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Advanced Basics of Geometric Measure Theory - 2826877188

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Advanced Basics of Geometric Measure Theory

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna


Geometric Qp Functions - 2827019625

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Geometric Qp Functions Birkhäuser

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book documents the rich structure of the holomorphic Q functions which are geometric in the sense that they transform naturally under conformal mappings. Particular emphasis is placed on recent developments based on the interaction between geometric function/measure theory and other branches of mathematical analysis, including potential theory, complex variables, harmonic analysis, functional analysis, and operator theory.§§Largely self-contained, this book will be an instructional and reference work for advanced courses and research in conformal analysis, geometry, and function spaces.


Commutative Algebra with a View Toward Algebraic Geometry - 2826975955

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Commutative Algebra with a View Toward Algebraic Geometry BERTRAMS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This is a comprehensive review of commutative algebra, from localization and primary decomposition through dimension theory, homological methods, free resolutions and duality, emphasizing the origins of the ideas and their connections with other parts of mathematics. The book gives a concise treatment of Grobner basis theory and the constructive methods in commutative algebra and algebraic geometry that flow from it. Many exercises included.Commutative Algebra is best understood with knowledge of the geometric ideas that have played a great role in its formation, in short, with a view towards algebraic geometry.§The author presents a comprehensive view of commutative algebra, from basics, such as localization and primary decomposition, through dimension theory, differentials, homological methods, free resolutions and duality, emphasizing the origins of the ideas and their connections with other parts of mathematics. Many exercises illustrate and sharpen the theory and extended exercises give the reader an active part in complementing the material presented in the text.§One novel feature is a chapter devoted to a quick but thorough treatment of Grobner basis theory and the constructive methods in commutative algebra and algebraic geometry that flow from it. Applications of the theory and even suggestions for computer algebra projects are included.§This book will appeal to readers from beginners to advanced students of commutative algebra or algebraic geometry. To help beginners, the essential ideals from algebraic geometry are treated from scratch. Appendices on homological algebra, multilinear algebra and several other useful topics help to make the book relatively self- contained. Novel results and presentations are scattered throughout the text.


Real Analysis for the Undergraduate - 2827067687

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Real Analysis for the Undergraduate Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This undergraduate textbook introduces students to the basics of real analysis, provides an introduction to more advanced topics including measure theory and Lebesgue integration, and offers an invitation to functional analysis. While these advanced topics are not typically encountered until graduate study, the text is designed for the beginner. The author s engaging style makes advanced topics approachable without sacrificing rigor. The text also consistently encourages the reader to pick up a pencil and take an active part in the learning process. Key features include: - examples to reinforce theory; - thorough explanations preceding definitions, theorems and formal proofs; - illustrations to support intuition; - over 450 exercises designed to develop connections between the concrete and abstract. This text takes students on a journey through the basics of real analysis and provides those who wish to delve deeper the opportunity to experience mathematical ideas that are beyond the standard undergraduate curriculum.


Probability Essentials - 2826625053

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Probability Essentials Springer

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This introduction to Probability Theory can be used, at the beginning graduate level, for a one-semester course on Probability Theory or for self-direction without benefit of a formal course; the measure theory needed is developed in the text. It will also be useful for students and teachers in related areas such as Finance Theory (Economics), Electrical Engineering, and Operations Research. The text covers the essentials in a directed and lean way with 28 short chapters. Assuming of readers only an undergraduate background in mathematics, it brings them from a starting knowledge of the subject to a knowledge of the basics of Martingale Theory. After learning Probability Theory from this text, the interested student will be ready to continue with the study of more advanced topics, such as Brownian Motion and Ito Calculus, or Statistical Inference. The second edition contains some additions to the text and to the references and some parts are completely rewritten.


Gravitational Lensing:An Astrophysical Tool - 2837122046

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Gravitational Lensing:An Astrophysical Tool Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Gravitational lensing is by now sufficiently well understood that it can be used as a tool of investigation in other astrophysical areas. Applications include the determination of the Hubble constant, probing the dark matter context of galaxies and the mapping of the universe to the identification of otherwise invisible large-scale structures. Each chapter of the book covers in a self-contained manner a subfield of gravitational lensing, with the double aim of describing in a simple way the basics of the theory and of reviewing the most recent developments as well as applications foreseen in the near future. The book will thus be particularly useful as a high-level textbook for nonspecialist researchers and advanced students wishing to become familiar with the field all the way up to the forefront of research.This book contains a complete and up-to-date review of gravitational lensing, focussing on recent progress in both observations and theory. The mapping of dark matter on galaxy and cluster sized scales, as will be seen through the future eyes of ALMA, is discussed. The lensing of quasars is presented as a method for measuring cosmological parameters and recent observations and modeling are examined. In the regime of weak gravitational lensing numerous results are now available and are compared with simulations at different length-scales. The use of weak lensing around isolated galaxies to measure the shape of galaxy halos is studied. Absorption lines of lensed quasars can be used to map the occulting systems out to a redshift of 2 and this technique is investigated. This book is designed for researchers and graduate students interested in any research area of gravitational lensing.


Relativity and Gravitation - 2138985567

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Relativity and Gravitation Cambridge Univeristy Press

Księgarnia / Cambridge University Press / Kosmologia i teoria względności

Relativity and Gravitation Autor: Philippe Tourrenc, Translated by Andrew KingThe book presents, in a condensed form, all aspects of special relativity (Part I) and relativistic gravitation (Part II). The emphasis is on physical experiment, observation and interpretation. The first four chapters in Part I introduce special relativity, the following three chapters deal with mathematical derivation and introduce new concepts as background for Part II. Part II describes Newtonian gravitation using metric theory (placing it in general relativity); experimental tests are described using the post-Newtonian parameters; the Newtonian and relativistic cosmologies are presented. The following three chapters contain detailed discussion of general relativity with different geometries introducing their effect. The last chapter presents two practical projects: the satellite gyroscope to measure the gravitational interactions spin-orbit and spin-spin, and a gravitational wave detector. The author provides a rigorous theoretical treatment, at a level suitable for advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students. Spis treści: Preface Part I. Special Relativity: 1. Kinematics of a point mass 2. Changes of reference system 3. Experiments 4. Dynamics of a particle 5. Mathematical framework 6. The dynamics of continuous media 7. General coordinate systems Part II. Relativistic Gravitation: 1. Newtonian gravitation 2. Metric theories of gravity 3. Tests of metric theories in the Solar System 4. Newtonian cosmology 5. Relativistic cosmology 6. General relativity 7. Applications of Einstein's equations 8. General relativity in the weak field approximation 9. Two experimental projects: a satellite gyroscope and a gravitational wave detector Appendix A. Lagrange's equations Appendix B. Geometric framework of general relativity Useful numerical values Bibliography Index.dla: undergraduate students isbn9780521456852stron256Data publikacji06/02/199768 b/w illus. 4 tablesPaperback247 x 174 mm


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