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Coming of the Third Reich - 2826769861

74,21 zł

Coming of the Third Reich Penguin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Richard J. Evans' "The Coming of the Third Reich: How the Nazis Destroyed Democracy and Seized Power in Germany" explores how the First World War, the Weimar Republic and the Great Depression paved the way for Nazi rule. They started as little more than a gang of extremists and thugs, yet in a few years the Nazis had turned Germany into a one-party state and led one of Europe's most advanced nations into moral, physical and cultural ruin and despair. In this consummate and compelling history, the first book in his acclaimed trilogy on the rise and fall of Nazi Germany, Richard Evans reveals how and why it happened, questions whether the rise of Hitler was inevitable and dramatically re-creates the maelstrom of disorder, economic disaster, violence and polarization that gave rise to the terror of the Third Reich. "Monumental ...gripping ...the definitive account of our time". (Andrew Roberts, "Daily Telegraph"). "Impressive ...perceptive ...humane ...the most comprehensive history in any language of the disastrous epoch of the Third Reich". (Ian Kershaw, author of "Hitler"). "The most gripping account I've read of German life before and during the rise of the Nazis". (A.S. Byatt, "Times Literary Supplement" Books of the Year). Sir Richard J. Evans is Professor of Modern History at Cambridge University. His previous books include "In Defence of History", "Telling Lies about Hitler" and the companions to this title, "The Coming of the Third Reich" and "The Third Reich at War".


Treatise on Acting, from Memory and by Improvisation (1699) by Andrea Perrucci - 2854332804

263,54 zł

Treatise on Acting, from Memory and by Improvisation (1699) by Andrea Perrucci Scarecrow Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This treatise is one of the few book-length treatments of the art of acting before the 1720s and is the most complete discussion of the Commedia dell'arte before 1700 by someone personally involved with such performances. A Treatise on Acting, From Memory and by Improvisation (1699) by Andrea Perrucci is a substantial and informative manual by a professional actor and playwright in Naples in the 17th century. Perrucci has a great deal to tell modern actors, directors, and students of the theatre, commenting on virtually all aspects of theatrical and rhetorical performance in Baroque Italy: the emerging role of the director, how actors should make their entrances and exits, stage comportment and gestures, faults to avoid, how to perform without a script, when to use the mask, and how to play the roles of lovers, old men, comic characters, masters, servants, thugs, and soldiers. The chapters are rich with examples of speeches and dialogues used in a variety of improvisational situations and offer information on all kinds of staged productions: opera or drama, scripted or improvised, sacred or secular, tragic or comic, and in prose or in verse. Francesco Cotticelli, Anne Goodrich Heck, and Thomas F. Heck have expertly translated the treatise, presenting it in a dual-language format in parallel columns that enables the instant cross-checking of the English version with the original Italian. The volume is complete with an informative foreword by Nancy D'Antuono, a bi-lingual introduction, a translator's preface, a bibliography, and an index. Unprecedented in scope and detail, this treatise on acting is now available for the first time in its entirety in English.


Butcher of Smithfield - 2854265118

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Butcher of Smithfield TIME WARNER

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Thomas Chaloner, just returned from a clandestine excursion to Spain and Portugal on behalf of the Queen, finds London dank and grey under leaden skies. He finds many things changed, including the Government slapping a tax on printed newspapers. Handwritten news reports escape the duty, and the rivalry between the producers of the two conduits of news is the talk of the coffee houses with the battle to be first with any sort of intelligence escalating into violent rivalry. And it seems that a number of citizens who have eaten cucumbers have come to untimely deaths. It is such a death which Chaloner is despatched to investigate; that of a lawyer with links to 'the Butcher of Smithfield', a shady trader surrounded by a fearsome gang of thugs who terrorise the streets well beyond the confines of Smithfield market. Chaloner doesn't believe that either this death or the others are caused by a simple vegetable, but to prove his theory he has to untangle the devious means of how news is gathered and he has to put his personal safety aside as he tries to penetrate the rumour mill surrounding the Butcher of Smithfield and discover his real identity.


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