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Activity-based Intelligence: Principles And Applications - 2859390667

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Activity-based Intelligence: Principles And Applications

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Computing & information technology>Computer science>Artificial intelligence>Expert systems / knowledge-...



Computational Intelligence Applications in Modeling and Control - 2854215873

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Computational Intelligence Applications in Modeling and Control Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The development of computational intelligence (CI) systems was inspired by observable and imitable aspects of intelligent activity of human being and nature. The essence of the systems based on computational intelligence is to process and interpret data of various nature so that that CI is strictly connected with the increase of available data as well as capabilities of their processing, mutually supportive factors. Developed theories of computational intelligence were quickly applied in many fields of engineering, data analysis, forecasting, biomedicine and others. They are used in images and sounds processing and identifying, signals processing, multidimensional data visualization, steering of objects, analysis of lexicographic data, requesting systems in banking, diagnostic systems, expert systems and many other practical implementations.§§This book consists of 31 contributed chapters by subject experts who are specialized in the various topics addressed in this book. The special chapters have been brought out in the broad areas of Control Systems, Power Electronics, Computer Science, Information Technology, modeling and engineering applications. Special importance was given to chapters offering practical solutions and novel methods for the recent research problems in the main areas of this book, viz. Control Systems, Modeling, Computer Science, IT and engineering applications.§§This book will serve as a reference book for graduate students and researchers with a basic knowledge of control theory, computer science and soft-computing techniques. The resulting design procedures are emphasized using Matlab/Simulink software.§


The modern modelling conceptions of business systems. Practice and theory - 2619309622

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The modern modelling conceptions of business systems. Practice and theory Politechnika Gdańska


This monograph is the next study of results of scientific research work The Production Systems Engineering Department of the Gdansk University of Technology. The monograph contains modern modeling concepts of business systems, examples of applications and directions of development. The research issue picked up here is up-to-date and important both to the theory and the practice. It includes the following topics: Evolution and transformation of business and manufacturing systems; Cyclical changes of the management paradigm ; Open systems in business applications; Integration of digital factory in the ERP system; Theory of industrial clusters; Word Class Manufacturing - integrated improvement program based on Six Sigma, Lean and TPM methodologies; Mean drift detection using statistical process control(case study); Quality improvement in health care services; Principles of TQM in tourist service


Handbook of Science and Technology Convergence, 2 Pts. - 2854236490

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Handbook of Science and Technology Convergence, 2 Pts. Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Scientists and engineers have long been aware of the tension between narrow specialization and multidisciplinary cooperation, but now a major transformation is in process that will require technical fields to combine far more effectively than formerly in the service of human benefit. This handbook will catalog all the ways this can be accomplished and the reasons it must be. Nature is a single coherent system and diverse methods of scientific and engineering investigations should reflect this interlinked and dynamic unity. Accordingly, general concepts and ideas should be developed systematically in interdependence, with cause-and-effect pathways, for improved outcomes in knowledge, technology and applications. At the same time, industrial and social applications rely on integration of disciplines and unification of knowledge. Thus, convergence is both a fundamental principle of nature and a timely opportunity for human progress. This handbook will represent the culmination of fifteen years of workshops, conferences and publications that initially explored the connections between nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology and new technologies based on cognitive science. A constant emphasis on human benefit then drew in the social sciences, even as shared scientific and ethical principles brought in sustainability of the Earth environment and the challenge of equitable economic advancement. The intellectual contributions of literally hundreds of scientists and engineers established a number of research methods and analytical principles that could unite disparate fields. The culmination has been called Convergence of Knowledge and Technology for the benefit of Society (CKTS), defined as the escalating and transformative interactions among seemingly different disciplines, technologies, communities and domains of human activity to achieve mutual compatibility, synergism and integration.


Navigating the TMDL Process - 2212836639

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Navigating the TMDL Process IWA Publishing

Inne 1

Narrative water quality criteria are an integral component of States' water quality standards but they pose special problems when incorporated into the TMDL process. The TMDL process is typically a quantitative activity, defining numeric allowable loads necessary to meet a numeric water quality objective. Narrative criteria confound development of quantitative TMDLs, due to the absence of these numeric criteria. The objective of this research was to improve the methods for addressing narrative water quality criteria in the TMDL process. The problems associated with narrative criteria in the TMDL process are known in general terms but, prior to this research, there has not been a thorough review of the use of narrative criteria in TMDLs nor broad guidance on how to address narrative criteria in the TMDL process. The approach taken for this research was to define the range of problems associated with all types of narrative criteria by means of a comprehensive review of 120 narrative TMDLs, and provide guiding principles to help address these problems. Adherence to these guiding principles is expected to significantly improve the evaluation of water bodies for impairment of a designated use based on non-attainment of narrative water quality criteria, resulting in more accurate 303(d) lists with a greater focus on those water bodies truly impaired. Also, adherence to these guiding principles will contribute to improvements in the TMDL development process, resulting in a greater degree of success in attaining designated uses when a TMDL is implemented . This publication can also be purchased and downloaded via Pay Per View on Water Intelligence Online - click on the Pay Per View icon below


Security Risk Management Body of Knowledge - 2854290456

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Security Risk Management Body of Knowledge Wiley

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A framework for formalizing risk management thinking in today's complex business environment Security Risk Management Body of Knowledge details the security risk management process in a format that can easily be applied by executive managers and security risk management practitioners. Integrating knowledge, competencies, methodologies, and applications, it demonstrates how to document and incorporate best-practice concepts from a range of complementary disciplines. Developed to align with International Standards for Risk Management such as ISO 31000 it enables professionals to apply security risk management (SRM) principles to specific areas of practice. Guidelines are provided for: Access Management; Business Continuity and Resilience; Command, Control, and Communications; Consequence Management and Business Continuity Management; Counter-Terrorism; Crime Prevention through Environmental Design; Crisis Management; Environmental Security; Events and Mass Gatherings; Executive Protection; Explosives and Bomb Threats; Home-Based Work; Human Rights and Security; Implementing Security Risk Management; Intellectual Property Protection; Intelligence Approach to SRM; Investigations and Root Cause Analysis; Maritime Security and Piracy; Mass Transport Security; Organizational Structure; Pandemics; Personal Protective Practices; Psych-ology of Security; Red Teaming and Scenario Modeling; Resilience and Critical Infrastructure Protection; Asset-, Function-, Project-, and Enterprise-Based Security Risk Assessment; Security Specifications and Postures; Security Training; Supply Chain Security; Transnational Security; and Travel Security. Security Risk Management Body of Knowledge is supported by a series of training courses, DVD seminars, tools, and templates. This is an indispensable resource for risk and security professional, students, executive management, and line managers with security responsibilities.


Commercial Aircraft Hydraulic Systems - 2854355777

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Commercial Aircraft Hydraulic Systems Academic Press Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Commercial Aircraft Hydraulic Systems focuses on the operational principles and design technology of aircraft hydraulic systems, including the hydraulic power supply system and actuation system. The book also describes some new types of structures and components such as the 2H/2E structure design method and the use of electro hydrostatic actuators (EHAs). Based on the commercial aircraft hydraulic system, this is the first textbook book describing the whole life cycle of integrated design, analysis, and assessment methods and technologies, enabling readers to tackle challenging high-pressure and high-power hydraulic system problems in university research and industrial R&D contexts. Commercial Aircraft Hydraulic Systems is the latest in a series published by The Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press Aerospace Series, covering the latest advances in research and development in aerospace. Its scope includes theoretical studies, design methods, and real-world implementations and applications. The readership for the series is broad, reflecting the wide range of aerospace interest and application, but focuses on engineering. Titles within the series include: Reliability Analysis of Dynamic Systems, Wake Vortex Control, Aeroacoustics: Fundamentals and Applications in Aeropropulsion Systems, Computational Intelligence in Aerospace Engineering, and Unsteady Flow and Aeroelasticity in Turbomachinery. * The first book to describe the interface between the hydraulic system and the flight control system in commercial aircraft* Includes the most advanced methods and technologies of hydraulic systems* Describes the interaction between hydraulic systems and other disciplines


Evolution of Knowledge Science - 2854516683

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Evolution of Knowledge Science ELSEVIER SCIENCE

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Knowledge Science: Design Concepts of Intelligent Internet based Humanist Machines explains how to design and build the next generation of intelligent machines that solve social and environmental problems in a systematic, coherent and optimal fashion. It brings together principles from computer and communication sciences, electrical engineering, mathematics, physics, social sciences, and more to describe computer systems that deal with knowledge, its representation and how to deal with knowledge centric objects. Readers will learn new tools and techniques to measure, enhance, and optimize artificial intelligence strategies for efficiently searching through vast knowledge bases and how to ensure the security of information in open, easily accessible and fast digital networks. Author Syed Ahamed joins the basic concepts from various disciplines to describe a robust and coherent Knowledge Sciences discipline that provides readers with tools, units and measures, to evaluate the flow of knowledge during course work or their research. He brings a unique academic and industrial perspective of the concurrent dynamic changes in computer and communication industries based upon his research along with experience both in industry and teaching graduate level telecommunications and network architecture courses, particularly those dealing with applications of networks in education. Presents a current perspective of developments in central, display, signal, and graphics processor-units as they apply to designing knowledge systemsOffers ideas and methodologies for systematically extending the data and object processing in computing into other disciplines such as economics, mathematics, and managementProvides best practices and designs for engineers alongside case studies that illustrate practical implementation ideas across multiple domains


Data Warehouse Systems - 2836513832

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Data Warehouse Systems Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

With this textbook, Vaisman and Zimányi deliver excellent coverage of data warehousing and business intelligence technologies ranging from the most basic principles to recent findings and applications. To this end, their work is structured into three parts. Part I describes Fundamental Concepts including multi-dimensional models; conceptual and logical data warehouse design; and MDX and SQL/OLAP. Subsequently, Part II details Implementation and Deployment, which includes physical data warehouse design; data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL); and data analytics. Lastly, Part III covers Advanced Topics such as spatial data warehouses; trajectory data warehouses; semantic technologies in data warehouses; and novel technologies like MapReduce, column-store databases, and in-memory databases.§As a key characteristic of the book, most of the topics are presented and illustrated using application tools. Specifically, a case study based on the well-known Northwind database illustrates how the concepts presented in the book can be implemented using Microsoft Analysis Services and Pentaho Business Analytics. All chapters are summarized using review questions and exercises to support comprehensive student learning. Supplemental material to assist instructors using this book as a course text is available at including electronic versions of the figures, solutions to all exercises, and a set of slides accompanying each chapter.§Overall, students, practitioners and researchers alike will find this book the most comprehensive reference work on data warehouses, with key topics described in a clear and educational style.§


Why Don't Students Like School? - 2826681735

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Why Don't Students Like School? JOSSEY BASS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Easy-to-apply, scientifically-based approaches for engaging students in the classroom Cognitive scientist Dan Willingham focuses his acclaimed research on the biological and cognitive basis of learning. His book will help teachers improve their practice by explaining how they and their students think and learn. It reveals-the importance of story, emotion, memory, context, and routine in building knowledge and creating lasting learning experiences.* Nine, easy-to-understand principles with clear applications for the classroom* Includes surprising findings, such as that intelligence is malleable, and that you cannot develop "thinking skills" without facts* How an understanding of the brain's workings can help teachers hone their teaching skills "Mr. Willingham's answers apply just as well outside the classroom. Corporate trainers, marketers and, not least, parents -anyone who cares about how we learn-should find his book valuable reading." -Wall Street Journal


Thermal Remote Sensing of Active Volcanoes - 2854221158

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Thermal Remote Sensing of Active Volcanoes Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Encapsulating over one hundred years of research developments, this book is a comprehensive manual for measurements of Earth surface temperatures and heat fluxes, enabling better detection and measurement of volcanic activity. With a particular focus on volcanic hot spots, the book explores methodologies and principles used with satellite-, radiometer- and thermal-camera data. It presents traditional applications using satellite and ground based sensors as well as modern applications that have evolved for use with hand-held thermal cameras and is fully illustrated with case studies, databases and worked examples. Chapter topics include techniques for thermal mixture modelling and heat flux derivation, and methods for data collection, mapping and time-series generation. Appendices and online supplements present additional specific notes on areas of sensor application and data processing, supported by an extensive reference list. This book is an invaluable resource for academic researchers and graduate students in thermal remote sensing, volcanology, geophysics and planetary studies.


Properties of Materials - 2854315774

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Properties of Materials Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Crystals are sometimes called 'Flowers of the Mineral Kingdom'. In addition to their great beauty, crystals and other textured materials are enormously useful in electronics, optics, acoustics, and many other engineering applications. This book describes the underlying principles of crystal physics and chemistry, covering a wide range of topics, and illustrating numerous applications in many fields of engineering using the most important materials. It has been written at a level suitable for science and engineering students and can be used for teaching a one- or two-semester course. Tensors, matrices, symmetry and structure-property relationships form the main subjects of the book. Whilst tensors and matrices provide the mathematical framework for understanding anisotropy, on which the physical and chemical properties of crystals and textured materials often depend, atomistic arguments are also needed to quantify the property coefficients in various directions. The atomistic arguments are partly based on symmetry and partly on the basic physics and chemistry of materials.After introducing the point groups appropriate for single crystals, textured materials and ordered magnetic structures, the directional properties of many different materials are described: linear and nonlinear elasticity, piezoelectricity and electrostriction, magnetic phenomena, diffusion and other transport properties, and both primary and secondary ferroic behaviour. With crystal optics (its roots in classical mineralogy) having become an important component of the information age, nonlinear optics is described along with the piezo-optics, magneto-optics and electro-optics, and analogous linear and nonlinear acoustic wave phenomena. Enantiomorphism, optical activity, and chemical anisotropy are discussed in the final chapters of the book.


Psychology in Minutes - 2844160683

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Psychology in Minutes Quercus Publishing PLC

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

To what extent is memory based on mood? Why do we compare ourselves to others? Are there different types of intelligence? How do we change with age? This book answers all these questions and many more in 200 short and accessible essays. From Pavlov's dogs to experimental ethics and from the development of personality to cognitive behavioural therapy, this book will take you from the foundations of psychological thought to modern-day applications, drawing on recent research and established theories. Each essay is accompanied by an illustration or diagram to help unravel complex ideas. The principles of psychology apply to each and every one of us as they shed light on everything from our childhood development to our interaction with others - and Psychology in Minutes is the perfect insight to this fascinating subject. Contents include: Behaviourism, Experimental ethics, Problem solving, Illusions and paradoxes, Dream analysis, Management and leadership, Compliance and conformity, Attitudes and prejudices, Attraction, Moral development, Gender development, The big five personality traits, Classification of mental disorders, Criticisms of psychoanalysis, Positive psychology, Advertising and the media and The working environment.


Supply Chain Management - 2854564209

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Supply Chain Management Nova Science Publishers Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Supply Chain Management (SCM) has been widely researched in numerous application domains in manufacturing and service industries during the last decades. There are several attempts made by researchers and practitioners to appropriately define SCM and its applications. This book is comprised of twelve chapters. Chapter One develops a mathematical model in a four layer supply chain including supplier, manufacturer, distributor and customers using the product life cycle factors to obtain the optimal number of products and the fulfilment of an activity in product life cycle. Chapter Two presents a recent and exhaustive review on important integrated supply chain management problems and the current research on integration between different supply chain management functions. Chapter Three illustrates a comprehensive multi criteria decision making (MCDM) methodology for the selection of a third party logistics service provider. Chapter Four explains the capabilities of Google Spreadsheet as a tool, using its tool inventory distribution management, risk pooling and transhipment at retailer levels for integrated operation of the supply chain. Chapter Five describes the agent-based modelling approach to simulate the interaction and negotiation behaviour of palm oil supply chain (POSC) actors, which attempt to obtain highest added-value, but must consider overall supply chain profitability and sustainability. Chapter Six intends to signify the performance measurement practices in the industries and also presents the need of supply chain performance measurement in textile industry with a case study. In Chapter Seven, a generic method has been developed in order to assist and assess complex supply chain network design and analysis considering different types of uncertainty factors. Chapter Eight proposes a mathematical model to determine the optimal location for a warehouse. Several factors like locations of distributors, nature of demand etc. have been considered to formulate the optimisation model, which has been solved using differential evolution. Chapter Nine is a study of sport-related location and layout strategies as they relate to the location of a firm (i.e.: intermediate variables/functions, superior firm performance). Chapter Ten illustrates the various approaches to implement the green principles by different researchers. The main objective of the green supply chain management (GSCM) approach is to eliminate/ minimise the impact of the GHG emissions into the environment throughout the supply chain process. Chapter Eleven focuses on increasing the supply chain value by looking into the colour, image and typography of water product in influencing customers intention to purchase. Finally, Chapter Twelve aims to investigate scenarios for the new setting of the Center of Sterilized Material (CSMs) health system of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. To build and evaluate scenarios for the CSMs, an exploratory methodology based on gravity centre approach for location of storage facilities and distribution of materials was adopted.


LEGACY (THE VERY BEST OF DAVID BOWIE) - David Bowie (Płyta CD) - 2841613215

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Książki & Multimedia > Muzyka

Nazwa - LEGACY (THE VERY BEST OF DAVID BOWIE) Autor - David Bowie Wydawca - Warner Music Group Kod EAN - 0190295919900 Rok wydania - 2016 Nośnik - Płyta CD Ilość elementów - 1 Podatek VAT - 23% Premiera - 2016-11-11


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