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Sanditon, the Watsons, and Lady Susan - 2826736144

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Sanditon, the Watsons, and Lady Susan

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Collected here are Jane Austen's three unfinished works; "Sanditon, The Watsons, and Lady Susan". "Sanditon" is the story of the idyllic modern seaside town and its inhabitants. "The Watsons" is the story of Mr. Watson, a widowed clergyman, and his two sons and four daughters. "Lady Susan", the most complete of the three, is an epistolary novel; the story of its title character, a woman who engages in affairs and searches for suitable husbands for herself and her young daughter. Also included here is a short essay on the "Plan of a Novel".


Stuff of Dreams - 2212825032

29,20 zł

Stuff of Dreams Arnold Publishers

Powieści i opowiadania

Rich, romantic storytelling marks the magical new novel from the author of "A Way of Forgiving" and "Someday, Somewhere". There was a fire, a scandal. A famous actor died; his lover, a famous actress, was arrested...Now Abbots House has been rebuilt, and a mysterious woman who hides her face and talks to no one lives there. Rumours fly through the Scottish seaside village. Kate Buchanan can't leave her tragic past behind - nor can she remember what actually happened that fateful night. Now, though, snatches of her memory start to return - and an epic love story spanning two decades returns to haunt the woman who survived.


New Tribe - 2826934452

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New Tribe Heinemann

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

When a baby girl is abandoned at birth, Reverend Arlington and his wife Ginny are only too happy to adopt her. The media cover this moving story, and a Nigerian woman living in England takes more than a passing interest in the Arlingtons. She decides that they world provide the right Christian home for her own baby, Chester. Shortly afterwards, Chester is delivered to social services with a letter explaining that the Arlingtons should be his new parents. So young Chester enters the vicarage of the sleepy seaside village of St Simon. He is the only black child for miles around. "The New Tribe" tells the story of Chester's long search for his true identity, and the challenges he faces as a black child in a white family.


Magnificent Spilsbury and the Case of the Brides in the Bath - 2836516537

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Magnificent Spilsbury and the Case of the Brides in the Bath JOHN MURRAY PUBLISHERS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Bessie Mundy, Alice Burnham and Margaret Lofty are three women with one thing in common. They are spinsters and are desperate to marry. Each woman meets a smooth-talking stranger who promises her a better life. She falls under his spell, and becomes his wife. But marriage soon turns into a terrifying experience. In the dark opening months of the First World War, Britain became engrossed by 'The Brides in the Bath' trial. The horror of the killing fields of the Western Front was the backdrop to a murder story whose elements were of a different sort. This was evil of an everyday, insidious kind, played out in lodging houses in seaside towns, in the confines of married life, and brought to a horrendous climax in that most intimate of settings - the bathroom. The nation turned to a young forensic pathologist, Bernard Spilsbury, to explain how it was that young women were suddenly expiring in their baths. This was the age of science. In fiction, Sherlock Holmes applied a scientific mind to solving crimes. In real-life, would Spilsbury be as infallible as the 'great detective'?


You Never Can Tell - 2826817286

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You Never Can Tell BERTRAMS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

You Never Can Tell is an 1897 four-act play by G. Bernard Shaw that debuted at the Royalty Theatre. It was published as part of a volume of Shaw's plays entitled Plays Pleasant. The play is set in a seaside town and tells the story of Mrs Clandon and her three children, Dolly, Phillip and Gloria, who have just returned to England after an eighteen-year stay in Madeira. The children have no idea who their father is and, through a comedy of errors, end up inviting him to a family lunch. At the same time a dentist named Mr Valentine has fallen in love with the eldest daughter, Gloria. However, Gloria considers herself a modern woman and claims to have no interest in love or marriage.


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