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Simone - A Novel - 2826827648

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Simone - A Novel Read Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

SIMONE SIMON A Novel Tyy LION FEUCHTWANGER Translated by G. A. Hermann New York THE VIKING PRESS 1944 Contents Part One READINESS i. The Refugees 3 ii. The Loading Yard 19 in. Villa Monrepos 30 iv. The Books , 46 v. The Commission 55 Part Two ACTION i. The Incident at the Bridge 77 n. Monsieur le Marquis 88 in. Nutmeg in the Cream Gravy 96 iv. The Aviator 103 v. The Action no vi. A Night of Expectation 126 vii. The First Consequences 133 Part Three REALIZATION i. Uncle Prospers Face 145 n. The Bitter Waiting 152 m. The Call of Liberty 161 vi Contents iv. The Great Betrayal 172 v. The Vile Reward 186 vi. The Trapper 199 vii. The Recantation 210 viii. The Imperishable 215 ix. The Grey House 221 I have come to comfort the poor and humble Qe suis venue four la consolation des petites gens. JEANNE DARC PART ONE READINESS I TKe Refugees IMONE had only a few more steps then the narrow path would make a sudden turn and reveal the highway. With heart beating in her throat, she expectantly took these few steps. Yesterday she had first caught sight of the procession of refugees on the arterial highway. By today it would perhaps have reached the narrow side road. For three weeks there had been talk of the refugees. In the be ginning there were only the Dutch and Belgians, but now the people from the north of France also fled southward before the advancing enemy more and more came, and for the past week the whole of Burgundy had been flooded. Yesterday, when Si mone had gone to town to do her daily household shopping, she had hardly been able to pass through the crowds, and today she had even left her bicycle at home. When Simone Planchard, with her lively imagination, had first heard about refugees, she pictured them as hurrying and fright ened people, always hurrying and always frightened. What she had seen in these, last few days was less complicated but more dreadful it held her fast and kept stirring her up there was no sleep for her at night. As often as she went to the city she had a fear of this pitiful display, but with every day she longed to see it with a sorrowful and turbulent eagerness. Now she reached the bend and could see a stretch of the road. It was a narrow, neglected road, almost always white and lonely, leading nowhere, leading only to the mountain village, Noiret, with its six houses. But today it was as she had feared there were people. The huge stream had spattered drops even to this point. Simone stood still and looked round. A tall, lanky fifteen year-old, she had on her modest light green striped dress which 3 4 Simone she always wore for her shopping a large, closed wicker basket was pressed against her body her slender arms and naked legs protruded from the dress. Her bony, tanned face framed with dark blond hair was tense her dark, deep-set eyes under a low but broad and well-shaped forehead eagerly absorbed all that moved before her in the dust. It was the familiar sight people and vehicles dragging along hopelessly, carriages foolishly piled high with household goods, mattresses on top of automobiles to protect against machine-gunning from low-flying enemy planes, exhausted human beings and animals crawling along without a goal. There stood Simone Planchard at the bend of the road, her narrow, well-formed lips tightly pressed, gazing. She could scarcely be called beautiful, but her intelligent, thoughtful, some what stubborn face with its strong chin and its prominent Bur gundian nose was good to look at. For a full minute, and for another, she stood in the dust and heat of the early afternoon, peering at the fugitives. But then she tore herself away. She had much to do Madame had given her many errands. To be sure, the Villa Monrepos, the home of the Planchard family, was well stocked, but it seemed certain that in another or two or three days it would be impossible to make further purchases...


Blood Doctor - 2212839586

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Blood Doctor Penguin

Powieści i opowiadania

Blood. That


Rackham's Fairy Tale Illustrations - 2826690652

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Rackham's Fairy Tale Illustrations DOVER PUBLICATIONS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

List of Plates LITTLE BROTHER AND LITTLE SISTER AND OTHER TALES BY THE BROTHERS GRIMM 1 "She took off her golden garter and put it round the roe-buck's neck ("Little Brother and Little Sister")" 2 "The end of his beard was caught in a crack in the tree ("Snow-White and Rose-Red)" 3 "The third time she wore the star-dress which sparkled at every step ("The True Sweetheart")" 4 "Suddenly the branches twined round her and turned into two arms ("The Old Woman in the Wood")" 5 "He played until the room was entirely full of gnomes ("The Gnomes")" 6 "What did she find there but real ripe strawberries ("The Three Little Men in the Wood")" 7 "The waiting maid sprang down first and Maid Maleen followed ("Maid Maleen")" 8 "She begged quite prettily to be allowed to spend the night there ("The Hut in the Forest")" SNOWDROP AND OTHER TALES BY THE BROTHERS GRIMM 9 "The Dwarfs, when they came in the evening, found Snowdrop lying on the ground ("Snowdrop")" 10 "The King could not contain himslef for joy ("Briar Rose")" 11 "The young Prince said, "I am not afraid; I am determined to go and look upon the lovely Briar Rose" ("Briar Rose")" 12 "Ashenputtel goes to the ball ("Ashenputtel")" 13 "The fishes, in their joy, stretched up their head above the water, and promised to reward him ("The White Snake")" 14 "So the four brothers took their sticks in their hands, bade their father good-bye, and passed out of the town gate ("The Four Clever Brothers")" 15 "The King's only daughter had been carried off by a dragon ("The Four Clever Brothers")" 16 "She went away accompanied by the lions ("The Lady and the Lion")" 17 "Alas! Dear Falada, there thou hangest ("The Goosegirl")" 18 "Bow, blow, little breeze, And Conrad's hat seize ("The Goosegirl")" 19 "Good Dwarf, can you not tell me where my brothers are? ("The Water of Life")" 20 "The son made a circle, and his father and he took their places within it, and the little black Manniken appeared ("The King of the Golden Mountain")" 21 "But they said one after another: "Halloa! Who has been eating off my plate? Who has been drinking out of my cup?" ("The Seven Ravens")" 22 "The beggar took her by the hand and led her away ("King Thrushbeard")" HANSEL AND GRETHEL AND OTHER TALES BY THE BROTHERS GRIMM 23 "All at once the door opened and an old, old woman, supporting herself on a crutch, came hobbling out ("Hansel and Grethel")" 24 "Hansel put out a knuckle-bone, and the old woman, whose eyes were dim, could not see it, and thought it was his finger, and she was much astonished that he did not get fat ("Hansel and Grethel")" 25 "Once there was a poor old woman who lived in a village ("The Straw, the Coal, and the Bean") " 26 "So she seized him with two fingers, and carried him upstairs ("The Frog Prince")" 27 "The cat stole away behind the city walls to the church ("The Cat and Mouse in Partnership")" 28 "The witch climbed up ("Rapunzel")" 29 "When she got to the wood, she met a wolf ("Red Riding Hood")" 30 "O Grandmother, what big ears you have got" she said ("Red Riding Hood")" 31 "The old man had to sit by himself, and ate his food from a wooden bowl ("The Old Man and His Grandson")" THE ALLIES' FAIRY BOOK 32 "In a twinkling the giant put each garden, and orchard, and castle in the bundle as they were before ("The Battle of the Birds")" 33 "If thou wilt give me this pretty little one," says the king's son. "I will take thee at they word" ('"The Battle of the Birds")" 34 "Now, Guleesh, what good will she be to you when she'll be dumb? It's time for us to go-but you'll remember us, Guleesh")" 35 "The sleeping Princess ("The Sleeping Beauty")" 36 "So valiantly did they grapple with him that they bore him to the ground and slew him ("Cesarino and the Dragon")" 37 "The birds showed the young man the white dove's nest ("What Came of Picking Flowers")" 38 "Art thou warm, maiden? Art thou warm, pretty one? Art thou warm, my darling?" ("Frost")" 39 "Nine peahens flew towards the tree, and eight of them settled on its branches, but the ninth alighted near him and turned instantly into a beautiful girl ("The Golden Apple-Tree and the Nine Peahens")" 40 "The dragon flew out and caught the queen on the road and carried her away ("The Golden Apple Tree and the Nine Peahens")" ENGLISH FAIRY TALES 41 "Mr. And Mrs. Vinegar at home ("Mr. And Mrs. Vinegar")" 42 "Somebody has been at my porriedge, and has eaten it all up!" ("The Story of the Three Bears")" 43 "The giant Cormoran was the terror of all the country-side ("Jack the Giant-Killer")" 44 "Tree of mine! O tree of mine! Have you seen my naughty little maid?" ("The Two Sisters")" 45 "Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman" ("Jack and the Beanstalk")" 46 "She went along, and went along, and went along ("Catskin")" 47 "They thanked her and said good-bye, and she went on her journey ("The Three Heads of the Well")" 48 "Many's the beating he had from the broomstick or the ladle ("Dick Whittington and his Cat")" 49 "When Puss saw the rats and mice she didn't want to be told ("Dick Whittington and his Cat")" 50 "She sat down and plaited herself an overall of rushes and a cap to match ("Caporushes")" IRISH FAIRY TALES 51 "In a forked glen into which he slipped at night-fall he was surrounded by giant toads ("Becuma of the White Skin")" 52 "My life became a ceaseless scurry and wound and escape, a burden and anguish of watchfullness" ("The Story of Tuan Mac Cairill")" 53 "She looked angry woe at the straining and snarling horde below ("The Wooing of Becfola")" Headpiece [on title page] By day she made herself into a cat . . . Tailpiece [following Plate 53] . . . or a screech owl


How to Love Your Lawyer - 2836773513

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How to Love Your Lawyer Trafford Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

" The four partners of Meade Pullen and Co felt as though they had already spent a weekend together by the time they reached the small village of Angle situated on the westerly tip of the Pembrokeshire Peninsula. It had been a much longer journey than any of them could have anticipated and they were all exhausted, more so as they had plenty of time to consider the ramifications of their financial situation. Tarquin had suffered most from the enduring hours spent in close proximity to Max and had been ridiculed relentlessly after producing his passport to the man in the tollbooth on the Severn Bridge. He wished he could have stayed at home. After arriving in Angle, they turned right down a rough track and bounced along it until they came upon a tiny beach, just some ten feet wide. They got out of the car and looked around them in bewilderment, having expected to be greeted by a smart hotelier and guided via a ramp into a plush beast of a motorboat. But no one was in sight. Max started to shiver, the few thin strands of hair covering his pate flapping, along with his ears, in the harsh wind. Expletives fell from his annoyed lips but the din created by the huge waves that crashed at the three other partners' feet meant that his efforts at conveying his extreme displeasure were meaningless. Out of the distance a figure clad in oilskins slowly appeared. Eventually, the partners were able to make out that it was a man pulling a trolley on which sat a small rowing boat, its wooden oars clattering against rusty metal rowlocks. Gradually, the man's outline became clearer as it struggled down the track against the force of the wind and finally came to rest inches from where they stood. 'Welcome!' A sturdy man barely pushing five feet in height warmly greeted the partners of Meade Pullen and Co. He pulled off his hood to reveal a head full of red hair. 'Roger!' the ruddy-faced man exclaimed. 'How good to see you again after so many years.' He clasped his guest's hands in both of his and led him towards the edge of the beach. 'But no time for pleasantries. This is the only way to Blewog Island. And you'll all have to hop in as fast as you can.' He dragged the trolley into the raging sea and untied a small boat, allowing it to slide into the water. Almost immediately, a wave lifted the boat's stern high into the air and sent it hurtling back onto the beach. 'As you will no doubt have noted, Roger, the wind is gusting from the north east and that means trouble in these parts.' Roger's glowing face quickly turned ashen. 'And this boat is the only one we have,' he added, referring to the fast-sinking bits of wood that paraded as transport to their weekend retreat. 'Nothing to worry about though. I only had one man overboard on the last visit.' He turned to see the partners' tweed coats flailing wildly behind them as the wind howled once again. The boat, now only partially afloat, was hurled left and right as the tide advanced, creaking threateningly under the strain. Roger raised a carefully polished boot and attempted to place it inside the careering vessel, hopping on the wet sand as he tried to get sufficient leverage to fling himself over its sides. Again and again the wind roared, like a lion before a kill. The partners shook visibly; they were a long way from the safety of the London Civil Courts now. Roger tried again to escape the freezing water as the tiny boat thrashed against his bruising shins but it was only after his footwear had become completely sodden that he finally found himself sitting on the wet seat, wooden oar in hand. He felt like crying; thoughts of Felicity's ankles having long escaped his mind."


300 Hits: Rock N Roll / Różni Wykonawcy (Uk) - 2839771082

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300 Hits: Rock N Roll / Różni Wykonawcy (Uk) IMPORTS


1. Be Bop A Lula 2. Rip It Up 3. Mack The Knife 4. Shake Rattle 'N' Roll 5. Why Do Fools Fall In Love 6. Working In The Coalmine 7. School Days 8. Mr. Lee 9. My Pink Cadillac 10. The Fly 11. Nothin's Shakin' (But The Leaves On The Trees) 12. Oooh-eeee 13. Fool I Am 14. Get Rhythm 15. A Girl Like You 16. Gypsy Woman 17. A Big Hunk O'love 18. Along Came Jones 19. Pink Pedal Pushers 20. Lawdy Miss Clawdy 101. Johnny B. Goode 102. Summertime Blues 103. All Shook Up 104. Great Balls Of Fire 105. Razzle Dazzle 106. Blue Angel 107. Tweedlee Dee 108. I'm Sorry 109. He's A Rebel 110. Lordy Hoody 111. Little Darlin' 112. Jungle Rock 113. Boppin' High School Baby 114. Apache 115. Commotion 116. Memphis Tennessee 117. No Particular Place To Go 118. I Got A Woman 119. Boppin' The Blues 120. Finger Poppin' Time 201. Blueberry Hill 202. Roll Over Beethoven 203. Tutti Frutti 204. Jailhouse Rock 205. Chapel Of Love 206. La Bamba 207. Walk, Don't Run 208. Move It 209. Jennie Lee 210. Let's Go Trippin' 211. Let's Dance 212. Rik-a-tik 213. Young Blood 214. Henrietta 215. Rubber Ball 216. Under The Boardwalk 217. Ring Of Fire 218. Mystery Train 219. It's So Easy 220. Sweet Little Sixteen 301. Bye Bye Love 302. Peggy Sue 303. Don't Be Cruel 304. The Young Ones 305. Da Doo Ron Ron 306. Thirty Days 307. What'd I Say 308. Dixie Fried 309. Teenage Heaven 310. At The Hop 311. Big Girls Don't Cry 312. Sixteen Tons 313. Do You Love 314. I Go To Pieces 315. Lollipop 316. The Loco-motion 317. Jambalaya 318. My Baby Left Me 319. Groovy Little Suzy 320. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes 401. See You Later Alligator 402. The Twist 403. Dizzy 404. Glad All Over 405. Louie Louie 406. (Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame 407. Only Sixteen 408. High School Hop 409. D.w. Washburn 410. I'm Shakin' 411. Love Potion No. 9 412. Money (That's What I Want) 413. My Boyfriend's Back 414. Love Bug Crawl 415. Rama Lama Ding Dong 416. Back In The Usa 417. Don't 418. Honey Hush 419. I Love You 420. Think It Over 501. Rock And Roll Music 502. Lucille 503. Ain't That A Shame 504. Cathy's Clown 505. A Teenager In Love 506. Runaway 507. One Night Of Sin 508. Choo Choo Ch' Boogie 509. Words Of Love 510. One Kiss 511. Buckeye 512. Surfin' Bird 513. Chicken Rock 514. Don't Go Pretty Baby 515. Tequila 516. Fujiyama Mama 517. The Lion Sleeps Tonight 518. High School Confidential 519. I Need Your Love Tonight 520. Born To Be A Rolling Stone 601. Hound Dog 602. Rock Around The Clock 603. Blue Suede Shoes 604. Living Doll 605. Charlie Brown 606. Dance The Mess Around 607. Three Steps To Heaven 608. To Know Him, Is To Love Him 609. Everybody 610. Brown Eyed Handsome Man 611. Chantilly Lace 612. Blue Moon Of Kentucky 613. Dedicated To The One I Love 614. Keep A Knockin' 615. Oh, Boy 616. Blue Ribbon Baby 617. Searchin' 618. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On 619. The Great Pretender 620. All I Have To Do Is Dream 701. C'mon Everybody 702. Long Tall Sally 703. Wake Up Little Susie 704. My Boyfriend's Back 705. Mony Mony 706. Tears On My Pillow 707. Let's Jump The Broomstick 708. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear 709. Everyday 710. Party Doll 711. Red Hot Rockin' Blues 712. Get Hot Or Go Home 713. There Goes My Heart Again 714. Nine Times Out Of Ten 715. Thunderbolt 716. Let The Jukebox Keep On Playing 717. Rock The Joint 718. Baby Blue 719. Too Much 720. Sea Of Love 801. Matchbox 802. Only The Lonely (Know The Way I Feel) 803. It's Now Or Never 804. Peppermint Twist 805. The Hucklebuck 806. Save The Last Dance For Me 807. When Will I Be Loved? 808. Please Don't Tease 809. Take Good Care 810. Trouble 811. She's Got It 812. Venus 813. Queen Of The Hop 814. Surrender 815. The Train Kept A Rollin' 816. Down In Mexico 817. My Ding-a-ling 818. Sh-boom 819. Sheila 820. Ooby Dooby 901. Heartbreak Hotel 902. Rebel Rouser 903. Maybelline 904. Runaround Sue 905. Blue Moon Of Kentucky 906. My Guy 907. Poison Ivy 908. I'm Walkin' 909. Let It Be Me 910. Rocky Road Blues 911. Bean Bag 912. I Cannot Find A True Love 913. Bang Bang 914. I'll Make It Up To You 915. Rip It Up 916. Hard Headed Woman 917. Sweetpie 918. Splish Splash 919. Not Fade Away 920. Dim The Lights 1001. That'll Be The Day 1002. Sweet Nothin's 1003. Domino 1004. Hippy Hippy Shake 1005. Are You Lonesome Tonight 1006. Susie-q 1007. Sway With Me 1008. Turn Around 1009. Till I Kissed You 1010. Fall In Love With You 1011. She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye 1012. The Idol With The Golden Hair 1013. Jenny Jenny 1014. Come On Little Mama 1015. Don't 1016. Say Mama 1017. Daddy-o-rock 1018. Bad Boy 1019. Memphis Tennessee 1020. Twistin' U.s.a. 1101. Good Golly Miss Molly 1102. Good Luck Charm 1103. The Lion Sleeps Tonight 1104. Rave On 1105. The Night Has A Thousand Eyes 1106. Hallelujah I Love Her So 1107. Run Red Run 1108. Black Cadillac 1109. Alley-oop 1110. Promised Land 1111. You're So Fine 1112. Bye Baby, Bye Bye 1113. Down The Line 1114. Problems 1115. Lazy 1116. Johnny Rocco 1117. R-o-c-k 1118. Stuck On You 1119. B-i-bickey-bi, Bo-bo-go 1120. Travellin' Light 1201. Can't Help Falling In Love 1202. Iko Iko 1203. Yakety Yak 1204. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow 1205. Jambalaya 1206. A Thousand Stars 1207. Rockin' Robin 1208. Put Me Down 1209. Gee Whiz It's You 1210. Mary, Oh Mary 1211. Cross Fire 1212. Pocketful Of Hearts 1213. Rip It Up 1214. Crazy Arms 1215. Money Honey 1216. Hi Lili Hi Lo 1217. Well, All Right 1218. Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying 1219. Nadine 1220. Take A Message To Mary 1301. Blue Monday 1302. Let's Twist Again 1303. Sweet Little Sixteen 1304. Donna 1305. Land Of 1000 Dances 1306. Love Me Tender 1307. Sittin' In The Balcony 1308. Maybe Baby 1309. I Don't Know What You Got 1310. Storm Warning 1311. The Next Time 1312. Sleep Walk 1313. The Day The World Changed Blue 1314. Shakin' All Over 1315. Bird Dog 1316. I'm A Hog For You 1317. 16 Candles 1318. Skinny Minnie 1319. Only You 1320. Cold Cold Heart 1401. Red River Rock 1402. Ready Teddy 1403. Crying Game 1404. Barefootin' 1405. Pony Time 1406. Too Much Monkey Business 1407. Here Comes Summer 1408. Cut Across Shortly 1409. Drinkin' Wine 1410. Action Packed 1411. Rockin' Daddy 1412. Handy Man 1413. Get A Job 1414. So Long 1415. All The Time 1416. Endless Sleep 1417. Rock 'N' Roll 1418. Pickin' Poppies 1419. Thirteen Women (And Only One Man In Town) 1420. Slipin' 'N' Slidin'


Complete Us & Uk.. - 2840104581

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Complete Us & Uk..


1. Soda Fountain Girl 2. I Want Some Lovin' Baby 3. Ramrod 4. Caravan 5. Moovin' N' Groovin' 6. Up And Down 7. Rebel-'rouser 8. Stalkin' 9. Ramrod 10. The Walker 11. Cannonball 12. Mason Dixon Lion 13. The Lonely One 14. Detour 15. Yep! 16. Three 30 Blues 17. Forty Miles Of Bad Road 18. The Quiet Three 19. Peter Gunn 20. Some Kind-a Earthquake 21. First Love, First Tears 22. Bonnie Came Back 23. Lost Island 24. Shazam! 25. The Secret Seven 26. Because They're Young 27. Rebel Walk 28. (Why I Must Die) The Girl On Death Row (With Duane Eddy & His Orchestra) 29. Words Mean Nothing (With Duane Eddy & His Orchestra) 30. Kommotion 31. Theme For Moon Children 32. Along The Navajo Trail 33. Pepe 34. Lost Friend 101. Theme From Dixie 102. Gidget Goes Hawaiian 103. Ring Of Fire 104. Bobbie 105. Drivin' Home 106. Tammy 107. My Blue Heaven 108. Along Came Linda 109. Caravan Pt. 1 110. Caravan Pt. 2 111. The Avenger 112. Londonderry Air 113. The Battle 114. Trambone 115. Deep In The Heart Of Texas 116. Saints And Sinners 117. Runaway Pony 118. Just Because 119. The Ballad Of Paladin 120. The Wild Westerner 121. Dance With The Guitar Man 122. Stretchin' Out 123. Lonesome Road 124. I Almost Lost My Mind 125. Loving You 126. Anytime 127. Tiger Love And Turnip Greens 128. Night Train To Memphis 129. Easy 130. You Are My Sunshine 131. Blueberry Hill 132. Liza Jane


The Alchemist Graphic Novel_Coelho Paulo - 2822175176

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The Alchemist Graphic Novel_Coelho Paulo Wydawnictwo: HarperCollins


The Alchemist Graphic Novel   ISBN: 9780007423200 Autor: Coelho Paulo     Rok wydania: 2010-11-23 Ilość stron: 208 Oprawa: twarda Format: 136 x 203 mm A beautifully rendered stunning graphic novel of the classic that continues to inspire readers worldwide. Every few decades a book is published that changes the lives of its readers forever. The Alchemist has established itself as a modern classic, universally admired. Now for the first time, the phenomenal bestseller has been rendered as a graphic novel that will appeal to the millions of existing fans while also attracting a new generation of readers. The Alchemist is the magical tale of Santiago, an Andalusian shepherd boy who yearns to travel in search of a worldly treasure as extravagant as any ever found. From his home in Spain he journeys to the markets of Tangier and across the Egyptian desert to a fateful encounter with the alchemist. The story of the treasures Santiago finds along the way teaches us, as only a few stories have done, about the essential wisdom of listening to our hearts, learning to read the omens strewn along life's path, and above all, following our dreams. 'It was an old dream of mine to have The Alchemist as a graphic novel. I had received several proposals but none of them came anywhere near the classical vision I have in my mind for a graphic format. When I saw Sea Lion Books' proposal however it took me less than half an hour to make my decision.' Paulo Coelho.


Alchemist Graphic Novel - 2826718678

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Alchemist Graphic Novel Harper Collins

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A beautifully rendered stunning graphic novel of the classic that continues to inspire readers worldwide. Every few decades a book is published that changes the lives of its readers forever. The Alchemist has established itself as a modern classic, universally admired. Now for the first time, the phenomenal bestseller has been rendered as a graphic novel that will appeal to the millions of existing fans while also attracting a new generation of readers. The Alchemist is the magical tale of Santiago, an Andalusian shepherd boy who yearns to travel in search of a worldly treasure as extravagant as any ever found. From his home in Spain he journeys to the markets of Tangier and across the Egyptian desert to a fateful encounter with the alchemist. The story of the treasures Santiago finds along the way teaches us, as only a few stories have done, about the essential wisdom of listening to our hearts, learning to read the omens strewn along life's path, and above all, following our dreams. 'It was an old dream of mine to have The Alchemist as a graphic novel. I had received several proposals but none of them came anywhere near the classical vision I have in my mind for a graphic format. When I saw Sea Lion Books' proposal however it took me less than half an hour to make my decision.' Paulo Coelho


Napier engines - 2840796951

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Napier engines Books on Demand

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 28. Chapters: Napier Deltic, Napier aero-engines, Napier Sabre, Napier Lion, Napier & Son, Napier Nomad, British Rail Class 55, Ton class minesweeper, Dark class fast patrol boat, British Rail Class 23, Tjeld class patrol boat, British Railways DP1, Hunt class mine countermeasures vessel, Napier Oryx, Napier Dagger, Napier Eland, Napier Rapier, Deltic 9000 Fund, Napier Cub, Napier Scorpion, Napier Javelin, Napier Culverin, Napier Gazelle, Napier Naiad. Excerpt: The British Rail Class 55 is a class of diesel locomotive built in 1961 and 1962 by English Electric. They were designed for the high-speed express passenger services on the East Coast Main Line between London King's Cross and Edinburgh. They gained the name "Deltic" from the prototype locomotive, DP1 Deltic, which in turn was named for its Napier Deltic power units. Twenty-two locomotives were built: they dominated express passenger services on the East Coast Main Line (ECML) particularly London Leeds and London Edinburgh services until 1978 when InterCity 125 'High Speed Trains' were introduced. 1978 81 saw them gradually relegated to semi-fast or newspaper parcel sleeper services along the ECML (destinations including Cleethorpes, Harrogate, Hull, Scarborough and Aberdeen) plus occasional forays 'offline' York - Liverpool Lime Street semi-fast and Edinburgh - Carlisle via Newcastle stoppers. Withdrawal came at the end of 1981. Six locomotives were preserved and are still running today. A sectioned Napier Deltic engine at the National Railway MuseumFollowing trials with the prototype DP1 Deltic locomotive, an order was placed with English Electric for a production fleet of 22 units (reduced from the originally-planned 23 ), replacing more than twice that number (55) of Gresley Pacifics. A first, was that the locomotives were purchased under a service contract, English Electric agreeing to maintain them, including their engines and generators, for a fixed price. Additional Deltic engines were produced to enable engines to be swapped out regularly for overhaul while keeping the locomotives in service. The locomotives were assigned to three locomotive depots: Finsbury Park in London, Gateshead over the Tyne from Newcastle, and Haymarket in Edinburgh. They arrived from the manufacturer painted in two-tone green, the dark BR green on top, with a narrower strip of a lighter, lime green along the bottom. This helped to disguise the bulk of the locomotive body. The


10 Euro, Opowieści i legendy Austrii - Ryszard Lwie Serce (1157-1199), 2009 - 1373091712

160,00 zł

10 Euro, Opowieści i legendy Austrii - Ryszard Lwie Serce (1157-1199), 2009 Austrian Mint

Kategorie > Srebrne i złote monety Euro

Seria: "Opowieści i legendy Austrii" Kraj: Austria Emitent: Narodowy Bank Austrii Producent: Mennica Austrii (Austrian Mint) Stan zachowania monety: I (menniczy) Nominał: 10 Euro (10


Fantastic Adventures of Baron Munchausen - 2827139182

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Fantastic Adventures of Baron Munchausen Enchanted Lion Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Munchausen is the father of all fantastic liars, and as such, he is part magician and entertainer and part scoundrel-but a charming one, of course! Here, in simple language, Heinz Janisch retells the best-known Munchausen stories with humor and playfulness, making for a lighter and more whimsical presentation than usual. These retellings are mixed with never-before-heard adventures that were supposedly found only recently among the long-lost possessions of the well-known Baron of Lies. Could it be that new Munchausen material only recently came to light? Or might Janisch be playing with us, weaving more magic and mischief into Munchausen as he goes along, compounding the tallness of these already tall tales? Only Janisch knows for sure, but it hardly matters, given the thrill and pleasure of the stories he has to relate. Aljoscha Blau illustrates Munchausen's fabulous journeys and exciting adventures with gorgeous imaginative pictures that are sure to entrance both children and adults. Heinz Janisch was born in Austria in 1960 and studied German literature in Vienna. He has published numerous books, including many children's titles, which have been translated into more than twelve languages. He was nominated for the 2009 Lindgren Memorial Award and has been nominated for the 2010 Hans Christian Andersen Award. In 2008 he received the Austrian picture book award. He lives in Vienna. Aljoscha Blau was born in 1972 in St. Petersburg and has been living in Germany since 1990. He studied art in Hamburg, has received several awards, and has exhibited his works in Paris, New York, Hamburg, and Bologna. He lives in Berlin with his wife and two children.


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