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At the Chime of a City Clock - 2845527475

40,01 zł

At the Chime of a City Clock CONSTABLE & ROBINSON

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Summer 1931 in seedy Bayswater and James Ross is on his uppers. An aspiring writer whose stories nobody will buy ('It's the slump'), with a landlady harassing him for unpaid rent and occasional sleepless nights spent in the waiting room at King's Cross Station, he is reduced to selling carpet-cleaning lotion door-to-door. His prospects brighten when he meets the glamorous Suzi ('the red hair and the tight jumper weren't a false card: she really was a looker and no mistake'), but their relationship turns out to be a source of increasing bafflement. Who is her boss, the mysterious Mr Rasmussen - whose face bears a startling resemblance to one of the portraits in "Police News" - and why is he so interested in the abandoned premises above the Cornhill jeweller's shop? Worse, mysterious Mr Haversham from West End Central is starting to take an interest in his affairs. With a brief to keep an eye on Schmiegelow, James finds himself staying incognito at a grand Society weekend at a country house in Sussex, where the truth - about Suzi and her devious employer - comes as an unexpected shock. Set against a backdrop of the 1931 financial crisis and the abandonment of the Gold Standard, acted out in shabby bed-sitters and Lyons tea-shops, "At the Chime of a City Clock" is an authentic slice of Thirties comedy-noir. Praise for "Kept: A Victorian Mystery": 'Very entertaining and well done, with a sharp appreciation for the details' The Times 'An ingenious tale of madness, murder and deception' - "The Guardian". 'A stylish page-turner ...all done with humour and cunning' - "Sunday Telegraph".


Tea & Cake with Lisa Faulkner - 2854252412

100,34 zł

Tea & Cake with Lisa Faulkner Simon & Schuster Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Lisa Faulkner really, really loves a cup of tea. It's about setting aside a moment, whether on your own, with your best friend or even in a bigger group, and taking a few minutes to just be. It's what keeps us all calm amidst the madness of everyday life - the school run, long working hours, homework time, and the hundred and one other things that have us running around in circles. A steaming mug of Earl Grey and a biscuit or a slice of cake, and all is right with the world! And that is what this book is all about - biscuits, cakes and little savoury bites to enjoy with your mid-morning, mid-afternoon or anytime tea break. From the perfect dunking biscuit to sticky salted chocolate cake and ideas for celebration tea parties, these are easy, tried and tested recipes that Lisa goes to again and again, and now you can join her in that perfect cup of tea moment.


Summer House Megamix 2015 - 2840183477

124,99 zł

Summer House Megamix 2015


1. Dittberner, Phillipp & Marv - Wolke 4 (Original Mi 2. Camel Phat / A M E - Paradigm (Original Mix) 3. Sugar & Pie - 2 People (Original Mix) 4. Disco Boys, The - Taxi Nach Paris (Fabelwelt Radio 5. Schulz, Robin & Alligatoah - Willst Du (Original M 6. Froidz - Enjoy The Silence (Froidz Club Remix) 7. Rob & Chris / O'clock, Dan - Rueckenwind (Extended 8. Bryce - Frontline (Extended Mix) 9. Promise Land - Alright (Original Mix) 10. West, Maurice - Medusa (Original Mix) 11. Holl & Rush - Sonar (Original Mix) 12. Kramer, Arjan - What You Need (Radio Edit) 13. Jetfire / Authentix - Yalem (Original Mix) 14. Melbourne Bounce Project & Superfreakz / Trillo - 15. Morten - Himalaya (Original Mix) 16. Broenner, Mike - Get Up! (Cub Edit) 17. Staar, Tom - Bora (Original Mix) 18. Candys, Mike / Holiday, Jack - The Drill (Original 19. Picco - 12 Inch (Remixes) (Ldmf Remix) 20. Le Grand, Fedde / Jewelz & Sparks - Robotis (Origi 21. Laidback Luke / Goodgrip - Rocking With The Best ( 22. Woods, Michael - Slice Of Life (Club Mix) 23. La Funk, Patrick / Jewelz & Sparks - Wazzup (Origi 24. Will K - Banzai (Original Mix) 25. Johanl / Tonyt & Florentina - Never Give Up (Origi 26. Berg, Chris - My Passion (Club Mix) 27. Klaas - I Don't Care (Dany Lorence Remix) 28. David M - Say That Again (Radio Mix) 29. Fall, Tom - Bringin' It Back (Original Mix) 30. Marco V - Chikago (Original Mix) 31. Discotek & Side-b / Beatsistem - Maniac (Extended 32. Young, Dave - Home (Radio Cut) 33. Pertini, Oliver - Deep In Your Eyes (Club Mix) 34. Vinylsurfer / Montana, Chris - Push It On (Jeremy 35. Stard Ova / Thomas, Dante / Blind, Joe - Galaxy Ri 36. Koenig, Stefan - Vamos! (Bossa Mix) 37. Caos, Gary - Relax (Original Mix) 38. Code3000 - Everybody Get Up (Original Mix) 39. Dj Jean - Pulp! (Original Mix) 40. Krokodile Kruegel - Ue & Me (Original Mix) 41. Calippo - Owe You Something (Me & My Toothbrush Re 42. Apache - Something About You (Original Mix) 43. Zeyenne, Cedric / Menna - Drowning (Original Mix) 101. Klaas - The Gallery (We Are One) (Original Mix) 102. Romero, Nicky & Vicetone / When We Are Wild - Let 103. Tungevaag, Martin & Italobrothers - Springfield (V 104. Cost, Arno / Doray, Norman - Strong (Ansolo Remix) 105. Finn, Sean - Show Me Love 2k15 (Bodybangers Remix) 106. Topmodelz - Strings Of Infinity 2015 (Festival Mix 107. Lundberg, Arvid - Save Up To 50% (Club Edit) 108. Moor, Micha & Avaro - Kwango (Original Mix) 109. Sky Inc - Our Time (Remix) 110. Guena & Afargan, Amir / Bextor, Sophie Ellis - Bac 111. Young, Dave - We Belong To (Radio Edit) 112. Sterlyng - Be All (Radio Edit) 113. Italobrothers & Floorfilla / Moody, P. - One Heart 114. Spencer, Andrew - What A Feeling (Extended Mix) 115. Dahlback, John / Myers, Albin - Lord (Original Mix 116. Massiv Vibes / Brown, Alex - Love's Divine (Extend 117. Arston - Light (Original Mix) 118. Maxx, Tim - Crash & Burn 119. Thomas, Kenneth / Riley, Colleen - The Heart Speak 120. Pulsedriver - On A Ragga Tip (Melbourne Bounce Edi 121. Hupe, Patrik - Bounce To The Beat (Original Mix) 122. Crew 7 - Eye Of The Tiger (Future House Mix) 123. Duke & Robin - Into You (Club Mix) 124. Cassey - Borders (Crystal Rock Remix) 125. Dbn / Ferrer, Jordan / Oni Sky - Gotta Get Thru Th 126. Hofmann, Patrick - Sagas (Original Mix) 127. Tune Brothers / Wilson, Ray - Here Comes The Rain 128. Karami & Lewis / Remzeg - Open Your Eyes (Original 129. Generation Madness - The Hymn (Zoulu) (Extended Mi 130. Laidback Luke & Tujamo - S.a.x. (Original Mix) 131. Christer & Lennart - Hard Drop (Radio Edit) 132. Mojo Revenger - Tornado (Club Edit) 133. Stil & Bense / Katta - Lost & Found (Original Mix) 134. Blind Date - Pyro (Extended Mix) 135. Aquagen / Romez & Damark - Deeper (Extended Mix) 136. Chocolate Puma / Kiss, Kris / Shystie & Roya - Ste 137. Ironix, The / Braun, Philip - Lost In The Water (O 138. Ravni - Carnival (Original Mix) 139. Fuldner, Phil / Griffith, Polina - Do What You Lik 140. Me & My Toothbrush - Show Me (Original Mix) 141. Apache - Feel So Good (Original Mix) 142. Platinum Doug - Run For Cover (Original Mix) 143. Pingpong & Schulz, Robin - Snowflakes (Club Mix)


Extinct Boids - 2854285132

125,43 zł

Extinct Boids A & C Black

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

When Ceri Levy asked Ralph Steadman to produce one piece of art representing an extinct bird for a recent exhibition, Ghosts of Gone Birds, Ralph said 'yes'. Then 'yes' again ...and again ...and again. An astonishing 100 paintings later, Extinct Boids was born. Ralph got carried away by the birds, taking Ceri with him ...this book details the discoveries they made on their travels through the savage seas of extinction. After stumbling on the previously hidden Toadstool Island, where the extinct birds of the world live on in secretive harmony, the duo spent nearly a year in close proximity to a host of fantastical avian creatures. Ralph documents them all in this series of remarkable paintings, featuring unique interpretations of well-known birds such as the Great Auk, Passenger Pigeon and Dodo, along with less familiar members of the feathersome firmament - Snail-eating Coua, for example, or the Red-moustached Fruit Dove - and a variety of bizarre beasts including the Gob Swallow, the Long-legged Shortwing and the Needless Smut. All are captured in a riot of expression and colour, with a slice of trademark Steadman humour. Based on emails, diary entries and phone conversations, Ceri's accompanying text provides a running commentary, detailing the unfolding madness behind the creation of each piece in Ralph's extraordinary work. Things got tough as the pair discovered just how many amazing birds have been lost from our world forever. "But," as Ralph said "it did, after all, make a nice change from drawing politicians". Bloomsbury is proud to publish this unique title.


Black Neon - 2854210518

45,25 zł

Black Neon Bluemoose Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Lupita & Genesis waste a drug dealer,& hit the open road with a bag full of dirty money & crystal meth.Their road trip sets them on a collision course with a side of American life even darker and weirder than their own. BLACK NEON is a pitch black classic slice of neo-noir,where black magic,art house cinema,drug fuelled madness & violence collide


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