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A Spy's Devotion - 2850827027

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A Spy's Devotion

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Fiction & related items>Religious & spiritual fictionKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Fiction & related ...


House Top 100 / 8 - 2852813589

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House Top 100 / 8 QUADROPHON


1. Masters At Work - Work (Milk&sugar Remix) 2. Kortzemann Feat. Rozalle - Everybody's Free (Londo 3. Wild,dany - Rankings (Tube&berger Remix) 4. Doria,a. - Summertime 5. Cost,arno&arias - Magenta (Original Mix) 6. Tur,manuel - Strayed Socks 7. Prince,alexandra - Rising High (Dub Mix) 8. Duguid,andy Feat. Leah - Don't Belong (Original Mi 9. Lewis,demarkus - Outta The Box (Main Mix) 10. D.o.n.s. - Big Fun (Dave Spoon Remix) 11. Tapia,ramon - Growing 12. Macklin,ben Feat. Lily,tiger - Feel Together (Orig 13. Prezioso&marvin - Touch Me (Eddie Thonieck Remix) 14. Ti-aya,frank Feat. Don,yardi - One Love,one World 15. Amir,king - Samir's Theme (Ericke Extended Mix) 16. Lake,chris Feat. Laura V. - Changes (Club Edit) 17. Doria,andrea - Bucci Bag 2007 18. Bee-low - Ready Or Not (Club Mix) 19. Loose Change - Straight From The Heart 20. Se:sa Feat. Sharon Phillips - Like This,like That 21. Leggz&femi B - Werk The Ha! (Original Club Mix) 22. Ultra Dj's Feat. T.q. - What About U? (Ben Macklin 23. Voltaxx&lissat Feat. Baby Jane - Kitsch Queen (Lis 24. Gray,m. Feat. Edwards,s. - Somewehere Beyond (Club 25. Neodisco - Preacher Man (2-4 Grooves Remix) 26. Novy,t. Vs Ades,j.c. - Slap That Bitch (Vincent Th 27. Funkermann&fedde Le Grand - Wheels In Motion 28. Doria,a. Vs. Fish,j. - Jumping Jack 29. Ropero,jerry - The Storm (John Dahlbaeck Vocal Mix 30. Crockett,johnny - Electro Express 31. Lee-cabrera Feat. Cartana,a. - Shake It (Move A Li 32. King&rock - Wicked (Club Mix 12aeae) 33. Leisuregroove Feat. Sevi G. - Fallen Angel (Sunlov 34. Mypd Feat. Liz - You're Not Alone (Micha Moor Remi 35. Sanchez,roger - Not Enough (Mischa Daniels Tmh Voc 36. Stereo Mutants Feat. Litl'n - Amazing (Per Q Remix 37. Burnside,t.&diamond,j. - Follow Me (Original Mix) 38. Hardsoul Feat. Ron Caroll - Back Together (Stonebr 39. Js16 - Rosegarden (Original Mix) 40. Osborne,louis - Maia (Ramon Zenker Remix) 41. Lxr - Move To My Plan 42. Synchro&jva - Time Out (Sunloverz Remix) 43. Grey,richard - Tainted Love 44. Deadmau5 - Aguru (Original Mix) 45. Dj Jose - Hecitate (Remaniax Remix) 46. Doc Phatt - Fuck Me On The Dancefloor (Original Mi 47. Soulcast Feat. Indian Princess - Someone Like Me ( 48. Tata Golosa - Micromania 49. Sunloverz Feat. Tyler,nicole - Survive (Original 50. De La Fuente,oscar - Yo Quiero Bailar 101. Mind,michael - Ride Like The Wind 102. Kubik - Turn The Beat Around 103. Syke'n'sugarstarr - Danz (Devotion) 104. Out Of Office - Hands Up 105. Stonebridge - You Don't Know 106. Vinylshakerz - Forget Me Nots 107. Thonieck,e. Feat. Lew,b. - Forgiveness 108. Rich,thomas - The Dreamers (Bashaenaebites Remix) 109. Ericke - Boogie Down 110. Pierce - Recreate 111. Thoneick,e. Feat. Bonse - Togehter As One 112. Moor,micha - Space 113. Discorados - Get Down (Discorados Dub Mix) 114. Dahlbaeck,john - Everywhere 115. Lambert,dave - House In Play 116. Varela,m. Feat. Sara - Beachclubbing 117. Presta,peter - Get Down 118. Hardsoul Feat. Lewis,berget - Deep Inside 119. Atrocite Feat. Mque - Only You 120. Maverick,kurd - Let's Work 121. Van Doorn,sander - By Any Demand (Mad 8 2007 Remix 122. Sanchez,roger - Again 123. Terri B Vs Ropero,j. - Hands To The Sky 124. Delay,ben Pres. Sugarland - I Wanna Know 125. Dub Deluxe Feat. Miss Bunty - You're Not Good For 126. Axwell,ingrosso,angelo&laidbac - Get Dump 127. Novy,tom Vs Tv Rock&snap - The Power 128. Duval,kevin - This Is What It Sounds Like 129. Bailey,b Vs Drebin,f. - Keep On 130. Spencer&hill - Get It On 131. Doria,a.&d Elia,a. - Exit 132. Cass - You Don't See 133. Sunfreakz Feat. Britton,a. - Counting Down The Day 134. Dj Dgl&redroche Feat. Yota - Let You Go 135. Lenny&duffy - Lost Forever 136. Acquaviva&zenker - Swimming With Sharks 137. Erasmo&funky Junction Feat. Su - Reaching High 138. Steamrocker Meets Alexander Pu - Give It Up For Lo 139. Phonjaxx&cosi Costi - Sensual 140. Rilectro Feat. Peeet - I Don't Like It 141. Walken - Boy (Meets Girl) 142. Ortega,c.&gold,t. Feat. Tyler, - Miracle (Original 143. Mr. Da-nos - Don't Stop 144. Lxr - Back In Campinas 145. Moore,micha - Music Is Dope 146. Doria,a.&d Elia,a. - Arsenico 147. Dirty High Feat. Shena - Falling 148. The Logical Groove Elements - I Feel 149. Mogi Feat. Rochelle - Nation In A Funk


Love Letters of Great Men - the Most Comprehensive Collection Available - 2848130618

115,78 zł

Love Letters of Great Men - the Most Comprehensive Collection Available English Rose Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Letters are among the most significant memorial a person can leave behind them" said Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. This English Rose book is the most comprehensive collection of love letters available, containing a huge selection of some of the all time greatest love letters ever written. You will find in here all of the classics - Napoleon Bonaparte, Lord Byron, John Keats, Henry VIII, Ludwig van Beethoven etc. - but you will also find some treasures, little known and rarely published love letters, such as those of Prince Albert, D. H. Lawrence, Sigmund Freud, Horatio Lord Nelson and Abraham Lincoln. Whatever the tone, the context or style of the writing here displayed, what is true is that these letters are genuinely captivating. Throughout history, great men have written noble tomes. Their love letters are no exception. We can find in these correspondences some of the most delectable personal effusions ever written, the most incredible demonstrations of devotion and affection - not fictional, but real, impassioned, painful and heart-wrenching. Our interest in reading these letters, is partly in their magnificent language, their eloquent expressions of love, their romantic effluence, but also, it is in their demonstrations of the universal human vulnerability in love. Love letters infectiously render past lives into our modern reality, immersing the reader in the author's home, habits, enjoyments and romances. These men come to life through their personal letters, more so than anywhere else. They show us the human side of men who stand as giants in history, whose actions and legacies have helped to shape the world as we know it. In their moment of separation, without the crowd, without the nobility or the just cause, here, in their most vulnerable, exposed state, we see the person behind the celebrity. With these letters we have the unique ability to spy on the personal lives of men considered 'great'. Their humanity, so lacking in the history books, is all we are privy to here. There is no great action, no battle won, no literary accomplishment, only deep personal feeling and romantic expression. This English Rose book is a high quality, well formatted, stunning hardback edition. English Rose love books and think that every one is special, so our editions will always be distinctive, professional and unique. Visit English Rose at and view our other titles and new releases.


The Annual 2008 - 1059549129

80,99 zł

The Annual 2008 Kartel Music/Ministry of Sound

Muzyka -> Nowe brzmienia

Ministry of Sound to najbardziej efektywna wytwórnia związana z gatunkiem dance. W jej rankingu na rok 2008 topowym albumem jest kompilacja The Annual 2008 .Jest to nie tylko najlepsza ale i najgorętsza składanka roku 2008.To co najbardziej wartościowe i zasługujące na uwagę na Annual 2008 to przede wszystkim światowe premiery Plastik Funk s i Backside Artists oraz ekskluzywne remixy Boba Sinclara, Alexa Gaudino, czy Robyna.The Annual 2008 to także znani wszystkim rewelacyjni Dj e jak znakomity Samim z utworem Heater, Robyn i Booty Luv, czy Bob Sinclar, prezentujący swoje najlepsze dźwięki.The Annual 2008 to bezdyskusyjny autorytet na rynku muzyki dance. Dedykowany fanom, kolekcjonerom oraz miłośnikom Ministry of Sound.The Annual 2008 gwarantuje więcej satysfakcji niż najlepszy deser!


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