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A Study on Factors Influencing Outsourcing Decisions - 2834698205

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A Study on Factors Influencing Outsourcing Decisions LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Outsourcing has been the most popular and exciting business practice that has emerged in the last two decades enabling organisations to redefine their value chains, efficiently execute business functions and gain competitive advantage by delivering greater value to their customers.NO wonder, outsourcing decisions have emerged as crucial elements of business strategy today for the organisations across industries globally, irrespective of size, scale and location of their operations. while outsourcing has radicalized business practices, a substantial amount of academic research is also devoted to study various facets and implications of outsourcing decisions,albeit limited to a developed country's perspective. In the absence of literature on outsourcing from developing country's perspective, this book, attempts to fill the gap by analyzing five different dimensions of outsourcing decisions in the context of Indian banking sector,among other ideas. The book shed light on important factors that influence the attitude of decision makers towards outsourcing, and should be useful to professionals, especially outsourcing vendors, and academicians in the field of outsourcing.


Events over Endeavours Image of the Chinese in Zambia and Angola - 2825869763

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Events over Endeavours Image of the Chinese in Zambia and Angola Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego

Polityka międzynarodowa. DyplomatykaWydawnictwa naukowe i popularno-naukoweHistoria AzjiHistoria Afryki

The contemporary Chinese engagement in Africa dates back to the 1950's, and it has gained momentum in the last two decades. The Chinese presence in African countries has been getting more and more visible; not only the number of Chinese investments in the area and international agreements has been increasing, but also the size of the Chinese diaspora in the region has grown.China has been looking for new sources of natural resources and markets on which the 'made in China' goods would be welcomed, therefore it spares no efforts to establish and maintain possibly good relationships with Africa, especially with political elites of African countries. At first, the Chinese expansion was supported by the country's image of an older brother, a co-victim of the Western domination, and a example to be followed on the the path leading to development. This image, however, has started to be covered with some spots and shadows, caused by various Chinese activities. In this book we aimed to sketch the image of China and the Chinese in Zambia and Angola, presented by textual media and citizens of these countries, and to trace the most important factors influencing it. Moreover, we brought up some possible consequences of the prevalence of a particular ? positive or negative ? image for the future development of the Chinese expansion in the region. To obtain the possibly detailed image, we decided to combine quantitative and qualitative analysis of media content with results of our field work conducted in Africa.The study is focused on the extraordinarily important topical problem of the Chinese expansion in Africa. Both the applied innovative methodology and the new approach towards the Sino-African relations, focused on the perception of the Chinese presence in the region, are the factors that distinguish this work. [...]As the authors themselves state, in the summary they try to avoid drawing generalising conclusions; rather, they focus on pointing out the differences in the perception of China and the Chinese between Angola and Zambia. Acknowledging the increasing importance of the perception of China and the Chinese in Africa as an important factor influencing Sino-African relations constitutes the most valuable conclusion of the study.Prof. Dominik Mierzejewski, Department of East Asian Studies, University of Lodz


Entrepreneurship Education and Entrepreneurial Behaviour - 2826886493

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Entrepreneurship Education and Entrepreneurial Behaviour GRIN Verlag

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Scholarly Research Paper from the year 2013 in the subject Business economics - Business Management, Corporate Governance, grade: -, - (Institute of Accountancy Arusha), course: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, language: English, abstract: This study examined whether entrepreneurship education offered in higher learning institutions in Tanzania trigger the adoption of an entrepreneurial behaviour. The aim of the study is to provide the understanding on why there is low participation of female with undergraduate degree in entrepreneurial activities. Building on the Theory of Planned Behaviour, various factors influencing entrepreneurial intention were tested. Specifically, the factors which influence entrepreneurial intention include: curricula, teaching methods, family back ground and institutional environment. Longitudinal research design was used and data was collected from 188 female students from the Institute of Accountancy Arusha and Kampala International University, Dar es Salaam College.Various techniques such as descriptive statistics, T-Test, Chi-Square were used to analyse the data. Basing on responses, the research revealed that entrepreneurship education has a positive effect on students personal attitude and perceived behavioral control of students on the intention to become an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship curricula, teaching methods and environmental conditions of the institutions do influence the entrepreneurial intentions of students to become entrepreneurs in the future. Specifically, Kampala International University students were more inspired (100%) to be entrepreneurs in the future by entrepreneurship course contents and entrepreneurship teaching methods than the Institute of Accountancy Arusha (77%).It is recommended that educators continuously improve their teaching methods and teaching styles, in order to accomplish this, they must assess the effectiveness of the teaching approaches; And if they wants to encourage students to be entrepreneurs, then they have to adopt experiential approaches rather than stick to traditional lecturing.


Authority in European Book Culture - 2826889000

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Authority in European Book Culture BookPoint Ltd 3rd DBPTDIS ORPH

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Through its many and varied manifestations, authority has frequently played a role in the communication process in both manuscript and print. This volume explores how authority, whether religious, intellectual, political or social, has enforced the circulation of certain texts and text versions, or acted to prevent the distribution of books, pamphlets and other print matter. It also analyzes how readers, writers and printers have sometimes rebelled against the constraints and restrictions of authority, publishing controversial works anonymously or counterfeiting authoritative texts; and how the written or printed word itself has sometimes been perceived to have a kind of authority, which might have had ramifications in social, political or religious spheres. Contributors look at the experience of various European cultures-English, French, German and Italian-to allow for comparative study of a number of questions pertinent to the period. Among the issues explored are local and regional factors influencing book production; the interplay between manuscript and print culture; the slippage between authorship and authority; and the role of civic and religious authority in cultural production. Deliberately conceived to foster interdisciplinary dialogue between the history of the book, and literary and cultural history, this volume takes a pan-European perspective to explore the ways in which authority infiltrates and is in turn propagated or undermined by book culture.


Consumer Behaviour - 2834695610

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Consumer Behaviour VDM Verlag Dr. Müller

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Consumer behaviour is one of the most complicated and dynamic mechanism. Understanding Consumer Behaviour had never been easy though many attempts are made to understand human behaviour through various theories and case studies. It remains a contemporary subject not only for researchers but also for marketers. Many researches had been conducted but consumers have always been elusive and demanding. The only way for marketers to be effective is having conviction towards radical and continuous change. For the purpose, continuous evaluation and monitoring is important, and one of the methods is marketing investigation. The fundamental question of this investigation has been to explore the target market for notebook computers, to find out the right marketing mix for notebook computers and to form certain valid hypothesis for future research. The study also covers the factors influencing consumer behaviour and also the purchase process which the consumers undergo in purchase of notebook computers. The data included is primary in nature. The work would be of immense value to marketers, consumers and researchers in the domain.


Diet and Lifestyle During Pregnancy. Pregnant Women s Stories - 2834697227

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Diet and Lifestyle During Pregnancy. Pregnant Women s Stories LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book provides an insight into contemporary views on smoking and drinking of alcohol and caffeine as well as a general attitude towards healthy lifestyle during pregnancy. It summarizes different views of national and international scholars regarding smoking and drinking of alcohol and caffeine in pregnancy and the effects it has on the foetus. It draws on a large body of evidence in research and highlights various factors that influence pregnant women to continue with their habit. We see the significance of partners in influencing pregnant women in the use of cigarette and alcohol. Those influences are friends, family and craving for alcohol. This study has indicated that pregnant women acknowledge information about living a healthy life during pregnancy and they also acknowledge the effects of smoking and drinking on pregnancy and foetus but are unable to desist from the act.


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