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Timothy Peter Wiseman - Remus - 2826959163

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Timothy Peter Wiseman - Remus Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Romulus founded Rome - but why does the myth give him a twin brother Remus, who is killed at the moment of the foundation? This mysterious legend has been oddly neglected. Roman historians ignore it as irrelevant to real history; students of myth concentrate on the more glamorous mythology of Greece. In this book, Professor Wiseman provides, for the first time, a detailed analysis of all the variants of the story, and a historical explanation for its origin and development. His conclusions offer important new insights, both into the history and ideology of pre-imperial Rome and into the methods and motives of myth-creation in a non-literate society. In the richly unfamiliar Rome of Pan, Hermes and Circe the witch-goddess, where a general grows miraculous horns and prophets demand human sacrifice, Remus stands for the unequal struggle of the many against the powerful few.


Sword of Destiny - Andrzej Sapkowski - 2840744732

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Sword of Destiny - Andrzej Sapkowski

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - Geralt is a witcher, a man whose magic powers, enhanced by long training and a mysterious elixir, have made him a brilliant fighter and a merciless assassin. Yet he is no ordinary murderer: his targets are the multifarious monsters and vile fiends that ravage the land and attack the innocent. He roams the country seeking assignments, but gradually comes to realise that while some of his quarry are unremittingly vile, vicious grotesques, others are the victims of sin, evil or simple naivety. In this collection of short stories, following the adventures of the hit collection THE LAST WISH, join Geralt as he battles monsters, demons and prejudices alike . . . Nazwa - Sword of Destiny Autor - Andrzej Sapkowski Oprawa - Miękka Wydawca - GOLLANCZ Kod ISBN - 9781473211544 Kod EAN - 9781473211544 Rok wydania - 2015 Język - angielski Format - 12.5x19.5cm Ilość stron - 393 Podatek VAT - 5%


Modern Art 1870-2000 Impressionism to.. - Werner, Holzwart - 2843231760

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Modern Art 1870-2000 Impressionism to.. - Werner, Holzwart

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Nazwa - Modern Art 1870-2000 Impressionism to.. Autor - Werner, Holzwart Oprawa - Twarda Wydawca - Taschen Kod ISBN - 9783836555395 Kod EAN - 9783836555395 Podatek VAT - 5%


Richard Valantasis - New Q - 2826959171

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Richard Valantasis - New Q T.& T.Clark Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The American and European public has a voracious appetite for more information about Jesus and the formation of early Christianity. The best-selling books on the subject by Marcus Borg, John Dominic Crossan, John Meyer, and Luke Timothy Johnson, among many others, attest to this hunger. But each of these scholars presents his own reading of the historical information, usually beginning with the earliest known Jesus-related material, Jesus' sayings, and leads the public into a particular understanding of Jesus and the early Jesus movements. The New Q will provide the general public with the original source through a fresh translation of the early Sayings Gospel known as Q. This book will guide people through their reading of the texts themselves so that readers will be able to judge the validity of other scholars' reconstructions. The New Q is the companion volume necessary to understand the current writing on the historical Jesus and the history of earliest Christianity. Valantasis provides a new translation of the Synoptic Sayings Source, Q. He translates each section from the Greek of the critical edition of Robinson and Kloppenborg, and he gathers the translation of the full text as a coherent collection of sayings at the end of the book. Avoiding the scholarly arguments that make Q inaccessible, as well as the constant comparison of Matthew and Luke, this commentary will straightforwardly present the text based on the work of those scholars who have provided a critical edition. It provides an initial reading in a language appropriate to religious seekers. The translation itself will be fresh and provocative, since its meaning and interpretation are not linked to its later use in the narrative gospels of Mark, Matthew, and Luke. In fact, readers of this translation will be able to hear the sayings of Jesus as Matthew and Luke heard them before the writing of their gospels. The goal is to recreate the kind of challenging and intellectually stimulating engagement with the sayings that probably put Christianity on the Roman map. Readers will be able to encounter Jesus' voice and the voices of early Christians directly, without the intrusion of the later use of these sayings by the gospel writers. Valantasis also provides a commentary on each of the sayings. The commentary will focus on three facets: what the saying says, what it could have meant at the time, and how is was used by early Christians. The first two questions provide the basic information by developing a literary analysis of the sayings (a reading of Jesus' words) and by positing a significance for the saying in the context of earliest Christianity (what the saying could have meant). The final question directs the reading of the saying toward its use by religious people then and now as a means of forging an alternative subjectivity, defining new religious and social relationships, and constructing an alternative understanding of the nature of the spiritual and physical world. In other words, this commentary will provide an ascetical reading of the sayings to explore the manner in which the sayings source might have been read by individuals and communities in antiquity, and it will provide an alternative to the currently established reading of the sayings in modern scholarship primarily as a window on the historical Jesus' doctrines and teaching.


Why Education is Useless - 2826758483

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Why Education is Useless University of Pennsylvania Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Why Education Is Useless Daniel Cottom "A tour de force, implicitly summarizing and commenting on more than two millennia of arguments about the function of education. Why Education Is Useless is craftily written and thoroughly enjoyable."--Michael Berube, author of The Employment of English: Theory, Jobs, and the Future of Literary Studies Education is useless because it destroys our common sense, because it isolates us from the rest of humanity, because it hardens our hearts and swells our heads. Bookish persons have long been subjects of suspicion and contempt and nowhere more so, perhaps, than in the United States during the past twenty years. Critics of education point to the Nazism of Martin Heidegger, for example, to assert the inhumanity of highly learned people; they contend that an oppressive form of identity politics has taken over the academy and complain that the art world has been overrun by culturally privileged elitists. There are always, it seems, far more reasons to disparage the ivory tower than to honor it. The uselessness of education, particularly in the humanities, is a pervasive theme in Western cultural history. With wit and precision, Why Education Is Useless engages those who attack learning by focusing on topics such as the nature of humanity, love, beauty, and identity as well as academic scandals, identity politics, multiculturalism, and the corporatization of academe. Asserting that hostility toward education cannot be dismissed as the reaction of barbarians, fools, and nihilists, Daniel Cottom brings a fresh perspective to all these topics while still making the debates about them comprehensible to those who are not academic insiders. A brilliant and provocative work of cultural argument and analysis, Why Education Is Useless brings in materials from literature, philosophy, art, film, and other fields and proceeds from the assumption that hostility to education is an extremely complex phenomenon, both historically and in contemporary American life. According to Cottom, we must understand the perdurable appeal of this antagonism if we are to have any chance of recognizing its manifestations--and countering them. Ranging in reference from Montaigne to George Bush, from Sappho to Timothy McVeigh, Why Education Is Useless is a lively investigation of a notion that has persisted from antiquity through the Renaissance and into the modern era, when the debate over the relative advantages of a liberal and a useful education first arose. Facing head on the conception of utility articulated in the nineteenth century by John Stuart Mill, and directly opposing the hostile conceptions of inutility that have been popularized in recent decades by such ideologues as Allan Bloom, Harold Bloom, and John Ellis, Cottom contends that education must indeed be "useless" if it is to be worthy of its name. Daniel Cottom is David A. Burr Chair of Letters at the University of Oklahoma. He is author of numerous books, including Ravishing Tradition: Cultural Forces and Literary History and Cannibals and Philosophers: Bodies of Enlightenment. 2003 | 256 pages | 6 x 9 ISBN 978-0-8122-3720-7 | Cloth | $45.00s | GBP29.50 ISBN 978-0-8122-0168-0 | Ebook | $45.00s | GBP29.5 0 World Rights | Education Short copy: "A tour de force, implicitly summarizing and commenting on more than two millennia of arguments about the function of education."--Michael Berube, author of The Employment of English: Theory, Jobs, and the Future of Literary Studies


Ends of Philosophy of Religion - 2834140234

488,55 zł

Ends of Philosophy of Religion PALGRAVE MACMILLAN

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In The Ends of Philosophy of Religion, Timothy D. Knepper advances a new, historically grounded and religiously diverse program for the philosophy of religion. Knepper first critiques existing efforts in analytic and continental philosophy of religion for neglect of diversity among its objects and subjects of inquiry, as well as for failing to thickly describe, formally compare, and critically evaluate historical acts of reason-giving in the religions of the world. Knepper then constructs an alternative vision for the philosophy of religion, one in which religious reason-giving is described with empathetic yet suspicious sensitivity, compared with methodological and categorical awareness, and explained and evaluated with a plurality of resources and criteria. "The Ends of Philosophy of Religion casts a critical eye over both analytic and continental philosophy of religion and finds an ailment that besets them both. Knepper provides an analysis that is not only clear and eloquent but also sometimes frustrated and angry one. This gives his book the feeling of a manifesto, something I judge that the discipline needs." - Kevin Schilbrack, Professor, Philosophy and Religion Department, Western Carolina University, USA "Philosophy of religion is entering a new dawn, beyond the Western confines of bare theism and pale postmodernism, and towards the religions of the world, Eastern and Western, in all their rich diversity and complexity. Knepper's timely and insightful book outlines these broad and deep changes that have yet to be acknowledged by practitioners from both the analytic and Continental schools". - Nick Trakakis, Assistant Director of the Centre for the Philosophy and Phenomenology of Religion, Australian Catholic University, Australia "Those of us who believe philosophy of religion should be about religion in all its complexity and diversity will welcome this book with relief. Knepper attacks the pretense of using the phrase 'philosophy of religion' to describe parochial philosophy of western theism or the disorganized religious insights of postmodern philosophers. He argues for historically grounded philosophy of religions, up-to-date on religious studies, and fearless about analyzing reasons for religious beliefs and practices. This is the kind of philosophy of religion that belongs in university religious studies departments. Here's hoping it catches on quickly." - Wesley J. Wildman, Professor of Philosophy, Theology, and Ethics, Boston University School of Theology, US


Rationalism in Politics and Other Essays - 2826849356

64,37 zł

Rationalism in Politics and Other Essays GAZELLE BOOK SERVICES

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Rationalism in Politics, " first published in 1962, has established the late Michael Oakeshott as the leading conservative political theorist in modern Britain. This expanded collection of essays astutely points out the limits of "reason" in rationalist politics.Oakeshott criticizes ideological schemes to reform society according to supposedly "scientific" or rationalistic principles that ignore the wealth and variety of human experience. "Rationalism in politics," says Oakeshott, "involves a misconception with regard to the nature of human knowledge." History has shown that it produces unexpected, often disastrous results. "Having cut himself off from the traditional knowledge of his society, and denied the value of any education more extensive than a training in a technique of analysis," the Rationalist succeeds only in undermining the institutions that hold civilized society together. In this regard, rationalism in politics is "a corruption of the mind."Timothy Fuller is Professor of Political Science and Dean of the College at Colorado College.


Daily Telegraph Book of Formula One - 2843287185

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Daily Telegraph Book of Formula One AURUM PRESS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Formula One - the great global soap opera. It unites the favelas of Brazil with the nerve-centre of the motorsport industry around Silverstone, taking in Bahrain, Melbourne, Suzuka, Shanghai and Monaco, and bringing a dash of colour and glamour to its millions of fans wherever it goes. Since the first official championship in 1950, Formula One has served up more than its fair share of danger and excitement, thrills and spills, courage and tragedy, shunts and feuds - not to mention endless sprays of Champagne. From the begoggled, oil-splattered young men with a life expectancy measured in laps rather than years of the sport's early days, to the multi-millionaire drivers of today with their playboy lifestyles and ultra-safe machines, the Daily Telegraph has followed this four-wheeled travelling circus through glory, scandal, defeat and disaster. Motor-racing correspondents W.A. McKenzie, Colin Dryden, Timothy Collings and Kevin Garside have brought the Grands Prix to life with their incisive reporting. Outspoken former drivers like James Hunt, Damon Hill and Jackie Stewart have joined forces with their modern-day successors in the cockpit, David Coulthard, Eddie Irvine and Jenson Button, to provide the inside track for Telegraph readers. And in their own inimitable styles, writers like Sarah Edworthy, Andrew Baker, Sue Mott and Martin Johnson have explored the glitz and grimy reality of life in the pit-lane, captured the view from inside the drivers' motor homes, and spoken to the men and women who keep the show on the road. From Juan-Manuel Fangio to Lewis Hamilton, via Stirling Moss, Jim Clark, Graham Hill, Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost, Nigel Mansell and Michael Schumacher, Formula One has come a long way in six decades. Now, through contemporary race reports, interviews and analysis, all laced with the humour and insight for which the Telegraph's sports writing has become renowned, The Daily Telegraph Book of Formula One replays the evolution of this most colourful and controversial of contests, creating a compendious, high-octane history that no true petrolhead should be without. Martin Smith was for many years Assistant Sports Editor of The Daily Telegraph.


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