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All or Nothing - 2826988152

43,14 zł

All or Nothing HEADLINE

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Francine Champion loves her life working as a mechanic at her uncle's Leicester garage. But when Eddie Taylor starts seeing her best friend, Stella, Frankie can't help feeling uneasy. Eddie's certainly charming, but Frankie can see he's a bad lot. She's shocked, then, when she finds out it's she, Frankie, that Eddie wants. Within days he's broken up her relationship with her steady boyfriend, ruined her friendship with Stella and started pursuing her so relentlessly that before she knows it, Frankie has agreed to marry Eddie. After a year the marriage is going well and Frankie can't think why she had doubts about her husband. But she should have trusted her first instincts, because Eddie is far more dangerous than she ever imagined...


Oprah Winfrey Speaks - 2826804267

163,96 zł

Oprah Winfrey Speaks Wiley

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"People have told me that their lives have changed because of me. I take away from this the sense that I'm on the right track." "I believe you're here to live your life with passion. Otherwise, you're just traveling through the world blindly-and there's no point to that." "Oprah's on." It's the catchphrase that inspires millions around the world to tune in to one of the most trusted women in the history of television. Almost everyone follows Oprah's every move. One word about a book club selection sends an obscure first novel rocketing to the top of the bestseller list. Oprah Winfrey possesses what is arguably one of the world's most influential voices. Alive with her unique warmth and insight, Oprah Winfrey Speaks reveals the mystique of Oprah in her own words. Drawing on hundreds of sources, Janet Lowe provides an evocative, personal portrait. Here are Oprah's opinions on everything from childhood and overcoming adversity to dealing with fame and staying real. Oprah Winfrey Speaks highlights Oprah's abiding faith, no-nonsense business rules, generosity, and love as well as her 10 commandments for lifelong success. Oprah's lifetime theme has been personal transformation-she's constantly seeking, questioning, changing, and growing. This uplifting theme echoes throughout Oprah Winfrey Speaks. Here is just a hint of the wisdom you'll discover: "Just tell the truth. It'll save you every time." "Don't complain about what you don't have. Use what you've got. To do less than your best is a sin. Every single one of us has the power for greatness, because greatness is determined by service-to yourself and to others." "I am a woman in progress. I'm just trying like everyone else. I try to take every conflict, every experience and learn from it. All I know is that I can't be anybody else. And it's taken me a long time to realize that." "If you're angry, be angry and deal with it. Don't go eat a bag of Ruffles." "God blesses you better when you pray on your knees." The world listens when Oprah Winfrey Speaks Here's just a hint of the wisdom you'll find inside..."I am what I am because of my grandmother. My strength. My sense of reasoning. Everything. All that was set by the time I was six." "Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity." "I always feel if you do right, right will follow." "You know the old clich-, 'a good man is hard to find'? Well, it's true. And the smarter you get, the harder they are to find." This book has not been prepared, approved, licensed, or endorsed by Oprah Winfrey, Harpo Productions, or by any entity that creates, produces, or broadcasts THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW.


Alchemist in the Shadows - 2826877005

39,80 zł

Alchemist in the Shadows GOLLANCZ

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Welcome to Paris, in 1633, where dragons menace the realm. Cardinal Richelieu, the most powerful and most feared man in France, is on his guard. He knows France is under threat, and that a secret society known as the Black Claw is conspiring against him from the heart of the greatest courts in Europe. They will strike from the shadows, and when they do the blow will be both terrible and deadly. To counter the threat, Richelieu has put his most trusted men into play: the Cardinal's Blades, led by Captain la Fargue. Six men and a woman, all of exceptional abilities and all ready to risk their lives on his command. They have saved France before, and the Cardinal is relying on them to do it again. So when la Fargue hears from a beautiful, infamous, deadly Italian spy claiming to have valuable information, he has to listen ...and when La Donna demands Cardinal Richelieu's protection before she will talk, la Fargue is even prepared to consider it. Because La Donna can name their enemy. It's a man as elusive as he is manipulative, as subtle as Richelieu himself, an exceptionally dangerous adversary: the Alchemist in the shadows ...


The 'D' Singles 2 - 2839413713

339,99 zł

The 'D' Singles 2 Bear Family Records


1. Utah Carl/because I Trusted You-i Still Miss You 2. Counterfeit Heart 3. Merl Lindsay/meanwhile-i'm Tired Of Writing Lett 4. Ted Doyle/we've Got A Lot To Be Thankful For- 5. I'll Be Thinking Of You Dear 6. Doug Bragg/don't Do That Again Take 2-one More 7. Mistake - You'll Have To Give (Just A Little) 8. Billy Martin/if You Don't Love Me-tears I 9. Couldn't Hide - Angel 10. Eddie Burke/too Many Tears-rock Mop 11. Rufus Thibodeaux/sauce Piquant-louisiana Festiva 12. Ward Allen/frisco Waltz-two Step Polka 13. Dee Mullin/i've Really Got A Right To Cry-the 14. World's A Lie 15. Homer Lee Sewell/whisper Your Name-she's Mad At 16. Gaston Ponce Castellanos/falso-querer-paloma Menti 17. Glenn Barber/most Beautiful-your Heart Don't Lov 18. Jim Alexander/ramble-who Knows 19. Jack Rivers/if You Were Mine-should Have Known 20. The Velvetones/worried Over You-space Men-hey 21. Girl - Time Gives Me Pleasure 22. Tommy Hudson/swanee River Gal-band Stand Stomp 23. Johnny Forrer/my Blues-the Real Thing 24. Tony Douglas/geronimo-end Of The Evening 25. Tommy Durden/deep In The Heart Of A Fool-the Bee 26. Travelin'texans/song Of Blue Love-beating On The 27. Bars 28. Country Johnny Mathis/i Don't Know How I Can Liv 29. Run Please Run 30. Patsy Timmons/answer To Life To Go-i've Got It 31. William Tell Taylor/i Can't Ever Free My Mind- 32. Uh Huh 33. Tibby Edwards/memory Of A Lie-one More Night 34. Jean & Glenn Smith/calendar In Blue-real Thing 35. Joe Carson/time Lock-careless Words 36. Willie Nelson/man With The Blues-storm Has Just Be 37. Cecil Bowman/cotton-curse Of Wine 38. Gloria Henson/don't Tell Me, Show Me-sad Girl 39. Doug Bragg/when The Blues Comes Walking In- 40. Unfinished Castle 41. Billy Jack Hale/out Of Town Joe-danger Moved 42. West-good Luck Billy-i Take My Hat 43. Jimmy & Johnny/my Little Baby-all I Need Is Time 44. Margie Words/takes A Lot Of Heartaches-i Shot Sa 45. Charles Drake/there Goes My Baby-having Fun With 46. Another 47. Bill Morgan/your Wicked Love-at Home With Mom 48. Claude Gray/loneliness-best Part Of Me 49. Eddie Noack/man On The Wall-relief Is Just A Swa 50. Ted Doyle/one Step Ahead Of Sorrow-just One More 51. Danny Ross/the Last Town I Painted-you Finally 52. Walked Out 53. Dave Edge/wham Bam-night Of Lonliness 54. Glenn Barber/new Girl In School-go Home Letter 55. Shirley Rucker/you Take More Than I Can-i Hear 56. Your Footsteps 57. Durwood Daily/what Difference Does It Make-east 58. Dallas Dagger 59. Ernie Kucera/when When Polka-ernies Polka 60. Red Fowler/that's All I Need-you'll Have To Pay 61. Tony Douglas/old Man Love-too Much To Lose 62. Johnny Conoly/your Wedding Day-i'm Gonna Hang 63. Around You Baby 64. William Tell Taylor/angel Of Love-love Is Everyw 65. Merl Lindsay/stolen Kisses-is It Too Late 66. Vern Pullen & B.j.johnson/country Boys Dream- 67. What Am I To Do 68. Leon Payne/brothers Of A Bottle-mitzie Mcgraw 69. Patsy Timmons/branded Your Life-my Philosophy 70. Cecil Bowman/sweet Cake And Kisses-tea Leaves 71. Don't Lie


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