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AFC Bournemouth Miscellany - 2826944581

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AFC Bournemouth Miscellany Pitch Publishing

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AFC Bournemouth Miscellany collects together all the vital information you never knew you needed to know about the Cherries. In these pages you will find irresistible anecdotes and the most mindblowing stats and facts. Heard the one about the 42-year-old former manager who was coaxed out of retirement to play on the left wing? How about James Hayter's fastest ever hat-trick in Football League history? Or the time 60,000 supporters lined the seafront to congratulate the champions on their Premier League promotion? Do you know which Cherries goalie stood 6'9" tall? Why 60s inside-forward Alan Hope suddenly became Alan O'Neill? Or which Cherries star was the first to top the scoring charts in three different divisions? All these stories and hundreds more appear in a brilliantly researched collection of trivia - essential for any Bournemouth fan who holds the riches of the club's history close to their heart.


Afc Bournemouth Miscellany - 2840253498

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Afc Bournemouth Miscellany

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AFC Bournemouth Miscellany Collects Together All The Vital Information You Never Knew You Needed To Know About The Cherries, From Irresistible Anecdotes To The Most Mindblowing Stats And Facts. A Brilliantly Researched Collection Of Trivia, Essential For Any Fan Who Holds The Riches Of The Club's History Close To Their Heart.


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