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Geometric Measure Theory - 2847579828

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Geometric Measure Theory ELSEVIER SCIENCE

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Geometric measure theory provides the framework to understand the structure of a crystal, a soap bubble cluster, or a universe. Geometric Measure Theory: A Beginner's Guide is essential to any student who wants to learn geometric measure theory, and will appeal to researchers and mathematicians working in the field. Brevity, clarity and scope make this classic book an excellent introduction to more complex ideas from geometric measure theory and the calculus of variations for beginning graduate students and researchers. Morgan emphasizes geometry over proofs and technicalities providing a fast and efficient insight into many aspects of the subject. New to this edition: New topical coverage of the Log Convex Density Conjecture, a major new theorem at the center of an area of mathematics that has exploded since its appearance in Perelman's proof of the PoincarĂ


Probability Essentials - 2826625053

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Probability Essentials Springer

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This introduction to Probability Theory can be used, at the beginning graduate level, for a one-semester course on Probability Theory or for self-direction without benefit of a formal course; the measure theory needed is developed in the text. It will also be useful for students and teachers in related areas such as Finance Theory (Economics), Electrical Engineering, and Operations Research. The text covers the essentials in a directed and lean way with 28 short chapters. Assuming of readers only an undergraduate background in mathematics, it brings them from a starting knowledge of the subject to a knowledge of the basics of Martingale Theory. After learning Probability Theory from this text, the interested student will be ready to continue with the study of more advanced topics, such as Brownian Motion and Ito Calculus, or Statistical Inference. The second edition contains some additions to the text and to the references and some parts are completely rewritten.


Digital signal processing - 2853157987

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Digital signal processing Books on Demand

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 205. Chapters: Fourier analysis, Analog-to-digital converter, Nyquist Shannon sampling theorem, Discrete cosine transform, Codec, Discrete Fourier transform, Fast Fourier transform, Audio timescale-pitch modification, Dirac delta function, Sampling rate, Linear predictive coding, SIMD, Digital-to-analog converter, Bilinear transform, Low-pass filter, Whittaker Shannon interpolation formula, Delta modulation, Digital filter, Source separation, Aliasing, Nyquist rate, System analysis, Digital signal processor, Adaptive predictive coding, Nyquist frequency, Adaptive filter, Filter design, Polyphase quadrature filter, Quadrature mirror filter, Multi-core processor, Delta-sigma modulation, LTI system theory, Dither, JESD204, Window function, Least-squares spectral analysis, Discrete-time Fourier transform, Parks-McClellan filter design algorithm, Almost periodic function, Minimum phase, Relations between Fourier transforms and Fourier series, Talk box, PLL multibit, Discrete wavelet transform, Voice activity detection, Least mean squares filter, Recursive least squares filter, Finite impulse response, Numerically-controlled oscillator, Sample rate conversion, SigSpec, Reconstruction filter, First-order hold, Bilinear time frequency distribution, All-pass filter, Arkamys, Dbx Model 700 Digital Audio Processor, Time to digital converter, Goertzel algorithm, Polyphase matrix, DFT matrix, Super-resolution, Direct digital synthesizer, Anti-aliasing filter, Cascaded integrator-comb filter, Multiply-accumulate, A derivation of the discrete Fourier transform, BIBO stability, Pitch detection algorithm, Logarithmic number system, Infinite impulse response, Instantaneous phase, Successive approximation ADC, Noise shaping, Zero-order hold, Sinc filter, Impulse invariance, Pitch shift, Automatic control, Adaptive-additive algorithm, Bandlimiting, Oversampling, Shapiro polynomials, Pitch correction, Tricore, Nyquist ISI criterion, Ramer Douglas Peucker algorithm, Filter bank, Signal averaging, Sample and hold, Multidelay block frequency domain adaptive filter, Downsampling, IBM Mwave, Multiple signal classification, Cheung Marks theorem, Similarities between Wiener and LMS, Multi-rate digital signal processing, ENOB, Causal system, Fast Fourier Transform Telescope, Upsampling, Spectrum continuation analysis, Discrete signal, Normalized frequency, Line spectral pairs, Media processor, Spectral slope, Advanced process control, Banded waveguide synthesis, Welch's method, Gerchberg Saxton algorithm, Bin-centres, Digital signal controller, Beta encoder, Digital down converter, Frequency estimation, Spectral flatness, Matched Z-transform method, Full scale, Spectral centroid, DSSP, HADES, James A. Moorer, SoundDroid, Digital frequency, Digital delay line, Audio normalization, Discrete transform, FDOA, Pisarenko harmonic decomposition, Warped linear predictive coding, Resampling, Machine listening, Spurious-free dynamic range, Anticausal system, Fast Walsh Hadamard transform, Geometric-Arithmetic Parallel Processor, Linear phase, Spectral flux, Computational auditory scene analysis, Adaptive equalizer, Differential nonlinearity, High Frequency Content measure, Bartlett's method, EXpressDSP, Decimation, Tristimulus, Discrete frequency domain, NTC Module, Audio Signal Processor, Integral nonlinearity, Ideal sampler, NeuroMatrix, Delay equalization, Adjoint filter, Waveform buffer, Super Bit Mapping, Native processing, Sogitec 4X, Unity am...


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