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Adverse Impact Measurement - 2854560656

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Adverse Impact Measurement Taylor & Francis Ltd

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Practitioner's Guide to Legal Issues in Organizations - 2854216953

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Practitioner's Guide to Legal Issues in Organizations Springer, Berlin

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This book provides sound practical guidance on an array of specific hot button legal issues relevant to I/O practitioners and HR generalists. The core skillset possessed by many I/O psychologists can help inform a variety of legal issues beyond simple test validation, but little information is available that outlines the legal issues to which I/O principles can be applied or the specific methods that can be applied in response to such issues. Each chapter is devoted to a specific legal issue, and chapter content includes an overview of the issues, useful I/O methods to inform on the issue, and specific examples (case studies) that illustrate the best practices of application of I/O content knowledge to the specific issue. For example, a consultant whose client is faced with an allegation of adverse impact would be able to refer that chapter and get specific guidance on what should be done. All chapter content is based on scientific and legal best practices and will include best practices in methods, measurement and analysis. The text is meant to be used both as a text for graduate level courses in I/O programs and business schools as well as a practical handbook for the I/O practitioner or HR generalist. Each chapter contains the legal perspective based on commentary from an attorney with expertise in the area.


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