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Essays And Observations On Natural History, Anatomy, Physiology, Psychology, And Geology - Vol Ii. - 2854847734

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Essays And Observations On Natural History, Anatomy, Physiology, Psychology, And Geology - Vol Ii.

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A Manual Of Human Physiology - Including Histology And Microscopical Anatomy; With Special Reference To The Requirements Of Practical Medicine. Vol. Ii. - 2855759486

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A Manual Of Human Physiology - Including Histology And Microscopical Anatomy; With Special Reference To The Requirements Of Practical Medicine. Vol....

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Introduction to Exercise Physiology - 2852493977

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Introduction to Exercise Physiology Jones and Bartlett Publishers

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Introduction to Exercise Physiology, identifies the key scientific content that is critically important to the successful practice of exercise physiology. This text focuses on the profession of exercise physiology by introducing students to the scientific basis for the practice of exercise physiology to prevent or control mind-body diseases, promote health and well-being, and enhance athlete performance. The goal of this text is to embrace a new paradigm of exercise physiology as a comprehensive healthcare profession and not as a one-course experience. Introduction to Exercise Physiology is endorsed by The American Society of Exercise Physiologists (ASEP) a national non-profit professional organization committed to the advancement of exercise physiologists. The text emphasizes sound scientific content that will help exercise physiologists design appropriate exercise prescription that focuses on the public health challenges of a sedentary lifestyle. Students will learn the necessary physiologic, electrocardiographic, biomechanic, and anatomic concepts pertinent to prepare for and pass the ASEP Board Certification exam. In addition, the text enables students to understand the ethics of sports nutrition and athletic performance, by examining exercise metabolism, fuel utilization, and cardiovascular functions and adaptations from a non-performance enhancing supplement perspective. Specific physiologic calculations are presented to teach students how to monitor exercise intensity, as well as to improve the safety and credibility of client-specific test protocols, health and fitness training programs, and athletic competitions. To support the "exercise as medicine" approach of the text it is organized into seven major areas: Part I Scientific Aspects of Exercise Physiology Part II Training the Cardiorespiratory and Muscular Systems Part III Training and Performance Part IV Exercise Is Medicine Part V Exercise Biomechanics Part VI Anatomy of Sports and Exercise Part VII The Profession of Exercise Physiology


Baloh and Honrubia's Clinical Neurophysiology of the Vestibular System - 2854315265

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Baloh and Honrubia's Clinical Neurophysiology of the Vestibular System Oxford University Press Inc

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This book provides a framework for understanding the pathophysiology of diseases involving the vestibular system. The book is divided into four parts: I. Anatomy and physiology of the vestibular system; II. Evaluation of the dizzy patient; III. Diagnosis and management of common neurotologic disorders; and IV. Symptomatic treatment of vertigo. Part I reviews the anatomy and physiology of the vestibular system with emphasis on clinically relevant material. Part II outlines the important features in the patient's history, examination, and laboratory evaluation that determine the probable site of lesion. Part III covers the differential diagnostic points that help the clinician decide on the cause and treatment of the patient's problem. Part IV describes the commonly used antivertiginous and antiemetic drugs and the rationale for vestibular exercises. The recent breakthroughs in the vestibular sciences are reviewed. This book will helpful to all physician's who study and treat patients complaining of dizziness.


Comprehensive Ophthalmology - 2854336922

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Comprehensive Ophthalmology Anshan Ltd

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The fifth edition of this outstanding textbook has been thoroughly revised and updated without changing the basic structure and organization. New features to this edition comprise: corneal dystrophies have been described as per the new IC3D (2008) classification; new dry eye classification and management as per the DEWS (Dry Eye Workshop) recommendations; recent advances in cataract surgery with newer designs and models of intraocular lenses; completely changed primary angle-closure glaucoma text as per the newer concepts and guidelines by the Association of International Glaucoma Societies (AIGS); addition of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) with description of common macular disorders; addition of anti-VEGF agents and intraocular irrigating solutions among ocular therapeutics; and comprehensive coverage and update on community ophthalmology. About the Author: Contents: Section I : Anatomy, Physiology and Diseases of the Eye; Anatomy and Development of the Eye; Physiology of Eye and Vision; Optics and Refraction; Diseases of the Conjunctiva; Diseases of the Cornea; Diseases of the Sclera; Diseases of the Uveal Tract; Diseases of the Lens; Glaucoma; Diseases of the Vitreous; Diseases of the Retina; Neuro-ophthalmology; Disorders of Ocular Motility; Diseases of the Eyelids; Diseases of the Lacrimal Apparatus; Diseases of the Orbit; Ocular Injuries; Ocular Therapeutics, Lasers and Cryotherapy in Ophthalmology; Systemic Ophthalmology; and Community Ophthalmology; Section II : Practical Ophthalmology; Clinical Methods in Ophthalmology; Clinical Ophthalmic Cases; Darkroom Procedures; and Ophthalmic Instruments and Operative Ophthalmology.


Johnson's Practical Electromyography - 2826637185

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Johnson's Practical Electromyography LIPPINCOTT WILLIAMS & WILKINS

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Now in its Fourth Edition, this text gives physiatry and neurology residents a comprehensive, practical introduction to electromyography. Section I reviews the anatomy and physiology of nerve problems in relation to the planning and performance of electrodiagnostic procedures. Section II provides technical information on electrophysiology, instrumentation, and specific techniques, with digital photographs showing important surface anatomy. Section III guides physicians through various clinical EMG problems, beginning with the patient's symptoms and proceeding through electrodiagnostic evaluation and diagnosis. This edition includes over 500 new illustrations. A bound-in CD-ROM contains digital videoclips of EMG recordings and test questions that can be submitted for CME credit.


CliffsNotes on Thoreau's Walden - 2854333017

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CliffsNotes on Thoreau's Walden Hungry Minds Inc,U.S.

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Cliffs Test Preparation Guides help students prepare for and improve their performance on standardized tests ACT Preparation Guide CBEST Preparation Guide CLAST Preparation Guide ELM Review GMAT Preparation Guide GRE Preparation Guide LSAT Preparation Guide MAT Preparation Guide MATH Review for Standardized Tests MSAT Preparation Guide Memory Power for Exams Police Officer Examination Preparation Guide Police Sergeant Examination Preparation Guide Police Management Examinations Preparation Guide Postal Examinations Preparation Guide Praxis I: PPST Preparation Guide Praxis II: NTE Core Battery Preparation Guide SAT Preparation Guide SAT II Writing Preparation Guide TASP Preparation Guide TOEFL Preparation Guide with 2 cassettes Advanced Practice for the TOEFL with 2 cassettes Verbal Review for Standardized Tests Writing Proficiency Examinations You Can Pass the GED Cliffs Quick Reviews help students in introductory college courses or Advanced Placement classes Algebra I Algebra II Anatomy Physiology Basic Math and Pre-Algebra Biology Calculus Chemistry Differential Equations Economics Geometry Linear Algebra Microbiology Physics Statistics Trigonometry Cliffs Advanced Placement Preparation Guides help high school students taking Advanced Placement courses to earn college credit AP Biology AP Calculus AB AP Chemistry AP English Language Composition AP English Literature Composition AP United States History Cliffs Complete Study Editions are comprehensive study guides with complete text, running commentary and glossary Chaucers Prologue Chaucers Wife of Bath Hamlet Julius Caesar King Henry IV, Part I King Lear Macbeth The Merchant of Venice Othello Romeo and Juliet The Tempest Twelfth Night See inside back cover for listing of Cliffs Notes titles Registered trademarks include: GRE, MSAT, the Praxis Series, and TOEFL (Educational Testing Service): AP, Advanced Placement Program, and SAT (College Entrance Examination Board); GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Council); and LSAT (Law School Admission Council.) Walden


English in Medicine - 2822220063

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English in Medicine Wydawnictwo Lekarskie PZWL

Medycyna > Języki obce

Jest to podręcznik do nauki języka angielskiego, który składa się z trzech części. odpowiadających kolejnym etapom zaawansowania znajomości języka. Ponadto zawiera słownictwo z zakresu anatomii i fizjologii, ćwiczenia gramatyczne i słownik terminów medycznych. Spis treści : Stage 1. English in anatomy and physiology 1.       The human body Unit 1. The parts of the human body Unit 2. The cavities, systems and organs Unit 3. Anatomical description 2.       The skeletal system Unit 1. The skeleton Unit 2. The bones: structure and function 3.       The respiratory system Unit 1. The respiratory tract and the lungs Unit 2. Respiration ? exchange and transport of gases Unit 3. Common respiratory disorders Unit 4. Physical examination 4.       The circulatory system Unit 1. The blood Unit 2. The heart and the blood vessels Unit 3. Common circulatory disorders Unit 4. Examinations 5.       The digestive system Unit 1. The blood Unit. 2. The heart and the blood vessels Unit 3. Common circulatory disorders Unit 4. Common digestive dirsorders Unit 5. Physical examinations and clinical laboratory tests 6.       The nervous system Unit 1. Division of nervous system Unit 2. Function 7.       The special sense organs Unit 1. The eye Unit 2. The ear 8.       The endocrine system Stage 2. Essential medical English Unit 1. Information about oneself: interviews, letters, application forms Unit 2. General and specialists hospital Unit 3. A nurse at work Unit 5. Taking the temperature Unit 6. Taking the pulse Unit 7. Giving injections Unit 8. The paramedical occupations Unit 9. An emergency Unit 10. Casualty and Emergency Department: fracture Unit 11. The family doctor: the doctor?s surgery Unit 12. The family doctor: making an appointment Unit 13. The family doctor: at the doctor?s surgery Unit 14. The dental surgeon: general dental practice Unit 15. The dental surgeon: dental equipment Unit 16. The dental surgeon: a check-up Stage 3. English in practical medicine I.                    Diagnosis Unit 1. Taking a history Unit 2. Physical examination Unit 3. Accessory investigation Unit 4. Case history II.                  General practice Unit 1. Pernicious anaemia Unit 2. Peptic ulcer Unit 3. Hyperthyroidism III.                Casualty and Emergency Department Unit 1. Lead poisoning Unit 2. Myocardial infarction Unit 3. Bronchial asthma IV.                On the wards Unit 1. Acute rheumatic fever Unit 2. Acute cholecystitis Unit 3. Otitis media V.                  Surgery Unit 1. Appendicectomy Unit 2. Partial gastrectomy VI.                Obstetrics and gynaecology Unit 1. Complications of pregnancy Unit 2. Acute pyelonephritis Unit 3. Carcinoma of the breast VII.              Paediatrics Unit 1. Respiratory distress in the neonate Unit 2. Tetratology of Fallot VIII.            Dentistry Unit 1. Dental specialties Unit 2. The dental surgery Unit 3. Drugs in dental practice Unit 4. Filing materials and restoration techniques Unit 5. Traumatized anterior teeth Unit 6. Chronic fistula of the mandible Abbreviations Irregular verbs Word list


English for Nurses - 2857729696

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English for Nurses Przegląd Lekarski


Podręcznik pt. English for Nurses przeznaczony jest dla studentów i absolwentów wydziałów pielęgniarskich uczelni medycznych i szkół pielęgniarskich. Jest on adresowany do słuchaczy znających język angielski w stopniu średnio zaawansowanym, którzy chcą zaznajomić się z terminologią specjalistyczną w języku angielskim. Podręcznik podzielony jest na trzy rozdziały::


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