My Old Flame (Blue Lamp) 512. Out Of Nowhere (Take 1) 513. Out Of Nowhere (Take 2) 514. Out Of Nowhere (Take 3) 515. Don't Blame Me 516. Drifting On A Reed (Giant Swing) (Take 2) 517. Drifting On A Reed (Take 4) 518. Drifting On A Reed (Air Conditioning) (Take 5) 519. Quasimodo (Take 1) 520. Quasimodo (Trade Winds) (Take 2) 601. Charlie's Wig (Bongo Bop) (Take 2) 602. Charlie's Wig (Drifting On A Road) (Take 4) 603. Charlie's Wig (Take 5) 604. Bongo Beep (Dexterity) (Take 2) 605. Bongo Beep (Habanera Mambobop) (Bird Feathers) (Take 3) 606. Crazeology (Little Benny) (Take 1) 607. Crazeology (Little Benny) (Take 2) 608. How Deep Is The Ocean? (How Deep) (Take 1) 609. How Deep Is The Ocean? (Take 2) 610. Another Hair Do (Take 2) 611. Another Hair Do (Take 4) 612. Bluebird (Take 1) 613. Bluebird (Take 3) 614. Klaunstance (Take 1) 615. Bird Gets The Worm (Take 1) 616. Bird Gets The Worm (Take 3) 617. Barbados (Take 1) 618. Barbados (Take 3) 619. Barbados (Take 4) 701. Ah-leu-cha (Take 2) 702. Constellation (Take 3) 703. Constellation (Take 4) 704. Constellation (Take 5) 705. Perhaps (Take 1) 706. Perhaps (Take 3) 707. Perhaps (Take 6) 708. Perhaps (Take 7) 709. Marmaduke (Take 5) 710. Marmaduke (Take 9) 711. Marmaduke (Take 12) 712. Steeplechase (Take 2) 713. Merry Go Round (Take 1) 714. Merry Go Round (Take 2) 715. Au Privave 716. She Rote 717. K.c. Blues 718. Star Eyes 801. 52nd Street Theme 802. Koko 803. Groovin' High 804. Big Foot 805. Ornithology 806. Slow Boat To China 807. Hot House 808. Salt Peanuts 809. Chasin' The Bird 810. Out Of Nowhere 811. How High The Moon 901. 52nd Street Theme 902. Shaw 'Nuff 903. Out Of Nowhere 904. This Time The Dream's On Me 905. A Night In Tunisia 906. My Old Flame 907. The Way You Look Tonight 908. Out Of Nowhere 909. Chasin' The Bird 910. This Time The Dream's On Me 911. Dizzy Atmosphere 912. How High The Moon 913. 52nd Street Theme 1001. Conception 1002. Ray's Idea 1003. That Old Black Magic 1004. Max Is Making Wax 1005. Woody 'N You 1006. Out Of The Blue 1007. Half Nelson 1008. Tempus Fugit 1009. Move 1010. Move 1011. Half Nelson 1012. Down 1101. Move (Mood) 1102. The Squirrel 1103. Lady Bird 1104. Confirmation 1105. Out Of The Blue 1106. Wee Dot 1107. The Chase 1108. It Could Happen To You 1109. Out Of The Blue 1201. Tempus Fugit 1202. Kelo 1203. Enigma 1204. Ray's Idea 1205. How Deep Is The Ocean? 1206. C.t.a. (Alt Take) 1207. Dear Old Stockholm 1208. Chance It 1209. Yesterdays 1210. Donna (Alt Take) 1211. C.t.a. 1212. Woody 'N You (Alt Take) 1301. Take Off 1302. Weirdo 1303. Woody 'N You 1304. I Waited For You 1305. Ray's Idea (Alt Take) 1306. Donna 1307. Well, You Needn't 1308. The Leap 1309. Lazy Susan 1310. Tempus Fugit (Alt Take) 1311. It Never Entered My Mind 1401. Move 1402. Jeru 1403. Moon Dreams 1404. Venus De Milo 1405. Budo 1406. Deception 1407. Godchild 1408. Boplicity 1409. Rocker 1410. Israel 1411. Rouge 1412. Darn That Dream 1501. I'll Remember April 1502. Four 1503. Old Devil Moon 1504. Smooch 1505. Blue Haze 1506. When Lights Are Low 1507. Tune Up 1508. Miles Ahead 1509. The Man I Love (Take 2) 1510. Swing Spring 1511. Round About Midnight 1512. Bemsha Swing 1513. The Man I Love (Take 1) 1601. Will You Still Be Mine? 1602. Green Haze 1603. I Didn't 1604. I See Your Face Before Me 1605. A Night In Tunisia 1606. A Gal In Calico 1607. Nature Boy 1608. Alone Together 1609. There's No You 1610. Easy Living 1701. Dr. Jackle (Dr. Jekyll) 1702. Bitty Ditty 1703. Minor March 1704. Changes 1705. Stablemates 1706. There Is No Greater Love 1707. How Am I To Know? 1708. S'posin' 1709. Bye Bye (Theme) 1710. Just Squeeze Me 1801. Dig 1802. It's Only A Paper Moon 1803. Denial 1804. Bluing 1805. Out Of The Blue 1806. Tasty Pudding 1807. Floppy 1808. Willie The Wailer 1809. For Adults Only 1810. Morpheus 1811. Down 1812. Blue Room 1813. Blue Room (Alt Take) 1814. Whispering 1901. The Serpent's Tooth (Take 1) 1902. The Serpent's Tooth (Take 2) 1903. Round About Midnight 1904. Compulsion 1905. No Line 1906. Weird Blues 1907. In Your Own Sweet Way 2001. 'Round Midnight 2002. Ah-leu-cha 2003. All Of You 2004. Bye Bye Blackbird 2005. Tadd's Delight 2006. Dear Old Stockholm 2007. Budo 2008. Sweet Sue, Just You 2101. My Funny Valentine 2102. Blues By Five 2103. Airegin 2104. Tune Up/when Lights Are Low 2105. If I Were A Bell 2106. You're My Everything 2107. I Could Write A Book 2108. Oleo 2109. It Could Happen To You 2110. Woody 'N You 2201. It Never Entered My Mind 2202. Four 2203. In Your Own Sweet Way 2204. The Theme 2205. Trane's Blues 2206. Ahmad's Blues 2207. Half Nelson 2208. The Theme 2301. The Surrey With The Fringe On Top 2302. Salt Peanuts 2303. Something I Dreamed Last Night 2304. Diane 2305. Well, You Needn't 2306. When I Fall In Love 2401. Springville 2402. The Maids Of Cadiz 2403. The Duke 2404. My Ship 2405. Miles Ahead 2406. Blues For Pablo 2407. New Rhumba 2408. The Meaning Of The Blues 2409. Lament 2410. I Don't Wanna Be Kissed 2501. Dr. Jacket 2502. Sid's Ahead 2503. Two Bass Hit 2504. Milestone 2505. Billy Boy 2506. Straight, No Chaser 2601. So What 2602. Freddie Freeloader 2603. Blue In Green 2604. All Blues 2605. Flamenco Sketches 2701. Concierto De Aranjuez (Adagio) 2702. Will O' The Wisp 2703. The Pan Piper 2704. Saeta 2705. Solea 2801. Bag's Groove (Take 1) 2802. Bag's Groove (Take 2) 2803. Airegin 2804. Oleo 2805. But Not For Me (Take 2) 2806. Doxy 2807. But Not For Me (Take 1) 2901. Generique 2902. L'assassinat De Carala 2903. Sur L'autoroute 2904. Julien Dans L'ascenseur 2905. Florence Sur Les Champs-elysees 2906. Diner Au Motel 2907. Evasion De Julien 2908. Visite Du Vigile 2909. Au Bar Du Petit Bac 2910. Chez Le Photographe Du Motel 2911. On Green Dolphin Street 2912. Fran Dance (Put Your Little Foot Right Out) 2913. Stella By Starlight 3001. If I Were A Bell 3002. Oleo 3003. My Funny Valentine 3004. Straight, No Chaser 3101. Rifftide 3102. Good Bait 3103. Don't Blame Me 3104. Lady Bird 3105. Perdido (Wahoo) 3106. Allen's Alley 3107. Embraceable You 3108. Ornithology 3109. All The Things You Are 3110. The Squirrel 3201. The Buzzard Song 3202. Bess, You Is My Woman 3203. Gone 3204. Gone, Gone, Gone 3205. Summertime 3206. Bess, Oh Where's My Bess? 3207. Prayer (Oh Doctor Jesus) 3208. Fisherman, Strawberry And Devil Crab 3209. My Man's Gone Now 3210. It Ain't Necessarily So 3211. Here Comes The Honey Man 3212. I Love You, Porgy 3213. There's A Boat That's Leaving Soon For New York 3214. But For Me (Take 1) 3215. But For Me (Take 2) 3216. The Man I Love (Take 1) 3217. The Man I Love (Take 2) 3301. The Jitterbug Waltz 3302. Nuages 3303. Night In Tunisia 3304. Blue And Sentimental 3305. Stomping At The Savoy 3306. Django 3307. Wild Man Blues 3308. Rosetta 3309. 'Round Midnight 3310. Don't Get Around Much Anymore 3311. In A Mist


Story of Art - 2212825709

115,10 zł

Story of Art Phaidon Press Ltd


The Story of Art, one of the most famous and popular books on art ever written, has been a world bestseller for over four decades. Attracted by the simplicity and clarity of his writing, readers of all ages and back-grounds have found in Professor Gombrich a true master, who combines knowledge and wisdom with a unique gift for communicating his deep love of the subject. For the first time in many years the book has been completely redesigned. The illustrations, now in colour throughout, have all been improved and reoriginated, and include six fold-outs. The text has been revised and updated where appropriate, and a number of new artists have been incorporated. The bibliographies have been expanded and updated, and the maps and charts redrawn. The Story of Art has always been admired for two key qualities: it is a pleasure to read and a pleasure to handle. In these respects the new edition is true to its much-loved predecessors: the text runs as smoothly as ever, and the improved illustrations are always on the page where the reader needs them. In its new edition this classic work continues its triumphant progress for another generation and remains the title of first choice for all newcomers to art.'This is a book which, widely read as it will certainly be, may well affect the thought of a generation. Gombrich writes conversationally and intimately. His learning, though very perceptible to any student of the subject, is worn lightly, but he has something new to say on almost every subject. He can illuminate with a few words the whole atmosphere of a period.' T J Boase, Times Literary Supplement, reviewing the 1st edition, 27 January 1950 'A pure delight, intellectually and physically.' Professor H W Janson, New York University, 1950 'Like every art historian of my generation, my way of thinking about pictures has been in large measure shaped by Ernst Gombrich. I was 15 when I read The Story of Art and like millions since, I felt I had been given a map of a great country, and with it the confidence to explore further without fear of being overwhelmed.' Neil MacGregor, Director of the National Gallery, London, 1995 'It is hard to overstate my enthusiasm for this new edition of one of the pivotal works in the great cause of helping bring people and art together. The elegant new design, bringing the illustrations back into their proper relationship with the text; the glorious colour of the illustrations, many completely new; and the limpid, radiant text, itself updated, combine to make this edition a triumph. A book to read, re-read, and, in this format, to savour lovingly like a classic vintage.' J Carter Brown, Director Emeritus, National Gallery of Art, Washington DC, Chairman, US Commission of Fine Arts, 1995 'Almost as well known as the Mona Lisa, Sir Ernst Gombrich's The Story of Art unites learning and pleasure.' Pierre Rosenberg, Président-Directeur, Musée du Louvre, Paris, 1995 'More people - artists, students and scholars alike - have been introduced to the world of fine art, in the last 45 years, though Ernst Gombrich's The Story of Art than through any other single book. It is a magnificent story, written by a great historian whose directness, suspicion of jargon and enthusiasm remain as infectious as ever. The new edition is excellent news for those of us who grew up with Gombrich's book - and even more excellent news for those who are about to.' Christopher Frayling, Professor of Cultural History, Royal College of Art, London, 1995 'The Story of Art was the first history of art which I read as a 19-year-old student. It was a revelation and I could not put it down. It pushed open the door on some of the greatest achievements of the human spirit. Written with love and scholarship, clarity and insight, it stands as a classic cornerstone in any appreciation of art.' Bridget Riley, artist, 1995 'I owe a great debt of gratitude to Ernst Gombrich. I read The Story of Art at school at the age of 15 with curiosity and growing compulsion. It planted in me a feeling of the centrality of art in human experience. His combination of breadth of knowledge and personal insight encouraged me to look at as much painting and sculpture as I could. I re-read the book recently and it is still as strong as ever.' Antony Gormley, sculptor (winner of the 1994 Turner prize), 1995 'Equation: Knowledge + Eye; Solution = Gombrich.' Henri Cartier-Bresson, photographer, 1995 'This book could change your life.' Jeremy Isaacs, General Director, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, 1995 'Not just the most readable introduction to its subject, but a ravishing example of the book-maker's art.' The Times, reviewing the 16th edition, 25 September 1995


I'll Give You My Heart, . . - 2844899575

209,99 zł

I'll Give You My Heart, . . Cherry Red


1. Tights, The - Bad Hearts 2. Tights, The - It 3. Tights, The - Cracked 4. Tights, The - Howard Hughes 5. Tights, The - China's Eternal 6. All Monsters - Bored 7. All Monsters - You're Gonna Die 8. Staa Marx - Crazy Weekend 9. Staa Marx - Pvs (Pleasant Valley Sunday) 10. Morgan-fisher - Geneve 11. Morgan-fisher - Roll Away The Stone '78 12. Morgan-fisher - Sleeper 13. Morgan-fisher - Lydian Theme 14. Hollywood Brats - Then He Kissed Me 15. Hollywood Brats - Sick On You 16. Destroy All Monsters - Meet The Creeper 17. Destroy All Monsters - Nov. 22nd 1968 18. Runaways, The - What Do I Get? 19. Runaways, The - Nobody Knows 20. Destroy All Monsters - International Language 21. Destroy All Monsters - Black Leather 22. Strange, Richard - International Language 23. Strange, Richard - Kiss Goodby Tomorrow 101. Burtons, The - Macarthur Park 102. Jah Wurzel - Wuthering Heights 103. Hybrid Kids - D'ya Think I'm Sexy 104. Hybrid Kids - Catch A F-falling Star 105. Dead Kennedys - Holiday In Cambodia 106. Dead Kennedys - Police Truck 107. Emotion Pictures - They Say Space Is Cold 108. Emotion Pictures - Rescue Remedy 109. Burnham, Alan - Music To Save The World 110. Burnham, Alan - Science Fiction 111. Dead Kennedys - Kill The Poor 112. Dead Kennedys - In-sight 113. Hybrid Kids - Happy Xmas (War Is Over) 114. Hybrid Kids - Holly & Ivy 115. Medium, Medium - Hungry So Angry 116. Medium, Medium - Nadsat Dream 117. Five Or Six - Another Reason 118. Five Or Six - The Trial 119. Eyeless In Gaza - Invisibility 120. Eyeless In Gaza - Three Kittens 121. Eyeless In Gaza - Plague Of Years 122. 2nd Layer - Courts Or Wars 123. 2nd Layer - Fixation 201. Misunderstood, The - Children Of The Sun 202. Misunderstood, The - Who Do You Love 203. Misunderstood, The - I Can Take You To The Sun 204. Misunderstood, The - Polar Exposure 205. Misunderstood, The - Inclination 206. Misunderstood, The - Outwars Conversation 207. Five Or Six - The Dreams I Cannot Keep 208. Five Or Six - Building Kind 209. Five Or Six - Shifting 210. Five Or Six - Lost Cause 211. Five Or Six - Mud, Clay & Sticks 212. Five Or Six - Concotion 213. Five Or Six - Cold Climate 214. Dead Kennedys - Too Drunk To Fuck 215. Dead Kennedys - The Prey 216. Watt, Benn - Cant 217. Watt, Benn - Tower Of Silence 218. Watt, Benn - Aubade 219. Felt - Something Sends Me To Sleep 220. Felt - Red Indians 221. Soul - Tribes 222. Soul - Love 301. Leer, Thomas - Don't 302. Leer, Thomas - Letter From America 303. Leer, Thomas - Tight As A Drum 304. Leer, Thomas - West End 305. Bolan, Marc - You Scare Me To Death 306. Bolan, Marc - The Perfumed Garden Of Gulliver Smit 307. Passage, The - Taboo 308. Passage, The - Taboodub 309. Eyeless In Gaza - Others 310. Eyeless In Gaza - Jane Dancing 311. Eyeless In Gaza - Ever Present 312. Eyeless In Gaza - Avenue With Trees 313. Bolan, Marc - Cat Black 314. Bolan, Marc - Jasper C Debussy 315. Reflections, The - Countries 316. Reflections, The - The Coroner & The Inquest 317. Nightingales, The - Inside Out 318. Nightingales, The - Under The Lash 319. Nightingales, The - Use Your Loaf 320. Passage, The - Xoyo 321. Passage, The - Animal In Me 322. Passage, The - Born Every Minute 401. Watt, Ben / Wyatt, Robert - Walter & John 402. Watt, Ben / Wyatt, Robert - Aquamarine 403. Watt, Ben / Wyatt, Robert - Slipping Slowly 404. Watt, Ben / Wyatt, Robert - Another Conversation W 405. Watt, Ben / Wyatt, Robert - A Girl In Winter 406. Everything But The Girl - Night & Day 407. Everything But The Girl - Feeling Dizzy 408. Everything But The Girl - On My Mind 409. Nightingales, The - Paraffin Brain 410. Nightingales, The - Elvis, The Last Ten Days 411. Bolan, Marc - The Wizard 412. Bolan, Marc - Beyond The Risin' Sun 413. Marine Girls - On My Mind 414. Marine Girls - The Lure Of The Rockpools 415. Creation Rebel - Love I Can Feel 416. Creation Rebel - Read & Learn 417. Monochrome Set, The - The Mating Game 418. Monochrome Set, The - Jdhaney 419. Five Or Six - This Is For The Moment 420. Five Or Six - Think 421. Five Or Six - Rushes 422. Five Or Six - Theme 501. Nightingales, The - Which Hi-fi? 502. Nightingales, The - Give Em Time 503. Nightingales, The - My Brilliant Career 504. Nightingales, The - The Son Of God's Mate 505. Felt - My Face Is On Fire 506. Felt - Trails Of Colour Dossolve 507. Attila The Stockbroker - Cocktails 508. Attila The Stockbroker - Contributory Negligence 509. Attila The Stockbroker - The Night I Slept With Th 510. Attila The Stockbroker - Fifth Column 511. Attila The Stockbroker - The Oracle 512. Eyeless In Gaza - Veil Like Calm 513. Eyeless In Gaza - Taking Steps 514. Crow, Joe - Compulsion 515. Crow, Joe - Absent Friend 516. Coyne, Kevin - So Strange 517. Coyne, Kevin - Father, Dear Father 518. Passage, The - Wave 519. Passage, The - Drugface 520. Passage, The - Angleland 521. Monochrome Set, The - Cast A Long Shadow 522. Monochrome Set, The - The Bridge 523. Leer, Thomas - All About You 524. Leer, Thomas - Saving Grace 601. Thorn, Tracex - Plain Sailing 602. Thorn, Tracex - Goodbye Joe 603. Marine Girls - Don't Come Back 604. Marine Girls - You Must Be Mad 605. Watt, Ben - Some Things Don't Matter 606. Watt, Ben - On Box Hill 607. Nightingales, The - Urban Ospreys 608. Nightingales, The - Cakehole 609. Can - Moonshake 610. Can - Turtles Have Short Legs 611. Can - One More Night 612. Passage, The - Sharp Tongue 613. Passage, The - Brd Usa Ddr Jfk 614. Felt - Penelope Tree 615. Felt - A Preacher In New England 616. Felt - Now Summer Spreads Its Wings 617. Monochrome Set, The - Jet Set Junta 618. Monochrome Set, The - Love Goes Down In The Drain 619. Monochrome Set, The - Noise (Eine Kleine Symphonie 620. Fantastic Something - If She Doesn't Smile It'll R 621. Fantastic Something - The Thousand Guitars Of St. 701. Morgan - The Sleeper Wakes 702. Bodast - Do You Remember 703. Harrison, Kevin - Chase The Dragon 704. Tent, A - Now Way Of Knowing 705. Gilbert & Lewis - Mzui 706. New Age Steppers - Threat To Creation 707. Milesi, Piero - Modi 2 708. Lol Coxhill / Fisher, Morgan - Pretty Little Girl 709. Hewick, Kevin - Feathering The Nest 710. Bates, Martyn - The Look Of Love 711. Otway, John - Mine Tonight 712. Wyatt, Robert - Rangers In The Nightst 713. Melly, George - Sounds That Saved My Life 714. Fripp, Robert - Miniature 715. Partridge, Andy - The History Of Rock'n'roll 716. Cutler, Ivor - Brooch Boat 717. Genesis Gospel Singers - N'tutu 718. Katakumbey - Glory Halleluya 719. Reflections, The - Tightrope Walker 720. Squad - Flasher 721. Europeans - Europeans 722. Glaxo Babies - Christine Keeler 723. Private Dicks - She Said Go 724. Apartment - The Car 725. Letters, The - Nobody Loves Me 726. Art Objects - Showing Off To Impress The Girls 727. Final Eclipse, The - Birdsong 728. Compassion & Humanity Of Margaret Thatcher, T - Ke


NLP w praktyce, czyli sztuka kształtowania przyszłości - 2829798769

33,21 zł

NLP w praktyce, czyli sztuka kształtowania przyszłości Edgard

Książki ogólne / biznes i ekonomia

Książka w przystępny sposób wyjaśnia, czym jest NLP i dlaczego jest dziś jednym z najskuteczniejszych narzędzi rozwoju osobistego i zawodowego. Uczy najpopularniejszych technik i strategii, które pozwalają efektywnie zarządzać swoim umysłem i emocjami, osiągać wyznaczone cele i świadomie sterować własną karierą. Teorię wzbogacają liczne ćwiczenia i praktyczne przykłady. Dlaczego poradnik trafia w SAMO SEDNO?

Sklep: Księ

My Inventions - 2839141379

53,09 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Speaking for myself, I have already had more than my full measure of this exquisite enjoyment, so much that for many years my life was little short of continuous rapture. I am credited with being one of the hardest workers and perhaps I am, if thought is the equivalent of labor, for I have devoted to it almost all of my waking hours. But if work is interpreted to be a definite performance in a specified time according to a rigid rule, then I may be the worst of idlers. Every effort under compulsion demands a sacrifice of life-energy. I never paid such a price. On the contrary, I have thrived on my thoughts. "In attempting to give a connected and faithful account of my activities in this series of articles which will be presented with the assistance of the Editors of the ELECTRICAL EXPERIMENTER and are chiefly addressed to our young men readers, I must dwell, however reluctantly, on the impressions of my youth and the circumstances and events which have been instrumental in determining my career." Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American inventor, mechanical engineer, and electrical engineer. He was an important contributor to the birth of commercial electricity, and is best known for developing the modern alternating current (AC) electrical supply system. Tesla's patents and theoretical work also formed the basis of wireless communication and the radio.


Mad Travelers - 2834161838

126,04 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Hacking tells the fascinating tale of Albert Dadas, a native of France's Bordeaux region and the first diagnosed mad traveler. Dadas suffered from a strange compulsion that led him to travel obsessively, often without identification, not knowing who he was or why he traveled. Using the records of Philippe Tissie, Dadas's physician, Hacking attempts to make sense of this strange epidemic. In telling this tale, Hacking raises probing questions about the nature of mental disorders, the cultural repercussions of their diagnosis, and the relevance of this century-old case study for today's overanalyzed society.


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