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Adaptive Mimo Ofdm Channel Estimation - 2857253437

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Adaptive Mimo Ofdm Channel Estimation

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Papr Reduction & Channel Estimation Techniques For Mimo - Ofdma Systems - 2857165428

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Papr Reduction & Channel Estimation Techniques For Mimo - Ofdma Systems

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Introduction to MIMO Communications - 2854299879

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Introduction to MIMO Communications Cambridge University Press

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This accessible, self-contained guide contains everything you need to get up to speed on the theory and implementation of MIMO techniques. In-depth coverage of topics such as RF propagation, space-time coding, spatial multiplexing, OFDM in MIMO for broadband applications, the theoretical MIMO capacity formula and channel estimation will give you a deep understanding of how the results are obtained, while detailed descriptions of how MIMO is implemented in commercial WiFi and LTE networks will help you apply the theory to practical wireless systems. Key concepts in matrix mathematics and information theory are introduced and developed as you need them, and key results are derived step-by-step, with no details omitted. Including numerous worked examples, and end-of-chapter exercises to reinforce and solidify your understanding, this is the perfect introduction to MIMO for anyone new to the field.


4G: LTE/LTE-Advanced for Mobile Broadband - 2834137079

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4G: LTE/LTE-Advanced for Mobile Broadband ACADEMIC PRESS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book focuses on LTE with full updates including LTE-Advanced (Release-11) to provide a complete picture of the LTE system. Detailed explanations are given for the latest LTE standards for radio interface architecture, the physical layer, access procedures, broadcast, relaying, spectrum and RF characteristics, and system performance.§Key technologies presented include multi-carrier transmission, advanced single-carrier transmission, advanced receivers, OFDM, MIMO and adaptive antenna solutions, radio resource management and protocols, and different radio network architectures. Their role and use in the context of mobile broadband access in general is explained, giving both a high-level overview and more detailed step-by-step explanations. §This book is a must-have resource for engineers and other professionals in the telecommunications industry, working with cellular or wireless broadband technologies, giving an understanding of how to utilize the new technology in order to stay ahead of the competition.§New to this edition: §In-depth description of CoMP and enhanced multi-antenna transmission including new reference-signal structures and feedback mechanisms §Detailed description of the support for heterogeneous deployments provided by the latest 3GPP release §Detailed description of new enhanced downlink control-channel structure (EPDDCH) §New RF configurations including operation in non-contiguous spectrum, multi-bands base stations and new frequency bands §Overview of 5G as a set of well-integrated radio-access technologies, including support for higher frequency bands and flexible spectrum management, massive antenna configurations, and ultra-dense deployments §Covers a complete update to the latest 3GPP Release-11 §Two new chapters on HetNet, covering small cells/heterogeneous deployments, and CoMP, including Inter-site coordination §Overview of current status of LTE release 12 including further enhancements of local-area, CoMP and multi-antenna transmission, Machine-type-communication, Device-to-device communication


Order Statistics in Wireless Communications - 2854275946

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Order Statistics in Wireless Communications Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Covering fundamental principles through to practical applications, this self-contained guide describes indispensable mathematical tools for the analysis and design of advanced wireless transmission and reception techniques in MIMO and OFDM systems. The analysis-oriented approach develops a thorough understanding of core concepts and discussion of various example schemes shows how to apply these concepts in practice. The book focuses on techniques for advanced diversity combining, channel adaptive transmission and multiuser scheduling, the foundations of future wireless systems for the delivery of highly spectrum-efficient wireless multimedia services. Bringing together conventional and novel results from a wide variety of sources, it will teach you to accurately quantify trade-offs between performance and complexity for different design options so that you can determine the most suitable design choice based on your specific practical implementation constraints.


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