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DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Vienna - 2826795076

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DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Vienna DK Travel

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The DK Eyewitness Travel Guide : Vienna will lead you straight to the best attractions Vienna has to offer. The guide includes unique cutaways, floorplans and reconstructions of Vienna's stunning architecture, plus 3D aerial views of the key districts to explore on foot. You'll find detailed listings of the best hotels, restaurants, bars and shops for all budgets in this fully updated and expanded guide, plus insider tips on everything from where to find the best markets and nightspots to great attractions for children.§§The uniquely visual DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Vienna also includes in-depth coverage of all the unforgettable sights and comes complete with a free pull-out city map, clearly marked with sights from the guidebook and an easy-to-use street index. The map has detailed street views of all the key areas, plus there are transport maps and information on how to get around Vienna, and there's even a chart showing the distances between major sights for walkers.§§DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Vienna shows you what others only tell you.§


Wiedeń Dorling Kindersley Vienna - 1772491759

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Wiedeń Dorling Kindersley Vienna Dorling Kindersley

Europa > Austria > Wiedeń

"DK Eyewitness Travel Guide Vienna" will lead you straight to the best attractions of this beautiful city. You can explore its museums, palaces, theatres, churches, its magnificent architecture and much more. The tips on a perfect day out in Vienna and getting around make exploring the city effortless. The guide comes packed with photographs, illustrations and maps plus reviews and listings for hotels, restaurants and bars for all budgets. Visiting Vienna becomes a lot easier with the cutaways and floorplans of all major sights, plus walks, scenic routes and thematic tours and sights, markets and festivals listed area by area. "DK Eyewitness Travel Guide Vienna" shows you what others only tell you.


Architekturführer Rom - 2826955508

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Architekturführer Rom Edition Axel Menges

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Daß Rom zu Recht die "ewige Stadt" genannt wird, haben über die Jahrhunderte hinweg gerade Architekten und Künstler immer wieder erfahren. Ewig ist Rom vor allem deshalb, weil es sich stets verjüngte, stets auf der "Höhe der Zeit" war. Hier entstanden seit mehr als 2000 Jahren die Prägebauten des Abendlands, hier wurde die Geschichte der europäischen Architektur geschrieben.§Der Grundstock wurde bereits in der römischen Antike gelegt, als man erstmals Innenräume bewußt zu gestalten suchte. Schon damals begann man, die bis heute gültigen Bautypen zu entwickeln, und schuf so die Eckpfeiler der späteren abendländischen Architektur.§Für den Führer wurde die chronologische Ordnung gewählt. Jeder Epoche ist eine Einleitung vorangesetllt. So entsteht eine fortlaufende, reich bebilderte Geschichte der Architektur Roms. Ein alphabetischer Index und reichhaltiges Kartenmaterial rund den Band ab. Architects and artists have always acknowledged over the centuries that Rome is rightly called the eternal city. Rome is eternal above all because it was always young, always in its prime. Here the buildings that defined the West appeared over more than 2000 years, here the history of European architecture was written.§The foundations were laid even in ancient Roman times, when the first attempts were made to design interiors and thus make space open to experience as something physical. And at that time the Roman architects also started to develop building types that are still valid today, thus creating the cornerstone of later Western architecture.§ In it Rome's primacy remained unbroken - whether it was with old St. Peter's as the first medieval basilica or new St. Peter's as the building in which Bramante and Michelangelo developed the High Renaissance, or with works by Bernini and Borromini whose rich and lucid spatial forms were to shape Baroque as far as Vienna, Bohemia and Lower Franconia, and also with Modern buildings, of which there are many unexpected pearls to be found in Rome.§All this is comprehensible only if it is presented historically, and so the guide has not been arranged topographically as usual but chronologically. This means that one is not led in random sequence from a Baroque building to an ancient or a modern one, but the historical development is followed successively. Every epoch is preceded by an introduction that identifies its key features. This produces a continuous, lavishly illustrated history of the architecture of Rome - and thus at the same time of the whole of the West.§ Practical handling is guaranteed by an alphabetical index and detailed maps, whose information does not just immediately illustrate the historical picture, but also makes it possible to choose a personal route through history.§The authors are a group of art historians who experienced Rome together years ago and then went their separate ways: as an onthespot guide, as research scholars at the University of Munich and at the Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte in Munich and the Bibliotheca Hertziana in Rome, respectively, as Professor at the University of Halle Wittenberg.


Viennese Design - 2826798588

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Viennese Design George Braziller Inc

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At the turn of the twentieth century, Vienna emerged as a great cultural centre that stood at the forefront of developments in music, psychology, and the natural sciences. Equally influential, and still tremendously popular today, are the designs of the Wiener Werkstatte, or Vienna Workshop, a group that was at the heart of the city's cultural scene and whose collaborators included such luminaries as the architect Josef Hoffman, the designer Koloman Moser, and the painters Gustav Klimt, Oskar Kokoschka, and Egon Schiele. This guide to the arts and crafts of fin-de-siecle Vienna is an excellent introduction to their work in all media - from architecture, furniture, ceramics, and glass, to silver, fashion, and textiles, bookbinding, toys, painting, and the graphic arts - as well as a survey of the cultural development of this pivotal period.


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