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Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire - Part 2 - 2839194974

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Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire - Part 2 Naxos AudioBooks

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2. Odacer, The First Barbarian King Of Rome-ad 476 3. The Visigoths Rule All The Roman Conquests West Of The Alps 4. Clovis Establishes The French Monarchy In Gaul 5. The Struggle Of Britain 6. 'The Decline Of Rome Was The Natural And Inevitable Effect Of Immoderate Greatness' 7. Theodoric The Ostrogoth 8. Theodoric...'sheathed His Sword Inthe Pride And Vigour Of His Age' 9. Justinian Ascends The Byzantine Throne, Ad 527, And Shares Supreme Power With Theodora 10. Belisarius, A Loyal Proved Commander 111. Belisarius, Cursed In Love In His Marriage To Antonina 112. The Gothic Courage Revives 113. The Games Of Antiquity - The Struggle Of The Green And The Blue Factions 114. The Festival Of The Ides Of January In The Fifth Year Of Justinian's Reign 115. The End Of Belisarius 116. The New Emperor - Justin, Nephew Of Justinian 117. The Virtues And Merits Of Tiberius 118. The Emperor Maurice 219. The Fate Of Rome At The Close Of The Sixth Century And The Rise Of Pope Gregory The First 220. Maurice Abdicates And Is Succeeded By Phocas 221. The Victory Of Heraclius Against The Persians 222. A Melancholy Task 223. Martina, Constantine Iii, Constans Ii, Justinian II - In Quick Succession 224. Justinian Returns With Vengance 225. Leo Iv, The Son Of The Fifth Constantine, And Father Of The Sixth 226. Leo V And Michael Ii, Michael III 327. Basil The Macedonian, Leo Vi, Constantine, John Zimisces 328. The Rise Of The Comnenian Dynasty 329. Manuel I Reigns For 37 Years 330. Andronicus Rules, Firstly From Behind The Emperor, And Then With The Sceptre 331. Six Hundred Years Filled With Sixty Emperors 332. The Rise Of Islam 333. The Concept Of The Holy War 334. A Sinful And A Fanatic World 335. The Departure Of The Pilgrims 336. The Effect Of The Crusades 437. The Palaelogi Dynasty Of The Early 14th Century 438. The Rise Of Genghis Khan And The Mongol Empire In The East 439. The Mongol Invasion Of The West 440. The Rise Of Timour - Tamerline 441. Timour Turns His Eyes Towards The Ottomans 442. 1422 - Constantinpole Once More Under Siege By Turkish Armies 443. Mohammed Ii, 'The Great Destroyer' And The Final Act Of The Byzantine Empire 444. The Response Of Christendom 445. A City Of 13 Miles Defended By 8,000 Soldiers 446. The Great Cannon Of Mohammed 447. A Siege Of 40 Days, Breaches On All Sides 548. 29th May 1453 549. Fleeing To The Church Of St Sophia 550. The Legitimate Reward Of The Conqueror 551. The Fate Of Constantine 552. The Incomparable Position, A New Future 553. The Effect Of Christendom 554. The Religious Schism In The Christian Church 555. Reflections Of Pope Eugenius IV And The Learned Poggius On The Top Of The Capitaline Hill In 1430 556. The Four Principal Causes Of The Ruin Of The Roman Empire - 1) The Injuries Of Time And Nature 557. The Four Principal Causes Of The Ruin Of The Roman Empire - 2) The Hostile Attacks Of The Barbarians 558. The Four Principal Causes Of The Ruin Of The Roman Empire - 3) The Use And Abuse Of Materials 559. The Four Principal Causes Of The Ruin Of The Roman Empire - 4) The Domestic Quarrels Of The Romans 560. Rome In The Days Of Gibbon


Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire - 2839194973

139,99 zł

Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire Naxos AudioBooks

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2. The Most Civilised Portion Of Mankind 3. The Terror Of The Roman Arms - The Preservation Of Peace By A Constant Preparation For War 4. Every Useful Intrument Of War 5. An Empire United By Laws And Adorned By Arts 6. The Roman Language - An Influence Over National Manners 7. The Most Numerous Society Under The Same System Of Government 8. The Fate Of The Roman World Depended On The Will Of Augustus 9. A Succession Of Monsters With Uparalleled Vices 10. The Rule Of The Two Antonines - The Only Period Of History In Which The Happiness Of A Great People 11. Commodus - Revelling In The Licence Of Sovereign Power 12. Pertinax Accedes To Power 113. The Praetorian Guards And The Bribe Of Didius Julianus 114. Septimus Severus - A Pernicious Indulgence 115. The Two Sons Of Severus - Caracalla And Geta 116. Caracalla Becomes Sole Emperor 117. Antoninus Becomes Elagabalus, Supreme Emperor And Pontiff - And Licentious Despot 118. The Reign Of Alexander - An Auspicious Calm Of Thirteen Years 119. The Rise Of Maximin, Dark And Sanguinary 120. Confusion Of Power Between Maximus, Balbinus And Gordianus 121. Philip - A Period Of Games 122. Decius And The Appearance Of The Goths 123. Hostilianus And Gallus 124. Aemilianus, Valerian And Gallienus - An Empire Oppressed 125. Claudius - The First Of The Restorers Of The Roman World 226. Aurelian - Four Years Of Memorable Achievement 227. Zenobia Fights Back - The Fate Of The East Is Decided 228. The Death Of Aurelian And The Accession Of Tacitus 229. Probus And The Deliverance Of Gaul And 70 German Cities 230. Carus, Numerian And Carinus - Soft, Cruel, Devoted To Pleasure Yet Destitute Of Taste 231. The Illustrious Reign Of Diocletian And Maximian 232. The End Of Rome As The Capital Of The Empire 233. The Abdication Of Diocletian 234. Two New Augusti - Constantius And Galerius 235. The Elevation Of Constantine And A Time Of Confusion 236. The Final Battle Between Constantine And Maxentius 337. Constantine Overwhelms Licinius, A Victory Which Leads To The Foundation Of Constantinople 338. A Candid But Rational Inquiry Into The Progress And Establishment Of Christianity Under The Roman Em 339. A Dark And Unjust Record Righted 340. Nero - Mistakenly Judged One Of History's Most Vilified Figures 341. Protection For The Christians 342. Diocletian Introduces Systematic Repression 343. Gibbon's Conclusions On The Roman Persecution Of The Christians 344. Constantine - A New Capital But A Fatal Flaw In Defence 445. The Petty Abuse Of Power And Local Tyrannies 446. Asiatic Pomp And A Gradual Decline 447. Constantius, Gallus And The Eunuchs 448. Julian, A Caesar Of Very Different Ilk 449. The Establishment Of Christianity 450. The Rise In Popularity Of Julian 451. The Road To Civil War 452. Julian Assumes Supreme Power 453. The Apostasy Of Julian 454. The Death Of Julian 555. Jovian - A Brief Reign 556. Valentinian, Emperor Of The West And Valens, Emperor Of The East 557. Gratian, Emperor Of The West 558. The Humbling Of The Empire 559. The Incursion Of The Visigoth Fritigern And The Death Of Valens At Hadrianople 560. Theodosius, Emperor Of The East, Aims For A Modus Vivendi With The Visigoths 561. Maximus Takes Rule Of The Western Empire But Unadvisedly Marches Against Theodosius 562. Arcadius And Honorius And Their Commander Stilicho 563. The Power Of The Visigoths Under Alaric 564. The Execution Of Stilicho Opens The Goths' Road To Rome 565. The Decadence Of The Empire In The Reign Of Honorius And The Siege Of Rome 566. The Sound Of The Gothic Trumpet 567. The End Of The Roman Empire In The West 568. The Reign Of Odoacer, The First Barbarian King Of Italy 569. General Observations On The Fall Of The Roman Empire In The West


Warfare in the Classical World: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Weapons, Warriors, and Warfare in the Ancient Civilizations of Greece and Rome - 2837896531

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Warfare in the Classical World: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Weapons, Warriors, and Warfare in the Ancient Civilizations of Greece and Rome Univ of Oklahoma Pr

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This superbly illustrated volume traces the evolution of the art of warfare in the Greek and Roman worlds between 1600 B.C. and A.D. 800, from the rise of Mycenaean civilization to the fall of Ravenna and the collapse of the western Roman Empire. John Warry tells of an age of great military commanders such as Alexander the Great, Hannibal, and Julius Caesar - men whose feats of generalship still provide material for discussion and admiration in the military academies of the world. Rich illustrations of soldiers in uniform, equipment, weapons, warships, siege machines, war elephants, and more are accompanied by extensive captions. The text is complemented by a running chronology, 16 maps, 50 newly researched battle plans and tactical diagrams, and 125 photographs, 65 of them in color.


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