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Sweet St.Louis - 2826859369

75,84 zł

Sweet St.Louis Simon & Schuster

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

An old-fashioned love story with a contemporary edge, by the bestselling African American author of }Flyy Girl{.


Classic African - American. - 2839359677

61,99 zł

Classic African - American. SMITHSONIAN FOLKWAYS

Muzyka>Muzyka świata>Folk / Ludowa / Etno

1. Williams, Warner - Mouse On The Hill 2. Douglas, K. C. - Casey Jones 3. Belly, Lead - John Hardy 4. Jackson, John - Railroad Bill 5. Slim, Memphis / Dixon, Willie - Stewball 6. Sonny Terry / Mcghee, Brownie - John Henry 7. Snooks Eaglin - St. James Infirmary 8. Cephas, John / Wiggins, Phil - Staggerlee (Stackol 9. Convicts At The Ramsey / Retrieve State Farms - Lo 10. White, Josh - Betty & Dupree 11. Belly, Lead - Old Riley 12. Gillum, Jazz / Slim, Memphis / Stidham, Arbee - Th 13. Pink Anderson - The Titanic 14. Big Billy Broonzy - Frankie & Johnny 15. Taylor, Earl & Stony Mountain Boys, The - White Ho 16. Jackson, John - Louis Collins 17. Guthrie, Woody - Bad Lee Brown 18. Sprott, Horace - Luke & Mullen 19. Ronk, Dave Van - Duncan & Brady 20. Belly, Lead - Gallis Pole 21. Pink Anderson - Boll Weevil 22. White, Josh Jr. - Delia's Gone


Point from Which Creation Begins - 2826951805

142,08 zł

Point from Which Creation Begins Missouri Historical Society Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

From 1968 to 1972, St. Louis was home to the Black Artists' Group (BAG), a seminal arts collective that nurtured African American experimentalists involved with theater, visual arts, dance, poetry, and jazz. Inspired by the reinvigorated black cultural nationalism of the 1960s, artistic collectives had sprung up around the country in a diffuse outgrowth known as the Black Arts Movement. These impulses resonated with BAG's founders, who sought to raise black consciousness and explore the far reaches of interdisciplinary performance--all while struggling to carve out a place within the context of St. Louis history and culture.A generation of innovative artists--Julius Hemphill, Oliver Lake, and Emilio Cruz, to name but a few--created a moment of intense and vibrant cultural life in an abandoned industrial building on Washington Avenue, surrounded by the evisceration that typified that decade's "urban crisis." The 1960s upsurge in political art blurred the lines between political involvement and artistic production, and debates over civil rights, black nationalism, and the role of the arts in political and cultural struggles all found form in BAG.This book narrates the group's development against the backdrop of St. Louis spaces and institutions, examines the work of its major artists, and follows its musicians to Paris and on to New York, where they played a dominant role in Lower Manhattan's 1970s "loft jazz" scene. By fusing social concern and artistic innovation, the group significantly reshaped the St. Louis and, by extension, the American arts landscape.


Abandoned in the Heartland - 2826980302

123,36 zł

Abandoned in the Heartland University of California Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Urban poverty, along with all of its poignant manifestations, is moving from city centers to working-class and industrial suburbs in contemporary America. Nowhere is this more evident than in East St. Louis, Illinois. Once a thriving manufacturing and transportation center, East St. Louis is now known for its unemployment, crime, and collapsing infrastructure. "Abandoned in the Heartland" takes us into the lives of East St. Louis' predominantly African American residents to find out what has happened since industry abandoned the city, and jobs, quality schools, and city services disappeared, leaving people isolated and imperiled. Jennifer Hamer introduces men who search for meaning and opportunity in dead-end jobs, women who often take on caretaking responsibilities until well into old age, and parents who have the impossible task of protecting their children in this dangerous, and literally toxic, environment. Illustrated with historical and contemporary photographs showing how the city has changed over time, this book, full of stories of courage and fortitude, offers a powerful vision of the transformed circumstances of life in one American suburb.


Sweetie Pie's Cookbook - 2826751453

132,00 zł

Sweetie Pie's Cookbook Amistad Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The beloved owner of the wildly popular Sweetie Pie's restaurant, and star of the OWN reality television show Welcome to Sweetie Pie's shares recipes for her renowned soul food and the lessons she's learned on the path to success.Growing up in Mississippi and St. Louis, Robbie Montgomery, the oldest of nine children, was often responsible for putting meals on the family table. Working side by side with her mother in their St. Louis kitchen, Robbie learned to prepare dozens of classic soul food dishes.Now, at seventy-two, Miss Robbie passes down those traditions for generations of fans to enjoy in Sweetie Pie's Cookbook. Robbie takes you into the kitchen to prepare her most favored meals--smothered pork chops, salmon croquettes, baked chicken--and tells you heartfelt and humorous stories, including amazing tales from her life at the restaurant and on the road as a back-up singer. Miss Robbie began her culinary career on the road--in the segregated America of the1960s, finding welcoming restaurants in small cities and towns was often challenging for African-Americans. When a collapsed lung prematurely ended her singing career, Miss Robbie returned to St. Louis, using her formidable cooking talent to open a soul food restaurant that would make her legend.Through her show and this special cookbook, Miss Robbie hopes to maintain the place of soul food cooking--its recipes, history, and legacy--in American culture for decades to come.Sweetie Pie's Cookbook includes 75-100 gorgeous color photos and an Index.


Battle of Versailles - 2826987206

95,68 zł

Battle of Versailles St Martin's Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Conceived as a fundraiser for the restoration of King Louis XIV's palace, the world's elite gathered in Versailles' grand theatre to view a fashion extravaganza of the best that French and American designers had to offer, while being entertained by Liza Minnelli and Josephine Baker. What they saw would forever alter the history of fashion. At the Battle of Versailles five Americans-Oscar de la Renta, Bill Blass, Anne Klein, Halston, and Stephen Burrows - faced off against the five French designers considered the best in the world-Yves Saint Laurent, Hubert de Givenchy, Pierre Cardin, Emanuel Ungaro, and Marc Bohan of Christian Dior. Against all odds, the American energy and the domination by their fearless models (ten of whom, in a ground-breaking move, were African-American) sent the audience reeling. By the end of the evening, the Americans had transformed their place on the world stage and sowed the seeds for changing the way race, gender, sexuality, and economics would be treated in fashion for decades to come. The in-fighting between ego-inflated designers, the unforeseen obstacles in staging the show on a shoestring, the triumphant win, the vastly different fates of the designers post-show-Robin Givhan's meticulous research brings the event alive and places it firmly in the history of fashion, offering an intimate examination of a single moment that teaches us how the culture of fashion as we now know it came to be.


I, Stagolee - 2834153447

63,52 zł

I, Stagolee North Atlantic Books,U.S.

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

It's the birth year of Ragtime music, 1895, and Lee "Stagolee" Shelton, a St. Louis pimp, murders Billy Lyons, a political gang member. Afterwards, Stagolee makes a deal with Judge Murphy to bring order to the underworld. As a member of a group of pimps called the "Stags," Stagolee makes alliances with the Democratic Party and votes for a Democratic Mayor. Later, the Stag Party, along with the Democratic Party, elects St. Louis's first black policeman. It is this policeman who is sent to arrest Stagolee for the murder of Billy Lyons. Now, nearly 50 years after singer Lloyd Price introduced mainstream audiences to the "Stagger Lee" story, Cecil Brown portrays the events that gave rise to this mainstay of African-American popular culture. This follows the successful "Stagolee Shot Billy," Brown's nonfiction account of the same story.


Illinois State Senators - 2837897754

99,04 zł

Illinois State Senators Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 117. Chapters: Richard J. Daley, Richard M. Daley, Harold Washington, Barack Obama, Dan Rostenkowski, Peter Roskam, Paul Simon, Glenn Poshard, John Riley Tanner, Bill Brady, James Hutchinson Woodworth, John P. Daley, Edmund Dick Taylor, James W. Stephenson, Kirk W. Dillard, Judy Baar Topinka, Edward Dickinson Baker, Alice Palmer, Chris Lauzen, Debbie Halvorson, James Philip, Emil Jones, John H. Addams, Miguel del Valle, John G. Mulroe, James Meeks, Steve Rauschenberger, John Cullerton, Peter Fitzgerald, Carol Ronen, Lisa Madigan, Dave Koehler, James M. Strode, Heather Steans, William R. Haine, John J. Millner, John J. Nimrod, Michael Noland, John E. Grotberg, Randy Hultgren, Alan J. Dixon, Tom Dart, Frank Watson, Dan Rutherford, Maggie Crotty, Dawn Clark Netsch, John Wood, Jeffrey Schoenberg, William Alexander Richardson, Terry Link, Rickey R. Hendon, Jacqueline Y. Collins, Kwame Raoul, Toi Hutchinson, James DeLeo, Larry Bomke, Louis Viverito, Daniel Cronin, Annazette Collins, Gary G. Dahl, Elias Smith Dennis, John T. Stuart, William McMurtry, Martin Sandoval, Iris Martinez, Don Harmon, John O. Jones, Bob Kustra, Abraham Lincoln Marovitz, William Jayne, Theophilus W. Smith, Adeline Geo-Karis, Ira Silverstein, Antonio Munoz, Donne Trotter, Joseph W. Fifer, Joseph Duncan, Kimberly A. Lightford, Mark Aldrich, Susan Garrett, Karen Hasara, Edward Maloney, Carole Pankau, Pamela Althoff, John M. Sullivan, Patrick O'Malley, Morris E. Muhleman, Mike Frerichs, Dale Righter, Tim Bivins, Arthur Wilhelmi, Christine Radogno, Dale Risinger, Mike Jacobs, Matt Murphy, Dave Syverson, George Forquer, J. Bradley Burzynski, Michael Bond, William J. Allen, Mattie Hunter, Sue Rezin, William E. Peterson, Adam W. Snyder, William E. Mason, Samuel McRoberts, Dan Duffy, George E. Sangmeister, James Clayborne, Jr., Shane Cultra, Todd Sieben, Darin LaHood, David Luechtefeld, Kyle McCarter, Zadok Casey, Andrew J. Hunter, Beverly Fawell, Deanna Demuzio, Willis Allen, Ebenezer Peck, Burton C. Cook, Jasper D. Ward, Earlean Collins, Harris W. Fawell, Morton D. Hull, Ben F. Caldwell, Emil Jones, III, William St. John Forman, J. Leroy Adair, Carl Hawkinson, Thomas Vernor Smith, Thomas Carlin, Roland V. Libonati, Norman B. Judd, Anthony L. Knapp, Gary Forby, James Donnewald, Len Small, John Henry, Ronald Sandack, Andrew J. Kuykendall, Dan Kotowski, Terry L. Bruce, Linda Holmes, Patrick Welch, Vince Demuzio, William Joseph Lynch, William McHenry, Louis Menges, Tom Johnson, Adam C. Cliffe, Dave Sullivan, Archibald Williams, Suzi Schmidt, Kenneth G. McMillan, Edward Petka. Excerpt: Barack Hussein Obama II ( ; born August 4, 1961) is the 44th and current President of the United States. He is the first African American to hold the office. Obama previously served as a United States senator from Illinois, from January 2005 until he resigned following his success in the 2008 presidential election. A native of Honolulu, Hawaii, Obama is a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School, where he was the president of the Harvard Law Review. He was a community organizer in Chicago before earning his law degree. He worked as a civil rights attorney in Chicago and taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School from 1992 to 2004. Obama served three terms in the Illinois Senate from 1997 to 2004. Following an unsuccessful bid against the Democratic incumbent for a seat in the United States House of Representatives in 2000, he ran for Uni...


Ideal Bartender - 2826710539

42,56 zł

Ideal Bartender Martino Fine Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

2015 Reprint of 1917 Edition. Full facsimile of the original edition, not reproduced with Optical Recognition Software. Tom Bullock was the longtime bartender at the St. Louis Country Club and the first African-American bartender to publish a cocktail manual. His book is additionally valuable as a historical document, since it came out not long before the Volstead Act came crashing down on drinkers' heads. According to a New York Times Review "The recipes capture a flavor of pre-Prohibition American drinking culture and trends, a style that is replicated in many cocktail bars around the world even today." Among those recipes are the Gillette Cocktail, believed by some to be an early print appearance of the gimlet, and the Golfer's Delight, a drink that used Bevo, the near beer that Anheuser-Busch introduced at the time as a bulwark against the coming ban on liquor. Bullock's fateful julep recipe is in there, too, along with a word of gentlemanly caution: "Be careful and not bruise the mint." Contains 173 cocktail recipes. [New York Times: FEB. 17, 2015


Insider Histories of Cartooning - 2826690868

170,88 zł

Insider Histories of Cartooning University Press of Mississippi

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Many fans and insiders alike have never heard of Bill Hume, Bailin' Wire Bill, Abe Martin, AWOL Wally, the "Texas History Movies," or the Weatherbird at the "St. Louis Post-Dispatch." And many insiders do not know why we call comic books "comics" even though lots of them are not at all funny.Robert C. Harvey, cartoonist and a veteran comics critic, author of several histories of comics and biographies of cartoonists, tells forgotten stories of a dozen now obscure but once famous cartoonists and their creations. He also includes accounts of the cartooning careers of a ground-breaking African American and a woman who broke into an industry once dominated by white men.Many of the better known stories in some of the book's fourteen chapters are wrapped around fugitive scraps of information that are almost unknown. Which of Bill Mauldin's famous duo is Willie? Which is Joe? What was the big secret about E. Simms Campbell? Who was Funnyman? And why? And some of the pictures are rare, too. Hugh Hefner's cartoons, Kin Hubbard's illustrations for "Short Furrows," Betty Swords' pictures for the Male Chauvinist Pig Calendar of 1974, the Far East pin-up cartoon character Babysan, illustrations for "Popo and Fifina," and Red Ryder's last bow.


4 Classic Albums Plus - 2839305118

35,99 zł

4 Classic Albums Plus AVID JAZZ


1. Petite Fleur 2. Ellington Medley: Prelude To A Kiss / Do Nothing 3. Clarinet Marmalade 4. Edmond Hall Blues 5. Good Cook 6. Off The Road 7. Adam And Evie 8. Don't Give Me Sympathy 9. Rampart Street 10. Neighbors 11. Rose In Her Window 12. Flyin' High 13. American Tempo 14. Swingin' 15. Hallelujah! 16. Dawn On The Desert 17. Lover 18. African Fu-fu 19. Sweet Georgia Brown From Edmond Hall In Buenos A 20. S Wonderful From Edmond Hall In Buenos Aires 101. Jazz Me Blues 102. You Made Me Love You 103. Alexander's Ragtime Band 104. Mahogany Hall Stomp 105. Indiana 106. Bugle Call Rag 107. Careless Love 108. St. Louis Blues 109. Margie 110. Tiger Rag 111. Careless Love 112. Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone 113. Bugle Call Rag 114. Medley: Black And Blue / When A Woman Loves A Ma 115. S Wonderful From Jazz At Storyville 116. Sister Kate From Jazz At Storyville 117. Ad Lib Blues From Jazz At Storyville 118. Sting On The Wings From Edmond Hall In Buenos Ai


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