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A Thin Ghost and Others



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A Thin Ghost and Others



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Star Trek novel Introduction (Book Guide) Books LLC, Reference Series

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Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 29. Chapters: Star Trek: Section 31, Mission to Horatius, Rogue, The Wounded Sky, Shadow, Across the Universe, The Klingon Hamlet, Imzadi, Proud Helios, Star Trek: Vanguard, Abyss, My Enemy, My Ally, Crisis on Centaurus, The Ashes of Eden, The Flaming Arrow, Wagon Train to the Stars, Behind Enemy Lines, Cloak, Rough Trails, The Peacekeepers, Star Trek: Challenger, The Heart of the Warrior, Star Trek: The Lost Era, Belle Terre, Betrayal, Thin Air, Home Is the Hunter, Vendetta, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Q-in-Law, A Flag Full of Stars, Black Fire, Resistance, Rogue Saucer, Star Trek: Klingon Empire, Vulcan's Glory, Bloodthirst, A Stitch in Time, Ghost Walker, Immortal Coil, Mutiny on the Enterprise, Planet of Judgment, Voyages of Imagination, Doctor's Orders, Harbinger, Double, Double, The Abode of Life, Rules of Engagement, The Tears of the Singers, Memory Prime, The Klingon Dictionary, The Vulcan Academy Murders, Dwellers in the Crucible, Dreams of the Raven, The Pandora Principle, Trek to Madworld, Demons, The Starship Trap, The Prometheus Design, Enemy Unseen, The Trellisane Confrontation, The Covenant of the Crown, Timetrap, The IDIC Epidemic, The Romulan Way, The Cry of the Onlies, Corona, Battlestations!, Triangle, Shadow Lord, Chain of Attack, Web of the Romulans, The Three-Minute Universe, Killing Time, Death in Winter, Pawns and Symbols, The Farther Shore, Deep Domain, World Without End, Ex Machina, The Final Nexus, Summon the Thunder, Mindshadow, Uhura's Song, Captain's Peril, Preserver, Captain's Blood, Stalking Shatner, Survivors, Captain's Glory, Spock, Messiah!, The Starless World, Vulcan!, Star Trek: The New Voyages 2, The Children of Hamlin, Strike Zone, Dark Victory, Spectre, The Fate of the Phoenix, Dragon's Honor. Excerpt: Star Trek: Section 31 is a series of novels that revolve around the shadow organization known as Section 31. Each novel takes place in a different series as Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager. In Voyages of Imagination, Pocket Books editor Marco Palmieri remarked on Star Trek: 31: "From the moment the concept was introduced in the Deep Space Nine episode 'Inquisition,' I knew I wanted to do Section 31 stories. Here was a secret, autonomous black ops agency, willing to take whatever action was needed for the safety and security of the Federation, and the elimination of all threats to it. The controversy that eruped in fandom over Section 31 didn't surprise me; in fact, it only fueled my desire. Some fans argue that it goes against the fundamental ideology and the basic philosophical assumptions that Star Trek is built upon. Others say it adds texture and greater complexity to the Star Trek universe by retroactively introducing the idea of a necessary evil. What I realized is that this very argument is what's so compelling about the concept in terms of storytelling. These were the kinds of questions the familiar heroes of Star Trek would wrestle with in the novels, because Section 31 is an enemy their training doesn't prepare them for." On the format of the series, Palmieri states "The reason I wanted to do Section 31 as four novels was in part to explore the organization's effects upon different crews beyond the DS9 milieu, and in part because I thought too many of our miniseries in those days were multipart stories, where the reader would have to sometimes read four, six, or more volumes in or...


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