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Mustangs - Wild Horses in the USA 2017 - 2841663657

133,85 zł

Mustangs - Wild Horses in the USA 2017 Calvendo Verlag GmbH

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Wild horses have roamed the western United States for hundreds of years, ever since Spanish conquistadors brought them over during early explorations in the 1500s. Their role in Native American culture, their status as a symbol of freedom and power and their history in the founding of the west are all part of what makes this animal particularly special. Calvendo calendars are premium products - a bit more pricey than others but with added benefits: Our calendars always look beautiful on your wall because we produce them locally with premium paper and sophisticated spiral binding, ensuring easy turning of pages and flat hanging against the wall. A protective transparent plastic cover sheet provides added stability and each calendar comes in five languages. Treat yourself to a Calvendo calendar and you get something that looks better all year round.


I Love: Horses and Ponies - 2841420782

55,04 zł

I Love: Horses and Ponies QED PUBLISHING

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Fascinated by horses and ponies? Then this stunning book from QED is for you. Featuring beautiful photography of both wild and domestic horses and ponies, this book is perfect for anyone wanting to discover more about the wide range of breeds in this species. Catch a glimpse of lots of different breeds from all over the world, from the Rocky Mountain Horse in the USA to the Shetland pony here in the UK. The skilfully taken photographs capture the brilliance of each individual horse and pony to reveal specific qualities of each unique breed, from their manes to their behavioural characteristics. Pick your favourite horse or pony; with over 50 to choose from, horse and pony lovers will adore this introduction to all different breeds.


The Welfare of Horses - 2835873934

487,38 zł

The Welfare of Horses Springer Netherlands

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book is the first in a series on the Welfare of Animals, and it is appropriate that it addresses horses, whose welfare in modern management systems are a subject of major concern. Keeping horses is increasingly popular in the Western world and is of major importance in many developing countries. However, the conditions in which horses are kept are very different from the environment of wild horses, which leads to many adverse effects on their welfare and behaviour.§This book describes the development of horse behaviour, and the way in which the management of horses today affects their welfare. Horses for sport, companionship and work are considered and ways of improving their welfare by better training and management is described. The authors include internationally-recognised scientists from Britain, Ireland, USA and Australia.§The book will be of interest to all involved in the equine industry, animal welfare, academics, students and practical horsemen.


Kay de Silva - Horses - 2842361200

62,86 zł

Kay de Silva - Horses Aurora

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Bestselling children's author Kay de Silva presents "Horses". The book uses captivating illustrations, and carefully chosen words to teach children about 'man's trusted friend'. This series is known for its beautiful full-color images. The description in large text is simple enough for young readers or for a parent to guide a child through. There are also picture captions that provide more information to talk about with your child. Alternatively, a child of any age (even the child in you) can just look at the images and appreciate their beauty. This book depicts the wonder of the world of horses in all its glory. Children are given a well-rounded understanding of these beautiful mammals: their anatomy, feeding habits, and behavior. The following horses are featured: * The swift Arabian Horse * The gentle Draft Horse * The graceful Feral Horse * The strong Norwegian Fjord Horse * The cheeky Shetland Pony * The spirited Thoroughbred * The endangered Wild Horse Get this book at this special price. *** Your child will love it - this is guaranteed.***


Horses: History, Myth, Art - 2844864623

169,19 zł

Horses: History, Myth, Art Harvard Univ Pr

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The remarkable relationship between people and horses has been evoked in art from the beginning of the bond between them. In this beautifully illustrated book, Catherine Johns explores the horse in art from the ancient world to the modern era. In early human history, horses were among the wild creatures hunted for meat; they were domesticated comparatively late, around 4000 b.c. As people developed from hunter-gatherers to farmers, the horse offered the potential for a revolution in power and transport--the ability to move farther and faster transformed society. Johns tells the story of the horse and highlights the key roles this animal has played in human warfare, travel, ceremony, hunting, racing, and in myth and symbolism. The themes are presented in stunning four-color illustrations of British Museum objects that trace our perceptions of the horse through time and space, and convey the wide variety of images that have been created of this magnificent creature: in colossal and life-sized sculpture, in paintings, and in minuscule form on coins, gems, and jewelry; and from the world of ancient Greece and Rome to the arts of India, Africa, China, and Japan. Horses appear in stone and metal, ceramic, wood, bone, ivory, and textiles. From the Horse of Selene and a gold model chariot from the Oxus treasure to Persian miniatures and prints by Duerer, Stubbs, and Hokusai, this book will inform, entertain, and delight horse lovers and all readers interested in this inspiring animal and its profound contribution to human culture.


Wild China - 2845289499

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Wild China BBC

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

China has more varied habitats for wildlife than anywhere else on the planet: rivers carve immense gorges through the world's loftiest mountain peaks; vast deserts range from searing heat to mind-numbing cold; wild horses gallop across grass steppe land; shallow seas teem with life; steaming jungles harbour colourful birds and temperate forests shelter giant pandas and golden snub-nosed monkeys. But above all, China is a place of 1.3 billion people, most of whom still live in the countryside. By the improbable cone-shaped hills of Southern China, afloat in a sea of glistening rice paddies, streams conceal dwarf alligators and giant salamanders and trained cormorants catch fish for their masters. In the Himalayas where the temperature can drop nearly 30 C in a day, Mongolian nomads roam on horseback along the ancient Silk Road, Kazakh herders hunt with Golden Eagles in the snow, and all share their land with wild yak, giant herds of Chiru antelope, brown bears and snow leopards. Vast river estuaries, migrating birds, coral reefs and busy cities jostle for attention along China's 10,000 km-long eastern seaboard. This cradle of Chinese civilization has developed into the country's most densely-populated and economically dynamic area, while remaining a Mecca for wildlife. To survive, this wildlife must co-exist with over 600 million people in a rapidly-changing environment. Wild China is a stunning visual feast - exploring the length and breadth of one of the world's most spectacular and mysterious countries.


All My Patients Have Tales - 2844395636

74,26 zł

All My Patients Have Tales Griffin Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A collection of stories by a veterinarian, featuring wild horses, porcupine-quill-covered dogs, male cats in labour, an extremely ornery pygmy donkey, and many other domestic, exotic, and farm animals.


J Chamberlin - Horse - 2826811389

54,39 zł

J Chamberlin - Horse Signal Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Full of wisdom, passion and wonder, "Horse" is the utterly fascinating and enlightening story of horses and humans from the beginning of time to the present. Ever since the dawn of human history, horses have held a mystical sway over our imagination: we respect and revere them like no other animal. We have conceived of them as both domesticated and free, both belonging to our civilisation and to the wild. At first, ours was an encounter of death, as prehistoric humans hunted horses all across the steppes of Asia, and throughout Europe. But they also painted horses full of grace and beauty on the walls of their caves, and gave them a central place in their songs and sacred rituals. Long before the invention of writing and the wheel, horses began to shape the way humans lived. Drawing on archaeology, biology, art, literature and ethnography, "Horse" illuminates the relationship between humans and horses throughout history - from Alexander the Great to Genghis Khan, from the Moors in Spain and the knights in France to the great horse cultures of native America. From the Ice Age to the Industrial Age, horses have provided sustenance, transportation, status, companionship and the ability to establish and expand empires. Included are stories of horses at work, at war and at play, both wild horses and famous horses, in paintings, books and movies. "Horse" looks at the ancient traditions of horse trading and horse stealing, horse racing and games with horses, and at rodeos and circuses, jumping and dressage. It compares techniques of training and traditions of breeding, from the Persians to the Nez Perce, from Lippizaners to Percherons, and ponders the intelligence of horses, their skill and strength as well as their grace and beauty.


Paddock Paradise - 2826634988

138,90 zł

Paddock Paradise Bay Foreign Language Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

What is Paddock Paradise? "A remarkable natural environment for horses!" Welcome to "Paddock Paradise", natural horse care advocate Jaime Jackson's groundbreaking adventure in natural boarding for horses! Based on Jackson's legendary research on wild horses, Paddock Paradise is a revolutionary model for safe, natural horsekeeping, hoof care, and the healing and rehabilitation of lame horses. The premise of Paddock Paradise is to stimulate horses to behave and move naturally according to their instincts. "This is the key," according to Jackson, "to having physically and mentally healthier horses." This unique and unprecedented model is adaptable to virtually all size horse properties, regardless of climate, and fits all equine breeds regardless of how they are used. Consider some of the following benefits for creating a Paddock Paradise for your horses:


Achtung Baby Uber Deluxe Box Ltd - 2839279607

3599,99 zł

Achtung Baby Uber Deluxe Box Ltd Universal Music


1. Zoo Station 2. Even Better Than The Real Thing 3. One 4. Until The End Of The World 5. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses 6. So Cruel 7. The Fly 8. Mysterious Ways 9. Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around The World 10. Ultra Violet (Light My Way) 11. Acrobat 12. Love Is Blindness 101. Zooropa 102. Babyface 103. Numb 104. Lemon 105. Stay (Faraway, So Close!) 106. Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car 107. Some Days Are Better Than Others 108. The First Time 109. Dirty Day 201. Night & Day (Steel String Remix) 202. Even Better Than The Real Thing (The Perfecto Mix) 203. Mysterious Ways (Solar Plexus Extended Club Mix) 204. Lemon (The Perfecto Mix) 205. Can't Help Falling In Love (Triple Peaks Remix) 206. Lady With The Spinning Head (Extended Dance Mix) 207. Even Better Than The Real Thing (V16 Exit Wound Re 208. Mysterious Ways (Ultimatum Mix) 209. The Lounge Fly Mix 210. Mysterious Ways (The Perfecto Mix) 211. One (Apollo 440 Remix) 301. Mysterious Ways (Tabla Motown Remix) 302. Mysterious Ways (Apollo 440 Magic Hour Remix) 303. Can't Help Falling In Love (Mystery Train Dub) 304. One (Apollo 440 Ambient Mix) 305. Lemon (Momo's Reprise) 306. Salome (Zooromancer Remix) 307. Even Better Than The Real Thing (Trance Mix) 308. Numb (Gimme Some More Dignity Mix) 309. Mysterious Ways (Solar Plexus Magic Hour Remix) 310. Numb (Soul Assassins Mix) 311. Even Better Than The Real Thing (Apollo 440 Stealt 401. Lady With The Spinning Head (Uv1) 402. Blow Your House Down 403. Salome 404. Even Better Than The Real Thing (Single Version) 405. Satellite Of Love 406. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (Temple Bar Remi 407. Heaven & Hell 408. Oh Berlin 409. Near The Island (Instrumental) 410. Down All The Days 411. Paint It Black 412. Fortunate Son 413. Alex Descends Into Hell For A Bottle Of Milk / Kor 414. Where Did It All Go Wrong? 415. Everybody Loves A Winner 416. Even Better Than The Real Thing (Fish Out Of Water 501. 'Baby' Zoo Station 502. 'Baby' Even Better Than The Real Thing 503. 'Baby' One 504. 'Baby' Until The End Of The World 505. 'Baby' Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses 506. 'Baby' So Cruel 507. 'Baby' The Fly 508. 'Baby' Mysterious Ways 509. 'Baby' Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around The World 510. 'Baby' Ultra Violet (Light My Way) 511. 'Baby' Acrobat 512. 'Baby' Love Is Blindness 601. From The Sky Down - A Documentary 701. Zoo Tv Special - A Documentary 702. U2 On Naked City, 1993 703. U2 On Tv-am, 1992 704. Mtv's ''most Wanted - Zootv Special'' 705. Mtv Rocumentary 706. Trabantland Documentary 707. Rom Content (Wallpaper) 801. Show Opening (Zoo Tv Live From Sydney) 802. Zoo Station (Zoo Tv Live From Sydney) 803. The Fly (Zoo Tv Live From Sydney) 804. Even Better Than The Real Thing (Zoo Tv Live From 805. Mysterious Ways (Zoo Tv Live From Sydney) 806. One (Zoo Tv Live From Sydney) 807. Unchained Melody (Zoo Tv Live From Sydney) 808. Until The End Of The World (Zoo Tv Live From Sydne 809. New Year's Day (Zoo Tv Live From Sydney) 810. Numb (Zoo Tv Live From Sydney) 811. Angel Of Harlem (Zoo Tv Live From Sydney) 812. Stay (Faraway, So Close!) (Zoo Tv Live From Sydney 813. Satellite Of Love (Zoo Tv Live From Sydney) 814. Dirty Day (Zoo Tv Live From Sydney) 815. Bullet The Blue Sky (Zoo Tv Live From Sydney) 816. Running To Stand Still (Zoo Tv Live From Sydney) 817. Where The Streets Have No Name (Zoo Tv Live From S 818. Pride (In The Name Of Love) (Zoo Tv Live From Sydn 819. Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car (Zoo Tv Liv 820. Lemon (Zoo Tv Live From Sydney) 821. With Or Without You (Zoo Tv Live From Sydney) 822. Love Is Blindness (Zoo Tv Live From Sydney) 823. Can't Help Falling In Love (Zoo Tv Live From Sydne 901. The Fly (Video) 902. Mysterious Ways (Video) 903. One 904. Even Better Than The Real Thing (Stereo) 905. One (Buffalo Version) 906. One (Restaurant Version) 907. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (Video) 908. The Fly (Performance Only) 909. Even Better Than The Real Thing (The Perfecto Mix) 910. The Fly (Text Only) 911. Until The End Of The World (Live) 912. The Fly (Live From The Stop Sellafield Concert) 913. Even Better Than The Real Thing (Live From The Sto 914. Love Is Blindness (Video) 915. Lemon (Video) 916. Stay (Faraway, So Close!) (Video) 917. Numb (Stereo) 918. Numb (Video Remix) 1001. Zoo Station 1002. Even Better Than The Real Thing 1003. One 1004. Until The End Of The World 1005. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses 1006. So Cruel 1101. The Fly 1102. Alex Descends Into Hell For A Bottle Of Milk / Kor 1201. Mysterious Ways 1202. Mysterious Ways (Solar Plexus Magic Hour Remix) 1301. One 1302. Lady With The Spinning Head (Uv1) 1401. Even Better Than The Real Thing 1402. Salome 1501. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (Temple Bar Edit 1502. Paint It Black


Horsewatching - 2835285140

63,02 zł

Horsewatching Jonathan Cape Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

How intelligent are horses? Why do they toss their heads and what makes them paw the ground? After spending more than twenty years studying the body language of the human species, Desmond Morris has turned his attention to the behavior of some of our closest animal companions. First he looked at dogs, then cats, and now horses. As Curator of Mammals at the London Zoo he was able to study closely the zebras and wild horse in his charge. More recently, as a racehorse owner, he has scrutinized the glamorous world of thoroughbred racing. Throughout his long involvement with horses, Desmond Morris has never stopped asking questions. In Horsewatching he sets out to answer them. As a zoologist and a lifelong student of animal behavior, he approaches the horse world in an unusual way, dealing with topics often ignored in equine literature. In addition to examining details of behavior, Dr Morris considers such questions as why horseshoes bring good luck, why we don't eat horses, why jockeys are allowed to whip their mounts and why we call a bad dream a nightmare. And for punters everywhere, he applies his zoological mind to the all-important question of why some horses run faster than others...


Rolling Stones Singles Box (1971 - 2006) - 2839273989

1149,99 zł

Rolling Stones Singles Box (1971 - 2006)


1. Brown Sugar 2. Bitch 3. Let It Rock 101. Wild Horses 102. Sway 201. Tumbling Dice 202. Sweet Black Angel 301. Happy 302. All Down The Line 401. Angie 402. Silver Train 501. Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) 502. Dancing With Mr D 601. It's Only Rock 'N' Roll (But I Like It) 602. Through The Lonely Nights 701. Ain't Too Proud To Beg 702. Dance Little Sister 801. Fool To Cry 802. Crazy Mama 901. Hot Stuff 902. Fool To Cry 1001. Miss You 1002. Far Away Eyes 1003. Miss You 1101. Beast Of Burden 1102. When The Whip Comes Down 1201. Respectable 1202. When The Whip Comes Down 1301. Shattered 1302. Everything Is Turning To Gold 1401. Emotional Rescue 1402. Down In The Hole 1501. She's So Cold 1502. Send It To Me 1601. Start Me Up 1602. No Use In Crying 1701. Waiting On A Friend 1702. Little T&a 1801. Hang Fire 1802. Neighbours 1901. Going To A Go-go 1902. Beast Of Burden 2001. Time Is On My Side 2002. Twenty Flight Rock 2003. Under My Thumb 2101. Undercover (Of The Night) 2102. All The Way Down 2103. Undercover (Of The Night) 2104. Feel On Baby 2201. She Was Hot 2202. I Think I'm Going Mad 2301. Too Tough 2302. Miss You 2401. The Harlem Shuffle 2402. Had It With You 2403. Harlem Shuffle 2404. Harlem Shuffle 2501. One Hit (To The Body) 2502. Fight 2503. One Hit (To The Body) 2601. Mixed Emotions 2602. Fancy Man Blues 2603. Mixed Emotions 2604. Tumbling Dice 2605. Miss You 2701. Rock & A Hard Place 2702. Cook Cook Blues 2703. Rock & A Hard Place 2704. Rock & A Hard Place 2705. Rock & A Hard Place 2706. Rock & A Hard Place 2707. Emotional Rescue 2708. Some Girls 2709. It's Only Rock'n'roll (But I Like It) 2710. Rocks Off 2801. Almost Hear You Sigh 2802. Break The Spell 2803. Wish I'd Never Met You 2804. Mixed Emotions 2805. Beast Of Burden 2806. Angie 2807. Fool To Cry 2808. Miss You 2809. Waiting On A Friend 2901. Terrifying 2902. Rock & A Hard Place 2903. Terrifying 2904. Rock & A Hard Place 2905. Harlem Shuffle 2906. Wish I'd Never Met You 2907. The Harlem Shuffle 3001. Highwire 3002. 2,000 Light Years From Home 3003. Highwire 3004. Sympathy For The Devil 3005. I Just Want To Make Love To You 3006. Play With Fire 3007. Factory Girl 3101. Ruby Tuesday 3102. Play With Fire 3103. You Can't Always Get What You Want 3104. Undercover Of The Night 3105. Rock & A Hard Place 3106. Harlem Shuffle 3107. Winning Ugly VI 3201. Sex Drive 3202. Undercover Of The Night 3301. Love Is Strong 3302. The Storm 3303. So Young 3304. Love Is Strong 3305. Love Is Strong 3306. Love Is Strong 3307. Love Is Strong 3308. Love Is Strong 3309. Love Is Strong 3310. Love Is Strong 3401. You Got Me Rocking 3402. Jump On Top Of Me 3403. You Got Me Rocking 3404. You Got Me Rocking 3405. You Got Me Rocking 3501. Out Of Tears 3502. I'm Gonna Drive 3503. Out Of Tears 3504. So Young 3505. Sparks Will Fly 3601. I Go Wild 3602. I Go Wild 3603. I Go Wild 3604. I Go Wild 3701. Like A Rolling Stone 3702. Black Limousine 3703. All Down The Line 3704. Like A Rolling Stone 3801. Anybody Seen My Baby? 3802. Anybody Seen My Baby? 3803. Anybody Seen My Baby? 3804. Anybody Seen My Baby? 3805. Anybody Seen My Baby? 3806. Anybody Seen My Baby? 3901. Saint Of Me 3902. Anyway You Look At It 3903. Gimme Shelter 3904. Saint Of Me 3905. Saint Of Me 3906. Saint Of Me 3907. Anybody Seen My Baby? 3908. Anybody Seen My Baby? 3909. Saint Of Me 3910. Saint Of Me 3911. Saint Of Me 4001. Out Of Control 4002. Out Of Control 4003. Out Of Control 4004. Out Of Control 4005. Out Of Control 4006. Out Of Control 4007. Out Of Control 4008. Out Of Control 4101. Don't Stop 4102. Don't Stop 4103. Miss You 4201. Streets Of Love 4202. Rough Justice 4301. Rain Fall Down 4302. Rain Fall Down 4303. Rain Fall Down 4304. Rain Fall Down 4401. Biggest Mistake 4402. Dance (Pt 1) 4403. Before They Make Me Run 4404. Hand Of Fate


The Crowstarver - Dick King-Smith - 2854106228

22,72 zł

The Crowstarver - Dick King-Smith

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - A reissue of a beautiful story for older readers in which bestselling author Dick King-Smith creates a fascinating picture of rural life at the time of the Second World War. Discovered as a foundling in a lambing pen, Spider Sparrow grows up surrounded by animals. From sheep and horses to wild otters and foxes, Spider loves them all, even the crows he must scare away from the newly sown wheat. Crowstarving was the idea job for Spider - he was on his own, yet never alone for all around him were animals of one sort or another. Amazingly, every animal who meets Spider implicitly trusts the young boy. This magical rapport is Spider?s unique gift, but nothing else in his tough life is so easy. Nazwa - The Crowstarver Autor - Dick King-Smith Oprawa - Miękka Wydawca - Puffin Books Kod ISBN - 9780141368726 Kod EAN - 9780141368726 Rok wydania - 2017 Język - angielski Format - 12.9x19.8cm Ilość stron - 201 Podatek VAT - 5%


Equine Applied and Clinical Nutrition - 2826700708

562,61 zł

Equine Applied and Clinical Nutrition Saunders

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Equine Applied and Clinical Nutrition is a comprehensive text resource on the nutrition and feeding management of horses. Over 20 experts from around the world share their wisdom on a topic of central relevance to all equine practitioners and the equine community generally. Both basic and applied (including healthy and diseased animals) nutrition and feeding management of horses and other equids (i.e. ponies, donkeys, wild equids) are covered. The book will appeal to a wide audienc: undergraduate and post-graduate students in equine science and veterinary medicine, veterinarians, equine nutritionists, horse trainers and owners. The clinical component will strengthen the appeal for equine veterinarians. Equine Applied and Clinical Nutrition will be a "must have" for anyone involved in the care of horses, ponies and other equids.§The book is divided into 3 parts:§Basic or core nutrition in this context refers to digestive physiology of the horse and the principles of nutrition. §Applied nutrition deals with the particular types of foods, and how to maintain an optimum diet through various life stages of the horse. You might characterize this aspect as prevention of disease through diet. §Clinical nutrition covers various diseases induced by poor diet, and their dietary treatment and management. It also looks at specific feeding regimes useful in cases disease not specifically induced by diet.


Another Self Portrait. . - 2839342587

359,99 zł

Another Self Portrait. . Sony Music Entertainment / Columbia


1. Went To See The Gypsy - Demo 2. Little Sadie - Without Overdubs, Self Portrait 3. Pretty Saro - Unreleased, Self Portrait 4. Alberta No.3 - Alternate Version, Self Portrait 5. Spanish Is The Loving Tongue - Unreleased, Self Po 6. Annie's Going To Sing Her Song - Unreleased, Self 7. Time Passes Slowly No.1 - Alternate Version, New M 8. Only A Hobo - Unreleased, Greatest Hits II 9. Minstrel Boy - Unreleased, The Basement Tapes 10. I Threw It All Away - Alternate Version, Nashville 11. Railroad Bill - Unreleased, Self Portrait 12. Thirsty Boots - Unreleased, Self Portrait 13. This Evening So Soon - Unreleased, Self Portrait 14. These Hands - Unreleased, Self Portrait 15. In Search Of Little Sadie - Without Overdubs, Self 16. House Carpenter - Unreleased, Self Portrait 17. All The Tired Horses - Without Overdubs, Self Port 101. If Not For You - Alternate Version, New Morning 102. Wallflower - Alternate Version, 1971 103. Wigwam - Without Overdubs, Self Portrait 104. Days Of '49 - Without Overdubs, Self Portrait 105. Working On A Guru - Unreleased, New Morning 106. Country Pie - Alternate Version, Nashville Skyline 107. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight - Live With The Band, Is 108. Highway 61 Revisited - Live With The Band, Isle Of 109. Copper Kettle - Without Overdubs, Self Portrait 110. Bring Me A Little Water - Unreleased, New Morning 111. Sign On The Window - With Orchestral Overdubs, New 112. Tattle O'day - Unreleased, Self Portrait 113. If Dogs Run Free - Alternate Version, New Morning 114. New Morning - With Horn Section Overdubs, New Morn 115. Went To See The Gypsy - Alternate Version, New Mor 116. Belle Isle - Without Overdubs, Self Portrait 117. Time Passes Slowly No.2 - Alternate Version, New M 118. When I Paint My Masterpiece - Demo 201. Intro - Live With The Band, Isle Of Wight - Remixe 202. She Belongs To Me - Live With The Band, Isle Of Wi 203. I Threw It All Away - Live With The Band, Isle Of 204. Maggie's Farm - Live With The Band, Isle Of Wight 205. Wild Mountain Time - Live With The Band, Isle Of W 206. It Ain't Me, Babe - Live With The Band, Isle Of Wi 207. To Ramona - Live With The Band, Isle Of Wight - Re 208. Mr. Tambourine Man - Live With The Band, Isle Of W 209. I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine - Live With The Band 210. Lay Lady Lay - Live With The Band, Isle Of Wight - 211. Highway 61 Revisited - Live With The Band, Isle Of 212. One Too Many Mornings - Live With The Band, Isle O 213. I Pity The Poor Immigrant - Live With The Band, Is 214. Like A Rolling Stone - Live With The Band, Isle Of 215. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight - Live With The Band, Is 216. (Quinn The Eskimo) The Mighty Quinn - Live With Th 217. Minstrel Boy - Live With The Band, Isle Of Wight - 218. Rainy Day Women No.12 & 35 - Live With The Band, I 301. All The Tired Horses - Remastered 302. Alberta No.1 - Remastered 303. I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know - Remastered 304. Days Of '49 - Remastered 305. Early Mornin' Rain - Remastered 306. In Search Of Little Sadie - Remastered 307. Let It Be Me - Remastered 308. Little Sadie - Remastered 309. Woogie Boogie - Remastered 310. Belle Isle - Remastered 311. Living The Blues - Remastered 312. Like A Rolling Stone - Remastered 313. Copper Kettle - Remastered 314. Gotta Travel On - Remastered 315. Blue Moon - Remastered 316. The Boxer - Remastered 317. (Quinn The Eskimo) The Mighty Quinn - Remastered 318. Take Me As I Am (Or Let Me Go) - Remastered 319. Take A Message To Mary - Remastered 320. It Hurts Me Too - Remastered 321. Minstrel Boy - Remastered 322. She Belongs To Me - Remastered 323. Wigwam - Remastered 324. Alberta No.2 - Remastered


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