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Guillemette Andreu-Lanoe - Meroe - 2826746393

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Guillemette Andreu-Lanoe - Meroe ANTIQUE COLLECTORS CLUB

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The catalogue of the first exhibition ever dedicated exclusively to Meroe, the legendary capital of the ancient Kingdom of Kush (the land of the black pharaohs of the XXV dynasty) and famous for its necropolis of pyramids. This enigmatic and majestic civilisation flourished between 270 BC and 350 AD. A cultural heir of Egypt and its pharaohs, Meroe's empire developed in what is now Sudan, on the shores of the Nile. It was well connected to the commercial networks of the Eastern Mediterranean sea. Its religious pantheon, its political and cultural system, the writing, the cities and its art remind us of the richness of this African civilisation. Over 200 objects are illustrated in the catalogue: sculptures, ceramics, jewels, reliefs, etc. The texts are written by scholars and supply the most updated knowledge - enhanced by recent archaeological excavations carried out by the Louvre - on this fascinating Kingdom.


Egyptomania - 2841722035

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In Egyptomania Ronald H. Fritze Takes Us On A Historical Journey To Unearth The Egypt Of The Imagination, A Land Of Weird Gods, Murky Magic, Secret Knowledge, Marvellous Pyramids, Enigmatic Sphinxes, Monumental Obelisks, Immense Wealth And Mystifying Mummies.


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