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Cougar 140mm Vortex HDB CF-V14H - 1990966825

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Cougar 140mm Vortex HDB CF-V14H Cougar

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Cougar's first fan series "Vortex" does not only look great, it also has "power under the hood" When a new fan comes to the market, and the data sheet of the fan shows that many new patents were integrated and that this performance piece comes from Cougar, it becomes clear that this fan series is truly great! The design, as always with components from Cougar, is exceptionally beautiful. The black / orange design gives the fan a unique look. This almost makes installing this fan in an enclosure a pity. The technology in this fan is also rather exceptional: A truly impressive airflow at low speeds and exceptionally low noise emissions leave the competition far behind. How the developers managed to achieve all this is hard to put in words, so simply have a look at the data sheet. Special features: HIGH-VORTEX AIRFLOW, patented fan and frame design High air flow at extremely low noise levels PATENTED FAN BLADE DESIGN Innovative fan blade design ensures focussed air flow and optimal cooling ANTI-VIBRATION PADS Reduces all vibration to a minimum AERODYNAMIC DESIGN The aero-dynamic fan shape reduces vortexing Technical specifications: Dimensions: 140x140x25mm Colour: Black frame, orange fan blades Nominal voltage: 12V Nominal speed: 1200rpm (+/- 10%) Airflow: 119,8m


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